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Scotland / Eva Lux / Eva Best BJ - Glasgow
« by herodotus16 on June 18, 2016, 08:59:33 AM »
Was looking for something cheap and cheerful - at very short notice and after a particularly shitty business meet, and thought a youngish bbw would hit the mark.  Had an outstanding punt the previous evening and was really just looking to empty them at short notice


Was fine with 30 mins notice (10 is enough apparently) - good english, cheerful disposition £50 for half an hour and anal thrown in looked exceptional value

flat was easy to find and easy to park down Finnieston way.  The flat stank of cigarette smoke (though Eva did not) except for the bedroom and kinda got the feeling there was somebody else there (chain smoking!) but not sure

Eva is pretty much like her fotos (clearly bbw) except heavier -its what I was looking for so no problems, quite pretty face, good fun

sex was pretty good plenty of dfk/dirty talk and she got right into it

But - no OWO and no anal, there is a shit load of other stuff on her likes list that I have no interest in and would imagine this is off limits too.  The covered blow job was fine but not what I was looking for hence a neutral

would I go back? no - the stench of cigarettes in the flat was awful you couldnt go straight home with your clothes smelling like that (I was away on business so staying in a hotel, thank fuck, and had time to cover my tracks), and covered Oral is a deal breaker for me I think - but at 50 I dont think I felt particularly ripped off and she did get the job done with a smile on her face.  There are better options in Glasgow tho even at this end of the market...
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