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Scotland / Lana Escort - Glasgow
« by Lesser_of_2_weevils on February 23, 2017, 04:37:12 PM »

Spent an hour and a bit with Lana on Valentine's Day at her place in Shawlands. Parking can be challenging but I found a space nearby and walked the short distance to her close. Lana was generous with her time and rate owing to an earlier call-off, albeit for good reasons on her part. The entrance to her flat is immaculate and you never feel uncomfortable walking to or from her place. The flat itself is lovely, and the mood she conjures up with her candles and lingerie simultaneously puts you at ease and gets the blood pumping to all the right places.

Lana is a lot of fun to spend time with. I enjoyed her company and would recommend that anybody reading this gets in touch with her to find out how much fun she is to be around. She's whip-smart, a raven-haired beauty with pretty eyes, got a playful sense of humour, owns cracking lingerie and has a nice figure (peachy tush, nice thighs and lovely dark nipples). Tight in all the right places too.

Sex was fun. Great, slurpy OWO to begin. Then my turn on her. She seemed to be enjoying it and at one point thought I was in that James Bond film with Xenia Onatopp as Lana gave my head a good squeeze with those lovely thighs of hers just as she was coming. In between a moan or two she panted at me to get on top of her, which I did of course. Came too quickly but was fucking enjoying myself. Some pillow talk followed and she gave me a good few belly laughs, put some interesting imagery in my head with some role playing, and then she generously offered to go again. I thought we were finished at this point but she was charitable with her time and encouraged me to get behind her on the bed. Gave her a pounding from behind in doggy, then she lowered herself towards the bed with me still inside her. Pounding recommenced and the sound of skin slapping skin accompanied all of her groaning and moaning. Condom was slick to the touch after I pulled out. Came into the bag on both occasions while I was inside her. Had another chat as we reclothed and was sent on my way with an affectionate kiss. Vendi, weenie, vici. That's it. That's what happened.

I made an arse of things by forgetting my wallet due to a bout of post-sex stupefaction. Lana immediately let me know and we eventually sorted it out despite my bumbling and stumbling attempts to get it back. Water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned. Lana is fine and that's the main thing. Anyway, apparently I'm not the first punter to forget something immediately after seeing Lana ;-)

Will I see her again? Of course.The thrills she gave me are the reason I wanted to dip my big toe into the world of punting. The cherry on top was the laughs and chat. Thanks, Lana. To sum it up, she's great. Find out for yourself.

If I've missed something important out that can help other punters make their minds up then let me know. I think it's clear what my impressions of Lana are, but as I'm new to punting as well as sharing an account of the rough and tumble to a forum afterwards I may have missed something out or overlooked an important detail.

Scotland / Lana Escort - Glasgow
« by Juilius_Sneezer on December 20, 2016, 05:05:41 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3594854 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lana+Escort

1h incall - £130

To continue the festive cheer I got in touch with Lana to arrange a meet after the one I already had arranged texted me to say she was sick.

Comms were done though AW on the day and almost completely painless. Was provided with her phone number and her street before arrival and later texted for the door. There was a little loss of communication as her work phone struggles for signal seemingly but this didn't count towards my time.

I had requested a casual look and was greeted with a the sight of a lovely girl in a t-shirt and leggings. She is pretty, not toned but rather simply slim. Dress size and breast size accurate. Her age is probably also bang on especially as she expressed surprise and if not a little delight that I was a younger client. She also professed (completely unprompted) that she has a beard fetish (quids in then for me). She was a bit self conscious as she has just started working again after some health issues but I after our hour I could assure her there was nothing wrong!

Her flat is a decent size and well appointed in Shawlands. Showers available before and after.

We got chatting on the bed (probably a bit longer than I intended) for a wee bit of a "get to know each other" and general services before the rubbing and kissing started. She responded well to stimulation with delightful squeals and an apparent and endearing shyness. OWO and RO both enthusiastic and a number of positions gone through both on and off of the bed.

I left with a grin on my face and I like to think hers. We had actually ran over the 1h significantly but we chattered a bit during the post-coital hugs/clean up when she checked the time. Definitely cannot be called a clock watcher!

A good time with a lovely girl but probably I could have controlled proceedings better with regards to the chatter. We got a little too sucked into each others stories but running over time made up for that.
Scotland / Lana escort Glasgo
« by 7iron on December 09, 2016, 09:47:50 PM »
I contemplated giving her a negative, so as to try and ensure she is not too busy for me to arrange regular meets with her  :dance:

https://www.adultwork.com/3594854 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lana+Escort
[Link added by admin]

I have been bursting to meet this girl for some time, due to the positive reviews on here. She has been offline for a while recently,  spotted she was back so got in contact and successful arranging the meet at last. Boy was it worth the wait.

Comms were good initially by mail, then a wee problem close to the meet time due to poor mobile signal in that area (Shawlands)

Eventually got the communication sorted and was met at the door (inside door as per previous reviews) Previous opinions she was 'girl next door's looks, I think she is better than that. Lovely in her stockings. Brilliant figure. We had a lengthy chat, which after realising how long we chatted, she stressed, my time hadn't started. The chat really did break the ice and we clicked (or at least she made me feel that we did) before any action
 When we did start.. oh boy! Enthusiastic? Doesn't cover it. I am no youngster and even my favourite Romanian girl does not DFK me (has me reflecting on this fact) Lana did and with enthusiasm! What a difference that makes. It was perfect, natural, erotic, all of those things. Owo was great. Reverse oral and I do believe the lady had a few orgasms. (Or a great actress  :yahoo:) The action was brilliant. Went through the positions.  This girl really does provide an enthusiastic service. She sensed being assertive with me was what I prefer. Not many do that, so we did what we did until she decided to change things  :D Finished a brilliant session with me banging her from behind, exploded in the bag, but again, unlike most of my punts, instead of jumping off, she kept my cock inside her until we were both ready for it to be removed.

I left her flat (which is very impressive) feeling more than satisfied. It was brilliant. Legs shaking walking to the car, I  could hardly press the clutch in!

This was by far the best punt I have had by a mile. I will be back on a regular basis. I actually don't see me going anywhere else now to be honest, apart from a few bucket list types!

Is that a fluffy review? :hi:
Scotland / Lana Escort Glasgow
« by the fitter on November 14, 2016, 07:01:40 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3594854 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lana+Escort -
[Link added by admin]

           Contacted Lana for a one hour booking, had a quick response and a booking confirmed, and area given. Had three pints after work, then headed by train to Crossmyloof, walked up to Shawlands, and text her with ten minutes to go. She phoned me 2 minutes before the time, giving me close and buzzer no, telling me to go up and the door would be open, but could I give her 15 minutes, as she wasn't ready, and she would text me when. Really hate that, so decided to go into the boozer for another pint. Had just ordered a Magners, when she text me, saying she's ready. I decided to finish my drink, and let her wait after all it was her that couldn't keep the original time. Finished, and proceeded to her flat, when I arrived at her close, she text me to see where I was, I didn't answer, and pressed the buzzer, gained entry and headed for the door. The door was open and I went in, expecting her to be behind it, but no, went in a second door, and was standing in a hallway wondering if I was in the right flat. Next thing she pops her head round the bedroom door, telling me to shut the doors, and beckons me in. The flat looked nice and clean, but the bedroom was lit by candles,(hate this) I always think they are trying to hide something. She looked quite nice, but I would challenge the size 10, unless the dim light was making her look bigger. She had no high heels on and that didn't help, I asked her to put the big light on, but it was no help, it must have been a 20 watt bulb. I payed her and began stripping off, and found there was no seat or anything to put your clothes, and when you are in the clothes trade, the last place you want to put your suit is on the floor. I stripped to boxers and got on the bed, where she joined me, after I Stripped her naked. The GFE was pretty good, and a good bit of RO. But I like full on sex, and a good body view, this I wasn't getting she seemed too shy for my liking, and when I asked her for OWO, she asked me to stand against the wall, it was pretty good looking at her kneeling there. and I soon came. I cleaned up and got back onto the bed, but I couldn't get into it for a second pop, and therefore award her a neutral.
« by jj-mac on October 09, 2016, 08:01:39 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3594854 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lana+Escort -
[Link added by admin]

On my phone so no link.

Met Lana a week or so ago for a 30 min in call @ £70

Lana only does this part time so it took a few attempts to get a suitable time and date. Initial comms through AW then given her mobile on day of meeting. Good comms throughout.

Location - nice clean flat in shawlands just on the edge of Queens Park. Quite a busy Street and parking was a bit of an issue but eventually found a space. Text her to let her know I was there and she called with the address. 2 mins later buzzed in, up the stairs and straight into the flat. Clean well appointed room with lots of scented candles burning.

Lana is a lovely looking girl. Slim build and cracking wee bum. She was wearing a lacy bra, stocking and sussies with no pants. Looked sexy as hell. She's quite chatty and comes across as confident and very friendly.

Got the cash out of way then offered a shower and a drink. Was just out the shower so accepted a drink of water.

Took a wee while for the action to get started but once we started it was full on. DFK, OWO, RO, face sitting, 69 with a bit of rimming then onto the sex in a couple of positions. Never lasted too long and finished in the bag during doggy. Judging by the noises she was making I'm sure she was enjoying it as much as me and seemed a bit disappointed that I couldn't keep going.

Quick clean up and chat then out the flat just over the 30 min mark.

All in all a really good solid 8 out of 10 punt. Best this year. I'll definitely see her again.

Only negatives - parking is a nightmare. Squeaky bed and noise coming from flat above getting building work done.

Thanks to the guys for recommending her.
Scotland / Lana Escort - Glasgow
« by captainstabben on September 01, 2016, 02:38:16 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3594854 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lana+Escort

Review for Lana.   :)

Saw her yesterday, I was a little hesitant at first if I wanted to see her as comms were a bit iffy but found out she only does this part time and have other commitments so sometimes it's difficult to get a hold of her. When she's working she seems reliable.

Arranged a meet at her place in a southside flat. Her street is always filled with cars parked along the road so it might be an issue for some although I did find a spot to park nearby. The flat itself was clean and well presented, and a few candles were lit - very romantic.

Lana is facially pretty (girl next door type is quite an accurate description of her as someone said).

Now, to the highlight of the punt - Lana is by far the nicest WG i've met, very sociable and eased me in during my first meet with her, I feel she's someone I can speak to for hours and still not get bored. We spent a good chunk of the punt talking about our experiences with escorting/punting but as someone suggested, this isn't a time wasting tactic as I did overstay for quite a bit, and she did genuinely seem to enjoy my company.

Offered a drink/shower before the fun begin and she's very enthuastic on the bed, probably one of my top shags of punting.  :D

I really liked her, and would definitely go back.  :D

Scotland / Lana Escort/Glasgow
« by Clattypats on August 22, 2016, 05:47:28 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3594854 30 mins £70
Met Lana earlier today after to and fro emails..good coms ,and was sent phone number to confirm on morning of the booking.
Location: south side so used public transport to get there (Train) Had the street so proceeded there,but overshot the street (I'm shit with Google maps)..was on time, now running late..reception on mob phone is pretty bad in that area..As I finally got a reception Lana phoned me and I explained which she was excellent about.
The meet: Got to flat door and was greeted by a gorgeous looking girl,as she says on her profile'girl next door type' but really sexy and quite petite..nice tidy flat,got freshened up then into the bedroom..
Bit of chit chat on the bed as I got undressed with Lana in her underwear,she seemed a wee bit nervous,but talkative (not time wasting though).
Some good DFK with the two of us kneeling on the bed and plenty of groping..onto owo which was excellent,with plenty of spitting..69 was next up with a wee bit of mutual rimming..She was getting really turned on as I licked and played with her clit..
Missionary next,and this is where it got really good..plenty of dirty talk and a bit of groaning,plus her spitting in my mouth and vice versa.. I can usually last the full half hour,but nearly came,so had to pull out and take a breather..
Went onto doggy next which she really wanted,then mish followed by her legs up on my shoulders(Lara was so wet at this point).
By now the two of us were a sweaty knackered mess and I was on the verge.knelt on the bed in front of her and came all over her stomach and her lovely perky tits,then we both rubbed it in all over her.Had a shower then a wee chat then said my goodbyes..never rushed at any point and prob went over my time.
A brilliant booking that flies right into my top 5 without a shadow of a doubt..will hopefully see her again as soon as times match up :)
Scotland / Lana Glasgow
« by Glesgaboy on August 06, 2016, 09:19:41 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3594854 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lana+Escort

Second visit to this girl.

As with other reviewers I find lana to be pretty consistent.

Pics on AW are accurate
She's still p/t and a fairly gen girl next door.

As before she opened the door in short skirt , blouse and stockings

The only negative was limited dfk as a warm up.
She seemed nervous and jittery and keen to get sucking my cock.
Worse things could happen...

At first I thought she was rushing me , but it became clear its nerves.

Once we progressed to owo, reverse oral and then fucking in mish she was in full swing.
Enthusiastic and noisy , which I loved!
Especially as she talks pretty dirty in exclamation about my size and the depth of my cock thrusting up her.  All good stuff!

After pounding her for a while I needed a change and decided to rip off the bag and come on her tits. With her good encouragement and eye contact throughout  I exploded and left with a spring in my step after a shower. :yahoo:

Job done. I'll be back.
Scotland / Lana Escort - Glasgow
« by pete-piper on July 18, 2016, 09:19:10 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3594854 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lana+Escort

This meeting was on the cards from the day her profile went live and I finally managed to arrange it for Friday.

Easy to find flat which was clean and tidy. Shower etc. offered.

DFK, OWO and sex in a few positions. Very enthusiastic throughout.

Lana was dressed in the previously reported short skirt and top with stockings/suspenders. Nice! She is also a very pretty young lady with a friendly personality. All info on her profile accurate.

Would see again.
Scotland / Lana escort glasgow
« by Game of scones on June 25, 2016, 10:05:25 AM »
From moby as usual any links appreciated.
Had been in contact with lana for a wee while taking her up on her £30 15 min taster offer although the offer has expired she still allowed it as I had been in contact previously before stopping the offer.
Comms good initially by awork then phone directed too lovely big flat in shawlands area.Parking was easy but was early evening probably wee bit harder through the day.On first appearances lana was absolutely lovely I'm shopping normally at the budget end of the market  and not usually faced with such a gorgeous little creature. Lana is maybe a little over 5 foot shoulder length dark hair peachy round ass and cute little tits for me very girl next door someone who doesn't fit the normal hoor criteria. She was by her own admittion very nervous she has only been doing this less than a fortnight so we had a wee blether well a big blether before beginning talking about her journey into the hooring game and how much thought and research she put in.Anyway down to the part all you fellow pervs want to hear about we started with some lovely dfk as I let my paws wander up her wee black mini to find her peachy ass and round to her brazilian trimmed pussy then removed top and aforementioned mini skirt to reveal a very sexy approx size 12 curvy little body. Removed my own clobber and lay on ma back to receive some quality owo span her juicy ass over to return the compliment a fresh meaty little pussy which I devoured .At this stage getting close to popping so turned her over she lay beside me I explored her pussy manually fingering her g spot which immediately bubbled up she stopped me saying that she has never been confident in letting that go but I'm sure she would soak the bed if she did .On with the safety gear and entered her missionary fucking tightest pussy I have felt since abba was number 1 so new I wouldn't last long asked her if she liked spunk a nod said yes so I pulled out bag off and gave her a fair old load over belly and tits which she scooped up and massaged onto her cute little face .Cleaned up in smart toilet with all products and fluffy  towels then had another elongated chat before leaving an extremely happy customer.
This was obviously unbelievable vfm which for me will still translate at 70hh to great vfm I'm sure 2 pops if required would not be a problem. I will most certainly be returning some unfinished business in the potential squirting department to be seen too lol

Scotland / Lana - Glasgow
« by perfect 10 on June 16, 2016, 03:08:50 PM »
Just a  15 minute meet with Lana in southside of Glasgow. Lana is a very  pretty girl and wouldn't disagree with her profile details of dress/breast size etc. I would put a few years onto her profile age of 25, but wouldn't be surprised if its her true age.
Comms were good via AW email then text on morning of meet with postcode. Text when I arrived on the street and given flat number. Managed to park ok, but she said it can be difficult around that area. Lana was fully dressed on arrival, but I think that can add to the GFE. The flat is very smart and I was shown to a candlelit bedroom.
Lana and myself are fairly new to punting and we were both pretty nervous. However, she's a smart girl and we chatted for a while before making a move.
Started with some DFK and she seemed to relax and get into it; in fact, Lana directed me to stand at the bedroom door and undone my flies for some OWO. Started gently then got more into it, licking the shaft and balls and taking me deep. I thought I was going to pop, so slowed her down with more kissing. Unfortunately, I didn't last much longer and the wipes were needed!
I wasn't sure whether it had been 15 mins or not( neither of us were clock watching) but would've been hard pushed to get erect again so quickly tbh.  Lana is hot, so I would reckon another pop within half an hour would be possible for me had I booked longer.
Lana is a great new find IMO and I reckon could well be worth a longer meet. I'm gonna save up for an hour anyway :thumbsup:
Based on my 15 min booking...
Comms 9/10
Looks 8/10
Body 8-9/10
Service 9/10 for DFK, OWO
Looks 9/10
Value 10/10
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