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Scottish Delight

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Scotland / Scottish Delight (Edinburgh)
« by RandyRob69 on February 01, 2017, 05:33:42 PM »
www.adult work .com/ Scottish Delight or www.adultwork.com/3597472

Had been looking to meet Scottish Delight for a wee while now but happily report that she was more than worth the wait and determination. Although I had been thinking of giving up punting, I'm so glad I held off for this beauty and may just postpone such a decision, at least until we've met again (and then again...). She is off to London soon but I'll await her return for more pleasure.

Her figure is absolutely stunning with pert tits. Lovely face and personality too. We struck it off amazingly well and oral both ways was delivered with amazing commitment - most enjoyable with just the right amount of teasing and pleasing, you bet! We certainly both got very wet and her pussy was nice and tight. We were both spent after round 1 and in need of a wee break and drink before an exhausting round two took me up to shower time and out the door, going just over the hour.

Everything, including comms, room and cleanliness etc would not be less than a 9.5 / 10. Excellent value for money too!

I really can't wait to meet Scottish Delight again when all the usual first time meet apprehensiveness will be gone and we can get straight into a relaxed but sensuous (and filthy!) meet.

Most highly recommended. Can't imagine why any guy would be at all, or in the slightest bit, dissatisfied for she is one of the very best girls I've been with - certainly top three over a long, long time punting.

Cheers! Rob
Scotland / British.Belle (formerly X sensual sophie X) Edinburgh
« by rayray89 on November 05, 2016, 07:41:25 PM »

Despite  few negative comments decided to give her a spin.

30min-£70 (80£ if you want OWO),

She is staying close to fountainpark, picked me up once I got to her building.

Started with kissing (could tell she smokes but it didn't bother me).
First oral both ways, than sex in few positions. She seemed to enjoy when I was quite deep inside her than 69 and finished inside her with her legs on my shoulders. She was all dolled up, tight pussy and ok chat after and some kissing.

Left promptly at 30min to avoid the famous pimp. LilyWhite is next on my radar.
Good punt but RedheadAlexandra is still on the top of my list.
Scotland / X sensual Sophie x Edinburgh
« by talltony on August 05, 2016, 11:55:16 PM »

Despite having the most fit body and fairly attractive face and enthusiastic service this has to go down as a negative.

I booked well in advance and confirmed in the day. I'm not a local so was on foot and was sent to a postcode on some street close to a sauna. 20 mins before hand I get a call saying she's moved and can I still come. She says it's a 5 min walk but it's about 20 mins.

Much faffing and 3 calls later I arrive walk into her place feeling rather pleased with myself  as she is fit. £100 for the hour bargain as it was £140 when i booked and I get showered. Walk in to start at which she says no owo as she's bitten her tongue and no kissing either. Not best impressed but crack on.

Excellent 69 but then refuses cowgirl (fuck knows why) but does reverse cowgirl. Mish and doggy with a finish over her tits. Had a nice chat with her she is very Chavvy imho but held a convo ok. Pop2 was a struggle but she persevered well and I was done. Her moaning is way ott.

This is when it takes a turn for the worse. I go for a shower and as I'm in I hear some banging around in the flat. Then someone bands loudly in the shower room door. I shit myself and finish up but it had only been 2 mins. Then as I getting dressed some bloke bangs on the door and shouts something about time being up. I literally grab all stuff socks in my pocket and get the hell out straight on to what is a very public road.

Seems funny now at the time I thought I was about to get battered. Never had anything like it before and it turned a quite pleasant hour into a stressy ending.

Oh and if you ring her number the answer phone is a bloke. She could a superstar but she needs to ditch the bloke.
Scotland / XSensual.SophieX - Edinburgh (AdultWork)
« by gorgie tony on August 05, 2016, 10:41:04 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3597472 or https://www.adultwork.com/XSensual%2ESophieX

1) Only £40 for a quickie.
2) Central location, near Usher Hall
3) Great figure

1) Time waster, arrived and she's not ready, shows me to the room and then disappears to get changed (she did look hot when she
    appeared again), must be a Glasgow thing, I bet she knows LucySantangelo.

    Not ok in a 1hr booking but out of order when it's only a 15min booking, she know the length of booking hours before.

    Regret not just walking out.

2) Contacted her before and asked if French Kissing and Fingering where services available - and she said yes, but these are not

    Thought I'd check just before sliding a finger into her and she said no, mentioned that she had agreed on these services but she   
    just gave me some cocky attitude and said that it must of been her girlfriend that replied.
    She already charges extra for owo so her list of services is pretty limited.

3) Fake moaning which is way over the top and just gets really annoying.

The services that she did deliver weren't that good, so couldn't recommend a booking.

Wouldn't bother returning.
Scotland / XSensual Sopie - Edinburgh
« by somefun on July 19, 2016, 09:10:23 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3597472 or https://www.adultwork.com/XSensual%2ESophieX

Went on a wee recon as AW feedback was promising but some iffy comments on here.

Location : Near Usher Hall, entrance a wee bit exposed.

Comms : Good - she insisted on a chat (during which it was clear she was Scottish by accent)

Looks : The body pictures are accurate and a link should appear with the verification photo which is current and accurate. Had tarted herself up for punt but was clearly the same girl.  Well presented in hold-ups, thong etc. Lovely long legs slender body, but not flat chested (real). One tat - a quote that I noticed.

Personality : Friendly chatty girl - talks perhaps too much for me, during. 

Service : light kissing, good OWO including licking balls etc and sex.  All provided without hesitation (offered pussy for a lick as well).
To clear up an earlier post OWO is £10 extra.  CIM not listed nor asked for.

Good friendly girl you can have a chat with.  Rushed things a wee bit but I was on the clock myself so not bothered.  Think I could talk her through what I'm looking for and she would oblige on a return punt.

Scotland / XSensual.SophieX
« by alpha0niner on June 10, 2016, 09:04:58 PM »
Never written a review here before but this was quite extraordinary. Booked Sophie in Edinburgh but was feeling under the weather as time got closer to our meet so decided to cancel, albeit under an hour before the meet was supposed to start. Next thing I get is a voicemail from her 'Pimp' or messaging guy..I think he said he was in Glasgow... telling me how pissed off he is at people like me wasting girls' time, only to then threaten me to find a means to pay him under some 'arrangement' which he called the 'easy way' or give me the 'hard way' which was to involve a 'nasty surprise waiting for me'....

Really! I'll admit when I first heard the message I wasn't really paying attention until he mentioned Sophie which is why I can't remember his name or much else but what a clown this guy is. This leads me to believe she would have been a terrible punt so best to avoid I think.

Thoughts guys, should I be worried that I chose the 'hard way'? :)

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