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Scotland / Innocent Dolly - Glasgow
« by JS1988 on February 17, 2017, 11:35:43 PM »
Duration: 1/2 hour
Cost: £90

After being royally let down by my Plan A, I was forced to make a quick decision and book someone as I already heading to Glasgow that evening. Seeing Dolly's profile was up on AW, I decided to take the plunge.


As mentioned previously, I was let down by the girl that I originally planned to see. I phoned Dolly and she didn't answer, she text promptly afterwards asking me what time I would like and for how long. After agreeing the time and duration she sent me her address and off I went. I also text her my dress request which she accepted. So far, so good.


Apartment block close to the Daily Record building, plenty of parking nearby, discrete buzzer entrance. The apartment itself was nice on the inside, I did not use the facilities as I was already showered.


Dolly is a very attractive woman and her pictures are accurate. She is quite short, has a fantastic body, very pretty face, lovely brown eyes, and one of the most beautiful pussies that I have ever seen.

Dolly was dressed as requested; a nice white basque, stockings, and was really well made up. She does have some bodywork on her, which I think suits her. If I was to make a complaint it would have to be that she did taste a bit like smoke, and her teeth are perhaps not the nicest (not that they are awful in any way).


After arriving at the door, Dolly greeted me with a nice kiss on the lips. She lead me into the bedroom, where we got the paperwork out of the way. Dolly was undressed in seconds but for some reason I seemed to take an age getting my kit off. I would say at this point it would have been nice if Dolly perhaps engaged in a bit of conversation, or perhaps assisted me to make it a bit more intimate.

After getting undressed, and laying on the bed next to her we kissed for what felt like an age, she is a fantastic kisser, and touched each others body. At my insistence, Dolly gave me some spectacular OWO. Fantastic licking of my balls and shaft, taking my cock nice and deep. I decided to reciprocate the favor and performed RO on her, she tasted really good and allowed me to slip in some fingers.

Then on with the condom and we worked through a few positions, me on top (I especially loved it when she wrapped her legs around my waist and thrusted her hips into me), a bit of spooning followed shortly after. She then went on top, and rode me for a while before I eventually came in the bag.

After the action we lay next to each other and had a decent wee conversation for about 15 minutes or so. I found her quite endearing and she is genuinely a polite girl. I do however wish she initiated a round 2.

I probably left about 10 minutes over my allotted time, so she is no clock watcher       


Stunningly attractive
Very sensual
Not a clock watcher
Great service
Easy going personality


Should take the lead a bit more during bookings
Maybe be a bit more intimate at the beginning


I really enjoyed my time with Dolly and I would say she is one of the best looking girls in Glasgow at the moment. Her service is excellent and you can have a good laugh with her too. Given that she was not even a Plan B for me, I could not have been happier by the turn of events

I would say she is good VFM at £90, you get what you pay for in this case   
Scotland / InnocentDolly - Glasgow
« by GucciMane on December 18, 2016, 05:23:18 PM »
Righto, lads - not done a review other than my first and not posted a lot so giving it another go.

Took the plunge and went to see innocentdolly in Glasgow in October.


Was aware of her history. rightly so - it freaked me out of seeing her in the past however since glasgow is a punting wasteland at times,  i did a bit more research and saw people were coming out with positive reviews.
She also has an alias "Logan Montoya" that she's probs known better by due to her history in the papers/porno.

1hr punt / £150

She met the standard, phoned up 20 mins before the meet - got an uber there and was let in on time requested.

5/5 no complaints

Went to a flat in Lancefield Quay, near the Daily Record building.
The building was huge, lots of floors and the odd few people coming in and out of lifts. just acted natural, and obv everything was fine.
The flat was clean and she took me into a room with comfy clean sheets and bed.

5/5 no complaints

She gave DFK, OWO, and took shagging well. Her enthusiasm wasn't the best but wasn't the worst.
I came 3 times in the hour, and normally the service starts to drop after the first time but she was consistent.
The chat was a bit bland, i'm not the chattiest person but i can tell when the conversations a bit shite - had better chats with escorts before. Not really too bad though.


She was really good looking, tight body with a good pair of tits and juicy arse. Definitely one of the better looking girls on AW here. Although i'm not huge on tattoos, she had some on her back but im a big fan of a good arse so that drew more of my attention and cancelled it out


£150 is kind of the expected for an hour but that's my limit. it was defo a good service and she looks worth £150 but i rarely go ahead and go hit that £150 budget. if it was £130 i would be over the moon.


would give it 90% rating which i defo was not expecting. walked away happy. really not a lot of real downsides to this.
after reading about her in the papers i didn't go near her w bargepole for a few months til i smoked a bit of grass n bit the bullet after reading reviews.

I'm happy with what i got, would probably go back if i had the cash to justify a £150/hr limit hit again. Although considering the stuff in the media - definitely wouldn't hold it against some of you if you didn't want to see her on those grounds.

Scotland / Innocent Dolly
« by seeker on August 01, 2016, 07:25:31 PM »
[Link added by admin]

Well it had to happen  ;)
I've seen Sophia a few times and always wondered
what her partner in crime innocent dolly would be like to rattle  :coolgirl:
Coms were excellent all done in a matter of minutes
No messing about ,time agreed .
 :cool: put on my disguise and headed for the Tryst.
Smack bang on time was out side knocking on Dollys door
Ready as always to walk if need be .n
Dolly  was half behind the door ,a cute gorgeous young babe beckoned me hither.
Her profile is accurate for body size and appearance...
A few words and we were down to some fk
at that point I got the paperwork out the way as this was my first visit
And didn't want anything impending on my soon to be delivered  jollies :cool:
Onto her knees for some sensual deep owo with those deep brown
Eyes looking up and sucking and licking my balls  :yahoo:
Onto her back and some ro ..which was encouraged by Dolly and
Enjoyed by me ....
The usual litany of positions all delivered with a smile and enthusiasm with the fk getting deeper and deeper.
The doggy stands out as she put two large pillows underneath her hips  ...perfect entry  :angelgirl:
My guess is she's done this before  ;)
At first she was a little apprehensive but soon relaxed as we got down and dirty .
Finished,legs over shoulders wheelbarrow, in the bag..
Imo an excellent punt
Looks 8.5/10
Body  9/10
Enthusiasm 10/10
Sex 9/10
Over all ... a definite return called for .
Although she charges £90hh
Which is what it is
I'd rather pay that for an excellent punt with a young hot honey
Than £70hh 0r 60hh  for a mediocre punt ...
If Dolly was £80hh I'd  probably   visit regularly.

Scotland / Innocent Dolly - Glasgow
« by Reverend_Steven on May 29, 2016, 11:40:40 AM »

Saw Dolly about 6 months ago in a private apartment near Berkeley Street in Glasgow. Very last minute appointment after being let down elsewhere. HH incall for 80 quid seemed pretty good value looking at the profile pics so decided to give her a go.

Location was very discreet down a back lane and all comms were good beforehand. Arrived to be met by Dolly who is the girl in the pics but was so heavily caked in makeup I honestly couldn't say whether she was naturally attractive or not. Bit of a bug bear of mine when girls go over the top with the war paint. Body was very tidy though so it certainly wasnt a lost cause.

Paperwork done and down to business with som DFK from Dolly followed by some excellent deep OWO which was very well performed. RO followed which was delicious and then a fuck mish before flipping over to have that wonderful body bouncing up and down on top of me which was a sight to behold. She's good at really grinding enthusiastically into you whilst on top and is full of bouncy energy which really got me off. Popped in the bag, cleaned up and chatted for 5 before going on my way. Caught a glimpse of Seductive Sofia who she works with occasionally on the way out. Also a stunning blonde and given they offer duo's that could be one for the trophy cabinet at a later date.

Overall a good punt with the exception of the heavy make up and I would return particularly for the Duo with Sofia.
Scotland / Innocent Dolly - Glasgow
« by acqua on May 26, 2016, 04:49:58 AM »
They say that after falling off a horse, the first thing you've got to do is force yourself to get back on again.  So after my bad experience at the weekend (the story is in the Scotland discussion forum) I decided to go ahead and see another escort as soon as possible.  And now I'm going to give her a positive review.  This is the bit where all the problems started last time around, so may the Lord have mercy on my soul.


Innocent Dolly was my firm Plan B when I was looking to book someone in late April, so I was very relieved that she was available again and that I didn't have to think too much about the choice.  It was probably the most stress-free booking I've made so far - her AW profile makes clear that bookings by text are welcome, and she responded within a couple of minutes.  Everything was kept very simple.

Her base isn't in the city centre, but it's conveniently located and very easy to find.  The building is also refreshingly modern and welcoming compared to some of the doom-laden locations I've seen girls in the past.  (Having said that, she's a Geordie who tours various cities, so I'm not sure whether she always uses the same place when she's in Glasgow.)

I was curious about how attractive I was going to find her, because the hints of what her face looks like on her profile pictures left me with mixed feelings.  When she first opened the door, my gut reaction was that I was going to be slightly disappointed.  But in fact she's a slow-burner - the more you look at her, the better-looking she seems.  After a few minutes, I decided that she was really quite beautiful.  Of course it was much easier to tell what her body is like from the pictures, and there were no surprises there.  She's almost perfect on that score, especially her chest.

As usual with me, I didn't really push the boat out in terms of what I asked her to do, so I can't give a full sense of what services might be on offer from her.  But there was plenty of kissing (which she initiated), and high-quality oral without a condom.

She's got a very sweet personality.  Her profile is so organised and detailed that I imagined her as being quite formidable, but in fact she's pretty unassuming.  She's not overly-chatty or overly-quiet - just a nice comfortable medium, and when she does speak she comes across in a very natural and genuine way.  She has quite a pensive facial expression a lot of the time, but it regularly gives way to a warm smile.  There was a lot of prolonged eye contact as she was giving oral.

Oh, and she didn't rush me out of the door at the end, which was an unexpected bonus.  It may be because I didn't use up the full thirty minutes, but she seemed more than happy just to lie on the bed and have a chat for a little while after the main proceedings were over.

Basically, I'd recommend her, and she was just what I needed after being royally mucked around earlier in the day.  Her rates are maybe a little pricey, but they're not that much higher than the average, and I think she's probably worth the extra £10.

Body : 9/10
Face : 8/10
Personality : 8/10
Range of services : 8/10
Quality of services : 9/10
Enthusiasm : 7/10
Value for money : 8/10

Overall rating : 81%

Scotland / Innocent_Dolly - Glasgow
« by hoopbhoy on May 24, 2016, 02:57:33 PM »

1hr - £150

Putting the tin helmet on for this one but here goes.

Having read the forum for awhile I've been aware of the controversy surrounding Innocent Dolly and her past indiscretions. Being no choirboy myself and fancying a bit of blond barbie action for a change I decided, on seeing her light on, to give her a bell. Comms were good. Sent me a text with the address shortly after ending the call and I messaged her to request she wear the advertised schoolgirl outfit for the meet.  Apartment is by Clydeside with metered parking on the street adjacent. Fud that I am, I forgot to buy a ticket for the car and came back to the  inevitable parking fine care of Glasgow's diligent public servants. Got a text at the appointed hour with the flat number and made my way up.

For those of you that don't know Dolly is a Geordie, usually works with Seductive Sophia and duos with her but on this occasion was here on her own. She opened the door wearing the requested outfit, pleated black skirt, knee socks, low heels and a white shirt showing way more cleavage than I ever remember my classmates getting away with. She really is a stunning wee thing, long dirty blond hair, nice natural looking d cups, size 6/8, immaculate and, yes, innocent looking. Apartment was clean, warm and well furnished, I didn't ask for a shower coming straight from home and I got the paperwork out the way quickly.

Had a nice chat with Dolly as I undressed and we got acquainted on the bed, some kissing with lots of tongue but strangely didn't feel very intimate, bit too pornstarish. She stroked my cock then swiveled round to give some oral. She is very very good at this. Good variety, deep, head teasing, lots of tongue, ball action. Loved it. She opened her legs and revealed lovely wee pair of white panties. So had a bit of an explore which quickly became a 69. Spent a good 15 minutes enjoying her whilst she kept up the great oral. Popped a condom on and ran through the gamut of positions. Hot as fuck watching her staring up at me with those big eyes whilst fucking her in her school skirt. I'd done my back in so couldn't really keep up the pace but Dolly finished me into her mouth not missing a beat and keeping on till I was drained.

She popped off to the loo to discretely get rid of my deposit and came back with a glass of water for me. Spent a bit of time chatting before she started wanking me off, mixing it with some oral. Then I suggested she play with herself while I wanked and watched and she got out a wee toy to oblige me. Not too long before I neared the end again and Dolly licked the tip and popped her mouth right over me as I came again. A post coital clean up and then a wee hug and kiss as I left the flat just after the hour. No clock watching on her part at all, meeting just came to its natural conclusion at about the right time.

I don't think I really clicked with Dolly. Don't get me wrong she's stunning and did everything I asked of her with no hesitation and delivered a great service but there just wasn't the spark I've had with a few others recently. Might just be a first meeting thing and I'd have no hesitation visiting her again. A duo with her pal Sophia would be one for the bucket list I think.
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