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Scottish K_E_N_D_R_A

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Scotland / Scottish K_E_N_D_R_A
« by Echo1976 on March 09, 2017, 10:41:09 AM »
After reading all your reviews and lurking here for sometime i thought best to write my review of Kendra, from a few months back.

So my first punt in Scotland, so many great reviews of girl on here, but i choose Kendra, mainly for what i could see of her pictures and be good reviews.


Great comms from initial phone call, very polite, timely texts on the day of the booking. Not knowing my way around Glasgow she text me with some very good directions, i was travelling on my bike so easy free parking close to her flat.

Spoke to her on arrival and she gave me clear instructions on how to get into fort knox lol
This is where you might have some problem if you lose your bearings easily, you have to go through two doors with pass codes on them, then along a hallway before you get to Kendra's flat. However, Kendra does talk you through this, so you really shouldn't be much of a problem though.


Very easy to find, flat is in a big block. Clean and tidy with everything you need to freshen up (shower is mandatory if you want OWO).


Kendra is a pretty girl, who clearly puts the effort into her appearance, long black hair, big boobs, very sexy butt, she was wearing a sexy little lingerie set.


I'm not going to go into to much detail as the other reviews say it all. I'm normally not a GFE experience type of guy, but thought i'd go with Kendra on this occasion as i've read the reviews. To make it clear, she is very vanilla, so if that isn't your thing, you may want to book someone else.

She is a sweet girl, likes to talk  ;) i get the impression she does take things to heart to much, but that said i spent a lovely hour with her, DFK, then onto OWO which was awesome by the way, reverse oral, where i reduced her to a quiver, totally unexpected she said which was nice. Then on with the hood and cowgirl which is my favourite! she really grinds her pussy into you, and seeing those tits bounce is just perfect. finally finished doggy, where she asked me to fuck her hard :thumbsup:.

Didn't go for round 2, did expect her to initiate, but never mind, i was there 20 mins over my time.


Attractive Girl
Easy to chat with
Very friendly
Perfect GFE service
Didn't clock watch
Even folds your clothes and puts them in a wardrobe
Didn't instigate round 2
Maybe a little to much chat at the beginning


If your looking for a vanilla experience she really is your girl, she doesn't claim to be anything else, very easy going. Great looking with an awesome arse.

https://www.adultwork.com/3206608 or https://www.adultwork.com/Scottish+K%5FE%5FN%5FD%5FR%5FA
Scotland / Scottish K_E_N_D_R_A - Glasgow
« by JS1988 on December 27, 2016, 12:29:22 AM »
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: £130

Met the lovely Kendra two weeks ago, so thought I would post a review whilst things are still fresh in my memory.

Backstory: I tried to contact Kendra two months ago in order to arrange a booking, during the initial communications there was some crossed wires and Kendra (who insisted I was being too pushy with her) refused to see me and blacklisted me even though I apologised for the initial pushiness (I believe she even wrote about me on UKE).

After giving her a few weeks to cool off, I contacted her via AW asking if she could give me a second chance as I really did want to see her. She decided to give me a second chance and we agreed a date to meet.


Very good comms from initial phone chat, she is very polite to talk to on the phone, to texts on the day of the booking. She text me with some very good directions, which enabled me to park very close to her flat.

On my way there, Kendra messaged me saying she was running 10 minutes late and asked me to arrive slightly later than the stated time. When I arrived on the street she messaged me saying that she was still getting ready and to wait for another 10 minutes, 10 minutes later came and she sent me another message with the same instruction. Eventually, she messaged me saying that she was ready and asked me to call her so she could guide me into her flat.

This is where you might experience some issues, you have to go through two doors with pass codes on them, then through a long dark hallway before you get to Kendra's flat. However, Kendra does talk you through this, so you really shouldn't have too much of a problem.


Easy to find, discrete, flat close to the Kingston Bridge, parking was ample when I arrived. Flat is nice and clean, bedroom was nicely lit with candles creating a nice atmosphere, bathroom had everything a man could require if needs be.


Kendra is a very pretty girl who clearly makes an effort on her appearance. She is well proportioned for her size, with some lovely suckable tits, and has a gorgeous face with lips you can kiss all day. She greeted me wearing a lovely lingerie set.

My only issues are the bodywork she has on her, plus some scarring on her breasts after she underwent a breast reduction 


When I finally got to her flat, Kendra greeted me with a nice kiss on the lips and apologised for being late. We agreed to get the paperwork sorted first and she gave me a discount for the inconvenience caused by her lateness. If you want OWO you have to shower first, so off I went and I arrived back ready for action.

With Kendra I personally found it to be a bit of a slow start, she went away to fetch me a water (surely she could have done this whilst I was in the shower), then when she returned and sorted out the items required she preceded to read me a laundry list of things I could want in the booking. This really does kill the mood a bit as I like things to be a bit spontaneous when it comes to meeting a girl.

Anyway, when we finally got down to business things began to pick up. It started with some excellent OWO, onto some RO which she particularly enjoyed as I made her cum. We tried out a multitude of positions, her on top, me on top, her legs over my shoulder, doggy. By the time I finally came in the bag, we were both sweating buckets. She went away for quite a while to freshen up.

After some chit chat about our lives which I really enjoyed (she is very easy to talk to), we went onto round 2 which Kendra initiated and was more or less the same standard as before. Starting with some OWO, which we changed up to a 69, Kendra chose some positions which although I had not partaken in much I really enjoyed. Round 2 ended with me on top and finishing in the bag.

I left having spent over an hour and a half in her company


Very attractive
Good chat
Friendly personality
Enthusiastic service
Not a clock watcher
Reimbursed me for the inconvenience caused by her lateness
Laundry list reading kinda kills the mood
Leaving the room a couple of times


I had a fantastic time with Kendra and hope to see her again at some point in 2017. She is attractive, and provides a great service to her clients. On top of that she is a nice girl to talk to.

Good VFM at £130
Scotland / Scottish K_E_N_D_R_A - Glasgow
« by Juilius_Sneezer on December 17, 2016, 07:06:07 PM »

Even though she has already had a few recent reviews I thought I would just add mine to the pile.

Got in contact with Kendra looking for her "Early Bird" offer - £130 for 1.5h at 1030 as her first booking each day. Sounded great as in the 1h I haven't always managed the 2 pops.

She does insist on phone calls for bookings (she has her reasons) but it was simple enough. Called in advance to make a booking and texted on the day to confirm. Once there called as instructed to be guided through her keypad system and to her flat. It is not as difficult as some have suggested. She was (as she is famously) late but all was taken out of her time.

I was greeted at the door in a rather dark hallway but once in the room was welcomed to the sight of a beautiful Kendra. Shes been described before as not being to everybody's taste (being rather made up) but she suits it.

An offer of a drink while she took and hung up my clothes and shown the shower. This shower is a pre-requisite for OWO.

Came back and a wee chat about preferences, what I wanted from her. It has been suggested as a mechanical checklist but frankly I think it's so she can get all the bullshit done with and then not have to interrupt her flow later.

What ensued was some lovely OWO followed by RO and 69 which she seems to really enjoy before she hopped on top for the beginning of a long list of positions before popping in the bag.

Wee cool down and cleanup then a nice chat while tangled together before round two which proceeded in a similar manner for the triumphant 2nd pop.

An unrushed shower and chatter while I got dressed again and checked for makeup before being sent on my way with a kiss, smile and wobbling legs. We also ran over the 1.5h a little which more than made up for the later start. Will be sure to see this girl again.
Scotland / Kendra , Glasgow.
« by mavgoose on December 12, 2016, 11:00:28 AM »

£130 / 90 mins ( early bird offer )

Finally seen Kendra last week , after a year or three of looking at her profile. Main reason I hadn't went is that I mainly ( although not exclusively ) prefer a 30 minute punt.
However , seeing her 90 mins offer for £130 , meant I could have a half hour punt , relax for half an hour , then another half hour punt. Two at £65 kinda thing. Winner / winner.

Communications , I contacted her on UKE , and after a few messages - a day was chosen. A text that morning to confirm her address and I headed over. She was 5 mins late ( infamously ) , but as you'll see below that was given back. And then some.

I found her flat easy to find , with Kendra talking you through the 2 security doors. No big hassle.
One thing was , the hallway on entering was very dark. In fact , I could hardly see her at all , but I already knew what she'd look like. Into the bedroom and , wowsers. Holy shit , Batman.

The Joker had obviously sent us a ( younger ) Kirsty Gallagher look a like to seduce us and trap us.

Fck me , she is banging hot. Now , if you don't know already , Kendra is a girly girl. Glamorous to the Nth degree. Big hair , big eye lashes and plenty of make up. Wrapped up in exquisite black lingerie and high heels.

My clothes were hung up ( separately ) on hangers in a wardrobe. Choice of drink offered and shower explained and warm towel given.
Every service that Kendra has on her profile was delivered with a high level of intimacy and enjoyment. It wasn't very long till I had come in missionary , after a lovely period of OWO , and RO.
Oh , and some nice FK.

Time to relax and have a chat , and get to know her a bit. I found her funny , engaging and very honest. She seemed surprised at the compliments I gave her and quite modest.

Anyway , round 2 started with Kendra demanding some 69 action. This had me hard in 0-10 seconds and on to some doggy. Surprisingly for me, this didn't last as long as I perhaps had hoped.

That's testament to how hot I found this girl.

I realised I had been in the flat close to 2 hours and Kendra seemed surprised when I jumped in another shower , instead of relaxing. She had already said she was totally cool for us to finish @ xx:xx o'clock , which was so generous. However , I had work to go to unfortunately.

She helped me get dressed. Checked my face for make up traces and gave me a sexy kiss and grope goodbye. Almost 2&1/2 hours door to door.

So , to summarise , as if I need to.....

An insanely glamorous , sexy , hot , funny , talented and stunning woman.

Ignore the shit on here previously. Contact the girl , be courteous and the rewards are laid out above.

An easy and massive positive from me.
Scotland / Scottish K_E_N_D_R_A - Glasgow
« by Llama32 on December 09, 2016, 07:34:41 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3206608 or https://www.adultwork.com/Scottish+K%5FE%5FN%5FD%5FR%5FA

Figured I'd drop this before it becomes dated, meet occured within the last month.

130 notes for an hour with Kendra, requires a call for first visits, but easy enough to get a hold of.

Good location, less than 10 minutes walk from central at my pace, as previously mentioned 2 number pads to get past, and requires a call to help you past. Behind the door is a pretty good looking brunette in sexy lingerie, usual greetings,a kiss and exchange of notes before grabbing a shower, a requirement if you want OWO.

Back out and into the bedroom, lit only with candles setting a nice mood, more DFK and groping before going down for some OWO, then on with the jacket for sex in various positions, before shooting as she rode in cowgirl with those giant breasts bouncing. Afterwards, she went for a cleanup before returning for a chat. Round 2 started with DFK before I returned the favour and went down on her which she seemed to enjoy, grinding into my face and moaning enthusiastically. Brief respite for her before more OWO and another jacket whipped on. Once the load was shot, we lay and gathered our breaths for a bit before offering another shower before I leave, which I took.

At no point was I felt rushed and she wasn't a clockwatcher, if anything I believe we ran overtime a fair bit but she didn't seem to mind. She's strictly vanilla, but if that's all you're after then she's one of the best Glasgow has to offer. I'd most definitely return.
Scotland / Scottish K_E_N_D_R_A (Glasgow)
« by Courtney on December 06, 2016, 02:54:52 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3206608 or https://www.adultwork.com/Scottish+K%5FE%5FN%5FD%5FR%5FA

Saw Kendra….my previous reviews all start with the word "saw" for some weird reason, so I shall maintain that tradition. :wacko: :D
For a while I had been a bit to and fro over whether to see Kendra or not....but I finally took the punt.

1 hour incall @ £130.
Good comms leading up to the booking.
Plenty of on street parking very close by, metered but not city centre prices.
I had to call Kendra so she could talk me through the building entry. There is one buzzer at the entrance door and at the top of the stairs there is a key code door lock but that was open anyway...a couple of corridors to walk down and I was there.

I was greeted at the door by Kendra wearing some sexy lingerie and high heels. A very attractive girl with curves in all the right places....a lot of makeup, long hair, long eyelashes etc...not a plain, girl next door look. She was chatty, friendly and very accommodating.

Paperwork sorted, then shower….then the bed. :D
A very nice room, slightly dim with scented candles. Kendra hung my clothes up in the cupboard and I was offered a bottle of water.

Started with some DFK, then got me to lie down for some OWO, her hair tickling my tummy... :D :blush: ….we then switched around, I put a pillow under her bum and then gave plenty RO, to which she was very responsive…and I gave her plenty rimming :P ..to which she was also quite responsive. :D :dancegirl:

Condom on, then mish, cowgirl, doggy and sort of flat doggy with her between my legs. Back to mish/sort of nappy position with her legs up and then finished with Kendra sitting and wriggling on my face.. :dancegirl: ....she was pretty raunchy. :D :wackogirl: :wacko:

Throughout the booking she made me feel very relaxed and comfortable, very easy going personality….overall quite a cool chick. :coolgirl:
On leaving, I had to listen carefully to her instructions on vacating the premises as I suspect one could probably get easily lost in there. :wacko: :D

I received a thank-you text shortly after I left.….I don't get many of those. :unknown: :D
No silly marks out of 10 from me….don't believe in it. A worthy positive…a very good service and I would definitely return. :hi:

Scotland / K_E_N_D_R_A
« by Clattypats on November 01, 2016, 02:25:06 AM »
1hr -£130

Got talking o Kendra through uke...Struck up some good conversation so arranged it through that.
Kendra ,on the morning of the meet texted me address etc...then guided me in through phone call,which was easy enough
Got to the door and the behind the door stuff.But when she appeared...A stunning looking girl with a great figure..I was well chuffed..
Wee welcome kiss n cuddle,slight chat then a wee shower for me..came out,paperwork out the way and onto a bit of FK, followed by Owo ,which was great,then 69 ..The view of that sexy ass was immense :)
Next up was mish..Now I'm a one pop guy so had to slow down at one point so i didn't cum,and im not usually like that but she was so sexy I couldn't help it..onto doggy next, then prone bone and then spooning position(think we covered alot of positions )..Had to hold backn again...cowgirl nxt with me holding they fantastic tits...,10 min break (not out my time,by the way)and a wee chat,then bk to owo and 69..Kendra said"what position next"..Back to mish,where I couldn't help but cum..I don't cum alot through sex,as opposed to finishing myself off,but only some can do it..And hats off.

Had a great booking with one of the sexiest girls I've met..Great chat..all on Kendra's time I may add(not mine)..The hostess with the mostess..I was well looked after...would go back in a minute :)
Scotland / Scottish K_E_N_D_R_A - Glasgow
« by geezer_breezer on October 22, 2016, 11:11:49 AM »
I had a good hour with Kendra a few weeks ago. £130 for a GFE at her incall flat on Glasgow's Southside


Kendra was easy to reach on the phone and we swapped a couple of calls setting up the meeting and shifting times around. Her flat is just south of the Clyde in a decent, modern block. The entry process involves a couple of keypads but Kendra talked me through each of them. The impression I had so far through comms was that this woman liked to take care of her clients.

About Kendra: She's a sexy, swaggering and intelligent Glasgow lass. She's experienced and confident with intimacy. Her appearance is very glammed up with big salon hair and...er...a lot of make up. Taller than I expected and looking brilliant in a black lingerie set and heels. She's got a lovely shape (not at all "chubby" like I've read on other threads) with big firm boobs.

About the meeting: I was greeted in the hall with a kiss and cuddle. I was shown to the bedroom where I paid her and she offered me a shower. This - I believe - is a prerequisite to OWO. So I popped in for a quick shower and came back to the bedroom. Kendra's style is intimate, friendly and tactile - lots of embraces, stroking and chat. She fussed over me and seemed to care that I was comfortable and happy. We started off with OWO which was great. Next came a bout of RO which she appeared to love. In fact, of all the different aspects of Kenrda's character I saw that day I loved nearing-orgasm-Kendra the most. My goodness.

Onto to sex in a couple of positions then a pop in the johnny. Afterwards we lay on the bed still embracing while we had a long chat. Kendra loves to chat...a lot. At a couple of points I was worried that there was too much chat but the truth was that my meeting well overran and all that chin-wagging was on her time. Fair enough, I was in no hurry to disentangle myself from a naked hotty.

I was well impressed by Kendra. Her client service is among the best I've ever come across. She appears to genuinely like to host you, hangs up your coat, removes make-up smears from your face, speaks openly and honestly and sends a wee 'thank you' text afterwards. It may be the best GFE I've had which isn't saying a lot, mind you. But she's quite endearing.


Scotland / KENDRA
« by johnjo72 on September 13, 2016, 08:14:49 PM »

This was my reply to another review which someone thought was a review so now posted as one:-

Sorry if i am continuing on with a thread you have all got bored with, i don`t usually comment on other reviewers. I have seen Kendra but didn`t bother with review on here as had nothing new to say.

Yes she has kept me waiting, various excuses but has never ate in to my time

Shower offered before and after without being part of my time. I usually take both what a primadonna

Gobshite - yes and especially the 1st time I thought she was wasting my valuable time, but I was there well past my time in fact I apologised the 1st time and I probably bored the arse off her.

Pretending to be interested in said gobshite? - Yes she does....maybe too well -

Looks - well we are all different but I think she is a stunning girl, any negs - maybe the eyebrows as I prefer the natural look not the warpaint, never been tempted to shave mine off yet, I`m sure I`d look a right cunt

Rotundness- depends what you like, OK she is a wee bit on the buffet indulgent side but still below average Scottish obeseness and far fitter than myself

Age - I reckon about right maybe only a couple of years out?

Conveyor belt -  a wee bit yes. "are you OW or OWO ?" asked as if it was off a checklist?

VFM - what is advertised on the tin

Overall - satisfied yes and returns
Scotland / K_E_N_D_R_A - Glasgow
« by hoopbhoy on May 17, 2016, 06:46:04 PM »

1 hour: £130

Kendra has been on the Glasgow scene for a few years now but our paths hadn't crossed before. I'd tried, over the last month, to get a booking with her but our schedules never quite matched. Although her green light wasn't on her schedule said she was working all week n Glasgow so I gave her number a call after 9am and managed to book an hour for early afternoon.  Comms were really good, texted address shortly after ending our call and she gave me a text about an hour before the meet to ask if it was ok to push back the meet by 15 mins. Wasn't a problem for me and given enough notice to change my departure time. Her place is South of the Kngston Bridge, with really decent street parking adjacent and she talked me through the security to get up to her door.

Greeted on entry by Kendra in really hot black lingerie set, heels and a smile. She gave me a big hug and kiss and led me through to the bedroom here I got the paperwork out of the way. She gave me a decent towel and showed me how the work the showerand I freshened up before going back to the bedroom. Bed and bedding were good quality, room candle lit with a decent fan to keep things cool. She hung up all my clothes in cupboard then we lay on the bed for a chat and get to know you session.

Physically Kendra reminds of Maisie XXX, similar height, similar curves, a really good looking size 12. Great skin, flawless make up, hair extensions and lashes and splash of red lipstick. She had me hard as a rock before I laid a finger on her. She makes it clear on her profile that she's all about the GFE and she really delivers on that. Great chat all through the meeting whilst we went through my usual enjoys. Excellent sensual kissing, really decent OWO, reverse oral, she tastes great, clean shaven and very responsive. Finished first session with her on top grinding me to a very happy ending.

She'd checked before we started that I wanted to come more than once and said she'd give me a wee massage between rounds. So after a bit of a clean up she gave me a nice oily back rub whilst we chatted. Before long we started again, nice OWO which quickly change to 69. The sight and feel of that gorgeous ass and pussy waiting to be tasted was a highlight of the meeting. She brought me to the edge a few times before slowing down to keep me in the game. Then on with rubber for some missionary, ended up with her legs over my shoulder for some really deep pounding. Could feel how wet she was against my balls. To finish off she whipped the condom off and delivered a first class handjob aided by the application of some oil. Wasn't long before a second load appeared.

Offered and accepted a second shower and Kendra helped me back into my clothes. She made sure I didn't leave with any traces of her bright red lipstick on my face. Back in the car I checked the time and discovered I'd been there at least 80 minutes. Kendra makes a point of saying your hour doesn't include shower times and she's true to her word. No clock watching and all services were delivered with a smile. Got a nice wee text form her thanking me for coming to see her.

First time meets can be a bit awkward but Kendra really does her best to make the meeting go smoothly. She'll be too vanilla for many tastes but if you're looking for GFE with a great looking girl then she's a great option. Won't hesitate to see her again.  :hi:   
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