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London / grace sweet 33 - Rayners Lane, London
« by wellfancythat on January 21, 2017, 11:32:09 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3428406 or https://www.adultwork.com/grace+sweet+33

Saw this girl yesterday. 60 for half an hour

Pros -
Pretty, petite with very slim waist and hips
Good coms
Easy parking, clean room

Profile says OWO but once I'm lying on the bed she tells me it's an extra 10
Poor and rushed OW
Used legs in cowgirl to prevent full entry
Looking the other way and emotionless in mish
Generally rushed and emotionless

Won't return - there's better value elsewhere
London / grace sweet 33 - Rayners lane
« by pumps on January 18, 2017, 01:11:53 AM »

Didn't do my homework properly on this one, when I copy and pasted the ID into the search box it came back with no results, I will be extra careful in future.

Location: less than a 8min walk from Rayners Lane train station, from the outside its a dump above a shop. On the inside, her bedroom specifically is fine.
Strong smell of weed when you get to the upstairs landing, enough to probably get you high if you don't smoke it. but within the bedroom not so bad.

comms: Directly with the girl, clear, speaks excellent English, SMS with address.

Girl: In personally facially more than acceptable, 5'4-5", has the skinniest body (clothed) I've ever seen outside of asia, I could probably  put both hands around her waist and touch index finger to index finger & thumb to thumb shes that tiny.

As I followed her upstairs I was looking forwards to fucking her senseless and planning my route of attack mentally so not to snap her in half  :sarcastic:

Services: none

Called her up and did all my checks to confirm it was her in the photos, you can tell she's educated from the conversation, Finally before ending the call and confirming the appointment I asked her the most important question

"Do you do OWO?". She said "heh yes I do"

She said nothing else after that whatsoever, and I confirmed the appointment.

fast forward to me entering her room and moments before paying she asked me how long I wanted to stay and I said 30mins, Then she said "you want owo right?" which I thought was extremely odd as a prossie never usually prompts you to remind you about OWO.

But heres the for why.....She then tells me its £10 extra, I said to her that she never mentioned it on the phone and its not on her profile. She said she did tell me on the phone  :lol: :lol:  :lol: :lol:

She then goes "no problem, I can make without" eventually after the Mexican stand-off she told me to leave and showed me out of the building.  :sarcastic:

After reading the reviews she earned herself in Scotland it looks like she probably didn't have any intention of providing OWO or a decent service, So I saved myself £70 .... Thank fuck for that.



Scotland / Grace Sweet - Glasgow
« by HawCotter on December 24, 2016, 05:34:37 PM »

I actually saw this girl by mistake as I meant to book Lena Sweet who's also in the east end and got the names mixed up.

Her flat is a tenement near the forge, the close isn't too clever but the flat is clean inside.

The punt was vanilla with basic massage, covered oral and a few different positions.

Her technique was good, not mind blowing but good nonetheless.

The girl herself is extremely slim but healthy looking with a cracking set on her.

She looks slightly geeky and kept her glasses on throughout.

Her attitude however was top class, very friendly and positive with no clockwatching.

I really enjoyed the half hour with her.

She might not be for everyone due to covered oral etc..

But for a good basic punt with a pretty friendly girl I'd recommend her.

Scotland / Scotland / Glasgow: Grace Sweet 33
« by Ultim8 on November 09, 2016, 10:20:57 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3428406 or

Was staying in Glasgow for two nights on business. The trip had been planned for months so I had spent lots of time researching for a good punt. I always like to see a face pic before I book a WG, which is no easy feat in Glasgow, but Grace has loads of pics on AW and is exactly my type (petite, toned and attractive).

I went ahead and tried to make an advance booking for the next day, sent a few texts but no response. No answer on the phone either at various times throughout the day. The next day I tried again and managed to get through, made a booking for a 1h outcall in a Glasgow hotel (£150).

Grace turned up 15minutes late but that's fine as she kept me updated via text. She had the decency to get out of the cab a few buildings down which helped us be discrete and enter the hotel together unnoticed.

Grace is 100% the girl in the pictures (she has the curly hair shown in her main profile pics). She has an amazingly petite frame but still has large natural breasts. Very attractive girl.

Like another review on here mentions, the service was typical for a Romanian WG i.e. Cold, non-engaging and robotic.

Definitely not a GF experience; no chit chat, no cuddling, no undressing each other, definitely no kissing, she just stripped off, told me to do the same and immediately pulled out a rubber.

Covered BJ was ok but within 2-3 minutes she was acting tired and abruptly said "sex?". I asked for a bit more BJ and she obliged for a few more minutes.

I asked for 69 which was denied but she let me go down and have a little lick.

Moved to sex in missionary, she lay there eyes shut looking bored. Like many WG girls do, she lifted her hips and didn't open her legs enough in order to restrict penetration. I'm a fairly average size down there l, so balls deep would have been perfectly comfortable for any girl.

After 5 minutes we moved to her on top, a great sight to watch but to be honest the spark was starting to fade due to the robotics of it all. She didn't bounce about much, expecting me to do most the work from below. After a few more minutes (about 15 minutes into the 1h punt) she demanded that I hurry up and cum as she is "not a machine". I asked if I could cum twice and she said no.

With the spark completely gone by this point, I moved her into doggy to try and finish. Again she positioned herself to restrict penetration and sat there on all fours montionless and silent. I asked her to go back to missionary, she let me do this briefly. When I asked if I could cum on her belly she said "no way" and that I "had had enough sex". She then demanded that I finish with a handjob.

Reluctantly I agreed, the HJ was dry, violent and not particularly pleasant. I can normally pop 2-3 times in a punt but with the buz gone I struggled to cum even once. I closed my eyes and imagined it was a BJ and that she wanted me to cum in her mouth, which eventually did the trick.

She immediately started to get dressed, I commented that we were less than 30minutes into the time and she just laughed and said that I had "had enough".

She's probably OK for a 15-30 minute punt if you just want plain sex without the extras, but I cannot reccomend her for anything else. I certainly won't be seeing her again!

Shame you can't leave feedback on AW without a confirmed booking, but hopefully the seasoned punters amongst us will see this review and avoid!

Scotland / Grace Sweet 33 - Edinburgh
« by qetzl on September 18, 2016, 04:28:13 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3428406 or https://www.adultwork.com/grace+sweet+33

£40, 15m meeting.

She's been on my HL a while now. I'm in Glasgow, her usual stomping ground quite often, but never managed to quite find the time, so I was keen to see her when she popped up here.

She's in Leith, not too far in though, which is nice. Nearby parking was plentiful pay and display that finishes at 5:30PM. Good and responsive text comms, and likewise she's fine to talk to on the phone (but very quiet on the phone).

When I arrived, she was casually but nicely dressed, well matched with the student look others have mentioned. Hair is currently the really curly permed hair on her profile, which looked good. Just as thin as you'd expect from the pics, maybe even more so. Bottom line: definitely her, age definitely accurate. She has good English from the get go and throughout.

Paperwork was sorted, clothes off while she stashed it. She came back, and started with ow (owo was offered at £20 extra, a black mark for me), which was a bit above average, but she made all the right sounds while doing it. After this, uneventful cowgirl and mish to completion. A quick chat as I got dressed about coming to Edinburgh etc before leaving.

Ultimately, it was an above average experience, but nothing dazzling. That said, she's good value for a 15m booking, and she's also pretty honest and frankly, quite attractive if you like the student/alternative look, rather than a bit of the typical, seedier, wg look.

I'd go back.
Scotland / Glasgow: Grace Sweet 33
« by Itsmedupree on September 16, 2016, 12:55:42 PM »

I've been humming and hawing about seeing this girl for months. I think we've all heard horror stories about Romanians. Last night I took a fancy for a last minute punt. Messaged a few girls, but they weren't free or tried to charge more than advertised, so I took a gamble and messaged Grace. I've read the reviews so I was expecting a slightly robotic service which is fine sometimes you just need a beautiful woman beside you. The time I requested meant we couldn't meet at her flat in Parkhead, so we met in a place closer to central Glasgow.

It was a working flat and after a little trouble for them to get the buzzer working I was on my way up. The flat was clean. Grace answered the door in jeans and a shirt. I don't mind that as I like the anticipation of seeing what is beneath once inside the bedroom. All the signs were that I was going to have what guys describe as the typical Romanian experience. But she has the most gorgeous face hidden behind her glasses, so there was no way I was walking. We dealt with the money and we both undressed. She asked about my preferences and put me at ease. I opted for a massage and all along she chatted away and told me that as soon as I wanted something else just to say. Her tiny hands felt great and after 10 minutes I had to switch round. She pulled off my boxers and gave me the most amazing feeling owo her mouth is literally the warmest place I've ever been inside. It felt good!!! I'm pretty shy as it takes me ages to cum so I don't really move girls around a lot and let them decide how to proceed, but grace encouraged me to try all different positions and ask for any kinks I may have. It was a tough night again for trying to cum and she was constantly off with the condom every so often to wrap her lips around it again. Eventually I told her to stop because it's a bit embarrassing when you can't pop, but she came up and lay on top of me for a cuddle up and played with my balls until I popped everywhere. An amazing punt with a girl who doesn't just grab your money and run. The no kissing thing is a shame, but best oral I've ever had!
Scotland / grace.sweet - Glasgow
« by paulm1972 on July 21, 2016, 03:22:29 PM »

Went back for a cheap quicky after seeing her before and leaving a generous Positive. This time round it was broad daylight, I was sober, and it was shite. She answered the door in pyjamas and pointed me to the bedroom. I paid the money and she stripped down to underwear. It's what happened here that makes this an instant negative and ruined the rest of the punt for me. I had already paid her and she stripped, so I move towards her to touch/get hold of her, but she raises her hand and stops me and points to the bed telling me to relax and lie down. 

So I'm lying there on the bed a bit gutted by this, as it was her body that I liked and brought me back. She then lubed her fanny up and got in beside me. She asked if I wanted a blowjob and I said no, it was a 15 min meet and I didn't want to waste any of it on her sucking a condom. She was surprised by this and said she'll need to do it anyway to get me hard. (Maybe if you let me touch you I would already be hard and not sitting here made to feel like some kind of rapist for trying to put my hands on a hoor after paying her?)

I'm lying there receiving Oral With and it does the trick, I'm ready to go. She asks what position I want and I suggest missionary so I can get a proper look and feel of her body that I was denied. She says OK and lays on her back, but when I try to get going she's clearly doing that thing were they position themselves awkwardly and restrict you with their legs etc so I can't get all the way in. After fumbling around I gave up and said fine turn around. She's on her fours and I start doing her doggy with absolutely no attempt at a response/reaction from herself. She's there being perfectly still and silent as if counting down the minutes in her head, making it very awkward. I eventually fill the bag and leave without saying anything.

Depressing. Won't return.
Scotland / Grace Sweet 33 - Glasgow
« by Reverend_Steven on May 29, 2016, 11:58:40 AM »

Saw Grace in an apartment on the southside for a 15 min incall for 40 quid a few weeks back. She's a young EE girl, absolutely tiny body but with a decent rack considering. She's an attractive girl with a kind of a nerdy schoolgirl look if thats your kind of thing.

Given the 15 min timeframe needless to say we didn't get to know each other much. Her english was good though and she can hold conversation so no fears there if you were looking at a longer meet.

Services consisted of covered oral (OWO is available on longer meets) and sex in mish, cowgirl and doggy. I felt like I might break her when I was fucking her hard in doggy but she took everything I had in me without any complaint or resistance so overall for 40 quid I left happy.

I'd return to sample a longer meet but 30 mins would probably be tops for me.
Scotland / grace sweet 33 Glasgow
« by quadruplex on May 08, 2016, 06:31:56 AM »

Arranged an hour meet for £120. Stays near the Forge shopping center.

Flat nice enough for my needs.

Friendly girl. Really pretty. Really petite and skinny too the way I prefer them. Fantastic, tight body. Eager to do what I wanted. Lovely small feet. Wore glasses and had a teenage vibe about her even though she is about 23ish.

This was not a GFE as such, no kissing. And she was mostly silent throughout apart from a few giggles here and there about the positions I was putting her in. But she remained friendly and welcoming.

Straightforward suck and fuck. I got what I wanted.

Would visit again.

Scotland / Grace sweet
« by paulm1972 on April 17, 2016, 01:36:23 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3428406 or https://www.adultwork.com/grace+sweet+33

Was looking for a last minute local punt and grace sweet was the only one who replied to my texts (preferred method comm for me). Comms were excellent she informed me she had to go to outcall but we arranged for an hour later.

She texted me to confirm I was there and I was actually running late, but apparently so was she because when I got out the taxi and went to phone her I saw her walking up the street to her flat in her casual civy clothes. Could easily be mistaken for nerdy Scottish student. Would never guess she was a ee wg based on how she looked walking down the street here. Flat is a typical east end tennement next to the Forge shopping centre. What followed was somewhat awkward as she called me at the door of her close and heard my phone ringing behind her across the road, so we both walked up to her top floor flat together. Got straight down to it £60 for 30 mins. Service was pretty robotic ("blowjob? Sex?") but I don't mind that.

Pros: girl in the pic, very cute, possibly tightest/smallest body I've seen while still having nice boobs and pert bum. Definitely looks younger than her 21 years. Took a good pounding no complaints re: positions etc. Nice friendly girl. Def works/lives alone as I was with her as she unlocked and entered her dark empty flat.

Cons: slight smell filled the room during . Only dawned on me after that she was seeing me immediately after an hour long outcall without showering (unless she had one at the outcall location). As much my fault tho. OW with no indication owo was available despite aw profile staring diff. Don't like kissing wgs personally but no attempts made if that's what ur after. Def not gfe here.

Would visit again for her body and friendliness and good coms.
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