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Hannah James

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Scotland / Hannah - Glasgow
« by HawCotter on March 16, 2017, 03:50:11 PM »

I'm a bit embarrassed writing this as I was so scathing with my last review on Hannah but in the interests of fairness (and eh- journalistic integrity) this has to be written.

The only way I can punt mainly undetected is by doing it during work, and as I work in Nirth Lanarkshire my choice is mainly limited to there and the east end.

So last month I had a spare couple of hours to kill and on AW the only WGs available within distance were Hannah or Lorna.

Decided to give H another shot because as we know the wee brain rules in these situations.

Called her and she didn't answer but texted back within a few minutes and I arranged a half hour booking.

Learned my lesson from last time and parked on the other end of her street and made my way to H's house.

Once inside Hannah was remarkably friendly asking if there was anything I wanted before moving to the bedroom.

The issue I had with H last time was the failure to provide requested services so this time I was only there for half hour GFE and let her know this.

What followed was lots of gentle kissing, rubbing and touching.

Her O was amazing this time and her snatch tasted nice and fresh, she was very responsive to my touch and she came during oral/fingering.

Took her in doggy then mish before finishing all over her neck, tits and face.

Friendly enough chat after it before shower and leave.

No change physically, not my ideal girl as not toned and too many tattoos but she is attractive especially her face.

As I say I didn't ask her for extras this time and I had no issues booking probably because was so short notice.

I had a great experience this time so if anyone is thinking of booking her I would recommend to read all the reviews and use your own judgement.

Scotland / Hannah Taylor-glasgow
« by Ayrshireguy76 on December 23, 2016, 05:26:29 PM »

Well, after some ummming and ahhhing and reading UKP reviews and reviews on her page, I decided to take the plunge.
I opted for a time I could be in Glasgow which was later than her listed times.
I text her and agreed the time which she was happy to do.
Comms great, no fault there....... so far!

Now from where I live to the WG address is no shorter than 31 miles.... each way.... but I had decided she would be worth it and off I went.

I sent three text messages to confirm I was leaving home and if it was still ok to come... , going her the chance to cancel before I started my journey.
No reply!
I kept going hoping I'd get the reply....funnily enough., just before my appointment and just prior to reaching her address I got a text message to cancel as her grandad had been taken into hospital and her cousin or sum1 had turned up at her house with him in the back and struggling to breathe.

Now cal me cynical or cold hearted..... but come on.... all a bit convienient., and she alluded to that happening sometime before.... 10 seconds to send a text.
I was also sure that I had read somewhere that a similar reason was given for cancelling someon before.

So 62 miles later I was back home., annoyed, feeling stupid and still with the horn.

Anyone else experience issues?
Do I warm my heart and give her the benefit of the doubt and try again?
Scotland / Hannah Taylor Glasgow (baillieston)
« by HawCotter on December 01, 2016, 02:50:11 PM »

I saw Hannah a month or so ago with some good points and some bad points so thought I'd share them and let people make their mind up themselves.

Good Points

1) Facially attractive
2) Friendly enough
3) Good vanilla service
4) Not rushed
5) relaxed atmosphere

Bad Points

1) Does not do services on her profile which were requested (namely anal/watersports), this annoyed me as I discussed them on the phone prior to booking with her.

2) Although this is subjective she is far too covered in bog-standard tattoos for my liking. Each to their own but I'm not a fan of the tattoo clones that you see these days.

3) Didn't make much effort to make a connection, the conversation always came from me. (Again each to their own but I prefer a bit of chat first)

4) Although slim and a good looking girl she is not toned so feels older than she is, makes an effort to hide a bit of a belly but not as nubile as her photos suggest. (Poss been a bit arse as her body is attractive but as this forum is about sharing these details...)

5) This was a big one for me although I wrestled with including it as it is not Hannah's fault but again I think people should know the full experience. The house is in a new-build estate and as such I thought it might be safer to park around the corner. On walking back to the car after the punt two of her neighbours were standing in the street. I thought it best to say hello as I've heard that's what you normally do in baby factory housing estates, but I didn't get any response back and when I walked by them one of them said 'That'll be another delivery man then' very sarcastically. I live at the other side of Lanarkshire so apart from feeling like it was a 3 mile walk back to the car I'm not too worried about this but if I was local I might be. I might have misread the situation and if others are comfortable with this then so be it but think I'll be sticking to more anonymous flats in future. The whole experience made me feel a bit sleazy to be honest as there was kids kicking around the street etc..

I know this sounds worse than it actually was because apart from a couple of services not delivered and what happened outside it was quite an enjoyable punt. Wouldn't go back though but to put it mildly I've had a lot lot worse.

Nb: I see now she only advertised A at discretion, this wasn't the case when I booked her.

Scotland / HannahDavies - Glasgow
« by Reverend_Steven on May 28, 2016, 07:29:42 AM »

Saw Hannah a few months back for an hour at her place. At 160 she was a little pricier than I would normally go for (140 basic +20 for fetish)but her profile looked good and I had the cash so I thought why not.

Comms were great before in terms of discussing specifics of the meet including preagreed fetish of mine which was one of the reasons I had looked her up in the first place.

Her place is a nice suburban semi in Ballieston. Not your average punting pad TBH and I was conscious that there could be some twitchers around but it was weekday afternoon so the place was pretty quiet. Don't know how I'd feel about an evening or weekend punt though from a discression point of view.

On arrival Hannah opened the door and she was really a stunning girl. Tall, blonde, mid twenties and very attractive. She led me through the house and upstairs where we exchanged paperwork and I had a quick shower. To this point Hannah had been pretty quiet but I suppose shyness is quite attractive in its own way. So down to business. Good but not mind blowing OWO ensued followed by RO and somewhat enthusiastic sex in a variety of positions. Popped in the bag before round two which was my fetish request. All services requested were provided without any complaint or restriction so I can't complain from that front.

All in all it was a good punt and I would return although perhaps not in a huge hurry. I've no real complaints about Hannah, she just didn't blow me away. Perhaps 120 for the hour might tempt me back.

Scotland / Hannah Davies - Glasgow
« by Dogbreath on March 20, 2016, 11:10:47 PM »

https://www.adultwork.com/2407357 or https://www.adultwork.com/HannahDavies

Met Hannah for an in-call recently, & was very impressed. The venue was a house in the suburbs, quite easy to find & plenty of parking nearby. Nice-looking girl, the photos are accurate, & she's relaxed & chatty too - always helps when meeting a new girl.

She's a slim 20-something, with a few tattoos & piercings, including her nose, nipples  & clit hood - all very nice! Her body is slim, but not toned, & she has nice soft tits. She was happy with DFK & fingering, OWO & snowballing. Only thing off the menu was anal, but she says this is temporary -I'd certainly see her again for that. She managed to coax 2 pops out of my decrepit body, & was pretty energetic throughout. Recommended if you like a slim Scottish girl.
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