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Asian yoyo 

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Scotland / Asian YoYo Glasgow
« by auldie63 on May 08, 2016, 09:24:00 AM »
Giving this a Neutral but it could as easy be a BIG NEGATIVE but for what occurred at the very end.

https://www.adultwork.com/3358299 or https://www.adultwork.com/Asian+yoyo+ -

Last night late on fancied basically a R & T, tried several but we know what it’s like after about 8pm.
The above answered by txt to unanswered phone call, bookings made by txt. Never happy with that but no other option. Booking made, £60 GFE OWO CIM etc. and off up to those big modern flats near the Mitchel Library, hunners a parking. Flat number sent pronto when asked for, lovely building, entry no problem.
Got to the flat door and it opens to pitch darkness with her hiding behind it, The B&S radar is going like buggery at this point, go in and shown through to a well lit very nice clean room by a slim girl with a lovely figure who turns round and greets me with a cuddle and a snog. She ain’t the one in the pics or if she is they are from 20yrs ago but hey, she ain’t ugly, cracking body, nice tits, great attitude up to then and lovely surroundings, so thought fuck it why not? Try to confirm what services I had booked by txt only to find she has virtually no English, obviously has someone on phone for her. Decide to go for it anyway.
Wonga given and she disappears while I strip and lie on the bed, she comes back in strips and gets down beside me. From here on it goes tits up fast. No more kissing, don’t touch there, I don’t do this, that and certainly not the other. I am trying to tell her what I want but this language thing is totally screwing that possibility.
I finally get pissed off with the whole thing and tell her I’m off as this is a rip off. Now in this situation I get dressed B4 I bring up the question of a refund as I like to be in my clothes if I have to box my way out so I get dressed.
Now this is what makes it a Neutral. As I am putting my jacket back on she comes over to me and hands me my money back in full and she still had a good attitude and apologised that she was not doing what I wanted FFS. 
Walked a couple of times when a punt has been shite and had some money back, not very often, but never had it all back.
Make this a neutral because I don’t think the girl had any idea what had been agreed over the phone, had it been her on the other end I don’t think she would have taken the booking for the services I was promised. I think she would only do B to B massage with HR and if that’s all you want she would probably be OK. The person to blame is whatever arsehole took the booking/wrote the profile where she promises a full service and that’s what I booked.
Scotland / Asian YoYo - Glasgow
« by Dogbreath on March 20, 2016, 11:24:41 PM »

https://www.adultwork.com/3358299 or https://www.adultwork.com/Asian+yoyo

Not really inspired by previous reviews on here, but I've always wanted to do a Chinese girl, & I was prepared to put up with an indifferent service to tick one off the bucket list.
Comms were ok, she replied to phone calls & texts promptly, & the venue is a modern block of flats near Charing Cross.

But.... I didn't get the girl in the pictures. The one who answered the door was an acceptable alternative, but looked completely different. She said she was Japanese, but I think Chinese was more likely. Face & body a good 7/10, but rapid service on steroids - I'd paid for 30 minutes, extra for OWO, and she had me wanked, sucked, fucked, drained & wiped in 20 minutes flat. When she put her clothes back on, I guessed there was no more fun to be had, & she finished with a very firm massage. Very basic English & couldn't get a conversation going, but she did say there was a new girl in the flat every week - probably another reason not to go back!

Pros - I got to fuck a Chinese girl
Cons - just about everything else.

Scotland / Asian yoyo
« by mr small on March 12, 2016, 10:30:46 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3358299 or https://www.adultwork.com/Asian+yoyo+

Thought I would TOFTT and score one off my bucket list  :D

Text an hour in advance and received address details a few minutes later.

Got to address and called her from door but she had to come down to let me in which took almost 5 minutes, hanging about doorways in Sauchiehall street for 5 minutes is not my idea of discreet  :thumbsdown:

When she eventually arrived I was pleased to see that profile pictures and description were accurate, she is very pretty, around 20, about 5 foot tall and size 6/8   :dance:

Bedroom is very basic, started off with her gently rubbing her gorgeous little tits all over my body before putting the raincoat on for some pretty decent ow.  :D

moved her onto her back for some RO (lovely bush ) but that wasn't allowed, only allowed to kiss tits although I did get a little peckon her lips  :dash:

Moved into missionary and she was lovely and tight  :wacko:

Had some cowgirl and doggy to finish.

In summary a very pretty and shapely young girl who provides basic services listed.

Reasons for negative score were lack of enthusiasm and eye contact, phone in the bed, using phone while in doggy  :diablo: , and next punter waiting at the door when I left,  :scare:

Definitely a 10 second wet wipe between punters as she arrived at door to let next guy in less than 30 seconds after I left  :dash:

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