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Scotland / ELSAcountrygirlcc - Glasgow
« by noodle on March 27, 2017, 08:32:07 PM »

COMMS 6/10

Contacted initially via adult work and then give phone number for when i arrived.


Sketchy housing association tower block. There is a "concierge" on duty who you have to pass. flat is also on like the 10 floor although there is a lift. Lot's of people about so not really that discrete.

LOOKS 6/10

Definitely there girl in the photos and she has a cute look about here. Downsides were she has smokers teeth and tit's a bit saggy. Looks a bit more of a wee schemie in the flesh ;-)


Light kissing at the beginning of the meet which tailed off tailed off during the meet. Wouldn't allow fingering but would allow you to penetrate her with one of here selection of toys (all broken  :wackogirl:).

Meet started off with some light half arsed oral. Very shallow definely not DFK. She got fed up fairly quickly so on with the bag. Sex in a few positions not bad but a little robotic.

Round two more crap oral, gets fed up again so starts hand relief. Then starts complaining her hand is getting tired after a few mins. Sex again to complete.


£150 per hour, sketchy venue, limited services delivered badly. Superstar pricing with conveyer belt service at best.

Scotland / Country Girl CC
« by hornysixtynine on August 08, 2016, 04:15:24 PM »

Well after commenting on another review of this girl I did say I'd give my own review.

Saw her twice so far and had pretty much the same service (both half hour bookings)

Seen her at a tower block in north east of glasgow. I like these venues as they are more discreet and you can jump off at a different floor and walk down to the actual level you want to, so as to avoid the concierge noticing turnover of the same floor being quite high.

Anyway the lovely CG met me at the door wearing what I had requested. She did look good. Shown me to the bedroom which was clean and had a variety of toys on show. Paperwork out the way.

We began kissing and before I knew it she had jumped on top of me standing up kissing and very passionate. Kept going like this for a bit before lying her down on the bed and she slipped knickers to side to give me a good view of a nice little shaven pussy, got to work with my tongue and grabbed a dildo and set about tasting and pleasuring her for a bit. She tastes really good and is very smooth, the sight of her little arsehole looks good too, though i didnt go there nor asked.

Started undressing myself whilst she started to get the trousers undone and proceeded to suck on my throbbing cock with great enthusiasm, got to watch her in the mirror and it looked great, she is very small and petite so it gave my cock an extra few inches width and girth in that mirror  :D

She really does deepthroat and takes it all in whilst gagging away. One of the best I'd say.

Reluctantly I stopped her as I could have blown my load there and then and got the condom on so I could squeeze it in her, she is very tight and really loves cock in her. What you'll notice about a meet is she really is a nympho and loves to cum during it, at one point she was on top of me bouncing up and down as if her life depended on it. Now normally I know this is the girl trying to make you cum quick, but if you seen the faces she was pullling youd know it was because she was going at it to get herself off.

Variety of positions, her on back legs over shoulders, doggy and her on top. All look great as your cock is thrusting in and out of that tight little body.

I think the girl is great, does what she says and gives a more than satisfactory service.

Looks wise, she is pretty. Another thread mentioned boobs being saggy, they look good still albeit not as perky as they once were but she is the age she says on profile and so boobs are reflective of that. You'll still have a lot of fun with them like me, very responsive and feel really good

The other thread mentions being shorted for time. I've yet to experience it and have yet to get the impression that she does a lot of bookings in the one day. This could have been me being lucky but I'd say she does have a busy life outside of punting and so that may have been the reason.

She is definitely worth it guys. Thank me later
Scotland / country girl cc , Glasgow
« by mavgoose on July 31, 2016, 10:12:31 PM »

£80 h/h.

Saw this lovely young lady very recently. Couple of comments recently that she was hard to get a hold of. I found it very straightforward. Her change in circumstances means she'll be offering more availability for "incalls".

So, as I said, Comms nice and easy. Flat is perfect for purpose. Clean and inviting. It is in a high rise, but , 100% safe during the day.

Girl , definitely the girl in the pictures. Great body and legs. And ass. Attractive face. Tits a wee bit disappointing ( saggy ) but was presented in lovely lingerie.
Shower and drink offered. Back into bedroom and nice chat to break the ice. Nice kissing to start , though this kinda tailed off as the meet progressed. Good OWO. Possibly the best cowgirl I've experienced. All positive till now.

Change of positron - and she reached for her phone to check the time. Confirming that I had 5 mins left. This is my pet hate. Girls should just be cute about this and ask maybe "where would you like to come?"

I understand she probably had more bookings , maybe I should have asked before we started (?) , but at this point I'd been in the flat about 20 mins. I was definitely back in my car almost bang on 30 mins  from start to finish. And she's a good hike up in the lift. So was probably a 15/20 min service.

Comms. Positive
Girl. Positive
Services. Positive
Flat. Positive

Timing. Negative

I'd love to go back. She is double hot and really gets into it. But I'd need to maximise my potential time when there.

Scotland / countrygirlcitychick - Glasgow
« by PR67 on March 08, 2016, 10:37:58 AM »

Met countrygirl for a 15 minute in call yesterday. Took a wee break from punting so this was my first of 2016 and it turned out to be one of my best punts ever. Comms were good; emailed for booking, got number and everything was arranged quickly and easily. She's based in Maryhill.

Arrived and got paperwork out of the way. She was on her knees with my cock deep down her throat before I could get my boxers & socks completely off. Nice deep bj, lots of eye contact and a bit of gagging.

On to the bed & she lay on her back. Couldn't get her pants completely off as she was wearing a garter belt with her suspenders but there was something really sexy about that. Would've loved to have gone to town on her pussy with my tongue but cos I was only there for 15 minutes it was just a few fingers then on with the jonny. Fucked her really hard and deep with her ankles behind her ears. She's really flexible and her profile is pretty accurate when she says she's 'cock hungry' cos she seemed like she really loved it. Flipped her over and finished in doggy.

CG has a cracking body, a great set of tits and she seems to enjoy what she does. Best fuck I've had in a while. She's a really nice girl too. Will defo be back soon for a longer booking.

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