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Bi Gangbang Babes

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London / Bi Gangbang Babes Southwark
« by dk7806 on January 29, 2017, 05:36:04 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1790198 or https://www.adultwork.com/Bi+Gangbang+Babes

This was my final punting experience on the London trip. I wanted to try a little anything goes filth after the more serene and beautiful experiences of my previous two days. I'd found the Bi Gangbang Babes profile after being enamoured with Monica's skills on FakeTaxi , but alas she wasn't scheduled this week, this day it was Isabelle and Violet.  Like with my Phoenix Club trip I booked the first session in the hope of fewer punters (and less tired girls?) £100 for 2hrs, no holes barred!

It was an experience that has provided a conundrum! But more on that later ...  :music:

 :drinks: Comms was excellent, we met up at a pub outside the hotel in Southwark (this time was Novotel). There were 3 gentleman waiting on the pub, ends up one was the boss and the other security, so just me and just one other punter. The invite included the option to turn up half hour early for a pint, but some travel challenges meant I couldn't take up the option, arriving just before 12. Some more gents were expected it, but Patrick (security) escorted us up to the room, a nice executive suite. The girls were waiting on the bed for us. Violet is pretty much like in her photos (link from the profile), but I'd say looks cuter and younger. As she was later lying with her head against the bed head while I shoved my cock down her throat I realised she reminded me very much of Billie Piper. I told her this and she said she'd heard that before and watched Diaries of a Call Girl for tips. Funnily enough I haven't watched that yet, I was a Billie Piper fan from Doctor Who! Either way was a nice turn on :)

No photos of Isabelle on the profile. She's a big girl with a personality (and tits) to match.

So I showered first and joined the girls on the bed while the other punter washed. When he returned Isabelle was nuzzling her nose on my pubic hair with my balls against her chin, so he jumped in with Billie ... I mean, Violet. While my 7.5in wasn't sliding down towards Isabella's intestines with no challenges she was more than open to a head holding throat fuck in multiple positions. 15 mins in I was pretty sure I was already getting my money's worth this day!

And that's when things started to become quite entertaining .... two other gents arrived while this was going on, first one and 10 mins or so later the other. I think the other 3 punters may have all been first timers, and they were quite shy and basically waiting for a girl rather than jumping in. I heard Patrick talking to them and the conversation went something like "so have you seen each other naked before then? Ah well yeah ... only at the gym" and some discussion of sporting activities.

These two other punters knew each other! Indeed as best I could pick up they actually worked together!  :scare: This was more bloody entertaining than watching America crap itself after a week of Donald Trump!  :lol:

I heard one of them say "needless to say, we never speak of this again, right?" hahahahahhaah  :D

So anyway, those two nervous nellies sat back while the other newbie followed my lead and the girls lay their heads on the pillows while we face fucked them. At my suggestion we swapped and it was at this point the aforementioned discussion about Billie Piper occurred. I happily exploded over Billie ... I mean, Violet's ... face and open month and tongue. Ahhhh!!! Just what The Doctor ordered!  :thumbsup:

Now it was time for a break and to enjoy some wine and cheese and watch the other shenanigans. One of the workmates finished up pretty early and left, while the other was still on the bed with billie and Isabelle with newbie. He was about to get her to change positions so I suggested she move to the corner of the bed so he could pound her doggie while I pounded her face. Request granted! He got a nice rhythm going that was pushing her down with perfect timing, definitely something to try if you haven't! Somewhere around here workmate #2 finished with Billie/Violet and then went to shower and leave so I went and slid in to her from behind.

Oh ... if you're keeping count here, yeah that was just the 4 guys and 2 girls, and 2 of the guys were only there for like half an hour! So 1:1 ratio for most of the session  :thumbsup: now that's VFM!

So I'm taking BillieV pronebone and really want to try her ass, but a bit earlier in the session while I was enjoying the refreshments I had seen her disappear in to the bathroom and heard some ahh ... disconcerting sounds. Alas, after inquiring, there had indeed been a challenge and hole #3 was off the menu today. The Doctor was disappointed :(

After some more like that I decided to swap around to Isabelle's ass, doggie. After a bit of effort I squeezed in and slowly began to pound while the girls had newbie in dreamland with his first double blow. It wasn't long before I was going balls deep and hard in her ass. This girl can take it!

After 2 ahhh .... long hard days .... a second pop was becoming a challenge, so I swapped back to BillieV to see if another open mouth facial on that pretty face would do the trick. Indeed it did! Newbie was worn out and (understandably) struggling to keep up to his expectations, but the girls were being very helpful and understanding. I sat back on a chair while they all lay back on the bed and we spent the last 15 minutes relaxed and chatting.

All in all another great experience to round off my trip to London. If you've not tried group sex before I'd definitely recommend Phoenix over the Bi Gangbang Girls though. There's more on offer at the latter, but you're also in full hotel room lighting with the kind of exposure and confidence issues that might raise. Frankly I would have loved some decent lighting to see some of the Phoenix girls better in action (could see them well in the refreshments room, where they walked naked), but it's a far cosier environment and perhaps a little less overwhelming for a beginner - despite the higher number of bodies!

Having said that, at both parties I was lucky to have excellent ratios, topping out at 2:1 for just a brief period of time, so you're mileage may vary!

So .... what's the conundrum I mentioned you may still be wondering? Well, my wife and I have an interesting relationship. She eastern European, has a higher sex drive than I and is younger and better looking to boot. The problem is we often travel extensively for work, separately, and can often be away for long periods. So when we're on the road we have an open marriage. We find the best way to do this is through Bill Clinton's approach to gays in the military - "don't ask don't tell!" So as long as we take precautions, are discrete, and don't talk about it we can get up to whatever fun we like. (no, you can't have her number!)

The problem is that outside of that we talk about EVERYTHING, and damn I want to tell her about the two workmates who showed up at the same 4 guy 2 girl gangbang! She'd think it was hilarious! But once you open that door, it might be hard to close and I don't want to break what works. Still, now I'm back home it's all I can do to hold my tongue ...

So, to finish, thanks for the hospitality London and especially thanks to the universally lovely girls I met, in no small part to recommendations here on UKPunting.

Be good to the girls guys, or at least the one's who are good to you!
London / London / Bi Gangbang Babes Party - Southwark
« by john_n on December 19, 2016, 06:03:22 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1790198 or https://www.adultwork.com/Bi+Gangbang+Babes

Amount paid: £100 for 2hrs

First I would like to say thanks to those who reviewed these parties and brought them to my attention. I have only one prior gangbang experience which I thoroughly enjoyed, so I thought it was about time to give it another go.

You may meet up with one of the guys arranging it and other party members about 30 mins before the party or meet up outside the location 5 mins before it starts. I opted for the first option and me, two other guys and one of the girls met up for a quick introduction. We were told the "rules", as in wash your fingers after fingering a girl, make sure your fingers are clean before fingering and things like that.

I attended the lunchtime session and the girls that day were:

Isabelle: https://www.adultwork.com/3818966 or https://www.adultwork.com/Isabelle%5FRose

Violet: https://www.adultwork.com/1890933 or https://www.adultwork.com/WhiskyV

As we entered the room we were give a clean towel and a plastic bag to put our belongings in. On offer was also water, white wine and crisps. At the beginning we were only three guys, but were told that two more guys were on their way.

Me and one of the guys got straight into the action with Isabelle and went for a double BJ. Isabelle happily took both of our cocks into her mouth and started sucking us. Soon guy number three came out of the shower and started playing with Violet. After a little while two other guys showed up and they stuck to Violet while the rest of us played with Isabelle.

Isabelle now had one cock in her mouth, one in her hand and the last guy fucking her. We kept switching positions and after a while one of the guys decided it was time to fuck her in the ass. He gave it his best shot, but even though applying lots of lube he just couldn't enter her ass. Thought I give it a go myself, but no luck. Isabelle was just too tight for me to be able to do anal. The third guys asked Isabelle if she was up for DP and asked if I was up for joining him. Isabelle sat down on me and put my cock inside her pussy while the other guy would fuck her in the ass. Sadly he had no luck either, but asked if she was up for DV to which Isabelle said yes. We had better luck with that and kept fucking her like that for a while. It seemed like it was something she really enjoyed. The last two guys were switching between licking and fucking Violet's pussy.

We all had a short rest here and there to let the other guys fuck Isabelle and I also got to fuck Violet's pussy and ass during my time there. No hoggings of the girls and everyone were good at asking if any of the other guys wanted to have a go. Right at the end of the party I managed to pop and shot my load all over Isabelle's face.

The party started a little late, but we were given extra time and got the full two hours. Cleaned up with a shower and left the place as a happy man. As some has mentioned in earlier reviews it wasn't a large room, but as only 5 showed up it was no problem at all. If you are used to the party scene I have no problem with recommending these parties. I really want to meet Monica, so will definetely join another party. More or less 2 hrs nonstop action at £100 isn't too bad if you ask me
London / Bi GangBang Babes - Southwark
« by xxlmuscles on December 08, 2016, 08:28:40 AM »
www.adultwork.com/1790198 or https://www.adultwork.com/Bi+Gangbang+Babes

Attended the 12 to 2 session last Thursday in a local hotel.

Monica - around 40 tall and very slim, tits a bit droopy, but both nipples pierced (and clit)
Isabella - Size 16, with lovely big tits
Started with 7 guys (plus minder) in room, so a bit tight for space and the girls kept very busy :lol: :lol: :lol:
This was my first visit to a GB and I loved it. Promised myself that I'd do all 6 holes and I did it :yahoo: :yahoo:
The girls where up for anything and everything.
After about an hour only 3 guys left so much easier. Thought I was finished after achieving my objective and pooping twice, but the girls had other ideas and gave me a great duo BJ and finished me off again, with my dribble on Monica's face.
If I lived in London I'd be attending at least every other month.
London / Bi Gangbang Babes
« by Video586 on November 20, 2016, 06:58:44 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1790198 or https://www.adultwork.com/Bi+Gangbang+Babes

https://www.adultwork.com/3322071 or https://www.adultwork.com/Monica+Bollocksy+69

This is my first review posted on UK punting, but I have periodically posted field reports on both adultwork and auto-censored over the years, using the same username. I know some of you are suspicious of new posters, so you can check out my posting credentials if you like.

Anyway, here goes with the review, which will go also go on awork when the service provider gets around to verifying the booking as complete. Enjoy!

Setting The Scene

Party of Saturday November 19 at 12:00

It is worth going well out of your way to experience the force of nature that is Monica. I urge you all to seek out her recent 'Fake Taxi' scene to get a good indication of the high octane fucking experience you will enjoy with her. She is quite incredible...and utterly delightful too.

As luck would have it I arrived at the south bank hotel venue at exactly the same moment as Monica and her husband, Malcolm. Recognising them instantly I had a moment to decide whether to walk blankly by, or say hello. I chose the latter. They weren't expecting this and I think it  momentarily put them out of their stride. Explaining that I was there for the "midday appointment", Malcolm explained that for early arrivals (35 minutes in my case) that there was an RV point (in the hotel coffee shop) with the party organiser, Richard and we would be taken up to the room once Monica and Violet were ready. With that, we shook hands and parted, with a warm smile from the very attractive, tall and elegant Monica. How exciting to think that in a little over half an hour I would be invited to fuck this beautiful woman in all manner of ways.

I went into the coffee shop and ordered a pot of tea, choosing a seat with a view of the door to see if I could spot other potential party guests arriving. With about 15 minutes to go my phone rang and I was advised to find Richard and wait with him. He was sat a few tables away and I went over to introduce myself. He was an instantly engaging chap and we whiled away the remaining minutes in easy conversation, his phone ringing occasionally as other guests got in touch. By midday there were three of us sitting with him and we made our way up in the elevator together to the party room.

These final moments before the door opens are always so exciting, as the sense of anticipation builds. This one didn't disappoint, as Richard opened the door to reveal Monica kneeling on the bed, in black lingerie and high heels, with Malcolm's cock in her mouth.

Down to Action

We got undressed and with Monica's taut arse invitingly unattended, I dove straight in to give her a good rimming. She turned around and smiled with gratitude, so I carried on whilst she continued blowing her husband's cock. When Malcolm gave way I took my place on the bed to enjoy Monica's awesome oral and DFK skills. A couple of times she went full deep throat on me, with her nose banging into my pelvic bone. Oh..my..god!! This felt so amazing. Simultaneously, Malcolm was banging away behind her in a true porn film spit roast scene. There would be many more to come.

At this stage I should mention that young Violet was being kept fully occupied by another guest, but  I was so attracted to Monica that I had decided she would be where I would focus my attention for the two hours. No disrespect intended to Violet, but Monica was the reason I was there.

It was a slightly strange start to the party, as two of the guests spent the first thirty minutes just watching. In fact, I think one of them didn't participate at all for the whole two hours. Each to their own, as it allowed me to enjoy a lot of time with Monica without feeling I was hogging her.

The promise of DP was another reason I went to this party, but we were well into the second hour and it hadn't yet happened. Sensing I needed to initiate it I asked Monica if she would like a second cock down below. "Of course I would", she replied. The guy fucking her shifted position to get underneath and I entered her tight arse in doggy position. This was my first DP experience and here's what I noticed most of all. Whilst it felt great to be enjoying balls deep anal with a beautiful woman, it is only the spectators of DP who get a good view of what is going on. We had to swap position, as the other guy kept coming out, so I went underneath and we went at it for a good few minutes. I definitely got a kick out of the thrill of it, but I'll take the opportunity next time to watch others too.

Two very unexpected and delightful things happened to me during the party. The first was whilst sucking on Monica's coat hook nipples, she squirted a little breast milk into my mouth. I was totally lost in the moment, so went with it completely. "I like to feed my babies", she said in her sexy Portuguese accent. Such a horny bitch. The second was whilst going down on her pussy as another guest was wanking her clit, she gushed straight into my face and mouth. It tasted quite bitter, so I'd say it was probably piss, but hey ho, not a problem in the circumstances!

Monica was at full throttle for the entire party and she definitely really enjoys sex like no other person I've met before. She isn't your cool, detached performer. She is a wild, lustful animal, demanding cock at all times and in all holes, preferably all at the same time. I finished the party fucking her arse in missionary with her legs wide apart. I was 'edging' for a good twenty minutes, not wanting to come too early, so kept up a slow, steady anal reaming until I was ready to shoot my load. Ripping off the condom, Monica opened her willing mouth and took a full load in her mouth and striped across her face from her chin to her forehead. She swallowed happily.

Wow! What a great party and in Monica I have found fucking perfection. She is incredible.
I waited around after the party to thank her personally for a wonderful time. We kissed and embraced warmly, with genuine smiles and I hope she enjoyed my attention as much as I enjoyed hers. I'm looking forward to the next opportunity already.

Just one gripe was with the venue. It was a pretty small hotel room and with seven of us in there it was cramped and quite airless by the end. Eventually, there would be five party guests (one turned up 90 minutes late!!). Sometimes they get ten, which must get suffocatingly busy. We spoke after the party about them investigating the possibility of using apartment hotels. More expensive, but much more discreet, avoiding clandestine sneaking through hotel receptions. At £100 for two-hours the parties are good value and I think most punters would tolerate an extra £20 or so for a more spacious party room.

If you enjoy full on, German/Czech style gangbanging, then these are the parties for you. It was very rude indeed and I enjoyed myself immensely.

London / Bi Gangbang Babes
« by Mightier Than on November 12, 2016, 03:50:40 PM »
I'm a lover of parties, and loved this one, with Monica and Isabelle. 

https://www.adultwork.com/1790198 or https://www.adultwork.com/Bi+Gangbang+Babes

Monica is a slim brunette. Profile on profile are accurate and says 42 which looks accurate.
https://www.adultwork.com/3322071 or https://www.adultwork.com/Monica+Bollocksy+69

Isabelle is a rounded blonde - larger than I would choose on a 121.  Profile says size 14 and age 35 - again appears accurate.  No face photos but attractive.
https://www.adultwork.com/3818966 or https://www.adultwork.com/Isabelle%5FRose

Party was 6 guys in a hotel room  £100 for 2 hours.

Had a quick shower and greeted the girls.  A kiss from Monica, and FK from Isabelle.  The straight on to the action. FK from Monica, and straight into OWO and a decent amount of DT, while she was being doggy-fucked and giving another guy a hand-job.  This felt great so I let fly in her mouth and on her face.

A few minutes rest and on to Isabelle to lick her pussy with lots of fingering while she was sucking 2 gents.  Then we swapped round, her sucking me while being fucked.  At my request she broke off sucking to kiss - and what great DFK.  The guy who was fucking her asked if he could cum on her face - "yes please" is a great answer to hear, and I got a close-up view of this great sight.  Then on with the mac, her on top, bending down for plenty more DFK.  Then into missionary.  More DFK till a gent was ready for a BJ.  He finished just in time for me to bend down for more DFK as I came.  All the while Monica was fully busy with 3 holes and 2 hands being occupied.

After a brief rest, back into action.  Monica was available for a BJ, then back to Isabelle; back to Monica again for Doggy while her mouth was fully occupied.  Back to Isabelle again.  Her on top, bending down for more DFK whjile another guy slipped in to here arse for some DP.  This felt great.  Back to Monica again.  Full-time was approaching, so everyone was getting their final BJ and cumming over their faces and in their mouths.  I shot my final load (more like dribbled this time!) over Isabelle's face.

This was their second party of the day, but no signs of any weariness, and just a short loo break in that time.  At this party the girls didn't play with each other.  Their profiles say they are both Bi and it would ahve been good to see some interaction, but they were fully occupied all the time with us guys.

Definitely will go again when I get the chance
London / Bi Gangbang Babes _ Southwark
« by Persie on November 03, 2016, 03:39:05 PM »
Went to one of these parties in Southwark with Monica and V.

All comms smooth and venue details provided on the phone.

Party had about 10 guys. Whilst that sounds a lot, just remember that there are 3 holes on each girl and some of those holes can house 2 or 3 cocks  :D But in any case, there are people resting and some people come late and leave early.

Now on to the action, I basically sucked and fucked for 90 mins non-stop. I DP'd both girls and also indulged in some double and triple barrel blow jobs.

Monica was particularly on fine form. Superb blow-job skills and could take an ass pounding with gusto!

All the lads were good humoured and I found the experience very very enjoyable!

London / Bi Gangbang Babes Party-South London
« by davidgood on October 15, 2016, 12:07:41 PM »
Although I did a review of one of these parties a couple of weeks ago, I am doing another as this one was at a different venue and included some new talent which I decided to road test.

I managed to get along to the 12 to 2pm party last Thursday which was being held in an hotel in South London. There is key card access only to the lifts here so I had to arrive early in the area to meet one of the hosts who took me and a couple of other guys up to the room at midday where the 2 girls were ready and waiting for action.

The line-up was Monica, who can be found on AW and on various porn sites so no need to describe further, plus Isabelle a buxom, busty blond. I found out later this was her first ever party.

Monica was wearing a latex basque with suspenders to hold her sheer seamed stockings nice and tight.

Isabelle had a black basque type thing again with suspenders and stockings.

The party started with only 3 of us and another 3 came in later, but left after 1pm.

Things started with some girl on girl action.

After a quick freshen up I introduced myself to Isabelle and as it was the start of the party gave her some sucking, licking and rimming to make sure she was ready to play. After she sucked me stiff I asked if she liked anal, she replied that she loved it and bent over the bed and guided me into her bum so I could give her a good pounding which produced the desired result. As I was taking off the condom I mentioned I was a bit of an old dribbler and asked if she could suck me dry. She obliged instantly and thanked me for the donation.

After a brief rest I had some fun with Monica. A good blow job, some vigorous squatting cow girl and then anal doggy. Despite her encouragement I just could not squeeze out another one at that time so withdrew and sat back and watched the action.

When Isabelle was free I went back for some more sucking and finished off successfully with some anal mish, with her stockinged legs up around my ears.

After a rest I went back to Monica for a good sucking and then finished off with some very deep anal mish. With Monica thrusting up to meet me and her words of encouragement she managed to squeeze the last drop out of me.

By now there was only 3 of us left so I asked if either wanted to try DPing Monica with me. The older guy stepped in and although we started the process we just could not get it together. Probably because we had both been well drained by all the action we already had.

I think all that were there enjoyed the party, I certainly did.

I know some of you out there think my reviews should contain a SWOT analysis and provide more qualitive and comparative commentary so you can analyse it and criticise it. But I do not intend to provide that, a) because I do not have the time and inclination to do it and b) I do not think serious party goers want that as they are more interested in who was there and what was the action like.

I covered some negative aspects of these parties in my ‘words of warning’ at the end of my last review, so no need to repeat.
All I would add is that these parties are for seasoned party goers who ideally have gang bang experience.

If you are interested in parties which have more to offer than the usual vanilla ones in London then this is the link;-


London / Gangbang babes party, Southwark.
« by Clooney on October 06, 2016, 07:40:34 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1790198 or https://www.adultwork.com/Bi+Gangbang+Babes

Attended the 12pm party on the 6th. I'm marking as a neutral because maybe it wasn't just my thing, but I guess if your into that, it's cool. I think the room just got a little crowded, but I understand the need to keep overheads low. This is my subjective opinion and not an out and out criticism.

Partying were Violet and Monika. Again, maybe not quite my type. I fucked Violet twice and came in her mouth, so for that alone the £100 was probably value for money. However, what DID turn the party was when a punter attended with his absolutely gorgeous little blonde Irish partner who was awesome!

When they entered the room everyone else was naked and she looked around tentatively. Violet asked if she'd like to join in and she answered "if you don't mind" she then stripped down to her red undies, showing a nice tan, sexy tan lines and a shaven pussy with gorgeous elegant little butterfly lips.

She joined in with gusto with the full approval of her partner - a very understanding and cool bloke who seemed to just love seeing her enjoying and being enjoyed by others. Very soon I was between her legs, eating out her pussy and fingering her to orgasm a couple of times. She soon forgot all about any inhibitions. She came repeatedly and was fucked by a couple of guys until I managed to fuck her too.

Frankly she stole the show for the time the couple were there. I left very shortly after them and had a brief conversation with both of them. As a non WG, she was very game and super sexy. I checked throughout that she was ok with what I was doing and also sought her partner's subtle approval. Politeness and consideration is everything in such situations.

So, I loved playing with her and I certainly got my money's worth, but maybe this setting isn't quite for me.
London / Bi Gangbang Babes Party , Central London
« by davidgood on September 29, 2016, 11:31:13 AM »
These parties, which I did a review on in 2014, have started up again, operating out of hotel rooms in Central London.

I went to the afternoon party last Tuesday. Cost was £100 for a 2 hour party.

The line-up was Violet and Monica, both of which have AW profiles linked to the Bi Babes profile.

After a quick shower I joined Monica on the bed to be stiffened up with some oral action. Once hard I was keen to get into her bum but when I was behind her I lost my bottle and was frightened I was not hard enough so slipped into her pussy and shot a little load.

After a short break I then slipped in front of Violet for some oral and once hard I covered up, lubed up and slipped into her bum doggy style and gave her a good pounding but could just not manage to come so gave up.

After another break I went back to Monica for more oral while she was getting her bum pounded by another guy. He suggested swapping ends so I quickly covered up and slipped easily into Monica’s pert little bum. I was kneeling on the bed but after a few minutes I got  Monica to move back to the edge of the bed so I could stand on the floor and increase the vigour of my thrusts and manage another spurt.

After another break and some cups of wine and a bit of chat with some of the guys I went back to Violet and once she had me rock hard I covered up an got her to lie back at the edge of the bed so I could indulge in some pile driving anal mish which produced another little dribble.

By this time, just before 5, a number of the guys had left. As I was having another cup  of wine I realised Monica was being DP’ed  and Violet was getting ready for it.

Having not had the opportunity to partake of DP for some time I joined the group on the bed and as soon as one of the guys had finished with Monica’s bum I slipped in and started thrusting. However I felt I was not as hard as I should be so swapped positions with the other guy and put my hands round Monica’s bum to spread her cheeks so he could slip in. He gave her a good pounding and when he finished we had a chat and found it was his first experience of DP.

Although Monica tried to suck a bit more out of me, I knew I could not manage to squeeze anything more out and 5.30 was approaching so I dressed, finished off my wine and went off happy to have got to one of these parties where no holes are barred.

As usual some words of warning.

Firstly at the moment there are only these 2 girls attending  the parties.

Being no holes barred and held in Central London then they do get busy, this was 10 guys at it’s max in a modest hotel room and the action is fast and furious so not for you hoggers looking for a lovey dovey session in a luxury flat.

If you are interested, then this is the link to the profile;-


London / Bi gangbang babes - central london
« by claretandblue on September 27, 2016, 06:23:38 PM »

I recently fancied trying out the experience of going to a gangbang and with options a bit limited I decided to try out bi gangbabes which is whisky v and monika bollosky who are both on awank and have done a bit of British bukkake porn.

The event was a couple of weeks ago at a central London hotel.A fella handles all the calls and it was easy to book,you pay him the fee which was £100 and he gives you a towel and a bag for your belongings.

It didn't really bother me but I will point out that he stays in the room clothed in the corner while its all going off around him! :wacko:

Once I had showered I returned to the room to see M and V surrounded by five cocks. While this was my first gangbang, I have been to lmp and fkk clubs in Germany so I just got stuck in straight away.

I would add that if I had gone as a novice punter this experience would have been too much for me, something to consider if you are interested in going to one.

In terms of what happened it's all a bit of a blur but I received multiple rounds of owo from both girls with both girls at times giving DT and gagging .

Both girls do anal, I fucked M doggy anal a couple of times and did V anally both in mish and doggy.

At its peak there were probably 8 guys there,2 or 3 didn't really get involved that much so really,without hogging, there was almost always a hole or hand available!

In terms of appearance V is a reasonably attractive facially twenty something blonde,her body isn't great and she is probably a 12 or 14.

M is older but I found her more attractive ,she has a good figure bar her very small saggy tits. Considering some of the horrors that are considered attractive on here they are both passable.

Overall I can't really fault the service as both girls take it up the arse like troopers,I enjoyed the experience and while I am unlikely to return I would consider doing another gangbang in the future with other girls.

I came a couple of times both into the condom, there was no talk of a bukkake though perhaps that was towards the end. I stayed for about 80 minutes by which point I had seen enough,a couple of others had left before me but there were still a few fellas there still going as a couple arrived late with one guy giving M some enthusiastic ro!  :wacko:

In summary ,clearly gangbangs are not for everyone but if you do fancy trying one this was pretty well organised with services delivered as advertised.

London / Gangbang Babes
« by Meursault on June 29, 2014, 08:40:20 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1790198 https://www.adultwork.com/Bi+Gangbang+Babes

Thought I'd try these girls out yesterday, as I hadn't done a party for a while. Overall I'm glad I did. I only stayed for an hour at £70

Both girls, Angelique and Claire were attractive, fit, friendly and enthusiastic.
Angelique looks as if she might be of Algerian heritage and has a smooth athletic body with nice curves. She is very outgoing.
Claire is dark skinned mixed race English girl. She is a big girl, but with NO fat. Tall, powerful and wide hipped. Facially attractive. You would look at her in the street.
Angelique gives an amazing deep throat and is very flexible in positions. Claire is very enthusiastic in cowgirl and this really shows her fitness levels.

Claire has a lot of tattoos and only offers covered oral.
Angelique is VERY chatty and 'dancy', which some might feel is a bit irritating

The venue!
One small double room in an Ibis hotel.
There were 8 guys, which I feel is about right as a ratio, but only two seats. It was impossible to chill out properly between rounds.
Also, the room meant that the girls fully clothed minder was hanging around. He was a decent 'geezer' but 11 people in such a small room was slightly ridiculous and this is why I aborted my plan to stay for a couple of hours and stuck to 1.

I would go again, in a better venue, as the girls were great. I know at this price you can't expect the earth, but surely, especially if they charge attendees another £20, they could afford a suite for the day? The 'geezer' assured me that their Novatel venue is more spacious and they are looking for an apartment.

London / Bi Gangbang Babes Party
« by davidgood on June 16, 2014, 06:44:48 PM »
First here is the link;-

https://www.adultwork.com/1790198 or https://www.adultwork.com/Bi+Gangbang+Babes

I have been to a couple of parties with just Angelique playing but this was my first with a line up of Bi Babes.

It was held last Thursday evening in a clean modern flat in Docklands.

I started off the evening by getting to know the lovely leggy Cassie. After a good  sucking I finished off with some deep mish.

Then the rest of the evening was drinks. Chats with the other guys, some of whom are regulars I meet at parties and lurkers on UKP.  Watching the girls in action, particularly Cassie and Angelique playing together. Enjoying more sucking, giving licking, and fucking in different positions.

The lovely  Claire got me off doggy at the edge of the bed.

I finished off the evening in Angelique’s lovely little mouth and left happy and drained.

Please note these are group sex gangbangs in one room, not cosy one to ones.


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