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Scotland / Lovingsexyjess-Glasgow
« by Clattypats on June 26, 2016, 07:12:16 AM »
This punt was an unintentional plan b(plan A+ now)
Ended up heading into the city centre a couple of months ago to meet a British WG after texting bk n fwd(can't remember her name).on the way into town early morning,l looked at her profile pics more thoroughly and started having serious doubts that this girl might in fact b a chick with a dick..
Txt her bk made my excuses..she wasn't best pleased at me cancelling but hayho.
Scoured AW and seen jess was working the Saturday morning:
COMMS - gave jess a txt and within 5 mins she got bk to me and we sorted out a time and place.
ACCOMMODATION' -city centre hotel that she had just arrived at b4 our meet early morning.
THE MEET- after seeing some positive reviews on here I wasn't disappointed when she answered the door..nice welcome kiss ,paperwork out the way and into the bed and stripped off..jess did say she has very sensitive nipples which she took great pleasure in getting licked and sucked.Next onto 69 which was immense and  had her so wet..Onto missionary,then her legs on my shoulders as I thrust into her..Now this lassie can cum and a half(it's  defo genuine)Doggy to finish off then she sucked my cock till I came in her mouth then she swallowed the lot.
All in all smashing lassie and prob my best punt to this day..Roll on 3weeks time :yahoo:
Scotland / lovingsexyjess - Glasgow
« by wannabe on May 21, 2016, 04:27:42 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3251679 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lovingsexyjess

I saw Jess a few weeks ago in a Glasgow hotel. Her incall and outcall rates are the same which is unusual. I think she usually works from hotels.

Comms I contacted her via AW email and all arrangements were made that way. I texted her on the day to get final location, but we never actually spoke. I was expecting her to want to speak for security reasons, but she didn't bother.

Personality: I found her friendly and nice to be with. Smiley and laughs easily. Intelligent conversation which I like, I can't stand the uninterested or monosyllable types.

Looks: Just my type, curvy but not fat. A nice covering of flesh and good tits - I don't really like stick thin girls. Her stats on AW seem accurate to me - size 12, age 31 - she could pass for slightly younger. Attractive face, but she wears quite a lot of make up, which is not really my thing. She's not super glamorous, just an attractive girl next door type.

Services: All the services that I wanted from her AW list were readily available - lots of dfk, owo, oral on her, rimming on me (I made sure I had showered just beforehand), covered sex and finally cim. She really seems to enjoy sex and as far as I could tell she came several times. She makes quite a lot of noise during sex, and at times I was worried about the neighbouring rooms over hearing! She has a nice habit of bursting out laughing just after she has come, which really makes it seem that she's enjoying your company (I know, I know, that sounds terribly fluffy).

She wasn't clock watching and we lay together and had a chat for a few minutes after I'd come.

Other reviews on here have said it - she gives a good service at a good price, I think, and is a sexy woman. I'd visit her again next time I'm in the area.

Scotland / Lovingsexyjess - Glasgow
« by tazman1002001 on April 04, 2016, 10:14:41 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3251679 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lovingsexyjess

This is my review of a recent solo first booking with Jess from the 25/3.

Great comms with Jess over a week or two before the meet and we really clicked, she was great at keeping me updated on dates and times. As she has an actual full time job and only does this part time her few days she works get booked up really quickly, a great sign that this girl was going to deliver a great service.

Met in a city centre hotel, easy access past reception to the lifts with no one asking questions or looking..... I love these types of hotels, plenty of metered parking in the area so no issues there. The rooms are really nice and a good size and the room has a massive comfy bed, also a nice big shower/bath that could accomdate two people easily  :kissgirl:

There aren't any clear face pics for obvious reasons as she works full time but there is nothing to worry about as this girl is really good looking, a born and bred scottish girl who has a cracking smile and eyes that just draw you in and she is so sweet and kinda sexy posh scottish accent. Clicked straight away and we started kissing like we knew each other.... She was dressed in a sexy black underwear set with tights and suspenders and see high heels. Jess's pics are accurate she has a great curvy body and it suits her well, she is small in height at just over 5ft....but it's true what they say "all great things come in small packages" ....... She has great pear drop tits and nice big responsive nipples and she loves them being sucked.

After a shower met her on the bed and started with some great kissing.....there is no holding back here this girl really gets into kissing and its such a turn on, I'm really into kissing and this girl does it well, probably one of the best at it, a really nice fresh tasting mouth. Jess does a really nice touch and was gently rubbing and kissed up and down my body in a real sensual way, by this time I was rock hard. As Jess is a small girl it's a great boost when my cock looked like a thick long tree stump....she has to both hands around it was struggling to control it lol.

Started with some nice slow OWO and to start with was good, nice licking of the shaft with nice attention paid to the balls as well. As she starting to loosen her mouth around the girth of my cock she really started to get into her own...... I'm not kidding when I say my cock was hitting the back of her head and I mean that literally....I coudl feel my cock hitting her tonsils.....OMG ......what a blow job.

Jess knew exactly what stage I was at and slowed down sensing that I didn't want to come yet, I love that about this girl it's all about the guys pleasure and no ego on her part. I wanted to slow myself down and kissed down her body and thought Id return the favour and got down, I slid her already wet panties to one side and start gently licking her sweet tasting pussy, she has a gorgeous sweet tasting pussy that also looks gorgeous.....another another benefit of a civvy who does this part time as her pussy is fresh looking. Wet my fingers in her mouth and gently slid two fingers in, even when my fingers were a tight squeeze that how tight this girl really is wow. I was flicking her gspot furiously and with rhythm whilst slowly using my two fingers on her ..... Now when I say she was re-acting well to this is an understatement she had a mouth full of her pillow to stop her screaming and my fingers were soaking wet as she must have CIM at least 2/3 times ....he pussy was clamping an easing off my fingers ...what a tremendous feeling my fingers were soaked and she asked to suck her cum off my fingers .....what a great touch..... I could feel her come all over my toungue ........ive never seen a girl cum this much....a real treat for me and definatley for her lol

By this point I just wanted to fuck her wet pussy quickly ......got into 69 so she could get nice and hard again and it only took a minute. Expertly she put on the hood and I got her on top cowgirl style ......like I said she was tight so really had to gently push myself into her, what a great sight with her squatting on my cock and I gently used my hands under her bum to guide myself slowly into her soaking wet pussy...again what a great feeling of her tight pussy clamping round my cock. Once into rythm she was riding me hard and my balls were slapping her pussy.......... She did some really nice touches and kept leaning is for long furious kissing whilst I was fucking her. Slowed it down and asked her to go into reverse cowgirl a much better view of my cock stretching her pussy I'm not kidding when I say the condom was soaked with her cum. I had decided in my head that  was going to cum in the bag as her pussy was so tight........I let her know when i was going to cum and she tremendously rode my cock and sneezed her pussy round my cock as I came hard in the bag......what an orgasm I had my body was shivering with delight......... Tremendous.

We both fell onto the bed knackered ....she got up and cleaned me up and when I was nice and clean ........my cock was still hard as she gave me a few more seconds of OWO .....great touch and it cooled my hot cock down lol.

We both had a nice chat as we kissed some more and she was gently rubbing my body with her hand and her feet over my legs...... I had to have a look at her dainty size 4 toes and had a nice suck through her sheer tights......promised to give he toes some more time and she loves to have her toes sucked ..... :yahoo: . Showered and dressed as we chatted.........with no rush and was over my time by about 5/10 mins not a clock watcher at all.

To sum it up this gorgoeus scottish civvy girl is someone who just loves sex and is in this to make some extra money and to give guys maximum pleasure.

Booked to see her solo again this week (availablity on her profile) and really can't wait,

Overall POSITIVE And highly recommended ......you will not be dissapointed  :thumbsup:
Scotland / Loving Sexy Jess- Glasgow
« by Hardpipe on March 25, 2016, 06:54:25 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3251679 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lovingsexyjess

Spent an hour with Jess today lovely girl very natural and relaxed feeling punt, nothing mechanical feeling which was nice for a change. To the point of spent to long chatting after the deeds and both had to go as lost track of time.
Pictures and descriptions are genuine no services refused but was pretty a pretty relaxed session.
Plenty dfk, owo, reverse oral and fingering :wacko: and couple of positions.

City centre hotel with fluffy towels.
Scotland / LovingsexyJess - Glasgow
« by Dakota on March 15, 2016, 10:13:06 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3251679 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lovingsexyjess

One hour meet £150 Glasgow - Met Jess in a hotel just outside city centre which works for me as parking is much easier.  Hotel access was untroubled and room and facilities were modern and very clean and comfortable.

Communications were great and friendly beforehand with an initial couple of emails followed by an exchange of texts.  Refreshments and shower were offered on arrival, but as I had just come from the shower I politely refused her kind offer.

Jess is probably just over 5ft tall without her shoes, and pushing towards a size 12. While she doesn't show her face much on her AW profile I was pleasantly surprised on how good looking her face is and she has a fantastic smile and is very friendly and welcoming.   I am not a fan of skinny ladies, so have no problem with a little natural curve, particular when my attention was taken by a lovely pair of C-cup breasts with nipples at attention.

Admin done and down to business with some real passionate kissing and undressing of each other.   Then it was time to explore in greater detail.   Suffice to say she is very responsive when given the proper attention and with lots of noise and trembling legs and a very wet pussy, she came a couple of times very quickly.

Then to reciprocate she provided a real sensual GFE type meeting with lots of kissing, caressing and some of the best oral that I have ever had.  It wasn't deep throat in strictest terms but it was semi-deep and very effective and while enjoying it greatly, lost my composure for a few seconds and gave her a mouthful which she just lapped up.

We then relaxed and chatted for a few minutes allowing my batteries and tanks to recharge for round 2.

Jess is only available on a part time basis as she has another full time career to pursue... but I quite like that.  I cant comment on her full range of capabilities, can I can confirm that Jess does provide a real GFE type meeting if that's what you like.

And sorry Taz I didn't inspect her toes, as I could really drag myself beyond her pussy 
Scotland / Jess. Glasgow.
« by mavgoose on February 21, 2016, 04:54:27 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3251679 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lovingsexyjess

Seen this girl a few days ago.
Emailed on aw , followed by texts and calls.
Does have a real job so restricted hours.

Looks wise, pretty enough. Petite and curvy.
These days, I'm after a full on Gfe and Jess delivers this 100%.
Full on kissing , OWO and protected sex.
She certainly seems to enjoy herself. Came a couple of times and is very confident in her sexuality.

A good solid 8/10 and I'm sure I'll return for seconds.
Apologies for short review. Battery at 2% 

As always , questions welcomed.

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