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Scotland / Penny 101 - W. Lothian / Edinburgh
« by Name Not Found on December 30, 2016, 08:00:52 PM »
I was sure I had reviewed Penny earlier but, looking back, it seems not; so better get that sorted  :sarcastic:

https://www.adultwork.com/3278645 or https://www.adultwork.com/penny101

Met Penny twice; once in the summer and once in late Autumn. In between times she moved slightly further away from Edinburgh to just West of Broxburn, to a nice secluded terraced house. On both occasions, she had made an effort to make the place look nice, although it was still clearly her home which made for a nice GFE experience.

Penny is a very attractive MILF. Nice short dark bobbed hair, great curvy body and fantastic 'self supporting' tits. Pretty damn good for a girl of her age. She's also friendly and intelligent so can carry on a decent conversation (when her mouth's not full). She's also very attractive facially and always seems to be smiling and enjoying herself. She is chatty but doesn't waste any time in getting on with things and had my dick in her mouth seconds after I was in the room. I hadn't asked her to dress in any particular way but she had made the effort to put on some sexy undies. They were nice, but I prefer nakedness so took great pleasure in removing them. I'm pretty much a vanilla punter so there's not much point in going into a great deal of detail, but she gave me some very good OWO, with some ball licking when I asked (politely  :)), I gave her some OWO with fingering which seemed to go down well, then we had some very pleasant, closely coupled, missionary sex with lots of kissing and bum squeezing. A real GFE.

If you like a shapely (by which I mean 'shapely', definitely not plump or overweight) MILF, you'll go a long way to fins a sexier one than Penny. If i could still manage 2 pops I'd book her for an hour, but those days are gone so I'll stick to the £80 half hour. There's not many girls around Edinburgh I'd rather give my hard-earned cash to.
Scotland / Penny 101
« by Jimmy Smiths Toe on May 10, 2016, 05:13:39 PM »
I'm obviously brand new here so my review may reflect that.

Went to see Penny in Broxburn. She is as described on here, good looking with an excellent sexy body. Tasty pussy, nice tits and good kisser. I had no issues with location (I always have a walk and drive around first to get a feel of the area) comms were spot on. She was eager to please and I got the impression she enjoyed it too. I did think about asking her to marry me so I could rescue her but decided against it.

I would certainly return.
Scotland / Penny101-Edinburgh
« by rpg on February 14, 2016, 10:25:53 PM »
Thought twice about doing a review here as the meeting didn't happen. I was going to rate it a neutral until I received a text 5 minutes ago from the escort herself calling me a prick for giving her a neutral review on AW.
Booked a few days in advance and the comms seemed good. Day before the meet she emailed me asking me to remind her what the role play scenario was as she'd deleted my original email. Well we all know you can see if an AW email has been deleted and this one hadn't. Anyway I sent another and weirdly that one was deleted soon after I sent it. On the day I turned up 30 minutes early as I didn't know the area and misjudged my timing completely. Texted her to see if she could take me early and received a text back to say she had family business and couldn't see me. I felt she could have made an effort to let me know and said as much on AW. There are a couple of other similar instances in her feedback.
Scotland / Penny 101 Broxburn
« by Bluefin on February 01, 2016, 01:00:30 PM »

30 mins £75

Saw the lovely Penny recently, had her on my HL for a while but given that she's mostly available evenings and weekends it was quite difficult for me to get a chance. After reading Dickdivers review I made the opportunity!
Its quite appealing that she only does this part time and has a full time job.

Works out of a small flat just to the west of Broxburm, no problems parking here! Good comms, answers emails quickly and texted me her address.

I was greeted at the door by Penny looking great wearing black lacy hold ups, skimpy black pants, a basque thing and high heels.

Paperwork sorted then quick shower and met her in the bedroom where it was a quick chat, followed by some great kissing standing up while feeling her juicy ass which she correctly mentions on her profile as being her best asset. On to the bed and proceeded to finger her, she was very responsive and tighter than some girls half her age, no bottles of lube required here all natural!
Nice OWO to follow delivered with enthusiasm, she did mention that CIM was extra though so never went for that.

Again for me the condom managed to kill the boner that the OWO had given me  :dash: but I did manage fuck her from behind for a while which was great, before the condom rolling off put an end to that, damned things! Going to try a cock ring on top next time as well as different condoms!

So got her on her back with me between her open legs and came all over her belly!
Lay there for a while chatting and she is very easy to talk to and not a clock watcher.

On the way home all I could smell was fanny juice from my fingers which is great but I can't go home like that :scare: so I had to stop the car and wash my hands in a puddle, note to self: ALWAYS wash your hands after a punt!

I know a few on here prefer the nubile young thing but Penny is in great shape for a woman in her 40's and as she says her body could easily pass for someone much younger.

A good punt with a good attitude and yes I would see her again.
Scotland / penny101, "Edinburgh"
« by DickDiver on January 27, 2016, 10:40:47 PM »
A review from a punt of a couple of weeks ago.....

https://www.adultwork.com/3278645 or https://www.adultwork.com/penny101

I have to confess I have a thing for a hot MILF. I had a forty something civvie on the side for a while and the sex was fucking red hot. Beats most twenty somethings every time. So when I saw Penny's profile and pictures I decided to TOFTT.

Penny claims to be 41 but looks younger and I think she is both, shockingly, 41 and does actually look younger. The photos on her profile are recent and representative.

She is pricey but cock was in the driving seat so I went for an hour at £140. Comms were good - beware she has a day job and most meets are evenings and weekends.

I always think that Broxburn sounds like an STD so I am reluctant to get my cock out there but she's based near there so cock out in Broxburn it was. Not the prettiest of areas but it felt perfectly safe, even at night.

First impressions were very good looking and tight body in a dress. Thick, dark, bobbed (?) hair that is perfect for getting a hold of during a blowie. Pretty face and nice eyes.

She just started before xmas and there is quite a nice nervousness about her. Cash paid, frock off and into full on DFK with nothing held back.

Good naked roll on the bed with constant DFK until she takes a hold and offers a nicely wet fanny for the fingering. Very responsive.

Fucking good oral, RO and an enthusiastic and participative fuck.

Good chat afterwards and wasn't conscious of clock watching.

Good looking lady
Great body, nice tits for a twentysomething never mind a MILF.
Still has a hint of the civvy about her
Excellent sloppy OWO.

Top end of the price bracket
Fucking Broxburn.

I thought on the walk to the car it was the best Edinburgh punt in 18months. A couple of weeks reflection later and I am still thinking it was a braw punt, I would definitely recommend.

Would I return? I don't tend to do second visits but could definitely be tempted by a price drop to £60/£120.

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