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blonde sexy cindy

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East England / Blond sexy cindy Chelmsford
« by Sunbeam on February 03, 2017, 11:09:09 PM »
Went a bit mad this week and had 3 punts.

The first was:  https://www.adultwork.com/3211929

Location was discreet apartment by the university.

Comms were good. Arranged to meet Cindy for 1hr at £120

Arrived and was blown away, she was stunning. Sadly it all started to go wrong from here.

Offered the money but said told me I could only do half hour. Ok, i agreed as cum twice was ok'd.

Down to business, lovely owo, and knowing I only had 30 min I popped early to be ready for round two.

Had a bit of a chat and asked for more oral. "No darling, cum once only!"

Argued the point for a minute then gave up.

Left feeling a bit cheated, so just a neutral from me.
South East / Blonde sexy Cindy Maidenhead
« by monkey nuts on October 24, 2016, 06:00:20 PM »
Had booked to see LIssa 25 who was running late:https://www.adultwork.com/2705219 or https://www.adultwork.com/+Lissa+25

On arrival offered the stuning https://www.adultwork.com/3211929 or https://www.adultwork.com/blonde+sexy+cindy

I waited for Lissa to check her out first but honestly her pictures are very photoshopped, no way is she 25. Easily late thirties and a chunky midriff and not great teeth. Sure her service was Ok but I was set on banging her pretty mate so backtracked pronto.

Really great body, very pretty face (would loved to splash her with spunk) but sadly out of bounds. Nice BJ, light fingering (very tight) and fucked her with her on her front. With the inevitable approaching unloaded in her very pretty mouth. Probably not the best service7/10, but banging such a beauty made up for it!
South East / blonde sexy cindy - Maidenhead
« by pisceanuk on September 08, 2016, 11:51:05 PM »
I was bit hesitant to see her due to some recent negative reviews. Her pictures seem very pretty on AW - https://www.adultwork.com/3211929 or https://www.adultwork.com/blonde+sexy+cindy

I have already seen her friend or flat mate sensual laraa and she was the best W / G I have seen for a while - very nice and warm girl. I think they both pick up each others calls i.e. Laraa takes Cindy's calls and Cindy takes Laraa's calls.

I was bit worried about seeing this piece of work Cindy since some reviews mentioned about her attitude and therefore, when I called, I informed over phone that its a special day for me and want her to be extra nice.

Let me warn, this girl Cindy is not everyone's cup of tea.

The booking was handled well and did not have to wait much. She opened the door and I saw a pale ordinary looking girl. I did not find her charming or sexy like those AW pics. She is the same girl but was without any make up may be because she is a pretty lazy prossie.

I had second thoughts when I saw her and was thinking whether to proceed or leave. She looks older than 21 and I would say she is in mid to late 20s. Girl next door looks. Don't think she is very attractive either as I have seen better looking W / Gs.

She confirmed kissing and OWO are included. Finished with the paper work. There was a fan in the room which kept the room nicely cool.

I got rid of clothes and was trying to kiss and remove her black petticoat and here was the first rude response - she said lie down on the bed. I looked at her wide eyed and she stared at me and something came up to me and I just went ahead and spanked her bum and gave a laugh and she initially seemed angry then had a big smile across her face  :D.

I started with good lip kissing and cuddling. She wears braces on her teeth. After good kissing and playing with her nice natural boobs, I asked her to go for OWO which was nice. My little fella was ready and then I asked her to go cow girl and she genuinely felt tight and nice. I then went missh and then went for doggy. She seemed bit lazy and was hesitant and was making faces when I was turning her around, so I spanked her bum again and laughed and she giggled. I think she likes good spanking and loves it.

My time was coming up and I usually take a lot of time to cum so I asked her to go for OWO which she did and it was good and I fingered her pussy, and then I was done.

When I removed the condom and dropped it on the floor as most W / Gs ask me to do, she looked at it and asked me curtly if this is how I throw it at home and I replied that I never keep them at home as I don't need them and gave a light spank again  :yahoo:. Her bum is fabulous.

She asked me if I want a shower and I said yes and she gave a fresh towel. I took the shower and then had a bit of cuddle and light kissing. She informed she is going to Lithuania next week sometime.

As I informed, she may not be for everyone. If I was not in my usual mood, I would have considered her a bitch and may have went into an argument but I was feeling bit more tolerant and therefore, decided to handle her attitude and get along. She has that school teacher behaviour. I got what I wanted. It could have been a negative if I was not in a very tolerant mood. Usually bad attitude of the prossies can immediately turn me off but I handled this one well. This was not the best punt but not the worst either.


Girl next door looks

Nice boobs and bum

Nice and tidy place and shower facility

No issues with the booking


Very moody girl and can be regarded nasty by many but she gives all the services to make your time worthwhile

Not very friendly and stone faced in the beginning

Will I go again - unlikely, I would prefer her friend Laraa instead
South East / blonde sexy Cindy - Crawley - Went well for me
« by goodtoknow on August 29, 2016, 04:54:59 PM »
Link is
Location/price/Time = Crawley/£80/30mins

This is my first review here so please be gentle lol. I am a mature guy, nearing 60 and have punted off and on for about 20 years.
This punt was kinda plan C, after some basic errors on my part. Took a risk based on previous reviews here and on AW. I was just wanting a vanilla service with a good looking SP.

Phoned number provided at 11am and was soon talking directly to Cindy. Arranged a booking for that day for 1pm. Post code texted to me directly after the call. I texted back indicating that I had made the booking also on AW, she soon after confirmed it there too. Was given full address apartment number by text on arrival at postcode. 9/10

Cindy’s location, this week at least, is central Crawley. About 5 mins walk from Crawley station. Lots of pay and display parking around there for about £2 for two hours. So bring change if you visiting by car.
Cidys current apartment is in a modern apartment block.  Push Key apartment number before Cindy releases the ground floor Gate.
Fairly good bathroom with suitable shower gel etc available.     8/10

Facial appearance
Defiantly the girl in, recent, pics  :P So you make your can make your own Judgement, hair length as pics, now straight, smiles more than I expected  :) a little high in the forehead maybe so I going for 7 or 8/10.

Slim and toned, maybe size 10 or even 8. Taller than expected maybe 5ft10, lovely pert tits, natural, looked a good size on her frame, maybe 32b or even C. No trace of fat, Just gorgeous IMHO. but I do like young and slim. Age 21 appears very accurate. Some discrete tattoos. At least 8/10 for me.

The meet
Meet at door her in a classy black dress. Totally yummy in my eyes. Ushered to bedroom and offered a shower.  Said “yes” to this as it a hot day and good service is normally given to cleaner clients i believe.

Returned to room and bed and shared some gentle kissing, not DFK but as an old git any sensuous kissing with an attractive lady works well for me.
Asked me what I wanted, which was good, so I simply said oral and penetration. She kissed down my body and proceeded with OWO, Lovely. Not deep but slow and sensuous, had me well hard. She disrobed one item at a time between sucking and I very much did like what I did see. She asked if i ready for condom and sex. Yes Please  :P She asked about positions so I had her facing on top, me admiring all her features while she did so.  :lol:
I then asked for doggie, which she positioned into asking me to “be gentle” she is slim and tight. Not a bubble butt type as pics suggest but a lovely fuck, which predictably filled the condom. Nice.
For me service rates 8/10, bearing in mind that i like simple sensuous sex with a good looking lady.

Had a little chat after that with 10 mins still (on my clock.) She is here for the money for sure and honest about that. Was fairly open and talkative to me, her English is fairly good. Maybe a bit vanilla for some.  Not one to push your own way maybe but if you like sensuous sex with a gorgeous lady, Ciny is very much an option IMHO. Nothing fake about her I believe, real pics, all natural, no maid, no manager and no shared flat mate for B&S
Very much one of my better punts to date.  She does move around the UK a lot and seems to work one month on and one month off between UK and EE.

https://www.adultwork.com/3211929 or https://www.adultwork.com/blonde+sexy+cindy

Should have heeded the negative reviews on here about her, however, as plan A was unavailable decided to test her based on profile pics, bad decision!

Comms - prompt and clear

Location - well known WG hotspot in a nice apartment block close to Maidenhead centre.  Parked in one of the side streets , about 7-8 minutes walk to her place.

Girl - pics are airbrushed however not bad looking either, nice body with firm tits. As an icebreaker decided to take the mick and said she doesn't look like pics, perhaps took it a bit seriously and asked me to show her profile pic on my phone and then we laughed it off, thought that was a good start as some FK followed  soon after, however how was I to know what lay in store ahead! Paid her  £80/30 minutes and off I was dispatched into the shower. When she returned initiated some FK and some DFK, didn't seem too keen on that. I then asked her to kneel before the mirror to perform OWO, without warning her face thundered as if I asked for BB! No kneeling , everything done on  bed she snorted, I said okay, however her attitude and demeanour raised the tension considerably, the little fella who was at half mast was all but stripped of his wind! She then started OWO, I wasn't getting excited at all thinking about what just transpired and tried to initiate some dirty talk, all I got was more menacing looks and was told to zip. Anyway I had enough lying so stood up and asked her to continue OWO, thankfully she obliged. Her technique was okay, however no eye contact whatsoever nor any attention to balls. I asked for 69 and again the angry face made an appearance, and said I don't do that. I was like fuck you bitch and said continue OWO.  After a considerable time I finally got hard, pulled on the rubber and started in mish. Sucked her tits while pounding her, have to say her pussy is tight and I didn't last long as CIM was off the menu too, even  though she agreed over phone.  Anyway I had had enough of her and wanted to make a quick getaway.

Summary - save your dosh lads, this girl has either no idea on what it takes to be an escort or is simply moody/volatile by nature. As I said earlier should have heeded some of the negative reviews on here as no point burning cash catering to someone's moods and whims.
I know I am reliving the painful experience of mine with this cunt, however, hope it helps others make an informed choice, as always, your money, your time.
The only redeeming thing about this punt was she introduced me to her flatmate sensual laraa about whom I had left a negative some time back due to no-show. She sure is stunning , however not sure whether Cindy's attitude has rubbed off on her too, probably may not take any more chances with this lot.

PS - following this nightmarish ordeal , in order to regain my punting mojo, booked a duo soon after with 2 of my favourite Polish girls at the minute. They were all over me like a rash and literally fucked my brains out, which did go some way in ending the day on a high!
London / blonde sexy cindy
« by chrispduck1974 on June 17, 2016, 11:20:47 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3211929 or https://www.adultwork.com/blonde+sexy+cindy

To be honest, Cindy wasn't Plan A, but if you have to go with a Plan B and it pans out like this, i might sack off the first plan more often.

This review may be about to fly in the face of popular opinion, but i had a great experience, so...


by SMS, i would describe it as efficient. I'm not looking for War and Peace; availability & location are plenty.


Quiet Mews type street in Mayfair near a famous hotel; very easy to find (but lets be honest, we all have maps on our smartphones)


Stunning, absolutely stunning! The photos on her profile are her, but they really don't do her justice...she is incredible in the flesh!

Despite what others have said in previous reviews, i didn't find her at all business like or unfriendly; quite the reverse in fact.

The meet:

30 mins/£80

This afternoon was horribly sticky, so i wanted a quick shower to freshen up. Maybe that request was what got me a better mood, anyway...

Back in the room and she's laughing at me because i got dressed after my shower (now this might make me a bit weird, but i am not going to walk through an unknown flat with just a towel on).

Cindy was chatty as she watched me undress, then bid me to join her on the bed. As she caressed my chest, she asked me what i liked. I was only looking for OWO and CIM and boy does she deliver, that was the second best OWO/CIM i've ever experienced.* The site of her gorgeous lips wrapped around me, sliding up and down the length of my shaft will stay with me for a long time. The sight of her ass, as he walked out the room to empty her mouth is pretty special too.

All in all, i can't fault the experience and i would see Cindy again.

* If you're interested, the winner of the best OWO/CIM competition (to date) is Amazing_Victoria_no1, if you're ever in Leeds go experience it you won't regret.

https://www.adultwork.com/1821916 or https://www.adultwork.com/Amazing%5FVictoria%5Fno1

Sorry for the tardiness.  Partly not wanting to relive the experience, but winds me up when u still see her profile on aw and people still drawn to her. Though, perhaps my experience was isolated.

So, comms via text, and I always ask if she is the girl or the friend helping. I don't mind either way, just want to prepare myself so I don't look a dick on arrival. She confirmed on texts it was Cindy, ...quelle supreese...turned out was her mate on the texts.

Handed over the cash and was asked to shower (no excuses), came back and tried to build rapport with some small talk as I undressed asking her how long she been here and what she been up to to be met with "I'm here to work" . Lovely, illusion shattered. Anyway, she did have a nice body so on to it.

Started off with good kissing and me going down on her and then switched with her sucking me off, which was nice to be fair, but then her mask came off when I tried to initiate a bit of dirty talk asking her to not stop when she came up, and was met with curt "my jaw is aching" ..This was after about 5 minutes.

It was downhill from there, 69 was a nono (?) and she pretty much just laid there with this sour face on whilst I was pumping away. So much so, that I deliberately avoided looking at her face.  Went limp and just jacked myself off, changed and gtfo .

What a waste of 120 notes. She's hot...but had a face like thunder like I.had just shat in her front room.  Big fat AVOID!
South East / Blond Sexy Cindy-Crawley- Excellent GFE
« by MrMatrix on January 28, 2016, 11:55:52 AM »

This week I met Cindy. Says she’s Lithuanian. And finally I met an EE who was as beautiful as her profile and did what she said in her profile.  :thumbsup:

The comms were really quite good. She replied within 30 minutes of first contact for a meeting 45 minutes later. I entered a secure gate complex. I knocked on the door and this gorgeous girl opened the door and showed me to a bedroom. Is she the girl in the profile?. Definitely and whilst the profile is glam with all make up and blond hair, the Cindy I met was different yet more beautiful without makeup and darker hair.  I asked if she did FK (one of my favourites) and CIM. She did both. Originally was going to do 30 minutes but I was bowled over by her charming demeanor, her slim figure, light golden brown all over tan and her smile. So I went for 1hour.  :drinks:

Paid my £120 and she went TSTC and returned. I undressed and she was quite forthright in getting me to lie on the bed. Did as I was told. Where a 10- 15 minute FK session started. In between time we both took our last bits of clothing off. Holy shit what a fab body. Firm boobs, lovely reactive nipples that complemented this beautiful body. Flat firm stomach, firm well-proportioned arse, slender long legs with beautiful feet and a very attractive shaven pussy all wrapped up in beautiful smooth golden tanned skin. Yes I had a hard on that a cat couldn’t scratch. :yahoo: She leaned into me and the FK just continued. She would pull away and we both smile and repeated again and again. She has a beautiful smile and perfect lips that I couldn’t get enough of. The foreplay lasted some 20-25 minutes or so with her giving me plenty of OWO, really nice. Also a lot of pussy play which she appreciated as I was gentle, she has a lovely pussy. She was also up for receiving and for the first time in quite a while I was tempted give OWO. Perhaps next time. But it was a no for fingering- doesn’t like it.

Did missionary, wouldn’t do ankles round the neck, then doggy and cowgirl. Finally unloaded at which point she went down on me and took the lot as promised. She came back into the room and looked like she was calling it a day so I pointed out I had 15 minutes left. She laid on the bed where we chatted. She is such a nice girl, looked great as she was laid out in front of me. She didn’t seem to be clock watching either, but we finished on the hour and I took the option of a shower.

This was an excellent GFE. Hope to see her again next week before she goes home for a while. Needless to say she gets a big POSITIVE from me. :drinks:
London / blonde sexy cindy - Paddington
« by diamond_dawg on December 14, 2015, 12:13:40 AM »
Saw Cindy this week:

https://www.adultwork.com/3211929 or https://www.adultwork.com/blonde+sexy+cindy

She has been reviewed her under her previous profile with the feedback being mixed. However decided to give her a go despite the apparent risks.

Positives: Cindy is a very beautiful girl. Flawless. She gives really excellent OWO and does CIM and keeps going until you have fully emptied your load.

Negatives: Unfortunately she does not have a very friendly manner. Very business like. Also her English is not the greatest so when I said anything she did not understand she became very annoyed very quickly. Because of her demeanour i could not fully relax and as a result I kept going soft. FK is very light.

Some might have rated this as neutral but when I meet a girl I expect her to be at the very least friendly. Other reviews about Cindy also commented on this. I have met girls where even if the service was lacking their demeanour turned it in to a really good punt.
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