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Scotland / Busty Charlotte Glasgow
« by Aberlad on July 16, 2016, 10:25:55 PM »

This was a quick meet when down in Glasgow before a night out, had a major horn and she ticked the boxes. I'm a sucker for a huge pair of tits.

15 minutes at £40, few texts exchanged and at her door.

Heavier than most people's norm, not a worldie by any stretch but incredible boobs. That was what I was there for. Answered dressed as requested.

Baby lotion out, boobs out and added together. Had the best ten minutes playing with those huge bags of fun. Cock in between, pounded away until I came.

Quick wipe down of the cock and out to get smashed before 9.

Not most people's cup of tea, but everything done as requested. Friendly lass and keen to please.

Take from this review what you want
Scotland / busty charlotte
« by francobegbie on April 19, 2016, 11:20:03 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1855125 or https://www.adultwork.com/Busty%2DCharlotte

went up to the flat, pollokshields way. charlotte looked good, bit a lingerie n that. crackin set on her like the pictures. paid up stripped off OW, £60 half hour so whats to be expected.during the bj i had ma dick in her diddys n she sucked it wi good rhthym. after that she asks if i want doggy. went for it, her fanny was that wet it was like wearin oven gloves n tryna put an eel inta a keyhole coulda got accidental anal but wasna brass neckin it. had a few pumps away, pulled oot n splashed ower the chebs casual like.

all in decent enough, aye a bit of a mad face on her but crackin set so thats what i wanted. £60 ride, wont go back. neutral/positive
Scotland / Busty-Charlotte, Glasgow
« by robbybox on February 28, 2016, 04:17:49 PM »
A young, friendly, and welcoming Polish WG presently based in Glasgow. She is a breast man’s dream.  She has worked previously under different aliases, and moves around the country from time to time.
https://www.adultwork.com/1855125 or

I had already visited this WG a few times before, circa 2012/2013, when she was working as Busty-Susanne in Slough, Berks. Whilst up in Scotland on a recent leisure break, I was delighted to see that she was based in (nearby) Glasgow. My previous AW mails to/from her had kept track of her different aliases and whereabouts. Contact made initially via mail, to which she responded quickly and positively, then by phone and text to arrange the finer details.

Her flat is in a modern block in the Possilpark area of Glasgow. The district had some waste ground, a little bit of graffiti around, which gave me the initial impression of it being perhaps one of the city’s less salubrious areas.  I visited after dark, but I was in a car so felt safe enough. I certainly didn’t see any suspicious looking groups or persons loitering, or anything that unnerved me. Nearest rail stations are Ashfield and Possilpark & Parkhouse, and walking distance from there. Access via a buzzer, and once inside her modern flat was comfy, clean, well kept, and her room was inviting with a big large bed. Lighting was dim-ish, but not enough to spoil the view of the pleasing mounds of womanly flesh on offer.

The Lady
Charlotte recognized me immediately from my previous visits to her in Slough, which was nice. Her dyed black hair from then is now blonde, with long flowing locks. Facially, and body wise she has not really changed, sunny disposition, still happy-smiley, friendly, size 14, but quite tall at about 5’ 8”, so she carries it well. But the great news (for me) is her bust seemed now even bigger. She has gone up at least one or perhaps even two cup sizes, since I remember her. She already knew that I was a breast man and teased me by flaunting her massive 38HH tits in a low cut bra in front of my face and let me fondle, worship, and unleash them. When I mentioned how proud she must be of her huge natural breasts, and how many car accidents she must’ve witnessed in Glasgow, she replied, surprisingly that it is not only men that are unable to keep their eyes off her chest, whilst she’s out and about, but women too. She said women are just as big on staring as are the men. I think Jenna, aka Busty_BBW_Slut, previously reviewed on here by Nimrod, has touched before on the many stares she gets in her own profile.

I had initially arranged a meet for a half-hour at £70. But after giving it a bit of thought I then realized it might make me seem a stingy, tight-fisted git. In so doing, thereby giving me a demeanour more akin to the, likely unfounded, reputation that native Scots have in the bonnie country I was visiting. Probably not deserved.
So I had in mind that I might upscale to have a longer punt.
When at last I set eyes on lovely Charlotte’s smiling, beaming face, her sexy basque, and womanly charms, I needed no coaxing or convincing. I paid up readily for an hour’s service at £120.
It seemed only right given that such a long time had passed since I saw her last, coupled with the added complication over a potential revisit, given the long distance away she now is. So an hour’s punt it was.
Busty-Charlotte has had a couple of imo rather non-flattering reviews on here previously, which seemed completely at odds with the young lady I knew and had punted with in Slough, around 2012/ 2013.
When I saw her in the flesh, and as my punt got underway, I was pleased that my gut feeling and instinct was sharp as ever. My tendency to make my own mind up about a person, and not judge them, was spot on.
In my wonderful hour with Busty-Charlotte, her sensual and massage skills were just as I remembered. After letting me play with, tease and unleash her whopping melons, she proceeded to give me a long, soothing back massage with oil, her hands wandering all over my upper and lower back. Charlotte was happy to continue stroking and massaging me for as long as I indicated I was enjoying it, with my appreciative low sounds. I was in mammary heaven.
After a while I thought it only fair to pamper Charlotte a bit too, and I proceeded to give her a back, bottom and leg massage, then asked her to turn over for some RO, and tongue action. She was very clean and fresh, and she seemed to be enjoying from the noises she was making.
Charlotte then returned the favour and took my cock in her mouth for a long, sloppy BJ. Her profile mentions OWO (at discretion) and I respected this. I didn’t ask her to do it. I simply let her decide to proceed with what she was comfortable with. In the event she was happy to suck me without a condom, as my hygiene is impeccable. But she already knew this from my earlier visits to her in Slough, and she was totally at ease with me.
Sex was covered, and she preferred doggy position, which I like as well. As I was close I asked if I could finish over her big chest and she obliged, holding her magnificent orbs in front of me as I coated them with white paste in a superb primecups.com finish, of which those porn film makers would be proud.
My only punt of the holiday, and only the second punt I have ever had in Scotland.  But one of several high points of a late winter leisure break in the bonnie glen and mountain country, where hospitality is king.

I’m so happy to have made Busty-Charlotte’s acquaintance again. I found her a lovely, sweet, unassuming young Polish WG who is genuine, eager to please, sexy, teasing, and obliging. She knows what men want, and she’ll happily pamper and spoil them, as long as her visitors are respectful, and meet the Q&A criteria set out in her profile, under ‘Proper Hygiene’ and ‘What do you expect of me?’
I’d recommend Charlotte to any suited and booted respectful punter, but she will particularly appeal to those punters who are big tit aficionados like myself. To any guys like this trust me she will really float your boat.
I’m just slightly saddened by the fact that she’s now based in Scotland, which by all accounts she seems to like. My usual punting area is the English south midlands. The great distance involved means for me that a future revisit to her is uncertain.
Robby’s smashing punts with the busty lovelies of AW in 2016 continues unabated with another huge positive.
« by David1970 on December 31, 2015, 03:06:58 PM »

Woke up this morning with the horn, so phoned the usual suspects, nor reply so went on to Adultworks, and stated phoning. The 1st answer was Charlotte she is a size 14 with 38HH tits so sounded good. We agreed a time, so made my way to her flat, comms was good. Her flat is in Posil just off Saracen St, a bit like Kabul but less friendly natives. Took my time finding a safe parking space on the main road way from the pubs. Got the full address and went in to the flat that was in darkness, (not a good sign) could not quite make her out in the darkness. She asked for the paperwork, I walked to the front room and she followed asking for the paperwork. In the light I saw her, FFS Jabba the Hutts body double, I am sure that her tits were 38HH, but her gut stuck out further than her tits. She is either 12 months pregnant or has a season ticket for KFC. She claims to be a size 14, I think she ate someone who was a size 14. Her face was scary, she is ugly. I stuck with my policy when punting “when in doubt walk out”. I made my excuses and left.
At £70 for HH she is having a laugh; you can get better looking and in a better shape £50 for HH.

https://www.adultwork.com/1855125 orhttps://www.adultwork.com/Busty%2DCharlotte
Scotland / Busty-Charlotte Glasgow
« by chico1000 on December 04, 2015, 11:25:39 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1855125 or https://www.adultwork.com/Busty%2DCharlotte
half hour £70
Had to happen a crap punt after a very good run and the usual reasons apply.  Plan A and B fell apart.  Infact was at plan B's location who I had seen before and was very good but no reply on arrival.  So as blue pill previously consumed and window of opportunity fast closing went on the BAT phone and did a proximity search.  Came up with Charlotte who is Polish and who had previously  considered for my hot-list because from time to time I am a big boobs lover.  I checked her fav's list all good but being on I-phone failed to check the small print.  Anyway phoned her she sounded very nice over the phone perfect English and she confirmed she does all on her list.  Location was Saracen not put off because reasonably familiar with the street where she was located at. Although Indian territory I knew it was quite busy and there plenty of sheriffs patrolling. Close was clean and directions good.  In to the flat which was clean but very dark.  Anyway into the room and although she has a first class set of weapons (huge really and  certainly the biggest I had come across) she was a lot heftier than the pictures suggest and quite plain looking.   Anyway I saw enough to keep me interested for the moment.  Tried to engage her in conversation but immediately found her very difficult to speak to.  No fun about her and really didn't want to speak. This wasn't a language problem her English is perfect.  Anyway I asked for a shower and she looked at me as if I had horns on.  Anyway directed to a shower which again was clean enough.  Anyway back into the room and she told me to get on the bed. She oiled up her weapons and I did have a wee play which was quite good.  She proceeded with a crap massage and then tried to get to get me hard with a hand job.  Then all of sudden the condom gets put on when I try to protest and ask for owo she says she doesn't do that. Ok some folk are good at oral even with a condom so lets just go with it.  Alas and maybe I have been spoiled recently but she was crap.  Up and down no eye contact no tricks nothing just rubbish.  I was now fast losing interest.  Her looks, lack of adventure, lack of fun, lack of conversation, lack of skill I ended up feeling her weapons while I cracked one off.  Still ever the gentleman tried to speak to her some more as I was getting changed and found her attitude incredibly difficult.  I think  I asked her what she liked about escorting and she replied "for my pleasure".  Which I nearly burst out laughing at.  Anyway I left feeling utterly disillusioned.  I checked her profile later in the Q and A there is a line she only does covered but has owo at discretion ticked.
In summary cracking pair of breasts but that is about it.  Rubbish attitude rubbish services misleading profile.
I obviously wont return but out of interest I am wondering if anyway else has seen her.  81 positive reviews on AW.
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