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Scotland / Cherry Royal - Regular Glasgow Tour
« by The Man With No Name on March 07, 2017, 12:08:15 AM »

Recent meet in a "Central" Glasgow hotel.

Not quite as toned as her pics and some other reviews suggest, but still a reasonable-looking slim girl and fuck does she put the effort in...

Awesome, full-on DFK and groping from the first step in the door. Simply couldn't get enough of each other from start to finish. Not usually one for big pussy flaps, but there was something about hers which was just perfect for sucking, both from below and behind. Nice owo as I knelt over her and played with her pussy on the bed.

Rattled her hard and deep in a couple of different positions, happily letting me pull her hair back in doggy in order to keep DFK-ing as I leaned over her. It's these levels of enthusiasm and passion (faked, or not) which really make a memorable punt for me. Awesome stuff!  :yahoo:

Nice chat after the deed as well. Very accommodating, friendly and fun-natured girl. Recommended.
Scotland / Cherry Royal
« by Silly Punter on December 22, 2016, 10:35:37 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3209381 or https://www.adultwork.com/CherryRoyal

Met this lass 2 weeks ago near to the Quay £80 for 30 mins.

Cherry is a stunning North East England lass and is the girl in the pics albeit a little older now at 28 with a fantastic body and super tits.  She is a PT and I think it shows.

The service was great kissing teasing owo and she asked if I was up for it twice in the 30 mins as she wanted me to cim and fuck her after.  Unfortunately I know my limits so asked to ride her missionary then doggy to a huge finish.  I ended up cumming on her back.  She then asked if I minded sharing a shower! Thought I had gone to heaven as we washed each other and rubbed against each other in the shower.

A fantastic lass who I will try to see again shame about the limited availability.

A wee warning though. Cherry has an obvious scar running from her mouth which she told me when I asked that it was from an accident as a bairn.  Otherwise she is a complete goddess.  I  am keeping in touch as she is giving me some free training advice.  :thumbsup:
Scotland / Cherry Royal/Glasgow
« by Clattypats on August 08, 2016, 11:32:53 PM »
I'll base this review on my first meet with Cherry on November of last year.
Gave her txt mid afternoon and got a reply shortly after with location,which was a city centre hotel..Good comms..Headed to said hotel and texted for room number,walked past reception no problem straight to the lift.
Cherry answered the door in nice black Lingerie...Nice looking girl,average height with a good toned figure..Bit of Dfk not long after walking in the door, then undressed and onto 69 which was pretty good...missionary after that then her on top,then she suggested reverse cowgirl..boy,does she really go for it,grinding away on my cock..Finished off with COT..Think I ran over by about 5 mins of my half hour but she wasn't bothered..chatted for about another 5 minutes,had a clean up then left..
All in all a good booking with a lassie with a good attitude/personality..seen her twice since but prob not since February..Would see again further down the line.
Scotland / cherry royal glasgow
« by bigbell on August 03, 2016, 07:30:42 PM »

noticed cherry was working from govan, sent her email for a half hour booking later on that afternoon and she returned it with her fone number, i called and made booking and she gave me street address/.postcode with the usual txt when your parked and i will give you number, so far so good, get parked and txt to say im here 10 minutes early, and she txts back and im seen on time, this is great news,
she opens the door in matching lingerie, looked really good .pretty girl and really made the effort , i had just showered, and she offered the use of bathroom, when i asked what i wanted i told her, she recommended i take a shower, folded stuff handed over and im in bathroom,nice flat very clean and im shown to bedroom , shes defo the girl in the profile, and she starts kissing, nearly full on dfk, then its on to my "preferences"really enjoyable for me, then it was owo, and she certainly knows her stuff, good eye contact, some spit and taking it all in, asks if i want to cim, i know im nearly time up, buts ask for sex, bag on, doggy style, i then ask for facial, and she is ok with it,job done, offered a shower but decline and get dressed and some chit chat, i know im about 5 over( thats as well as my shower time) but she seemed ok with that, kiss at the door and im on my way

would i see her again.defo
great service £70 half hour
great body, pretty and she knows how to get you going
Scotland / Cherry Royal
« by luvpearlstits on March 30, 2016, 03:06:58 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3209381 or https://www.adultwork.com/CherryRoyal

3rd visit with Cherry today.
Central Glasgow hotel, arranged time and directed to room.
Offered a shower and a drink which I accepted before getting down to business.
Cracking time with deep blowjob and pussy sucking.
Nice wee toy show whilst sucking me off.
Finished off in mish being encouraged all along to fuck her deep.
She ticks my boxes
Excellent punt.
Scotland / Cherry Royal - Glasgow
« by Firebird on March 08, 2016, 05:45:29 PM »

Price: £70
Duration: 30 mins

The original plan for today was to see Maisie and her friend Kacie in a duo, however after finding out that Maisie wouldn't be in town until after 2pm and also Seeker's less than stellar review of Kacie I decided that I would give Cherry a try, her profile had never really enticed me, doesn't have particularly big boobs or a big round arse, no face pics and the pics that are on her profile don't really show that much, but I thought I'd give her a try, she's had mostly positive reviews as well as one negative so going by that logic there's a good chance that it'll be a decent punt. Comms were good, responds to texts quickly enough, agreed a time and got given the location. The location is a hotel in the city centre, I've been there once before, last year when I fucked Lexi Ryder, a great time was had to say the least. As I made my way into Glasgow the traffic started to get pretty hectic and I sent Cherry a text, ten mins before the booking, explaining that I would be a wee bit late, she replied saying this was fine and that she was just out the shower. Eventually I got the car parked and started walking to the hotel. I then got a text one minute into our booking time asking how far away I was, I replied with a simple ten mins and apologised for keeping her waiting (I was just generalising, if you were to time how long it would have taken me to get to the hotel it would probably have been in the region of six or seven minutes). About two or three minutes later I get a text telling me that that's too late and that her next available time won't be until 1pm. I was a bit annoyed at this point, I was minutes away from the hotel and I did state beforehand that I was running late and sent not one but two texts apologising. In the end it's not really anyone's fault, Cherry is obviously running a revolving door service, one in, one out with very few breaks in between, that's up to her, she's here to make money at the end of the day, however it's also not my fault for getting caught in traffic, I left in plenty of time as I always do when I'm seeing a WG, it's just bad luck really and nobody is to blame. Although Cherry should maybe space her bookings out a wee bit better.

Anyway, I accepted the 1pm booking and went to Starbucks, time flew in quickly enough, I received a text asking if I was still coming. Then I was told to come to the hotel as she had had a cancellation, I made my way there and waited outside the main entrance for a good ten mins before eventually receiving the room number. This still remains one of my favourite parts of a punt, gliding past reception, sharing a lift with two other people who have no idea why you are in the hotel in the first place and then getting off at the desired floor and going down past the room numbers, the anticipation building, I fucking love it!!! I got to Cherry's door and she answered with a smile, straight away I noticed the scar on her face, it's not really off putting but it is the first thing you immediately notice if am being honest. She looked pretty hot though, black bra and knickers with heels, nice slim tanned body, dark hair and pleasant enough. Got rid of the paperwork and went into the bathroom to freshen myself up, I came out and just like the time I saw Maisie, Cherry was sat on the chair waiting for me. I was directed to the bed, Cherry was quickly on top of me, my boxers off and she started to perform some pretty good OWO, lots of licking, eye contact, we kissed a couple of times but there was only a small bit of tongue used, nowhere near DFK. She sucked away and then I noticed that she was also wanking me as well, hmmmm interesting, is she trying to get me to shoot my load ASAP or maybe she's just desperate for two pops. We then moved into 69 and I got a taste of Cherry's pussy, very tasty, clean and fresh. Cherry has good oral skills I have to say which combined with the odd bit of wanking she was doing (she wasn't ripping the head off it, just the occasional wee chug here and there) and the fact that I hadn't actually ejaculated in about four or five days meant that it wasn't long before I could feel myself ready to burst.

And needless to say that's what happened, it felt fucking great and Cherry asked if I would be able to cum again to which I said hopefully. We remained in 69 and Cherry wanked away with the odd wee bit of licking and spitting, however I could tell that it just wasn't gonna happen and after a while she said herself that we were being a wee bit ambitious, instant mood killer for me. I think if we had gone out of 69 and had just laid next to each other on the bed, kissing, fondling, rubbing etc and Cherry stroking my cock that would have worked, it would've been nice to have had a bit more intimacy rather than just me lying on my back licking Cherry's clit for 15 mins while she attempted to get my cock going, you have to ask yourself though, is it up to me to tell the WG what will get me hard again or should she be wise enough to know what a man likes/wants? It's all down to the individual I suppose. I was offered a massage which I accepted, it was okay, nothing mind blowing, just a wee bit of oil and the usual hands rubbing up your back, some small talk and a well appreciated compliment about my pussy licking skills (lost count how many of those compliments I have had now and Cherry said herself it was genuine  :cool:). I then went for a quick shower, exchanged pleasantries with Cherry and left.

For me this punt merited a negative. Cherry is a nice enough looking girl, I would say maybe a five or six facially, she's got a great body, decent arse (not particularly big or round, just an average sized, sexy arse) and nice tits, small but nice. And with just her bra and knickers on she does look good. Personality wise she's down to earth and relatively easy to talk to. However in terms of the service, it's a real escorting by numbers shtick, it all feels quite mechanical, for me the mark of a great escort is one that makes you forget that you are with an escort, with Cherry that feeling was not there at all at any point, I just felt like another customer, number 4/5/6 in the queue. These things were all playing through my head and I could tell straight away after I had cummed that I was gonna seriously struggle to get hard again because there just wasn't that, for lack of a better word, connection, that personal intimacy, that 'I'm gonna make you feel like a king for the full 30 mins that you are in my company,' it's more of a, 'Right, get your clothes off, get showered, lay on the bed and I'll make you cum,' kind of service which I am just not looking for, I don't like my WG's to offer a mechanical, by the numbers service, it's just a turn off and once you have cummed you start to get that 'I just wanna get out of here' feeling running through your head. When I was with Maisie, it felt just like being with a girlfriend or a fuck buddy, she was really chatty and sexy and playful and I just really liked her attitude, Cherry although she is nice it is like a said above, very mechanical and basic. This is the first punt I have ever had that didn't include any shagging, for seventy pound I got a blowjob with some wanking, an average back rub and the chance to eat a very nice pussy, that was it. I was in two minds whether to give this a negative or a neutral and I think a negative is deserving. It's not the worst punt I have ever had but it was just all too rushed, too mechanical and too textbook for my liking. Cherry is a nice girl but it just wasn't the service I was looking for,

Yet another girl that Tazz has recommended and yet failed to live up to the hype. Not having a go mate but maybe dial it down a little bit in your reviews in future, you build some of these girls up to such an extent that when other punters go and see them they have expectations that a Page 3 model is gonna answer the door but in reality they end up being average looking girls who offer a mediocre and relatively half hearted service, definitely time to reign in the enthusiasm  :hi:
Scotland / CherryRoyal, Glasgow
« by DickDiver on February 03, 2016, 01:57:47 PM »
Sometimes you do stuff that you feel will be as popular as a shit in the bath. But, hey ho, although well reviewed and overwhelmingly positive I'll offer an alternative view on one of the Scottish board's current starlets.

https://www.adultwork.com/3209381 or https://www.adultwork.com/CherryRoyal

I was looking forward to meeting Cherry on her recent tour but was left disappointed, I won't give a blow by blow account as that has been done in detail and I have no disagreement on services - just where my experience differs from others.

Cherry has been described variously as pornstar look, stunning and 5/10. I have to go with at the 5/10 end of the scale. Facially, she genuinely wouldn't turn my head in a pub. On the day she also had a bit of a shadow on the top lip - must have been neglecting the Jolene.

Cannot disagree that Cherry has a cracking body. Tits and ass absolutely perfect and great tramp stamp to keep you amused while taking her from behind. She has been described as toned, not sure I'd use that term but slender with curves in the right places.

This is where it all fell apart from me. These girls must be processing more meat than the Hall's sausage factory in there. The meet was (very) late and the whole thing felt rushed.

The "ooh, aaah, baby that's good" chat started before I'd even touched her and carried on completely out of context. It felt like hooring by numbers rather than a genuine no rush GFE. When I finished well within the time she was up and away busying herself.

Other tell tale signs were the hotel waste paper bin overflowing with wet wipes. An unpleasantly thriving jizz spittoon.

I've left this a while to reflect if I am being too tough. But, to be honest, it not only failed the walking back to the car test but i had actually disengaged half way through.

Cherry is a nice enough lassie and all the services were delivered as billed but artistic impression was lacking.

I have a feeling that the gushing reports of the Geordie girls are having two negative impacts - unrealistic expectations of the girls and encouraging them to provide a back to back service that is leaving them jaded.

Would I recommend? No

Would I return? No

Pity, as the reviews were so good.
Scotland / CherryRoyal & Amelia_xoxo Duo Glasgow
« by tazman1002001 on February 01, 2016, 01:39:31 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3209381 or https://www.adultwork.com/CherryRoyal

https://www.adultwork.com/3304500 or https://www.adultwork.com/Amelia%5Fxoxo

Well I had been meaning to see Amelia who is 3rd Charlie's Angel with Cherry and Maisie but didn't get a chance on her last visit as I was away with business.....and yes before you all say I will ......I am Charlie Townsend  ...the cool guy on the end of the phone lol

Anyway ........MAISIE is off for a few weeks and as Cherry was in town with Amelia it would be bad manners not to see the new girl with cherry as a duo :yahoo:

Amelia was running late but we all eventually met in Cherrys room in a city centre hotel, very discrete as a very busy reception and lots of parking both at a carpark and meters.

Cherry answered the door looking hot in bra, pants and high heels, she really does have one hell of a gym toned body, I could hear Amelia in the bathroom.....me and cherry had a good chat and some serious kissing. Amelia came in and she was not what I expected , she is tall and has a really nice look about her, nice long legs and a body that was made for sex, she was wearing a mesh see through dress and it looked good on her and I had requested pron star heels and she did not dissapoint lol.

After a great three way kissing session .....and boy can these girls kiss........we all jumped on the bed ......these girls were all over me and it was making me horny. Amelia who was talking dirty into my ear slipped down and undid my button jeans and took my rock hard cock in her mouth ...I newrly came there and then......had to back her off lol.

Took the excuse to calm things down by stripping off and jumping in for a shower and helped both Cherry and Amelia strip ...... Amelia has a nice body, she isn't stick thin but fills her body well ......tits are natural with great nipples that can be chewed on.

Back out of the shower and onto the bed both girls were kissing each other as Cherry had her fingers in Amelia's pussy .....and I don't think it was for show they were both at it ..... Started with Cherry sitting on my face encouraging me to stick my toungue right up her pussy very pornstar style whilst Amelia was spitting and sucking my cock hard ......dam she is good at that......

They switched and It was great to have Cherry on my cock, having seen her a few times now she knows exactly what i like. Amelia was only in her heels and I could see her feet were hot .....slipped on her heels and she let me suck her gorgeou toes .......cherry got on the rubber and climbed on top reverse cowgirl and WOW ....... She was slowly grinding me....Amelia was kissing up and down my body as I sucked her toes and Cherry rode ....SHEER BLISS.

I asked again for them to switch, so off with the used jacket and on with a new one........Amelia squatted and slowly slipped herself down on my dick and again I slowly asked her to grind down on me ......cherry lay up next to me and we kissed as she stroked my balls under Amelias pussy.....she was laughing that my balls felt full ....and they were.

Slipped off the jacket and asked both girls to sit on the bed with the sexy toes on the bed ....and turn my turn I let them suck me off ....I knew it would take long and we had a great three way kissing session ......i was close and started wanking myself onto there gorgeous toes whilst they snogged the faces off each other it didn't long to cum all over both there toes .......amazing I really needed that.

Amelia cleaned me and cherry up and herself and we lay on the bed naked with me in the middle chatting and kissing it was great I was in bliss.

Overall a great POSITIVE punt, Cherry is a porn star in the making and everything about her is sexy as hell .....Amelia is more posh and she has just back into this after some time off and offers a nice GFe and both compliment each other really well ........

Both highly recommended and with this my first visit with Anelia I was impressed I don't think this will be my last ....... I think next on the cards has to be a foursome ......Maisie, cherry, Amelia and of course me  :lol: :yahoo: :scare: ........   :cool:

Both girls are here till Tommorow
Scotland / CherryRoyal - Glasgow
« by moosehead69 on January 20, 2016, 02:54:10 PM »


45 minutes -£110..

Had previously met with Cherry as part of a duo with her pal Maisie, so had decided to meet with Cherry on her own.
Met in a central luxury city centre hotel which was very discrete and extremely comfortable.
Revived text from Cherry on morning confirming location and room and even rearranged to go 15 minutes early.

As Cherry opened the door I wasn't disappointed as she stood there in a pair of high heels and gorgeous undersea set. greeted with a passionate kiss and wee chat getting all the formalities out the way..

Moved into king size bed and a very passionate snog and exploring each other's bodies before Cherry moved down to start  very sensual owo then moving into 69 and some ro..
Soon it was time for jacket on Cherry to move on top with reverse cowgirl which was a sight to see...more positions before climaxing inside in the missionary position...

Quick clean up and wee snog before starting round 2 .. Cherry takes control which is fine by me and move through more owo , ro out with some toys and some mutual playing .
Despite her best efforts couldn't manage rnd 2 but had fun trying ...

Cherry has a beautiful toned body, a gorgeous sexy peachy ass and  is very friendly down to earth girl who can move from gf to sexy dirty minx..

They plan to keep visiting Glasgow on a weekly basis and can't recommend them high enough..
Scotland / MaisieXXX & CherryRoyal (Duo) Glasgow
« by moosehead69 on December 18, 2015, 10:10:11 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3147482 or

https://www.adultwork.com/3209381 or

£140 for 30 minute duo ....

Well it is Christmas and found myself with opportunity this week.. Short notice call / text to Maisie and arranged appointment and directed to nice city centre apartment. Was only planning on seeing Maisie but when arrived was asked if was interested in duo and what why not ....
Initially met by Maisie who is a gorgeous sexy friendly girl some nice wee chat and passionate kissing before Cherry entered room and introduced herself with some more sexy kissing....

Moved onto bed and couldn't believe I was actually snogging two sexy girls .... Maisie gorgeous figure cherry nice sexy toned body... Both girls different but go well together .. Maisie started with some nice owo whilst Cherry stuck her pussy on my face and encouraged a wee finger in her ass... The girls swapped positions before Maisie went on top and I struggled to contain myself ...

After round 1 girls were back to it sucking everywhere and Maisie's gorgeous tits are a sight and felt delightful ....cherry then got on top and rode me reverse cowgirl as her sexy ass bounced up and down..... Girls then got to bottom of bed and wanted me to finish over them but despite their best efforts couldn't manage in the short half hour.....

First every duo and felt totally knackered afterwards , used to gfe but left feeling the meet was a whirlwind and time flew past in a blur.....

Would definitely go back and see them individually both girls are so friendly  and sexy in their own way...
Scotland / MaisieXXX & CherryRoyal duo - Glasgow
« by Big_Yin on December 06, 2015, 03:15:20 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3147482 or https://www.adultwork.com/MaisieXXX
https://www.adultwork.com/3209381 or https://www.adultwork.com/CherryRoyal

1/2 hour - £140 for both girls

I had already met with Maisie on one of her sorties to Glasgow and having read a couple of positive reviews of her coupling up with Cherry, I thought it should be time that I popped my MFF cherry so to speak. 

After having messaged Maisie about an appt, she told me that she was in a city centre hotel.  Knowing that she was with Cherry, I cheekily asked if that meant that Cherry would be watching her (assuming the girls were sharing room).  Without little encouragement, an appt with both girls was booked.

Arrived at the hotel in good time and got the green light to go upstairs.

Maisie met me at the door in nothing more than very sexy underwear, gave me a lovely kiss and showed me in.  Cherry was kneeling on the bed, again in sexy underwear and was VERY friendly in her welcome.  Lovely dfk and soon after the paperwork was disposed of, my clothes were removed with similar enthusiasm.

Jumped onto the bed and lay between these 2 minxes who started kissing me very passionately indeed.  Cherry indulged in some DFK and Maisie decided to travel south and take my now rock solid cock in her mouth.  At this point, I couldn't believe my luck, especially in the knowledge of what was about to take place.  After some more snogging, I got both girls to slide their tongues up and down my shaft and they each took it in turn to feast on it greedily.  Lots of spitting, great eye contact all leading to a significant increase in my heart rate.

I then asked the girls to show me how much they liked each other ;-).  Without further ado, Maisie lay on her back and Cherry was slurping away at her sweet pussy.  Cherry obviously didn't want me to be left out and asked me to join in licking her clit.  Maisie certainly seemed to be enjoying herself.  Really couldn't hold off much longer and asked Cherry to get on her knees so I could bang her.

On with the rubber and piled into her with plenty of encouragement.  Maisie was lying next to us grinning away and wasn't too much longer till I filled the bag.   What a great ass Cherry has!!

A quick recovery period and I had Cherry sitting on my face and licking her out, whilst Maisie started sucking my knob.  Wasn't long till I was hard again.  Not sure at what point Maisie managed this, but very quickly went from sucking my cock to riding me CG.

Now please picture this guys - Cherry straddling my face and Maisie riding me CG - pure heaven!!!!

After another few minutes of this, asked Maisie to get on all fours and she willingly took me doggy style.  All the while, Cherry was pitching in with plenty of vocal encouragement to fuck her friend hard and smacking my arse at the same time.

Didn't quite manage to get a second pop, but OMG, that was definitely the best time I've had with a couple of girls!

Highly recommended and cannot wait to see these 2 sex goddesses again.

Both girls stunning in my opinion and service was second to none.
« by whiterhino on November 19, 2015, 10:58:45 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3147482 or https://www.adultwork.com/MaisieXXX

https://www.adultwork.com/3209381 or https://www.adultwork.com/CherryRoyal

Booked the duo for 30mins the other day after reading Taz' review. This is my first "duo" booking, so I was quite excited for the session. Arrived there 5mins before (hotel walking distance near the Quay), and was told to wait a few mins as one of them were just finishing with a client.

5mins later I get the room details and I make my way up, nervous but curious to see how the 30mins would go.

Greeted by Maisie first, who is your average next door girl. Some light FK and then greeted by Cherry who went a little more passionate with the FK. Cherry is more your pornstar look. Clothes off, and Maisie began with the BJ whilst I continued with some more DFK with Cherry. This went on for a while and jeez... Maisie sucking you off and Cherry all over your mouth - what a feel!

Both girls then began to suck and spit all over, licking balls, and all sorts. These girls really do have a perfect chemistry as they both just work so well together whether its for 3 way kissing or some sucking.

Then fucked both of them in few different positions. Whilst I fucked, Maisie would be between Cherry licking her out. Again, these girls do really put on a show together - felt like I was in an amateur porn movie at a few stages.

Maisie (who progressed and got a lot more deep/passionate with the DFK later).. started kissing me all over (and boy did I have a great time with both of their boobs) whilst Cherry started sucking again, ball sucking, spitting, etc. Finished off all over Cherry's tits.

I actually realised I finished about 10mins late but there were no signs of clock watching at all. We even had a brief chat at the end, so either these girls were genuinely enjoying the time, or they didn't have a booking after mine (I choose the first).

All in all, yes, a positive punt. Have I had better? I think so.. but considering my duo experience is low, I enjoyed this one and look forward to a different duo soon (Taz, give me some suggestions!).

Maisie looks - 7/10
Cherry looks -5/10

Maisie service - 8/10
Cherry service - 9/10

Overall punt - 8/10
Scotland / MaisieXXX & CherryRoyal duo - Glasgow
« by tazman1002001 on November 03, 2015, 02:18:28 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3147482 or https://www.adultwork.com/MaisieXXX
https://www.adultwork.com/3209381 or https://www.adultwork.com/CherryRoyal

Well for me recently Geordie has been the flavour I want to taste all the time, with all this Romanian rifraf it's great to get some gorgeous genuine hot british girls that look amazing and provide a POSITIVE experience on every visit.

Well this is my 4th time that I had arranged to see Maisie and during a chat she mentioned that one of her good mates was in Glasgow for these couple of days and would I like a second attempt at a duo with her and CherryRoyal, Maisie promised me an out of this world experienced and would guarantee the best girl on girl action I had seen....it was a guarantee I could resist.

My visit was today and the girls are staying in a city centre apartment, lots of parking and a great clean flat with fluffy towels ...... I had chatted with Maisie and she gave me a detailed preview of what was on offer with this duo. Last duo I wanted Maisie and her duo partner to spend all the time with me.....this time I requested more girl on girl action and agreed that 45mins would be great.

Maise and I agreed to meet first and she looked gorgeous in a sheer see through blouse type dress with nothing else but high heels. As usual some great kissing and Maisie was really getting me excited whispering if I could wait to see her get her pussy eaten....I jumped in for a shower and by the time I came back cherry was also lying on the bed as well completley naked and both girls were gently kissing each other I got on the bed between them as we did some great three way kissing WOW......and i mean WOW WOW WOW.

Cherry is also a gorgoeus hot looking girl with a great body....Maisie moved down and started hers usual OwO.....great spitting and sucking .......whilst up top Cherry was doing some great kissing as we got to know each other I was really in heaven.

Maisie then told me to sit back and enjoy the show as both Maisie and Cherry started doing some greet toungue action kissing, then Maisie got Cherry on her back a she started to lick her out .....Cheery was soaking wet and I loved that Cheery got me to move up as she started some great owo on me, it was great to look down and see one girl giving me OWO and the other between her legs licking her out....I had to slow these girls down as I wanted to see these girls in action with the toys

It didn't make much prompting for Cherry to take out her double ended dildo.....cherry and Maisie got in the scissors position and after lubing up the dildo slowly inserted into there wet pusses......I can't explain how hot that looks .....I moved between both girls on the outside of the bed and took a few mins of OWO turn by turn from each girl .......these girls are really special.....they were both really working each end of that dildo. I moved and got a good chance to get my foot fetish fix and suck and kissed both girls gorgoeus toes.

I really wanted to fuck Cherry as her pussy looked great......Maisie continued with the dildo as Cheery got the jacket on me......she was really wet as it didn't long to slide my cock into her hot wet pussy.......as I watched Maisie fuck her dildo..I cant explain how hot it is when Maisie stopped to watch me fuck her best friend in MISH.

I was at the peak of coming and asked both girls to kneel down in front of me, took of the jacket both girls worked my balls, and sucking my cock it wasn't going to talke long I shot a massive load and squeezed every bit of cum and shot it all over both girls tits......they loved it and it was great to see it all over those boobs and hard nipples......if I had died there I could safely say it would have died a happy man lol.

After a clean up we lay and chatted and some more kissing, timewise and energy wise I couldn't have come again but the kissing was a great touch and was a great end to a great duo......I'm really getting used to these duos now.....and these two girls were probably my best ever so far. Maisie and Cherry really work well together and I would def recommend these girls .......any negatives........yeah I wish I could have had another 30mins so I could have tried one more pop.

Overall a POSITIVE experience.......Maisie is a star in my eyes but my first meet with Cherry has also been great and she has a great body and attitude to work, I now know why these girls work so well together. Highly recommended if you hadn't guessed....if you get a chance to duo with two girls the DONT miss the chance  :dance: :thumbsup: :yahoo:

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