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Scotland / BRITISH BELLA 201 - Glasgow
« by hoopbhoy on April 20, 2016, 03:00:31 PM »

After a less than stellar punt on Monday I decided to have another go and opted to arrange a meeting with Bella. Comms were good, given general address then exact location on arrival. Bella usually works out of city hotels but on this occasion was using a friends West End flat. Easily found and plenty of parking.

There's no face pics on Bella's profile but on stepping though the door I definitely wasn't disappointed. She's a fine looking lass. Tallish, great figure, curvy, long dark hair, few unobtrusive tats, superb breasts, full easy d's but what really stands out are they eyes. A really piercing blue that go with a great smile. On arrival I opted for a quick shower and then after the paperwork was out of the way popped onto the bed swiftly followed by Bella. She's a really warm, chatty switched on lass. Profile says she's 31 but I'd have put her in in early to mid 20's.

Started with a session of dfk before she moved down for some oral without. There's some pretty good oral providers in Glasgow but this girl is top drawer. Goes slow, deep, very wet and looks up at you with those eyes. Gets very, very into it. I just lay back and let her go for it for a good 15 mins before I decided it was time return the favour. She's clean shaven, very responsive and came really nicely through a combination of tongue and fingers. Then she popped on a condom and rode the crap out of me till I blew. She's tight and has really excellent muscle control. Milked me thoroughly.

She cleaned me up after the first session and we had a nice chat about what she was up to. She might not be at this game past September so would be wise not to delay if she's on your bucket list.

Onto round two she began with another great blow job before switching into some 69. Then jacket on and some great missionary, followed by doggy. She's enthusiastic and into it without the need for moans and histrionics. Finished by hand where she invited me to come across her chest, all the while she's playing with herself. Needless to say I didn't last much longer. Shower was offered afterwards but I declined as I was driving straight home. No sign of any clock watching at all although the session naturally concluded after about 65 mins. Cost for the hour £130 and such a huge contrast to my last punt. Bella makes you the center of attention from the minute she opens the door till you walk out on wobbly legs. Cracking session with a really cool lass. Thoroughly recommend.
Scotland / British Bella 201 - Glasgow
« by Easygoingdude on April 11, 2016, 11:45:36 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1356102    https://www.adultwork.com/BRITISH+BELLA+201

Noticed that Bella was working two days last week and dropped her an email. She had been on my HL for a while.

Email sent and reply back within the hour. Arrangements made for the following day at one of the friendlier hotels in the city centre.

On the day, straight past reception and into the lift and up to the room. Was met by a lovely, sweet looking brunette in stockings, suspenders and some sexy underwear. Was offered a shower that I took and then time for action. Decided against the offer of a gentle back massage and straight into the DFK. Sensual and erotic. Bella then decided to do some OWO which was mind blowing - her technique is very, very good and had to show great restraint to not fire on off!

eventually on with the rain jacket and Bella on top showing some good skills and enthusiasm. Eventually and to let go. Round 1 over.

Quick drink and some small talk and then Bella offererd a back massage that I took her up on. Some decent chat before I turned over and she asked if I was ready for round two. Before I could answer my cock was in her mouth again. After that, another condom on and she suggested I fuck her doggy which I duly obliged. Great fuck!

Offered a shower once we were finished, quick kiss and cuddle and away I walked with a spring in my step!

Definitely one of the best meets I have had for a long time. Excellent, down to earth girl who knows how to look after you and also how to hold a decent conversation.

Looks very nice as well....and did I mention how good her oral was......

Will definitely see again.
Scotland / British Bella , Glasgow.
« by mavgoose on April 01, 2016, 03:23:32 PM »

£80 h/h

Seen the beautiful Bella today. Had tried her recently, but failed. Today was my lucky day.
Arrangements made and a few hours later I was in the lift at a hotel I've been in a few times now.
Into the room to be greeted by Bella in heels / stockings / suspender belt / lingerie. Wow.

Let me just say here , that facially , Bella is the most attractive girl I've seen. Each to their own etc. , eye of the beholder etc.
But I thought she was drop dead gorgeous.

Then the kissing started, then OWO , Bella on her knees in front of a very large mirror. Looking up at me. I nearly finished right then.
Composing myself, she lay on the bed , played with herself and edged over for more OWO whilst I looked down at her. Condom on for a spell of doggy, then missionary. I had planned for more OWO , perhaps with cim , or on her breasts. Immaterial , looking down at her, I filled the bag.

Cracking girl , cracking body , great service , very very attractive.

Almost an amazing taz style 10/10 for me. Certainly the closest I've came to that yet.


Scotland / british bella
« by johnjo72 on November 21, 2015, 08:51:39 PM »

So how "positive" can I be? Had been really struggling and resorting to contacting zero reviews AW front pagers in the hope of catching a diamond before the rest of you, In tours section I sent off an email late in fact it wasn't the only one tbh and "bella" replied almost immediately and we booked a meeting for the following day, comms were excellent and in fact she didn't even insist on tc all done on email and I didn't speak to her until she opened the door of the hotel room. Yeah, so we hope for the best and expect a munter and yet there standing in front of me was a stunner, dyed black hair fringe , wearing full combat gear sussies etc even though not requested.  She did offer massage which I refused as always, 1st jump was the usual over too quick/not met you before excitement but she then insisted on massage for round 2 which was me lying face down with her writhing all over the back of me which of course initiated round 2 very shortly afterwards, she seemed to enjoy the 2nd round as much as I did (well we can kid ourselves) and when I was nearly finished she asked if I would like to finish in her mouth which I accepted. Really nice chat afterwards, sounds like a southerner but suspect a Scottie who has been down south a bit too long and has lost a bit of her accent trying to be "understood" without subtitles ,,,,would see again and again and again and defo recommend, she did mention she might be relocating up here, ,maybe a benefit for us of the NO vote!!!
Scotland / British Bella Glasgow
« by chico1000 on October 22, 2015, 02:19:22 PM »
  https://www.adultwork.com/1356102 or https://www.adultwork.com/BRITISH+BELLA+201

Had communicated a couple of emails with Bella and found her to be intelligent and friendly and when I  phoned her I found her she had a really sexy English accent which kind of sealed the deal for me.  Communications were excellent and directed to a nice hotel on the riverside.  Greeted at the door by a pretty girl whose description on the AW site  is all accurate apart from quite a lot of tattoos.  I didn't mind them in fact I thought they were quite sexy.  Her dark hair is bobbed and she has a slight tummy but nothing scary. She says she is 30 but she is probably the first one I have come across on AW where I genuinely believed she was a lot younger.  I was placing her age about early twenties. She has nice big natural breasts.  She was attired in sexy expensive lingerie,black stockings and heels.  She looked very nice.  She had a nice calm friendly fun manner about her and managed to put me at easy quickly.  We had a wee kiss and and a fumble and I took up the offer of a massage which lasted only a couple of minute and she set about me with owo.  Sorry guys this is where I short change you for the moment.  She did such a good job of the owo plenty of little tricks teasing and taking me quite deep and definitely up there with Glasgow's finest that I just asked her to carry on.  She kept going for a good ten minutes or so and eventually I splashed on her breasts.  She was well up for round 2 but I knew my limitations and had a cunning plan for later on so I just decided to have a chat with her.  She is touring at the moment but hoping to relocate up here.  All in all a very positive experience and I will repeat a visit and update on the sex in due course.
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