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Bonnie Scotland xx

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Scotland / Bonnie Scotland - Glasgow (tours)
« by seeker on February 18, 2017, 08:48:48 AM »
Saw Bonnie a few weeks ago when she was in Glasgow .
Nice safe area near bbc studios .
Flat lovely and clean all mod cons  :P
Bonnie her self is GORGEOUS imo  :dancegirl:
Beautiful curvy slim body ,  small natural tits and a peachy
wee butt . :thumbsup:
Sexy ,sassy,seductive,Edible  :crazy:
Her profile is Accurate,age ,size ,services.
She provided all services with enthusiasm and a smile
Fk,owo,ro,light spanking ,some my favourite positions .
9/10 for Bonnie from me ..(as 10/10 would be perfection )
Bonnie  was that Enjoyable and Fun that  i returned two days later
to Bang her a good farewell before she
went back to Edinburgh..
We could do with a few more like her in Glasgow  :angelgirl:
I look forward to her return  :cool:
Scotland / Bonnie Scotland Edinburgh
« by Editony on February 06, 2017, 10:13:01 AM »
No link as I'm on phone again sorry.

Had a top outcall with bonnie a few weeks back. One of my better punts over last 6 months.

Coms 8/10
I used AW to arrange a visit to my hotel one evening with Bonnie. Mostly very prompt replies.

Looks 8/10
Slim blonde with a hot body. Bonnie was dressed as we'd agreed and looked sexy. She has a dirty but attractive look about her which she backs up in the bedroom.

Personality 9/10
Fun, down to earth girl whom I had a laugh with throughout.

Services 10/10
We seemed to spend an age kissing and feeling each other which made it feel like a realistic gfe. Bonnie does not hold Mack with the kissing. I was covered in her lipstick by the end. Favourite moment was peeling down her jeans and giving her oral on the sofa as she arched her back up to guide me to the spot she most enjoyed.
We fell onto the bed then for some OWO and 69 which were both great.
Sex was more PSE than gfe. Bonnie really goes for it. I finished off with more OWO and came on her tits.

£150 for an hour outcall. G vfm especially as we overran a little. No clock watching at all.
Scotland / Bonnie Scotland , Glasgow ( tour )
« by mavgoose on September 15, 2016, 02:11:11 PM »
£80 , h/h.

Normally in Edinburgh , seems to be in Glasgow now semi regularly. Seen her a month or more ago , and booked again the other day. She's here till Friday , I believe.

First visit was awesome. This one was off the scale.

Comms 10/10
Quick , reliable , friendly , easy.

Flat 9/10 ( same both visits )
Modern , clean , good shower etc , parking a tiny bit tricky. But I knew where to go.

Services 10/10
DFK , OWO , etc etc , everything delivered with skill and enjoyment. Particular highlights being eye contact throughout OWO and indeed RO. Also the use of the mirror beside the bed a good few times. CIM finale. This girl is hot , confident , giving , and a wee bit dirty. In the very best way there is.

Shower before and after , drink offered , chat before and after and a uniform request confirmed for next time. Which I hope is soon. Very soon.

Bonnie , if you read this , very very very  soon - please !!

A great time with a seriously hot Scottish girl.
13 positives , plus this one. You do the maths.

Scotland / Bonnie+Scotland - Glasgow
« by moosehead69 on August 02, 2016, 12:20:03 PM »
Glasgow incall 1 hour £130


Had been given heads up that Bonnie was making a rare trip through to Glasgow so after a few emails thru aw arranged to see her... Emails were quite friendly and flirty which is always good.

Met in modern apartment across the river from city centre which was clean and perfect for punting.. Nice discrete entrance.

After a look at Bonnies Pvt gallery had requested certain underwear she was pictured in and she didn't disappoint.. Arrived st appointed time and given flat details.
Entered and was met by Bonnie with short mini dress on over the sexy underwear..... Pics are accurate and she puts u at ease straight away friendly flirtatious and sexy...led into bedroom and offered use of en-suite.....
Before long started with some sensual DFK and exploring each other before both ended up naked then Bonnie started with some great owo with loads of spit and very deep .... Moved in 69 before protected sex in multiple positions.......after this climaxed and rnd 1 complete in a hot sticky-mess...
Wee chat before she commenced rnd 2 with some more owo then more protected sex then since both sweating buckets moved onto more owo which lasted for ages......definitely not a clock watcher as finished at least 20 minutes over time before cleaning up and get ready to go....
Bonnie is a breath of fresh air really sexy down to earth friendly girl.... Hope she returns to Gladgow again soon...
Scotland / Bonnie Scotland xx, Edinburgh
« by DickDiver on May 26, 2016, 11:51:06 PM »
Bonnie has been well reviewed so I shall keep this short and sweet. Basically I have been moaning like fuck about the quality in Edinburgh recently and while Bonnie has been well reviewed I have dodged her because I didn't like her photos. However, with her new photos I was more tempted.

https://www.adultwork.com/3036748 or https://www.adultwork.com/Bonnie+Scotland+xx

Met Bonnie in quiet and safe serviced apartment. She wasn't quite what I expected - she was taller, younger and not quite as pretty however she had one of these faces that grew on me and I found her more attractive as the punt went on.

NO time wasting and straight into action. Her oral was quite incredible. I've never had a WG take my whole length without gagging and Bonnie did repeatedly. Plenty of spit, wet and deep finishing with a mouthful that was duly swallowed.

Quick recovery and then a good podging in doggy.

Would I recommend: Yes, definitely
Would I return: Probably not as I rarely do but at the more likely end of the scale.  Probably just for the blowie.
Scotland / Bonnie Scotland Edinburgh
« by Dukey on May 10, 2016, 11:35:18 PM »
Not really much I can add to what has already been said about her.
Great flat, great location
Lovely looking girl. Sexy as fuck.
Cracking body. Clean and well groomed.
Tits a nice handful but maybe a wee bit saggy but by no way off putting
Fantastic arse and pussy
Very friendly and chatty.
Makes you feel at ease.
Everything on her profile is available and served up with enthusiasm.
She really seems to really love what she does.
Probably the best OWO I've had in Edinburgh.
She rides you as if she wants you both to be satisfied.
A really genuine girl and great value for money.
I see she's only doing outcalls at the moment bu hopefully not for too long.
Seen her a couple of times and would definitely go back
Scotland / Bonnie Scotland xx Edinburgh
« by Magic Man on May 08, 2016, 07:56:05 PM »

Since my first review on Bonnie,and it was from last year,I had the urge to see her again.
So,recently managed to have an incall booking with Bonnie.
I made contact through AW to find out when she was working and we arranged a time that suited us both.Good comms on her part,also helped direct me on day of booking to her place before I arrived to save any wondering around.Profile accurate as is 5min walk from waverly station.
I arrived at her place,and was greeted by Bonnie at her door,standing there as I had asked and I was blown away(& not for the first time in the booking) She had got my uniform request exactly as I was after!  :thumbsup:
Inside her place,it was clean and tidy,offer of a drink and shower.
Business out the way,we were in the bedroom and it was full on from that moment!
I'd asked her to take the lead with a slightly dom role,and she clearly did :D I was loving it.
Toys,face sitting,teasing,with a bit of face slapping before kissing me,and some more.
Then dirt talk when she went down on me OWO. Not sure about anyone else,but I'm a big fan of dirty talk that fits the situation,not just generic words,Bonnie seemed to really get into it! I had to get her to slow down on the oral,this was followed with a swift slap,to show she was in control,but then it was very slow sloppy oral,almost edging without me asking for edging.
I was getting closer now and eventually gave up trying to fight it and with her dirty talk I blew my load,and she took my load no questions asked,swallowed the lot and continued to suck until I couldn't take it anymore.
A bit of a break,with a drink and chat while I regained myself for a second round.
While chatting,Bonnie's hands went wondering to get me going again for round 2,and it didn't take much for me to be ready again.
Cover on and it was as many positions we could think of! She had me completely out of breath and I needed a breather as she has too much energy for me   :lol: so as I had a breather she moved her hand down to start wanking me off while talking dirty to me again,then asked if I wanted her to jump back on,at this point I knew I was getting close again,so wanted to finish with CIM again,so she went down and was giving me eye contact as she slurped and sucked me to orgasm. Swallowed every drop again and I was spent!
took a few minutes to recover from that and offered a shower again.
Defiantly not a clock watcher as my time ran over slightly. Got dressed and left,but was not rushed out and was chatting the whole time,so probably took longer.

Even better looking than I remembered,outfit request spot on,happy to be slightly dom as per my request and was enthusiastic about it all.
Will defiantly see again!
Scotland / Bonnie Scotland xx Edinburgh
« by chico1000 on April 16, 2016, 01:20:36 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3036748  or https://www.adultwork.com/Bonnie+Scotland+xx

One Hour £130

I had been planning a return trip to Edinburgh for a while and sought the advice of a punter pal.  You know who you are, so thanks again.  Anyway contacted Bonnie way, way in advance and I know some girls don't like this but Bonnie was fine and there was a few emails and a bit of banter.  Good communication.  I requested a mild domination session with a bit of gfe and the usual services of owo, ro, 69, protected sex in a variety of positions and cim and swallow.  I also asked Bonnie to dress as slutty or as raunchy as possible.

Anyway on day in question slight delay of about 15mins but good clear updates and no problems for me.

Got the text to come up and Bonnie opened the door.  No hiding behind the door.  Bonnie was dressed in black thigh socks, tartan skirt, huge heels, turquoise latex bra type thing and a bow in her hair. Perfect from my point of view.
 As per previous reports really attractive girl without cat walk model looks. Photo's and description entirely accurate.  Honest girl!!

Anyway I started looking about for the review later and commented how "exquisite" she looked.  We had a wee kiss and then Bonnie  said "Do I not know you?"  Anyway went off to the shower and came back into the room and Bonnie said "Are you not Marmalade off UKP"  "No not me, UKP don't know what you are on about"
Anyway on to the bed some nice FK and some DFK hands over each other.  Then Bonnie moves down licks the chuck berries and then starts a very good owo session with loads of little tricks and eye contact.  Quite sloppy.  We then move on to 69 and this was again very good.

On with the jacket with Bonnie on top. We start riding away, she is tight, plenty of dfk then all of sudden whack left hook slap.  Bonnie starts shouting "I know who you are now you fucking raj"  Whack right hook slap "Your that fucking  Randy F ya weegie Bastard"  She then grabs my throat with both hands and starts throttling me.  I start gasping "no no I am a fluffy cunt".  Whack "don't fucking believe you!!!"whack again. "I am, I am, I gasp"  "Prove it tell me what pressies you have given to prossies?" and whack again.
 "Ok ok I gave that Gabriella of Glasgow my last fucking rollo"  At this she stops hitting me and starts kissing me again. All the while riding away.   Then whack  "a fucking rollo, a single fucking chocolate ya tight bastard"  Whack and at that she starts throttling me again.

At this point I get her into doggie position and I start spanking her arse.  Whilst pounding away she starts trying to skelp my arse.  A prolonged pounding then takes place with me slowing down occasionally to avoid "cumming" too soon and kissing her and feeling her breasts.

I then get her into missionary and again she takes a really good pounding.  During this part of the session she is wrapping her legs around my legs and digging her nails into my back.  Again slow down and speed up as required.  Then finally jump off and Bonnie finishes me off with cim and swallow and even captures my delayed water works with aplomb.

I was shattered so with 15 minutes to go didn't contemplate a round 2 but I know it would of been on the cards. 

So rest of the time spent having a chat and good banter. 

Mostly with me trying to get her to come over to Glasgow for a wee tour. Absolutely no rush.

Anyway to sum up.  Good looking, sexy, totally interactive enthusiastic girl.  A definite re-visit.
Scotland / Bonnie Scotland xx Edinburgh
« by Magic Man on March 27, 2016, 04:43:18 PM »
Bonnie Scotland xx


I was perusing AW today,looking for some inspiration,& upon seeing Bonnie's profile,remembered I could post a review on here  as I saw her last summer,not long after she started I think.

Anyway,contacted her early evening for later that night,coms were good through AW,then she sent me her number and again good coms.
It was an outcall of sorts,as she was in a friends place as hadn't quite sorted out her own place at the time.
I arrived eventually at the right flat,she understood I'd mistaken flat numbers(luckily hadn't buzzed any doors)
Nice enough looking girl,I'd say her profile was accurate on age and looks,personality reminded me of the girl you knew was a bit dirty at school. I was offered a shower and drink,I'd just showered before and she was happy enough with that. Small talk then down to business. Now she was eager to please,but didn't take the lead in anything,it all had to be my call. Some might like that,but I prefer if she was to take some initiative. But overall a good enough looking lass,Scottish,friendly,who offered what was on her profile,I had OWO,CIM(never asked about swallow,but recon she would of if I'd mentioned it)multiple positions,clean flat(even if it was her friends) clean shower & towels for after,also a plus was flexible on me being 5-10min late for getting wrong flat initially.
So overall a plus.
Scotland / Bonnie Scotland - Edinburgh
« by PleaseSitOnMyFace on February 17, 2016, 06:00:10 PM »

Met Bonnie for 30 minutes of fun. The premises were clean, as was she. She's good looking, cracking arse and loads of fun. She gives particularly deep head!

The highlight is her personality though. She's really bubbly and chatty. Not in a "lets talk to avoid getting fucked way", in fact she's really keen on getting straight to business! She's just really fun to chat shit with. Very good at asking for instructions on speed and positions and so on.

The only negative is that she was ready 10 minutes later than agreed so I had to stand out in the cold.
I left feeling satisfied and that this was a positive experience and will be back at some point. Recommended.
Scotland / Bonnie Scotland - Edinburgh
« by Fifeboy65 on February 07, 2016, 07:49:15 PM »

I finally managed to catch up with Bonnie after a few failed attempts to find a mutually acceptable time. Comms were good and I was directed to a modern flat not too far Waverly station. Bonnie's profile pictures are acurate and she is a very down to earth type girl. She is slim and I thought quite attractive, doesn't have the biggest boobs but nice nipples.

After completing the paperwork I was offered a drink and a shower after which I returned to the bedroom to be greeted by Bonnie in sexy underware and stockings and suspenders as requested. After a good bit of kissing she then moved on to oral nice and deep. It was then back to some kissing and cuddling before a some 69 which was really good. She tastes nice and eventually I couldn't contain myself any longer but she swallowed all of my load.

After a quick clean up it was some more kissing and cuddling before she fully restored me to life with a bit more oral before on with the glove and Bonnie climbing on top. We both seemd to really enjoy this so didn't move on to another positions, hopefully get to try some a level with her the next time.

All in all a great time and I will certainly visit her again.
Scotland / Bonnie, Edinburgh
« by CeeJay on January 13, 2016, 10:43:00 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3036748 or https://www.adultwork.com/Bonnie+Scotland+xx

Saw Bonnie recently ate her flat on Calton Road.

Comms a wee bit ropey orignally but eventually got it arranged. One hour meet for £130.

Slim, pretty blonde with natural tits. Certainly enjoys her sex and gives OWO enthusiatically and deep.

After sevreal positions she allowed me to cum in her mouth which she swallowed with a smil.
Scotland / Bonnie Scotland xx (Edinburgh)
« by Marmalade on December 25, 2015, 08:45:47 PM »
Bonnie Scotland xx blue-eyed blonde, Scottish WG
Fairly cautious on this one as not sure how fluffy her existing reviews are. A couple of dead-ends that day then contacted her and her comms was first class so thought I'd give it a go.

Pretty decent punt, this is probably her best profile photo and gives a good idea:

AW 3036748
Believable size 8.
Not sure if she's 25 (maybe 28?) but young enough.
Excellent comms.
Few minutes walking from Waverley.
Nice enough lingerie and she was very nicely presented. Room done out with candles. Newish apartment.
Liked to chat and quite fun with it.

Main thing I liked was the enthusiastic French kissing (she tasted good, and I’m fussy!) and good bj technique. Plus she was interactive, which many girls are not.
Not cheap at £80 for a half hour, but within acceptable limits. £130 for the hour is a wee but steep.
She didn’t clockwatch during the punt (I try to ‘finish’ more or less on time) but stayed chatting afterwards for a bit so I certainly didn’t feel rushed.
Looks a bit like someone you might bump into in a nightclub. She came across as fun and was easy on the eye so will probably re-book at some point.
other positives:
can spell "cappuccino"  :P

PG photos were a bit rubbish when I was tempted to look, but at least confirmed she has a reasonable figure and long blonde hair.
Can’t spell “Amy Winehouse” (profile interview) — but you have to forgive her when she gets “cappuccino” right (which most people have to look up!)
A bit pricey, but on a par with one or two other in Edinburgh that give pretty good service (and pricewise a few that don’t).
Quite a bit later and I still feel I will book her again so it's a positive rating from me. Think, (in the past) Seduced by Katie (who I've seen too many times now to revisit) or Sweet'n'Petite (who can be too hard to get hold of these days). Bonnie stands out as being attractive but also quite inventive so I think there's the possibility of some very intelligent horny fun with her. We shall see.
Scotland / Bonnie Scotland xx - Edinburgh
« by MrFox on December 12, 2015, 04:25:36 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3036748 or https://www.adultwork.com/Bonnie+Scotland+xx

£80 30 minutes.

5’4” size 8 – very slim girl, she could actually be shorter.
Age 25  - Looks 28 - 32.
Photos are genuine - As far as I can tell as her face is covered.
Facially – Dressed in nice white lingerie, pretty girl in the real sense, not porn star hot.

I was through Edinburgh and found myself at a loose end for a few hours, had a quick look on here and found Bonnie Scotland, I didn't get to read all the reviews/comments but I saw all positives and was in a hurry, so wasn't really sure what to expect.

Bonnie’s comms were great, quick and friendly, first contact was on AW then everything was arranged over text.

Her flat is located not far from the Waverly train station. I parked not far from there. Flat is a newish build, clean and easily found, her directions are clear.

She asked if I wanted her dressed in anything particular, I asked her to choose, I didn't intend on them staying on too long.

Got the paper work formalities out the way, had a shower. When I came out she was on the bed with a drink for us both and we had a small chat, I told her I wanted her to play with my cock and suck me until I came in her mouth, she took directions very well. She has this innocent girl next door look, very attractive girl. Lasted about 10 minutes until she swallowed the lot!

To give myself a rest and get hard again I went down on her and fingered her until she came, well I believed she did  :D, then on went the bag and pumped her in missionary with some kissing, not my thing usually but worked for me here. Did her in doggy position for a bit then she went on top and rode me until I came in the bag.

Had another shower, time I left I must have been almost an hour, no rush at all for me to leave, I actually felt I was the one initiating to leave, she just enjoyed a good chat and talking about Christmas, if I didn't have to go I’d have probably stayed until she told me to get out

Stunning slim body, nice tits and amazing arse.
Friendly chatty girl – the nice kind.
Safe clean flat.
Allowed playing with pussy during RO.
Did exactly what I asked.
No clock watching
Got two pops!!

Price at first seems steep for 30 min, but as I was there almost an hour, was no rush, 2 pops, I got more out of the deal so can't complain.

I'm through Edinburgh now and again and look forward to having another go at Bonnie Scotland! I had a great time and thoroughly recommend her.
Scotland / Bonnie Scotland xx -- Edinburgh
« by Puntypants on December 04, 2015, 12:05:54 AM »
Very relaxed time with this friendly chatty girl in her mid-20s. Nice clean flat in modern block near the Royal Mile. Great kisser and excellent OWO. If you would like Bonnie to help you fulfill one or two fantasies -well - let's say she is not as innocent as she looks. Lovely figure and natural blonde, with medium bust and tight pussy. Genuinely friendly, not pushy and is guaranteed to give you a good time.

Flat: 10/10
Face: 8/10 (pretty but not stunning)
Figure: 9/10 (slim, fit and toned. Could be slightly taller for my taste, 5'4")
Performance: 10/10 (prefect GFE, with extras)

I practically never visit the same girl twice, but on this occasion I definitely will be seeing Bonnie again.

https://www.adultwork.com/3036748 or https://www.adultwork.com/Bonnie+Scotland+xx
Scotland / Bonnie Scotland
« by fifeman on November 28, 2015, 11:41:23 PM »
My first review.
Met Bonnie Scotland in Edinburgh. Initial communication via email and then by texting. Very prompt and no problems in communication. Text message on the morning to confirm and details of the place sent.
Pretty and sexy girl. Asked me if I had any dressing request and I left to her to decide.
Nice flat near royal mile, clean and fresh towels.
Excellent dfk, owo, cim and sex.
She herself initiated round 2 and did everything to make me satisfied.
The whole time was good that I felt like being with someone I knew.
Will I see her again? Yes I think I will.
Scotland / Bonnie xx Edinburgh
« by Santiago on October 06, 2015, 05:40:46 PM »
Bonnie xx
https://www.adultwork.com/3036748 https://www.adultwork.com/Bonnie%5Fxx

Met Bonnie a week ago at her incall location, new modern apartment a very short walk from the Waverly train station, plenty of parking near by.
Comms initially via aw messaging and thereafter via text which was prompt and professional.

Met at the door with a very cute blonde, size 6 or 8 with a curvy shape. Bright and bubbly personality.

Paperwork sorted, offered a drink and a shower, thereafter led to the bedroom, music candles and satin sheets if thats your thing.
Bonnie is very responsive, DFK and likes to be touched.
Vv tight pussy, clean and tastes great. Enjoyed owo ro and then 69 before taking cim, swallowed the lot, great technique.
Then round 2, more owo and multiple positions finishing with more cim.

Really enthusastic and skillful.

Easy recommend, vg value.
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