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Scotland / Maisie_xxx Glasgow Incall
« by JackDee on Today at 12:17:04 PM »
Glasgow hotel visit Incall   30min Booking

Having long heard good things supporting a visit to Maisie, I took the opportunity to sample.   
Very simple and very friendly and helpful communication to arrange meeting beforehand via text messages.  Directed to a nice and easy to manoeuvre hotel for our accommodation. She couldn't give me the time I had requested but arranged a later time, explaining I would be meeting a friend in between for a quick friendly drink, Maisie had no problem with this.

Greeted with the girl behind the door usual entrance entered and turned to find a pleasant image.  A busty attractive girl, although I would say over hyped on here but this did not detract from the fact she is still hot and a body build for sin.  Dressed in lingerie and ready for fun we exchanged the paperwork and as I undressed Maisie walked towards me (ohhh that walk was a great view) and began sliding her hands over me.  We then moved towards the bed and worked through many of the services fk, owo, 69, doggy and a few variations.  Never once felt mechanical and had a great flow to the visit.

I would recommend a visit to Maisie and I will visit again for sure and probably for a longer visit.

North West / Maisiexxx Carlisle
« by roller coaster on March 11, 2017, 09:13:03 PM »
First review so her goes
www.adultwork.com/3147482 or https://www.adultwork.com/Maisiexxx - Get QR Code
Recently seen Maisie in Carlisle. £70.00 half hour.
Great comms.
No waiting outside for ages , and when you see her in flesh she's an attractive small girl with a massive bust.
She starts off with great kissing which was soon followed by great o.w.o i returned the favour which she seemed to enjoy.
Great sex whilst kissing at the same time in different positions needles to say it didn't take me long to cum.
I was offered the chance to cum again but i was tired and quite happy with my one pop.
I ended up with a cup of tea and a chat whilst putting my clothes back on.
Maisie was in no rush to get rid of me and had a great big snog before i left.
I would return again if in the area and so was i as she works in Scotland a lot which she said she enjoyed working there.
Overall a great punt which i enjoyed.

Scotland / Maisie - Glasgow Tour
« by Oscar13 on March 07, 2017, 11:03:03 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3147482 or https://www.adultwork.com/Maisiexxx

Guys, I'm very aware that Maisie has been reviewed a fair bit on here however having not seen Maisie for quite a while I thought it best to review my recent visit.

I saw that Maisie was going to be coming to Glasgow beginning of this Week so I Text her yesterday morning to see if she was available late afternoon.  Text back from Maisie, confirming time, duration, 30mins @ £70 as requested and where she was based came back swiftly.

I didn't request any Outfits or anything too specific re. Services.  Having seen Maisie on many an occasion I felt it best to try going with the flow. 

Maisie as she often does, worked out of a well known City Centre Hotel.  It was easy to get to on foot, car or public transport. 

Having been their before I knew it was easily accessible, discreet enough with Lifts away from Reception area.

I arrived and was given Text confirming Room details.  With that up in the Lift I went.  I knocked on the door Maisie opened it standing behind the door for discretion. Once inside I was welcomed with a lovely Kiss and Cuddle.  Loved what I saw, nice black lacey all in 1 underwear set.:yahoo: :yahoo:

Over to the Bed. Had chat to catch up, whilst I stripped off. So did Maisie. Didn't need Shower/Wash as I'd done this prior to leaving home.

More lovely, sensual Kissing & Cuddling followed.  Before long Maisie Kneeled  down in front of me whilst I sat near the edge of the Bed. She took my Cock in her mouth giving me an exquisite, sloppy/spit BJ ,OwO. intertwined with more Kissing & playing with her amazing Tits.  By which time I was Rock hard so we decided it was time to put the Jacket on and go for it Doggy style.  She bent herself over near the desk so we could watch ourself's in the Mirror.  I slid myself in easily and banged her fast until cumming in the bag.  All the while I leaned in and grabbed her Tits as the bounced around vigorously.

As I was still hard she decided to sit on me. bouncing up and down till I shot load.  Got to say this is by far the best Doggy I've done so far. :yahoo: :yahoo: Fabulous watching each other in the Mirror.:yahoo: :yahoo:

Took a break to have our Tea n Biscuits and some more Chat.  So good to see Maisie again after such a long time.  She hasn't changed much.:D :D
Afterwards we progressed with more wonderful Kisses n Cuddles.  Lying on the Bed close to each other. I normally pop more than once so we did 69.  I'd almost forgotten how good this was, lovely n clean.  I really went for it and she seemed to really enjoy it.  She finished me off by Hand pretty vigorously.  I could feel myself ready to shoot yet again hence another big load shot right out.:D :D

It was time to get cleaned up and dressed.  Given towel, used Mouthwash provided by Maisie  and Hotel's soap/hand wash.  Came out got dressed had some more Chat and some more cheeky Kisses before heading on my way.  Even had a Cheeky Kiss on route outside the door. :D :D. No rush at all.  Stayed about 45mins.

A lovely, lovely girl.  Very pleasant, warm and loving. So down to earth, very easy to talk too is Maisie.

We both agreed their won't be as big a gap in time until we see each other again.:) :) :)

Scotland / Maisie tour Glasgow
« by 7iron on February 24, 2017, 06:05:02 PM »

This was plan B, cancelled plan A when I noticed Maisie was in town. Been trying to arrange a meet with her for a while.

Comms, ideal. Contacted her and she was able to accommodate my exact time request.

Location. City centre hotel. My 1st hotel meet. I was really apprehensive about it, but thanks to a member on here giving me the layout, it was a breeze and as easy as he intimated. Really liked the room, great to have a ride in such nice surroundings. Parking was great too, a wee car park £2 for a couple of hours

Meet. 30 minutes £70. I was around 45 minutes from entering til leaving. No clock watching or hints to get a move on.

Arrived on time, text from Maisie on the dot, advising floor and room number. Went up to room, chapped on door, usual hide behind door till it was closed. Maisie looked amazing, don't ask me what she was wearing, can't remember  :D Just recall thinking to myself, Result! In my opinion she is lovely looking. Nice curves with a brilliant pair of puppies.

She wrapped her arms around me and gave an erotic kiss, which set the tone for the meet. She then offered me a shower which I declined as I had just had one.

We got the paperwork out of the way, she then lay on the bed and the action began. Brilliant oral, spit and slurping, lots of eye contact. A very satisfactory BJ. RO and then through the various positions, with a nice diddy ride squeezed in.

To summarise, I had a fantastic time. When I 1st started punting, I went with various Roms, which at the time I thought were great (well some of them) but Maisie sets a standard that blew those earlier punts away, rendering them unacceptable. I now know where the various members on here are coming from about standards.

Will I go back and see her? Bet your ass I will. I have to say the Geordie accent was the cherry on top, I am a sucker for the accent.

Any inexperienced punters reading this. Give her a visit. It will give you an idea of what a true GFE experience should be. I wish I had seen her a year ago.

Sorry if this was a tad fluffy, but that's how it went.

Scotland / Maisie Edinburgh Tour
« by Roogoo2016 on January 30, 2017, 11:49:50 PM »

I'd decided to see Maisie at the beginning of December and was willing to make the trek through to Glasgow after reading all the glowing reports of her. Sent her a text and it turned out she was in my neck of the woods at a city centre hotel. Perfect! £140 for an hour.

Arrived at the hotel to find you can't get in the bloody lifts without a key card! Few texts back and forth and Maisie comes down to meet me. Won't hold this against her as she said she'd stayed before and they weren't there last time.

Into the room and she takes off her tracky bottoms and jacket to reveal some very sexy underwear and I get to see those wonderful breasts for the first time. They are a sight to behold. She starts DFK and I have a grope. Bra comes off, my clothes come off and I'm dripping with the excitement. She comments on this and we get on the bed for some more kissing and groping. She then puts on a jacket and starts OW. Sure I'd read she did OWO but as I'm new to her and the precum was already there I just go with it. Again not faulting her for this but this next bit is why the neutral review. Im lying  on the bed and she's got my cock in her mouth but she is leaning, yes leaning like she is bored to hell, on her hand. She occasionally looks at me but most of the time she is looking to my left at the bed sheets. I don't like this. I mean, if your not enjoying yourself try and act a wee bit!

She then takes her knickers off lies back and we have sex in missionary. As I said earlier I was pretty excited by the time I got there and it didn't take long before I was asking to cum on her tits even though she'd been looking out the window most of the time.

Quick chat and a breather and it's on to round two. Wee bit of OW then she gets on top. Fucks me for a bit with that same disinterest then asks me to fuck her doggy. Maybe so I don't notice she wants to be somewhere else? Anyway, I pound away for a bit before filling the bag. We then chat for a bit and she really is a nice girl. If it wasn't for this and those wonderful tits this would probably be a negative. Maybe I just caught her on a bad day or maybe she was knackered at the end of her tour. I still wouldn't see her again.
Scotland / MaisieXXX - Glasgow
« by Firebird on September 29, 2016, 01:36:06 AM »

Price: £90
Duration: 45 minutes

The first two paragraphs are about my attempts at getting a punt on Tuesday afternoon, if you simply want to read about my time with Maisie, jump to paragraph three

Okay so I know she's well reviewed but fuck it! So after a weekend of trying and failing to get a punt (and being quite busy on Monday) I woke up on Tuesday morning praying to the punting God's that there would be someone in town. The first profile I noticed was Miss Foxx (https://www.adultwork.com/2969866) who as I have said previously in other threads, I would love to shag, she has that Page 3 model look about her and I've had a few wanks while looking at some of her pics as well, so the urge to go and see her was quite strong. There were a couple of other girls however, one had bad reviews, the other one didn't seem to be available and the other one was good ole' Maisie.

I headed into Glasgow and while on the train, decided that I would bite the bullet and see Miss Foxx, I thought I'd see her for 30 mins (at £130!!) and treat myself, however her reply to texts was quite dry, no kisses, no 'okay baby' or 'can't wait to meet you darling', just simple one word answers, not very enticing, I agreed 30 mins with Miss Foxx and she told me to go to Charring Cross train station and then text her, immediately I considered cancelling, I had visions of me being sent on a wild goose chase and so sent Miss Foxx a text telling her that I wanted to cancel as her rates were just to expensive, got a text back from her saying 'I'm a Playboy Centrefold, you get what you pay for' and below it she had sent me one of the pics from her AW profile, I was tempted to just go ahead with it and my mind was racing; those tits, that peachy arse, the lovely toned body, the fact that I would be getting to shag a woman that looks like she should be on the cover of FHM, but in the end I stayed strong and went through with cancelling the booking, I did find Miss Foxx's attempt to entice me into going a good laugh though, the fact that she was now putting kisses on the end of her texts and of course sending me one of the pics from her gallery, maybe she's desperate for work...?

So I texted Maisie, wanted to book her for 45 mins, comms are always good with Maisie, very reliable, we all know by now that Maisie isn't the 10/10 punt that Tazz made her out to be, she's cheap and cheerful, provides a good service at a good rate and by this point in the day, that's all I was looking for. Arrived at the city centre hotel that she was staying in and arrived at her room, she answered wearing a very nice black bodysuit type of thing, high heels and those massive tits on display as always. My third time seeing Maisie now so was met with a big hug and kiss, we chatted for a few minutes, Maisie was in shock when I told her how much the competition (Miss Foxx) was charging, she then teased me, placing her boobs right in my face while I was sat on the edge of the bed, received some compliments on my aftershave (Sauvage by Dior), I had a bottle of it with me and Maisie ended up spraying some on herself lol. She informed me that she was actually just about to start packing her case and head home when she got my text and decided to stay, gotta give her props for that man. Money out the way followed by a quick shower, came out and we started off with some nice DFK, Maisie then slipped out of her little black number and I got to play with her lovely big tits. This was followed up with some really nice OWO and then I returned the favour. Then climbed on top of Maisie, placing my dick in between her oiled up tits and started pumping away, in all honesty I think if this had been getting done with me sat on the edge of the bed, Maisie looking up at me and using her tits to wank me off then I probably would've shot my load then and there, I think the fact that I couldn't get a great view of her tits due to the way that I was perched on top of her probably held me off from cumming.

Fucked her in mish and then Maisie wanted me behind her in front of the mirror, pounded away in doggy for a few minutes and was thinking that I would probably just wank myself to completion over Maisie's tits however as I fucked her in doggy I could feel myself getting really close to cumming, Maisie seemed to arch her arse inwards a bit, I took a look at Maisie's reflection in the mirror, looking at her tits hanging down all the while she encouraged me to fuck her harder and a few seconds later I was cumming, continued to slowly fuck away as I finished off inside Maisie, felt fantastic to say the least!

Had a chat for a few minutes, she's going on holiday on Thursday (today lol) with Brooke and Kacie Clark (that would be one hell of a fourseome), we chatted some more and then I went for another shower, came out, chatted another bit while I got dressed and then headed off. In the end it was a good punt, I knew what I was gonna get, good service with a nice attractive big boobed Geordie lass, nothing incredibly special about the punt, like I said above, she's cheap and cheerful and highly reliable. Would love to see her as part of a duo with Brooke or again with Kacie Clark, in terms of seeing her again just on her own, it'll probably be a good few months before a see her on her Jack Jones again. But she is always very reliable none the less.
Scotland / Maisiexxx (Glasgow)
« by TheBri on September 28, 2016, 09:15:18 PM »
Greetings all.  Sometime reader, first post, and may as well make it first review, have had some valuable info from here in the past (in both "go for it" and "don't touch it with his" categories), so probably feel I owe some participation.

MAISIE: https://www.adultwork.com/3147482

Well reviewed on here I know, this was actually my most recent punt, about a month ago.  In punting terms, I'm a relative noob, but not a rookie.  She would be the 7th on my checkbox list, if you're that curious, and (I think) my 11th overall (yeah, a couple of re-runs, I've been lucky in selection) in the year or so since my punting cherry vanished (divorce: there's a life after it, and fuck, mine's better than hers).  Anyway, onwards.


Pretty good considering Maisie's popularity definitely impacts her availaibility.  She's a texter as her AW Profile suggests, probably through necessity - it's been mentioned here before she does seem to not leave much time between bookings, and that's true on my experience, it's 10 minutes gap at most I would guess, just enough for a quick freshen up and a "text to next" (who I saw nervously looking at his phone as I was leaving, sorry mate, it was kinda obvious, don't stand that fucking close to the lifts for no apparent reason, unless of course you just don't give a shit, in which case, carry on!).  Don't expect long love letters, it's efficient, tells you what you need to know, and that's it.  Suits me fine, I'm not going to wank over words on my phone. Does the fact I didn't actually hear her voice beforehand matter?  To me it doesn't.  YMMV.

I did think later, as I was going home, if you were looking for something specific therefore, a role-play or uniform or whatever, you might want to try and get things set up a few days in advance, b/c you might struggle on the day, just my guess.  I'm not that demanding though, so it was 3-4 texts back and forward to lock down the time, duration, and the usual routine - I'm at X hotel, I can see you at this time, and I'll send you the room number just ahead of time, which she did.


City Centre hotel as usual.  Maisie's technically on tour I suppose, but she's here so much she's probably about as available as any local girl.  I would think like most tourers she probably varies the location each time so she doesn't become too familiar to hotel staff, so I guess it's pot luck whether you get completely oblivious receptionists or Sherlock Holmes.  I got the former, they were busy with other guests, and I couldn't miss the lifts, saw them as soon as I walked in.  No problems at all, up to the room, chap chap, hello.


Can't start anywhere else except... them.  Those.  The 34Gs.  Yeah, they're helluva nice, and yes, my eyes were drawn to them as soon as I clapped eyes on them.  As good a pair of natural big 'uns as you'll find.  My only (offline) punting mate has seen her before and said he thought they hung a bit when she was bent over, but FFS man, that's what natural tits do, it's called fuckin' gravity, you think otherwise and you've been watching entirely too much porn with balloon-titted falsies.  Me, I judge 'em on how they hang when she's standing up or lying down, and I couldn't fault 'em.  She's still at a young enough age (says she's 28, and that would have been my exact guess as well) that the inevitable hasn't happened, and hopefully won't for a good few more years.  They're just damn NICE.  Great shape, great weight, and a bloody great handful.  Let's leave it by saying if you consider yourself a boob-lover, and you DON'T think Maisie's are excellent, you're either a falsie-man or you're heading for a lifetime of disappointment.  Best (naturals) I've ever handled?  No, but a silver or a bronze wouldn't be out of the question, and that might only be because my particular Gold Medal winner was... oh, that's another story entirely, but the only case I've ever seen of gravity saying "fuck this, you two win".  A mutant maybe.

Aside from that... hmmm.  OK, I can't really split too much from the consensus, she's the girl next door.  She's pretty, very pretty if I put all the airbrushed internet shit out of my head for a minute, but without being so stunning you drop your jaw and dribble.  You could walk around a big town centre on a Saturday morning and see a few lasses (only a few mind) who would be comparable (tits aside), but that's part of the appeal for me, it makes her feel more "accessible", like she's not so far out of your league she wouldn't ever look at you with anything but contempt.  She's "ya know, maybe, on my best day, if I was really, really lucky...".  Long dark hair that suits her, not too much makeup, and I do remember noticing I thought her eyes were quite pretty (although what colour, I couldn't tell ya, lighting wasn't exactly set for that kind of examination).

The rest of her I'd say follows the same theme (again, tits aside, which you can't... put aside).  On my first glance, I actually though she was slightly (and only ever so slightly) heavy, but I think it was just the way she was standing plus the fact that THOSE are so eye-catching, and she's not that tall (5-4), it makes her look wider than she actually is.  Certainly once we got into the action and I had plenty of opportunity to explore, I realised it was more just a case of probably ME watching too much fucking porn) 'cause there wasn't anything moving or folding that shouldn't. She's healthy, she's got padding where she's meant to.  She's not skinny, but you'd need have a hard-on for fitness chicks to call her anything else than in good shape.  Oh, and her arse is crackin'.  If there was any extra at all, it's the kinda thing you could basically put down to however much water she was retaining on that day, which - fuck me, really? - women actually do, ya know?


Pretty much what I always had in mind as a Geordie Lass - bubbly and fun.  Her accent isn't that strong, something I only mention because I did once (pre-punting days) pump a lass who made Jimmy Nail sound like he was from London.  Very chatty, likes a laugh, no airs & graces about her, but doesn't come over as being uneducated or crude either (she let out an F in conversation, and immediately apologised, which to me means she's actually thinking about how she's presenting herself, which is nice, but bother me?  Don't be silly).  Again, she's the girl next door, and yeah, if she really WAS the GND, your mum & dad would probably like her.  You could imagine if you didn't know her in a "business context", she'd be pretty good fun to go for a night out with.


Gonna disappoint if you're waiting for chronological blow by blow, am a bit old fashioned that way, "a gentleman does not...".  Look, what would work for me might not work for you, so don't really know the point anyway.  Will say that I tried most of the things on her Likes List, and all were delivered with no objection and a whole lot of enthusiasm, and didn't get any "no, not that" (but then again, I do pay attention to what lasses have on their lists and what they don't).  I'd say she's probably been doing this long enough that there's inevitably a little bit of a formula there, but look, she offers GFE.  GFE IS A FORMULA.  The only thing that varies is the order, performance, and... well, I suppose presentation.

Highlights?  Good little stabbing tongue on the FK (not full DFK, but good enough), which may not sound like much, but it's surprising how many WGs don't really make much effort in that area at all.  She was definitely not one of those.  Good mix of hand & OWO mouth action on the old man (some may prefer all of the latter, me, I don't really care as long as I get the reaction), and lots of eye contact which is important to me.  Didn't DT, but it's not something I find a necessity as long as she plays plenty of attention to balls, head and shaft, which she did and is more than willing when you want a bit more of one or the other.  Does all the standard positions with ease and accomplishment (although it's kinda hard to come away from CG when you watch THOSE bouncing up and down in front of you), and her snatch hasn't been used so much that it's not got more than enough tightness (and it's a good 'un to have a taste of too, esp as her clit is quite happy to pop out and say hello without too much forced encouragement and he's a very responsive little fellow!).

I'd also give her a nod for style points insofar as she's got a real knack for letting you get on with what YOU want to but knowing to suggest when a change of position or service might be about due, in other words the right mix of you and her leading - I like that anyway, if you've got more sub or dom tendencies that might not sound good at all, but doubt she's probably your first choice if that's your bag anyway.  No idea if she's got a "real world" BF, but he's a lucky bastard if she does.  Don't think she's one of the girls I've seen you lot commonly recommend to punting virgins, but I wouldn't have much hesitation pointing one her way, she'd take good care of them.  Should also mention between Round 1 & 2, we did just have a cuddle and a chat, which you might not rate as important at all, but Round 1 had been a bit more intense than I'd planned (and I think either of us anticipated), so we both needed a breather, and I have to say, as GFEs go, this was probably as natural a mid-session cuddle-up as I've experienced, and that, I suppose, is what GFE is meant to feel like.

Any knocks?  Honestly, I'm struggling.  Maybe I'm back to the GND thing - she's good at everything she offers, without being absolutely outstanding at anything in a way you'd utterly flip your cookies. She didn't clockwatch at all that I noticed (I booked an hour, got an hour and about 10, and that was because Round 2 took a bit longer to come to a close than I anticipated), but she never mentioned it until I'd popped.  When I did, it did feel noticeable that she had another booking, but fuck, I knew that going in, she'd told me we had X amount of time, I can't blame the girl for wanting to keep more than one punter happy, and like I say, I was over time anyway.


OK, I might draw some fire for this because I know she has a fanclub on here, but I'd say I don't think she quite deserves the legendary status she's been accorded by some, but that may be relative.  As (relatively) new to this as I am, I know from what experience I do have (a couple of lousy punts and a good few broken appointments after I'd shifted time around), stories (my offline punting mate who is probably reading this and is a total wanker, yes you are, and you know it), and reading you lot whining that the talent base isn't what it once was these days.  Short version?  In this market, Maisie's a gem on abilities, plus her personality's just so sparkly it's impossible not to like her.  On one punt alone, I can't speak to her reliability, but very much got the impression she's the sort who wouldn't mess you around for hours then go dark.  She says she's doing it, she'll do it.

So... YES.  Although I had to give it a little thought.  I suppose I'd say, at the risk of repetition, Girl Next Door.  Good at everything, does nothing badly, there's just not one thing she does astoundingly well.  I was maybe expecting a clearcut future addiction, but to me, she's borderline on my list now between a punting day Plan A and a Plan B, and "it depends" - she'd be an A on a lot of days, but on others, depending on who was available, she might have to settle for the top of the Plan B list (but it would be the very top).  Sorry, shoot me.
Scotland / Maisie/Glasgow
« by Clattypats on September 20, 2016, 02:41:43 AM »
30 mins - £70
Texted Maisie for a short notice booking and she got back to me in the space of 5 minutes...

Got to the city centre hotel then room number when I arrived..usual behind the door stuff then Maisie appeared from behind it in her nice black underwear  with her assets ready to pop out...Got paperwork out the way,freshened up then headed to where she was lying on the bed...

Stripped off ,a bit of FK while my hands wandered between her tits and pussy..Some pretty good Owo with some spitting on my cock ,then into 69....onto missionary next with her legs wrapped right round me ..felt I was gonna cum so slowed down as I'm only a one pop guy no matter the length of booking....Doggy next then back onto mish with her legs spread open..

Finished with me kneeling on the bed with her sitting up till I came all over her lovely tits...Had a shower then said my goodbyes..

Good booking ,which I enjoyed, but think I've had my time with Maisie and don't think there is a big enough draw to tempt me back...still has to be a positive though.
Scotland / MaisieXXX - Edinburgh
« by JS1988 on September 19, 2016, 10:23:21 PM »

Price £70
Duration: 1/2 hour

Met the much praised Maisie towards the end of last year when Plan A (will post review on her later) messed up and needless to say I couldn't have been happier with the turn of events. The booking occurred in a hotel close to Edinburgh Waverley station

Communication 9/10: All comms were via text message and I was impressed by her timeliness when responding to texts. Although I don't mind this with girls I have met before, I like to actually hear the girl's voice before I make a booking. She gave me very clear directions on how to get to her room.

Location 10/10: Very convenient as it was near Waverley Station. Entrance to elevator was not close to reception so could get in and out without anyone noticing. Room was very clean.

Appearance 7/10: Maisie met me at the door wearing a white with blue pattern knickers and bra set. She is pretty enough facially although not stunning. Maisie's best asset is definitely her body and her lovely natural tits.

Service 9/10: Definitely one of my best punts in terms of service provided. She performed OWO and went really deep on my cock, using a lot of spit, and paid good attention to my balls. After a few minutes of this we done a 69, having her sweet tasting pussy on my face is something I will never forget. We then moved onto the usual gluttony of positions before I finally shot my load after an intensive pounding.

Maisie is a very down to Earth girl and easy to talk to. After cleaning up we had a wee laugh before I finally got dressed and left a few minutes over my booking time.

Overall 9/10

VFM: £70 for 1/2 hour, yes and would definitely recommend.
Scotland / Maisie
« by bhoywonder on August 23, 2016, 11:35:57 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3147482 or https://www.adultwork.com/Maisiexxx

Just back from my 30min incall with Maisie  :D

Comms by text were good, arranged the meet, turned up at city centre hotel, straight up on lift to room, answered by Maisie (sexy looking Geordie girl) with some sexy underwear on.
Loads of DFK and tongue 👅 action whilst rubbing my cock.
Both lay on bed for more of the same, before stripping off my boxers and doing some sloppy OWO with eye contact.
 Then I gave her some RO which she seemed to enjoy, then she put rubber on using her mouth and I fucked her in mish, then one leg over my shoulder whilst I watched my cock slide in and out, flipped her over for doggy (bent right down giving me a great view) off with rubber, back to some OWO, before lubing up her big boobs and finishing in a tit wank.   
Not a bad wee morning  :D
Scotland / MaisieXXX Glasgow
« by Next1 on July 07, 2016, 07:15:16 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3147482 or https://www.adultwork.com/Maisiexxx

Location: City centre hotel
Price: 70 HH

I've had a couple of meetings with the lovely Maisie over the last few weeks during her regular visits to old Glasgow town and although she's well reviewed i thought it was time i popped my reviewing cherry. So here's my tuppence worth.

As above met Maisie in a city centre hotel. Although i was extremely nervous about meeting in an hotel for the first time there was absolutely no problems on both occasions. Busy enough to not be noticed walking in off the street and into the lift (also helped with a couple of reassuring words from a fellow site member, cheers bud you know who you are :-) )

The meet itself.
Fantastic, infact that good i went back twice lol. I'm quite easy to please in regards to the female form (who isn't when the wee man is angry and ready for a fight!!) but i found Maisie to be imo outstanding.
5'4, an amazing amazing pair of tits (perfect for otw) an ass that looks just tremendous doggy style and a pretty wee face for target practice :P

Services, FK, OWO, OTW, RO, sex in a couple of positions and then off with the bag to cover her tits.

Recommend: Yes
Return: without doubt
Yorkshire & the Humber / MaisieXXX - Touring Leeds
« by stevedave on May 06, 2016, 04:46:42 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3147482 or https://www.adultwork.com/MaisieXXX

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to punt I go...with the sun on my back and a bulging sack, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho...

Not sure what brought that on, I must be in a good mood after a very good punt!

I noticed Maisie when she created her AW account last year, she showed up in Leeds but I wasn't able to arrange meeting her. I've kept an eye on her profile since then, and have noted with growing envy the good reports she's accumulated in Scotland! When I saw she was finally back in Leeds, I made contact and arranged to meet her. Pretty much all comms were done via text, save for an initial email, and she was very good at coming back to me quickly with all the info I needed. The price was £140 for the hour, which is a little more than I'd usually look to pay, but I've wanted to see her for a while and had a couple of cancellations recently, so figured it was worth a dabble.

The day arrived, and I turned up at the city centre hotel she's using. I let her know I was there and she gave the the room number and instructions as to where the lifts were etc, nice touch. No problems getting past reception and I was soon knocking on the door.

Maisie let me in, and my initial impressions were very good! She is a very pretty Geordie lass, probably a size 10, mid-late 20's, jet black hair and looked immaculate. She has the type of make up on that makes it look like she's not wearing make up, but probably takes ages to do! She has a few small tattoos, but nothing OTT.

We had a quick kiss and I jumped into the shower and rejoined her in the main room...a bit more kissing, and we got onto the bed as she removed my towel. More snogging and she took her bra off...she has a great pair of tits! As a boob man myself, I was well pleased! She started rubbing my cock and soon enough moved down to suck me, a nice bout of OWO followed, with a bit of ball licking. She took me to the edge a couple of times, and I warned her...to which she said "can you make it cum again"? I replied yes, at least once more (though 2 pops in an hour is normal for me nowadays), so she carried on. I double checked CIM wasn't on offer (it isn't) so when I got to the point of no return, I warned her and I soon came all over her hand and me. Nice start!

She cleaned me up and offered me a massage while I recovered which I accepted. Nothing special, nice and light with talc, but pleasant enough as we chatted - she's a nice girl, very chatty and we got on well enough. I soon asked if I could return the favour, and went down on her. Very nice pussy, she seemed to enjoy it and was making all the right noises, and soon enough she started shuddering so I took my cue to stop. At that point she reached across to the bedside table to grab what I presumed was a condom but no, she lubed her tits up and told me to fuck them. Who am I to refuse an offer like that? She squeezed them together and, honestly in no time at all I was spunking all over her tits. I wasn't expecting that! As she cleaned us both up I said that she must be determined to make me cum 3 times like I'd mentioned earlier (and hoped so as I'd only been there half an hour!) and she said she likes a challenge...and that we hadn't had sex yet, and she needed sex. Music to my ears.

I recovered as we kissed again, got back to some form of hardness and she started playing with me again...she put a jonny on and gave me a little OW to get me to full hardness. She climbed on and started fucking me in cowgirl as I feasted on her tits, such responsive nipples, they really are a magnificent pair. After some frantic shagging, we moved to missionary, more kissing, more nipple nibbling, legs over shoulders, I was really going for it as she told me to fuck her pussy hard, a nice bit of dirty talk. I then flipped her over and fucked her in doggy, nice and hard like she was telling me, giving her arse a few playful slaps. We were at this for a good while and, since I'd cum twice already I was struggling to cum again, but she sensed this and turned round, whipped the jonny off and lubed my cock up, giving me a fast, frantic handjob as we kissed until I finally came. And there it was, my first threepeat in an hour for what seems like ages! And I was absolutely fucked by the end of it! She got me a drink as I caught my breath which was nice, I had a quick shower (she popped in to help get the talc off which I thought was a nice touch), I got dressed and got on my way.

What a thoroughly pleasant way to spend an hour! I'm certainly glad I've kept my eye on her profile, and if and when she comes back to Leeds, I will try to see her again. She doesn't come here often lads, so fill yer boots while she's in town.

She definitely gets my seal of approval!
Scotland / MaisieXXX - Glasgow
« by hoopbhoy on April 27, 2016, 01:20:13 PM »

Not had much luck getting my preferred options available over the last week so when I saw Maisie was back I checked the reviews and decided to give her a call. Not my usual type, big boobs don't usually get me going unless attached to a good figure, and relative lack of pics on the profile always give pause for thought. I'm also a bit wary of touring girls after my disappointing experience with Rachel. Sent a text and she was available within the hour at a well known city centre hotel. Booked the hour at £140. Arrived on time and got a text with the room number. No probs navigating reception.

Maisie answered the door in black bra, pants, some heels and a smile. Good start. Looks exactly like profile pics, curvy but not fat, nice legs, pretty face with great kissable lips, big hair, immaculately groomed. I'd just come straight form home so no shower required and after a nice hello kiss I stripped and got down for a nice cuddle and dfk session on the bed. Unleashed her boobs from the bra and god they are a fine set! Big, natural, smalll aerola tipped by perky responsive nipples. The girl is blessed. After getting acquainted with her breasts I moved down stairs to her pussy, clean shaven, sweet tasting and quick to get nicely wet. She really seemed to get into the oral, came sweetly then demanded to return the favour. Bit of an examination and clean off with some wet wipes then onto some really nice OWO, lots of spitting, head teasing and good eye contact. Then she asked me to fuck her tits, placed some lube between them, then trapped my cock between them and told me to go for it. Really horny sight watching her squeeze her boobs around you. Probably the best tit fuck I've ever experienced and I duly splashed a hefty load between them in fairly short order.

We quickly cleaned up and they lay for a bit cuddling and chatting before she wrapped her hand around my cock and said do you think you can get that to come again. Bloody silly question with that body in the vicinity. Had a lovely time playing with her pussy until she decided to pop on a rubber and climb aboard. Fantastic slow cowgirl ride with her kissing me deeply and rolling her hips to great effect. Could feel her muscles squeezing and releasing. The we had a session of doggy with her positioning herself so we could watch in the mirror. Great sight. Being an old fecker I couldn't go too long like that so laid back and finished with a great hand job, all the while Maisie is dfk'ing and whispering naughtily in my ear. Second orgasm arrived right on cue. Perfect.

Had a nice wee chat as I got dressed. She's only up for a short while but I think is a fairly frequent visitor here. A truly top punt with a really good lass. The good reviews are all thoroughly well deserved.

Scotland / Maisie and Kacie Clark - Glasgow
« by Firebird on April 12, 2016, 03:54:31 PM »

Price: £140
Duration: 30 minutes

So I decided to finally have my first duo and having already seen Maisie in December just there I figured that having her as one of the girls would be a good place to start and would help put me at ease a lot quicker. Now Kacie received a positive review from Tazz and a neutral review from Seeker so I was a bit unsure as to how she would look, the pics look quite good but there are only two or three for you to view in her gallery all of which show off her best assets (tits obviously) and nothing else. However Seeker did say that he thought Cherry Royal was pretty good looking and she ended up being quite average in my eyes, eye of the beholder and all that stuff a suppose but moving on. Comms were really good at first, when I booked the punt everything was dealt with quickly as is always the case with Maisie, she replies to texts very quickly and doesn't really fuck about. I arrived in Glasgow quite early and so had to do a bit of waiting around (longest 35 mins of my life) before eventually texting Maisie to let me know when she was ready, this is were comms became very slow but eventually my booking time came around and about five minutes later I was still waiting, two mins later I got a text from Maisie saying '2 mins darling', I can only assume that she was with another punter who was maybe taking his time getting out of the room or maybe Maisie was waiting on Kacie to finish up with a punter or something, I don't know, I was slightly miffed as for me this is the big problem with this whole revolving door service, bookings can start to clash which isn't good for the punter or the prossie. She then sent me a text with just the room number, no hotel, I had positioned myself round about Argyle street and that way if it was the Jury's Inn I could get there quite quickly and the same case being if it was the Marriott, in the end it was neither and after Maisie sent me a text telling me what hotel it was I made the short five minute walk there (there's not that many hotels in the city centre so I'll leave it up to you's to figure out which one it was  ;)).

Walked past reception straight to the lifts and up I went, knocked on the door to see Maisie standing there in black bra and knickers with red high heels, she looked as good as I had remembered. I then caught a glimpse of Kacie and wasn't disappointed, personally I have to disagree with Seeker, I thought Kacie looked really sexy and very, very enticing. Although the punt only happened a couple of hours ago I actually can't quite remember what Kacie was wearing but am pretty sure it was a body stocking type of thing, either way she looked great, facially she's never gonna be a model but if I saw her in a club on a Saturday night looking as hot as she did today then I would certainly be going over to try and chat her up, I would say that Seeker was right in describing her as girl next door in a council estate, she's not rough or anything but if Maisie was living in a detached house in a cul-de-sac, Kacie would be living in a 3rd floor flat, again she's not rough or anything she just has that look about her, looks like the kind of girl that would have been giving out blowjobs to boys in school. I'd say Maise is maybe a 7 and Kacie is a 6. Kacie has quite a curvy body and I'd say she's probably about a size 12, Maisie is a lot slimmer, but to be honest both girls have great body's in my opinion. Maisie came over and we kissed for a few seconds and then Kacie took my jacket and t shirt off and gave me a kiss as well. We then got the money out the way and I went to the bathroom to freshen myself up, I was only in there for about five minutes and next thing I know Maisie comes in and say's 'Right let's get you out here,' it wasn't done in a cheeky, 'Come on I haven't got all day' kind of way but I assume either she or Kacie had a booking straight after me and wanted to hurry things along. At the time I wasn't at all bothered, when you've got two half naked, very sexy girls with massive tits waiting to suck your cock you don't really register these things but looking back I would say that Maisie was being a bit unfair in trying to rush me along, it's not my fault that you do back to back bookings and therefore have to get every punter serviced as soon as possible. Que sera sera a suppose...

Anyway out I went, I lay on the bed and had some french kissing with Kacie, (NOTE: French kissing, not DFK) my boxers were then brought off and I had a play with Maisie's tits while Kacie started giving me some cracking owo, Maisie soon joined her and the sight of these two sexy girls sucking and licking my dick was unbelievable, sooo, sooo sexy!! Maisie then sat on my face giving me a taste of that lovely, clean, fresh pussy and then Kacie sat on my cock and started riding me, after a while Maisie got down and sucked my cock while Kacie laid next to me and gave me a look at those massive tits and I have to say they are fucking huge, her nipples aren't the most responsive but they still look and feel great, I am still in two minds as to whose tits I prefer to be honest. I fucked Kacie in doggy while Maisie lay next to her wearing nothing but her high heels and playing with her pussy, out of the two girls I'd say that Kacie has the nicer arse, big and round and it looks great from behind, she has a few tattoos dotted about her body as well so if that's something that puts you off then I'd advise not going to see her. While fucking her I simply couldn't take my eyes off Maisie and eventually I pulled out of Kacie and Maisie looked at me and smiled and said 'Is it my turn?'. I fucked her in mish with Kacie next to me talking dirty and telling me what to do, this was followed by a brief stint in doggy with Maisie before eventually I lay on the bed and the two girls started wanking me off, it felt great however in the end they asked if I wanted to do it and so they got off the bed and I sat on the edge of it, they were telling me how much they wanted to taste my cum and after a while I shot my load, there was a lot of cum and Kacie had to lower her hand to stop it from dripping onto the carpet, it felt phenomenal to say the least. I then went to clean up and Kacie said she had to go as she was leaving at 1pm and had another booking just shortly, this was a bit of a shame as I had taken a bit of a shine to Kacie, she is a good looking girl with a hot curvy body, amazing tits and seemed like a really nice funny, easy going person as well, personality wise I think Kacie takes this one and I think I might book myself a 1 to 1 session with her next time as I would like to spend some time just exploring her body and worshiping those tits. After Kacie left I got ready and exchanged a few words with Maisie, the first time I met her I was a lot more talkative as was she but this time things were a little bit more muted, she was still friendly enough and everything though she did seem to be a bit more business like today as opposed to the 'girlfriend that you've just fucked and now you're both having a chat and a laugh' persona that she had back in December. She ended up apologising for the fact that I had booked two girls and didn't even get to see them kiss, at this point I thought 'FUCK!', it was something that I had totally forgotten about and I did feel quite annoyed as it would have been amazing to see these two girls kissing, playing with each other's tits and pussy's, but oh well there's next time...

And as far as next time goes I have to say that I agree with ickydicky, 30 mins for a duo simply isn't long enough, there isn't enough time for you to try out all the different things on offer when there are two girls so next time both girls are in town and I have the available funds I will definitely enquire about an hour's visit next time as 30 mins really just isn't enough for me. Overall I'd say it was a really good experience, the sight of the two girls standing in the hotel room head to toe in sexy lingerie and looking absolutely stunning was worth around half the admission price lol, there was the odd occasion were it felt a bit rushed, I noticed Kacie doing the old hand shandy routine early on but I don't know if the plan was to maybe make me cum early and then that way it would give me time to recover and go for a second pop, but in the end that never happened and Kacie wasn't wanking me to same extent as Cherry was at least, two pops would have been nice but I quite liked the idea of having the one pop at the end, the Grand Finale. I think the main problem with these girls is the whole revolving door service, back to back bookings just aren't a good thing, one of the reasons why I'm looking so forward to seeing Exotic Delphine next month is because she doesn't do back to back bookings and see's a limited number of punters a day so there will be no rushing out the door, getting ready for the next punter stuff going on. Despite the odd feeling that it was being rushed I still had a great time, I got to fuck two very attractive big boobed girls and have them suck my cock, unfortunately I missed out on the lesbian show which is one of the crucial elements to a threesome but missing out on that isn't enough to make me drop this down to a neutral. Would have been nice to lay on the bed with Maisie and Kacie after I popped rather than Kacie grabbing her things, giving me a hug and kiss and then rushing out the door and Maisie getting herself ready for the next punter but this is one of the pitfalls of back to back bookings and I think it's something they need to address because Maisie quite clearly had another booking after me and Kacie said something about another booking as well. Next duo will definitely be an hour but I look forward to seeing these two again and in particular I look forward to seeing Kacie again, Seeker may not have taken to her but I really have to be honest, very sexy girl!

Positive booking for me and it will now go into the wank bank along with my many other punting memories!  :cool:
Scotland / MaisieXXX & Kacie Clark duo - Glasgow
« by tazman1002001 on February 24, 2016, 10:44:40 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3147482 or https://www.adultwork.com/MaisieXXX
https://www.adultwork.com/3215404 or https://www.adultwork.com/Kacie+clark

Well I had planned to see Maisie yeateday and after some texts back and forth she told me about her duo partner she was in Glasgow with, after a quick look at her profie and that main pic with those tremendous boobs  :dance: :yahoo: it took me only a few seconds to book this duo.

We all know about Maisie so don't need to say much.....Kacie is a Liverpudlian babe, she is about the same height as Maisie and is a real young looking fresh faced babe, she has a nice girl next door look about her, but her boobs are massive, she is a GG  :scare: and that they look great, personailty wise she is a nice chatty and ditzy girl who is really easy to chat with.

Meeting was at a city centre hotel, very safe area with plenty of meter parking and easy access to the rooms past reception where no one bats an eyelid, rooms are very grand and great facilities and a massive bed.....a great venue.

Got to the room and Kacie answered wearing not a lot with high heels as requested she had made all the effort with her nails all done in gold and gorgeous high heels, it was good to have a nice chat snog and a grope with Kacie for the first 5 mins whilst Maisie was in having a shower before she joined us. These girls are packing 32" boobs one with G and Kacie with GG ...OMG .....they looked great.

After my shower and with Kacie and Maisie both in nothing but sexy high heels we all got onto the bed and for the first few mins I had a face full of boobs ..... It was hands toungues nipples sucking and everything in between ...... At one point it was me and Maisie all over Kacies boobs ....well I was alternating between both sets of booobs.....what a turn on, the onto some serious 3 ways kissing ....damn it so hot seeing these 2 gorgeous girl next door type girls kissing and really getting into it ....it felt rude to try and get in the middle but I did and it was great.

Kacie moved down and started some great oral without .....what a technique ...lots of spit and sucking and really nice and sensual.....I got Maisie up and sitting on my face .....her pussy is near perfect and tasted so fresh and she was angling her clit and I realt worked it hard and she was really wet and was loving it. Swapped places and got Kacie into a 69 and Maisie moved down to my throbbing cock so had them both sucking my cock one after another whilst I had a face full of Kacies great pussy ...... I had to get them to slow down as that slow sensual sucking by bith if them had me close to cumming.

Took a rest as I asked Kacie to start on Maisie's wet pussy ......she really got into and Maisie was squirming with pleasure ....I got both girls high heels off and had a nice suck on these gorgeous toes ......both girls had nice feet and were loving it .... I told them I wanted to get the jacket on and get Kacie on top for cowgirl but had made it clear I wanted to cum all over there sexy feet. Kacie got on top and I asked her to slowly ride me and Maisie was lying next to me and we were sensually kissing away and she was offering her tits to me to suck on her great nipples.

I was close and asked Kacie to speed up ....she rode my cock hard and my kissing with Maisie got quicker ......Maisie knows me well now and she could tell what stage I was at ...... Kacie jumped off and with great expert ease Maisie took the jacket off and got her lips round my cock and kept me hard ....I asked them both to lie back and get there toes and feet together and I came hard all over these gorgeous toes ....... Damn I didn't know I had that much cum inside me ....there feet and toes were soaked with cum ....and a nice touch they both rubbed each other's feet with all the cum covered on them.

I fell in between them in a heap my heart was racing ...... They both got cleaned up and cleaned me up and back got back on the bed and they both done a nice gentle rub over my body with there amazing boobs.....great nice chat whilst this was going on....these girls really do compliment each other and Kacie is a great duo addition there bodies are great and it's a real GFe experience time 2 and I wil definatley be doing it again.

A 100% POSITIVE punt ......Maisie is great as always and I have to say as a first meet as it was with Kacie it was almost perfect she is a great girl who really really gets into the duo and she really is the sweetest girl ever ..... Highly recommended  :thumbsup: :dance: :yahoo: :hi: :cool:
Scotland / MaisieXXX - Glasgow
« by puntinho on December 31, 2015, 04:12:28 PM »
Hey peeps,

So, after reading rave reviews about MaisieXXX, I decided to pay her a visit during her visit in Glasgow. I went for 30mins, as it's my first visit to her, and my budget is a bit tight after Christmas.


She stayed at a very nice hotel not far from Glasgow's city center. I have to say that communication has been good all along, even if I've been given the room number two minutes after the scheduled meeting time, but it eventually had no consequences and the 30mins were fully consumed :)

Look-wise, she's exactly my type of girl! Brunette, not very tall, great body and great boobs. People here raved about her tits, they're quite nice indeed. Not the best I've had, but not the worst either. They're natural, I like them a bit more "firm" but they're way better than average. She's facially really good looking too. Great eyes, sexy mouth.

Service wise, pretty standard but in a good way. Nice OWO, with a lot of eye contact... Those eyes !!! They are amazing. She's got that naughty girl next door look... Which is enhanced by the way she looks at you when she sucks you off. Lots of spitting and wet-wank too, loved it. She initiated a tit-wank with gel between her assets too. Amazing !
More OWO, then on with the condom for some action. Mish, cowgirl (with the boobs dangling, what a sight...), and doggy... Finished with some more OWO (which felt a little bit rushed though, we were running out of time). I asked her where I could cum, she said "on my face? Or on my tits?"
And boom, I gave her a nice facial, me standing, her on her knees. Kind of PSE !

All in all, it was a good punt, for the money it's much better than a sauna. She's nice too, good convo, even if she looked very "serious", not super smiley.

I would go back, I think. Definitely a good punt. As I said, I've had slightly better, but I've had way worse and this girl is quality !
Scotland / MaisieXXX - Glasgow
« by DG on December 30, 2015, 12:45:16 AM »

1 hour £140

My second meet with Maisie who I noticed was in Glasgow for two days this week. Texted this morning and got a fairly prompt reply. A couple more texts and time and venue, a major city centre hotel, were confirmed.

I had seen Maisie on an early visit to Glasgow but realised 30 mins wasn't nearly enough time to enjoy all the delights this stunning girl has to offer. There have been many recent reviews that confirm how gorgeous she is and what an incredible body Maisie has; a big boob lovers dream  :dance:

When I parked up in a nearby street, I texted to say I had arrived. As I was a few minutes early I sat in the hotel lobby, feeling completely at ease. A few minutes later Maisie replied with room number.

She was wearing matching white bra and panties and black hold ups and heels. I was greeted with a warm kiss and hug. We had a nice chat whilst I got undressed down to my boxers and we then both laid on the bed and started to kiss and cuddle. I was amazed at how natural and comfortable this felt, with a lot of nice touches like intertwining legs and caressing each other's bodies. I actually commented that I could happily have carried on like this for the entire hour. Whilst still kissing I moved my hand down and rubbed Maisie's pussy, then slipped it inside her panties and slid a finger into her wet pussy. No flinching at all from Maisie, she was completely comfortable with this. At some point she took her bra off so I could lick and suck her pert nipples as she rubbed my cock and eventually took her panties off. At this point I went down on her and gave her RO for quite some time. She seemed to respond very well to the attention I was giving her with my tongue and fingers. I took off my boxers and Maisie returned the favour with some very good sloppy OWO. Eventually we moved into 69, when she took me a little deeper.

I then laid back and Maisie concentrated on me; excellent OWO with a lot of tongue along the shaft, around the tip and on my balls. Eye contact is great and is a real turn on when she looked up at me.

I decided it was time to fuck Maisie so on with the condom and some vigorous Cowgirl, missionary and doggie. Again Maisie responded very well and seemed to be enjoying it very much. I then took my obligatory rest and Maisie again turned her attention to my cock and balls. I particularly requested that she lick and suck my balls, which she did with relish and again, great technique. I just couldn't get enough and when she looked up at me it was amazing.

Having had the pleasure of shooting my load over Maisie's incredible boobs before, I fancied something different this time. So I asked if it was ok if I came in her mouth and she dribbled it on her tits. She was happy to oblige, so she went down on her knees on front of me, cupping her massive boobs in her hands and her mouth wide open. I brought myself to orgasm, which Maisie managed to contain in her mouth before allowing it to fall onto her boobs as I shot the last remnants onto her. :yahoo:

Summary: Physically Maisie is an absolute dream girl and her personality and attitude are first class and made me feel welcome and, more importantly, special for the time I was with her. The opening of this meet was so comfortable and natural feeling; literally like she was my girlfriend. The difference between the 30 min and hour meet was marked, I really felt I needed the extra time to enjoy her company and relax into what we were doing. No clock watching and her attention was focussed on me throughout, except when I indulged myself on her. I will definitely see Maisie again and may be tempted to meet for a duo.
Scotland / MaisieXXX - Glasgow
« by Firebird on December 22, 2015, 11:54:08 PM »

Price: £110
Duration: 45 minutes

Once again apologies for length but I don't like to miss anything out and it let's you chaps get all the details...

Over the past few weeks the Scotland section of UKP has been raving about these two Geordie girls and in particular, Maisie. I had tried to arrange a meet with her yesterday but was unable to get a suitable time, no doubt due to the fact that her popularity is growing every time she comes up here on tour. Today, after shifting things around at work, I was able to book Maisie for 45 minutes, for me personally this is a very ideal amount of time that more escorts really need to start offering, I find that sometimes one hour is too long and half an hour just isn't long enough, but that extra 15 minutes makes all the difference for me. I was fortunate that I was Maisie's last booking of the day and in actual fact after we had 'finished' and I was showering, Maisie was actually packing her suitcase ready to leave as she was driving back down to Newcastle this evening.

Anyway onto the good stuff. Comms were excellent, I prefer booking via text and Maisie had zero qualms about this, everything was arranged quickly and hassle free. The venue was a very well known hotel in the city centre, I texted Maisie for the room number about three minutes before I got to the entrance and once I had the three digits I headed up, no problems getting to the lifts, no awkward looks from reception, very ideal. Maisie answered the door in stockings, high heels and very sexy matching bra and knickers (am pretty sure the bra and knickers were the white set she's wearing in one of her gallery pics), she looked immaculate, facially she's a gorgeous girl, very pretty, there's a few tattoos but nothing that should ultimately put anyone off, she's got a cracking wee body, nice arse and despite being petite a very nice pair of legs as well, her hair and make up were second to none and she was very welcoming, noticing my cold hands, she turned the heating on and then said that SHE would warm me up some more in a minute  :wacko: Money was dealt with, had a quick shower and came out to see Maisie sat on a chair waiting for me, we went over to the bed were we had the best DFK that I've ever had with a WG, no clenched jaws or anything and all the while she was constantly rubbing my cock through my boxers with her hand (used her nails a wee bit as well which felt great) and also rubbing up and down my chest. She then got those amazing tits out and got on top of me which gave me the perfect opportunity to do nothing but worship them and I mean seriously, these are the best tits I've ever seen, in all honesty, the sight alone of Maisie taking her bra off was just perfection. I was now solid and after taking my boxers off (and receiving a compliment on my cock  :cool:) Maisie performed some cracking OWO, eye contact, licking the head, the shaft, incredible.

Maisie then lay on the bed applying some gel between her tits in the process before simply looking at me and then pointing at her tits, I climbed on top and received a great tit wank which if it weren't for the fact that I'm always wanking and watching porn (I'm a young man what do you want from me?) and therefore ever so slightly desensitized I would've probably shot my load right then. We fucked in mish, before moving onto doggy, Maisie wanted it in front of the mirror which was amazing, then Maisie climbed and rode me for like a minute before then getting off and laying on the bed beside me, she was pretty much lying nearly on top of me, wanking me off, kissing me and it was sexy as fuck, just the sight of her lying there beside me with those perfect tits and wearing nothing but her stockings and high heels, she then asked me where I wanted to cum and of course the natural choice was chosen, she then asked how would I like to do it and I told her I'd follow her lead, she got up smiling and directed me to sit on the edge of the bed, where she started wanking me off, there was lots of dirty talk and eye contact which along with the sight of those amazing boobs proved too much for me and about two minutes later I covered her tits, Maisie even laughed and said that I had been saving that up for her. We then chatted for a good five or ten minutes, this part of the punt can sometimes feel awkward cause the deed is done and in many ways you kinda just wanna get outta there and go about your business but I genuinely enjoyed being in her company, she's very friendly, easy going and just oh so fucking sexy.

I will absolutely be seeing Maisie again, no doubt about that. She's hot as fuck, has a real kinda seductive nature about her but is also incredibly friendly and down to earth with no awkwardness about her at all. She's the kinda girl that Glasgow really needs at the minute what with some of the dross we have to endure in this punting wasteland of ours. I've heard all about her duos with Cherry Royal and maybe after seeing Maisie on her own for a second time I'll give it a try, but in the meantime I am still buzzing about this punt from today. Honestly those tits are just un-fucking-real, out of all the girls I've shagged (both WG's and regular 'normal' girls) none of them had tits that were anywhere close to being as big or as nice, pure perfection!!!  :yahoo:
Scotland / MaisieXXX & CherryRoyal (Duo) Glasgow
« by moosehead69 on December 18, 2015, 10:10:11 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3147482 or

https://www.adultwork.com/3209381 or

£140 for 30 minute duo ....

Well it is Christmas and found myself with opportunity this week.. Short notice call / text to Maisie and arranged appointment and directed to nice city centre apartment. Was only planning on seeing Maisie but when arrived was asked if was interested in duo and what why not ....
Initially met by Maisie who is a gorgeous sexy friendly girl some nice wee chat and passionate kissing before Cherry entered room and introduced herself with some more sexy kissing....

Moved onto bed and couldn't believe I was actually snogging two sexy girls .... Maisie gorgeous figure cherry nice sexy toned body... Both girls different but go well together .. Maisie started with some nice owo whilst Cherry stuck her pussy on my face and encouraged a wee finger in her ass... The girls swapped positions before Maisie went on top and I struggled to contain myself ...

After round 1 girls were back to it sucking everywhere and Maisie's gorgeous tits are a sight and felt delightful ....cherry then got on top and rode me reverse cowgirl as her sexy ass bounced up and down..... Girls then got to bottom of bed and wanted me to finish over them but despite their best efforts couldn't manage in the short half hour.....

First every duo and felt totally knackered afterwards , used to gfe but left feeling the meet was a whirlwind and time flew past in a blur.....

Would definitely go back and see them individually both girls are so friendly  and sexy in their own way...
Scotland / MaisieXXX & CherryRoyal duo - Glasgow
« by Big_Yin on December 06, 2015, 03:15:20 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3147482 or https://www.adultwork.com/MaisieXXX
https://www.adultwork.com/3209381 or https://www.adultwork.com/CherryRoyal

1/2 hour - £140 for both girls

I had already met with Maisie on one of her sorties to Glasgow and having read a couple of positive reviews of her coupling up with Cherry, I thought it should be time that I popped my MFF cherry so to speak. 

After having messaged Maisie about an appt, she told me that she was in a city centre hotel.  Knowing that she was with Cherry, I cheekily asked if that meant that Cherry would be watching her (assuming the girls were sharing room).  Without little encouragement, an appt with both girls was booked.

Arrived at the hotel in good time and got the green light to go upstairs.

Maisie met me at the door in nothing more than very sexy underwear, gave me a lovely kiss and showed me in.  Cherry was kneeling on the bed, again in sexy underwear and was VERY friendly in her welcome.  Lovely dfk and soon after the paperwork was disposed of, my clothes were removed with similar enthusiasm.

Jumped onto the bed and lay between these 2 minxes who started kissing me very passionately indeed.  Cherry indulged in some DFK and Maisie decided to travel south and take my now rock solid cock in her mouth.  At this point, I couldn't believe my luck, especially in the knowledge of what was about to take place.  After some more snogging, I got both girls to slide their tongues up and down my shaft and they each took it in turn to feast on it greedily.  Lots of spitting, great eye contact all leading to a significant increase in my heart rate.

I then asked the girls to show me how much they liked each other ;-).  Without further ado, Maisie lay on her back and Cherry was slurping away at her sweet pussy.  Cherry obviously didn't want me to be left out and asked me to join in licking her clit.  Maisie certainly seemed to be enjoying herself.  Really couldn't hold off much longer and asked Cherry to get on her knees so I could bang her.

On with the rubber and piled into her with plenty of encouragement.  Maisie was lying next to us grinning away and wasn't too much longer till I filled the bag.   What a great ass Cherry has!!

A quick recovery period and I had Cherry sitting on my face and licking her out, whilst Maisie started sucking my knob.  Wasn't long till I was hard again.  Not sure at what point Maisie managed this, but very quickly went from sucking my cock to riding me CG.

Now please picture this guys - Cherry straddling my face and Maisie riding me CG - pure heaven!!!!

After another few minutes of this, asked Maisie to get on all fours and she willingly took me doggy style.  All the while, Cherry was pitching in with plenty of vocal encouragement to fuck her friend hard and smacking my arse at the same time.

Didn't quite manage to get a second pop, but OMG, that was definitely the best time I've had with a couple of girls!

Highly recommended and cannot wait to see these 2 sex goddesses again.

Both girls stunning in my opinion and service was second to none.
Scotland / Scotland / MaisieXXX Glasgow - Busty Geordie Girl
« by Moneyshow on November 27, 2015, 09:34:05 PM »

Venue was awful - cheap hotel over the water, for me the room itself put a downer on the experience as it wasn't particularly clean and I almost banged my head when getting on the bed due to another bed above it !

Maisie is a very attractive busty girl, that much I can agree on, and she did provide a good solid service (kissing with tongues and OWO) BUT I did feel somewhat disappointed with the both the location and her general vibe (she was very talkative afterwards and friendly) but I did feel it was just a little rushed and IMHO slightly mechanical.

For the money I was expecting a little more, its not an area I am in regularly and I would hope she isn't the consensus of a "top 3" in Glasgow id hope that given the price tag there would be better experiences out there.

So im leaving this review as a positive, but with room for improvement.
« by whiterhino on November 19, 2015, 10:58:45 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3147482 or https://www.adultwork.com/MaisieXXX

https://www.adultwork.com/3209381 or https://www.adultwork.com/CherryRoyal

Booked the duo for 30mins the other day after reading Taz' review. This is my first "duo" booking, so I was quite excited for the session. Arrived there 5mins before (hotel walking distance near the Quay), and was told to wait a few mins as one of them were just finishing with a client.

5mins later I get the room details and I make my way up, nervous but curious to see how the 30mins would go.

Greeted by Maisie first, who is your average next door girl. Some light FK and then greeted by Cherry who went a little more passionate with the FK. Cherry is more your pornstar look. Clothes off, and Maisie began with the BJ whilst I continued with some more DFK with Cherry. This went on for a while and jeez... Maisie sucking you off and Cherry all over your mouth - what a feel!

Both girls then began to suck and spit all over, licking balls, and all sorts. These girls really do have a perfect chemistry as they both just work so well together whether its for 3 way kissing or some sucking.

Then fucked both of them in few different positions. Whilst I fucked, Maisie would be between Cherry licking her out. Again, these girls do really put on a show together - felt like I was in an amateur porn movie at a few stages.

Maisie (who progressed and got a lot more deep/passionate with the DFK later).. started kissing me all over (and boy did I have a great time with both of their boobs) whilst Cherry started sucking again, ball sucking, spitting, etc. Finished off all over Cherry's tits.

I actually realised I finished about 10mins late but there were no signs of clock watching at all. We even had a brief chat at the end, so either these girls were genuinely enjoying the time, or they didn't have a booking after mine (I choose the first).

All in all, yes, a positive punt. Have I had better? I think so.. but considering my duo experience is low, I enjoyed this one and look forward to a different duo soon (Taz, give me some suggestions!).

Maisie looks - 7/10
Cherry looks -5/10

Maisie service - 8/10
Cherry service - 9/10

Overall punt - 8/10
Scotland / MaisieXXX & CherryRoyal duo - Glasgow
« by tazman1002001 on November 03, 2015, 02:18:28 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3147482 or https://www.adultwork.com/MaisieXXX
https://www.adultwork.com/3209381 or https://www.adultwork.com/CherryRoyal

Well for me recently Geordie has been the flavour I want to taste all the time, with all this Romanian rifraf it's great to get some gorgeous genuine hot british girls that look amazing and provide a POSITIVE experience on every visit.

Well this is my 4th time that I had arranged to see Maisie and during a chat she mentioned that one of her good mates was in Glasgow for these couple of days and would I like a second attempt at a duo with her and CherryRoyal, Maisie promised me an out of this world experienced and would guarantee the best girl on girl action I had seen....it was a guarantee I could resist.

My visit was today and the girls are staying in a city centre apartment, lots of parking and a great clean flat with fluffy towels ...... I had chatted with Maisie and she gave me a detailed preview of what was on offer with this duo. Last duo I wanted Maisie and her duo partner to spend all the time with me.....this time I requested more girl on girl action and agreed that 45mins would be great.

Maise and I agreed to meet first and she looked gorgeous in a sheer see through blouse type dress with nothing else but high heels. As usual some great kissing and Maisie was really getting me excited whispering if I could wait to see her get her pussy eaten....I jumped in for a shower and by the time I came back cherry was also lying on the bed as well completley naked and both girls were gently kissing each other I got on the bed between them as we did some great three way kissing WOW......and i mean WOW WOW WOW.

Cherry is also a gorgoeus hot looking girl with a great body....Maisie moved down and started hers usual OwO.....great spitting and sucking .......whilst up top Cherry was doing some great kissing as we got to know each other I was really in heaven.

Maisie then told me to sit back and enjoy the show as both Maisie and Cherry started doing some greet toungue action kissing, then Maisie got Cherry on her back a she started to lick her out .....Cheery was soaking wet and I loved that Cheery got me to move up as she started some great owo on me, it was great to look down and see one girl giving me OWO and the other between her legs licking her out....I had to slow these girls down as I wanted to see these girls in action with the toys

It didn't make much prompting for Cherry to take out her double ended dildo.....cherry and Maisie got in the scissors position and after lubing up the dildo slowly inserted into there wet pusses......I can't explain how hot that looks .....I moved between both girls on the outside of the bed and took a few mins of OWO turn by turn from each girl .......these girls are really special.....they were both really working each end of that dildo. I moved and got a good chance to get my foot fetish fix and suck and kissed both girls gorgoeus toes.

I really wanted to fuck Cherry as her pussy looked great......Maisie continued with the dildo as Cheery got the jacket on me......she was really wet as it didn't long to slide my cock into her hot wet pussy.......as I watched Maisie fuck her dildo..I cant explain how hot it is when Maisie stopped to watch me fuck her best friend in MISH.

I was at the peak of coming and asked both girls to kneel down in front of me, took of the jacket both girls worked my balls, and sucking my cock it wasn't going to talke long I shot a massive load and squeezed every bit of cum and shot it all over both girls tits......they loved it and it was great to see it all over those boobs and hard nipples......if I had died there I could safely say it would have died a happy man lol.

After a clean up we lay and chatted and some more kissing, timewise and energy wise I couldn't have come again but the kissing was a great touch and was a great end to a great duo......I'm really getting used to these duos now.....and these two girls were probably my best ever so far. Maisie and Cherry really work well together and I would def recommend these girls .......any negatives........yeah I wish I could have had another 30mins so I could have tried one more pop.

Overall a POSITIVE experience.......Maisie is a star in my eyes but my first meet with Cherry has also been great and she has a great body and attitude to work, I now know why these girls work so well together. Highly recommended if you hadn't guessed....if you get a chance to duo with two girls the DONT miss the chance  :dance: :thumbsup: :yahoo:

Scotland / MaisieXXX Glasgow - Gorgeous Geordie Girl
« by tazman1002001 on October 19, 2015, 08:44:46 PM »
Maisie - https://www.adultwork.com/3147482 or https://www.adultwork.com/MaisieXXX

At the time of writing this I have seen Maisie now 3 times ......now this alone should a lot lol.... ---- First visit one on one....
- second visit was a duo with Maisie and the gorgeous Amber 
( https://www.adultwork.com/2593205 or https://www.adultwork.com/amberofnewcastle )
- Third visit one on one with Maisie

This review is from my third visit just over a week ago, Maisie was staying at a great city centre rental apartment. Centrally located aparment with plenty of parking, a new build high rise with a great flat on the 24th floor .....as expected a really nice flat with all modern mod cons and great shower facilities with readily available toiletries.

Maisie answered the door in my requested outfit....really short black dress with sexy high heel sandals with her gorgeous toes on show.....and ask requested no bra or pants on. Started with some great kissing as I entered the room as it was the 3rd meet it was all so natural and she is a great kisser......and I could have just kissed her and stroked and caressed her sexy body and felt those amazing natural boobs for the whole punt ........sheer bliss.

After a quick shower...... Fresh towel was ready and waiting on the heated towel rail.....all these small touches are great for me.....and back into the room where Maisie was lying waiting for me in nothing but those gorgeous heels and a huge smile......this girl is such a natural beauty with a great body.....oh and did I mention she has amazing natural tits with nipples to die for  :yahoo:.

Back to some more passionate kissing and we really were intertwined in each other's naked body....she was nicely stroking my rock hard cock and slid down my body and started some great OWO.......I mean it got real porn style with lots of spitting on cock as she used both her hands and mouth.....not quite deep throat but took a good length down her throat every now and again.....I had to slow her down a few times as I was close...and Maisie takes direction really well.......this was some great edging ...........

I really wanted to start making love (fucking as some of like to call it) again to this gorgeous girl....on with the jacket and got Maisie on top for some great reverse cowgirl.......I really do mean this ......this girl has a smoking hot body........asked her to turn round and rode her cowgirl.....nice a slowly as she took my ok deep on each bounce on my cock....it was great to see her boobs bouncing......... I had to speed things up and she got on her feet and really let me fuck her hard.....it didn't take long as I came hard in the bag..........i loved it when she gently let me ride out my orgasms......she was making all the right noises and sounded like she came as well.......

A nice clean up and she showed me how wet her gorgeous pussy was ...great to know I helped do that lol......we lay and kissed and cuddled some more....I could have fallen asleep right there with my head on her boobs.......

Overall a great positive experience and highly recommend ...........was there any negatives nope none at all ...... I'm going to see her again tommorow or Wed as she is back in Glasgow just now and I really can't wait......I don't know if I've wanted to keep fucking a girl as much as I do with Maisie.........and a british girl as well.....A lot of girls can learn lessons from Maisie and her whole approach to working........she really puts me at ease and that alone is 10/10 for me.
Maisie - https://www.adultwork.com/3147482 or https://www.adultwork.com/MaisieXXX

Amber of Newcastle - https://www.adultwork.com/2593205 or https://www.adultwork.com/amberofnewcastle

Also found this profile - http://www.allureescortagency.co.uk/amber--newcastle-escort.html

After having seen Maisie only a few weeks earlier ( https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=68787.0 ) I knew that a duo with her and Amber of Glasgow would be a sure fire winner as Amber had great feedback both on UKp and as mentioned I had experience of the gorgoeus Maisie.

The venue was not to my liking .......a budget hotel just over the water ......saying that the rooms were big enough and there was a nice big shower.......but the whole decor and the state of the hotel wasnt great ...and no fluffy towels  :(

On entering the room I wa greeted by Maisie, she looked hot and very natural looking, she was dressed as requested in a LBD with sexy heels....nice long lingering kiss to start and made me feel comfortable straight away......and sitting on the bed was Amber looking very hot in a mesh dress and again no underwear and high heels......she looks great.....and you could tell she had a gym toned body. Got a nice long lingering kiss also from Amber .........and I stroked Maisie's body through her dress..... All very relaxed and comfortable .......and some nice kissing between both the girls.

In for a quick shower and back out to both the girls naked and lying no bed in nothing but a smile and those killer heels .....perfect lol........Amber has some nice tattoos.....nothing over the top in my eyes ......Maisie looked great....she has a great body and great natural tits. I had seen that Ambers profile said enhanced tits but they looked great and were very natural.

Stsrted with some nice three way kissing....these girls really can kiss...what an great experience and it got me hard instantly. Amber started with some owo......now that what you call a sloppy blow job....great technique and really sloppy ........did some good attempts as deep throat. Whilst this was going on Maisie was kissing me and rubbing my body and dangling her boobs and letting me suck her nipples........ I could have come now and been happy.

On with the rubber and I got Maisie to jump on top reverse cowgirl I just wanted to feel myself in her tight pussy.....but I had all intention to cum over both girls tits.....a great fantasy I have wanted to carry out. After Maisie climbed off I wippped off the condom and asked Maisie to give me some OwO and got Amber to switch roles and starrted kising a sucking her tits.

It was only 30mins booking and I knew we had been going for some time.......and I really wanted a porn start style finish over both girls tits and had discussed that with them at the start........ Had to have a play about with both girls feel......Amber used her feet to caress my balls and cock and I had a nice suck of Maisie's gorgeous toes.....I was ready .....got both girls to lie in front of me as they both fingered each other and stroked each other bodies...........I didn't take long and shot a loads over both tits and wow did it feel good........Amber grabbed some wipes and sexily cleaned us both us....then we lay down with a girl or either side and had a nice kiss and cuddle.....great end to the session and one I willl def be repeating ....at £140 for 30mins I thougt ok value wise.

Overall a POSITIVE review for both Maisie and Amber and a highlghy recommended duo that you should not miss.......Maisie said they will both be back next week for a couple of days......I'm def going to see them when they are back.

As mentioned above the hotel was the only downside .......so really looking forward to this apartment booking with these two gorgoeus girls. There you guys took another one for the team....I really know how much of a martyr I am for you guys lol
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