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Scotland / atomicredi - Edinburgh
« by dilligaf on April 14, 2017, 10:16:40 PM »

This meet happened just after New Year's.

After the shining reviews on here, I figured it was time to book her. Texted for a 30 minute booking, next available booking was in an hour's time (as per her AW profile).

Length: 30 mins, £60

Location: The Shore in Leith. The street was easy enough to find and is quite quiet. The flat building is discrete, as I'd managed to walk past it 3 times in the space of 5 minutes.

Looks: Pictures are accurate. Teeth are a bit naff but I wasn't expecting the pearly gates. She's had a boob-job and it's not the cleanest, nor did it feel the greatest. I'm a grabber when it comes to sex, but these kind of put me off.

Service: If I'm going to be honest, it wasn't as good as the reviews had led me to believe. It felt very much like she was going through the motions, especially during OWO. I was expecting a bit more enthusiasm during GFE but was greeted with the odd smirk once in a while. This made things slightly stale, so I opted to pop in her mouth - to which she was more than happy to oblige.

Oddly enough, the part I enjoyed the most was after the meet. She's an incredibly easy person to speak to and get along with, and we had a good bit of banter for 10 minutes afterwards. Her dog was there, which I thought was going to make things awkward, but it wasn't a bother during the meet - and was a real treat to meet afterwards.

Would I repeat? I would but it won't be for a while.

Overall: 6/10
Scotland / Atomicredi - Edinburgh
« by subedin33 on December 09, 2016, 07:50:18 PM »
Arranged a booking with Atomicredi, or "Elle" as she prefers to be known, and would have to rate this as the best time Ive ever had.


Arranging was very easy. A few quick texts day before, texts during the day to confirm. Address sent a couple hours before. Very easy to arrange.

Location of flat was eaay to find. About 5-10 minutes from Ocean Terminal. A nice quiet street and really easy to find front door. Flat was clean, fresh, and warm and in general was comfortable to be there.

When I arrived Elle was wearing stockings, heels and bra. She has an amazing face and a great smile, and I actually preferred seeing here upfront and thought she looked better than her pictures. She gas a great smile and a great laugh which is something I like a lot. Amazing toned legs, wish I had taken more time to run my hands up and down legs but always next time for that! I could easily have spent an hour doing that!!!lol

In regards to what we got up to it was a great time and zero complaints. Plenty of positions and it was actually Elle who was wanting to do more than ne in the end. I got the feeling she was looking for a second round but I was pretty much spent after the first! Plenty of OWO abd FK, Im not much for DFK but definitely something she would have went for.

In the end, we had 15 minutes left to spare and we spent the rest of the time chatting and we were comfortable together. We got that comfortable talking away I hadnt even noticed I had went 10 minutes over! But still, Elle was completely OK with this, offered me to take a quick shower and have a cup of tea, if I didnt have places to be I would have done so and would easily have went about 25-30 minutes over!!!

Honestly, the kind of person you could sit and talk to about anything. A massive bonus that she will basically do anything you want in the bedroom. Literally anything. The last thing she said before I left was to think of a few ideas for what we could get up to on my next visit!!! The kinkier the better! Costumes etc, nothing off limits!!!

Everything 10/10 for me.
Red heads are awesome!!!!
Scotland / Atomicredi of Edinburgh
« by Largs43 on December 02, 2016, 07:15:57 PM »
After a year's punting exclusively at Newtown Sauna (NTS), I fancied a return to my hotlist of Edinburgh AW girls. Atomicredi fitted the bill at £110 for a one hour incall at an apartment near the modern waterfront winebar area in Leith. On-street parking is free but busy, and there's a private car park for her building. Good to know for next time I see her.


Good comms setting up the meeting, simple & straightforward, 2 or 3 messages each way.

On arrival, I was offered a drink, given a big hug & kiss, and made to feel immediately welcome and at ease although she looked sizzling hot in her black lingerie, stockings & heels. Quick shower, then to the bed for fun...

Atomicredi has a great figure, I'd agree with a previous reviewer that she actually looks better in the flesh than in her pics; her legs & bum are superbe, slimmer than her in her pics. She wore little or no make-up and looked facially prettier and softer than in her pics. Like many working girls, her legs are proportionally long, and at 5'7" hers go on forever. Good enhanced boobs. Toned all over, soft skin.

A very credible GFE with sensual kissing, building the excitement through OWO and a variety of covered positions as I wanted or she suggested. She put a lot of physical effort into it, especially where she was on top, and made sure I was enjoying it all. She's really fit, and supple; I'm sure she must work out at a gym, but is still feminine, not muscly.

She has an array of sextoys for all tastes, I'm not into dildos or strap-ons but did try some of her belts & paddles. I think spanking is a thing that's better to give than to receive, but opted to get my bum warmed for once. Well, it had been very cold outside!

Finished with CIM, and she took her time taking it all in before discreetly emptying her mouth a wee while later. No rush to spit it out!

I didn't explore her anal pleasures except some wet finger-circling around it during doggy. Pleased to see she was frigging herself from below during it.

No downside at all, really. She doesn't offer 1½ hr appointments which would have been my first choice but the hour was just enough.
Scotland / AtomicRedi Edinburgh
« by Cactus on September 12, 2016, 11:33:13 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3053454 or https://www.adultwork.com/atomicredi

Saw her for a one hour incall a few months back at her flat in and around the Shore. Nice enough flat in an up and coming area of town, plenty free parking locally to the venue, maybe not so good on public transfort but the 22 will go near I'd think.

While the pictures on her profile are accurate, she's an attractive girl and all services were offered, for some reason I didn't really click with her or enjoy the punt.  Oral was good and oral on her was alright, kissing was good as was sex in a couple of positions.  I just didn't really get into it for whatever reason, nothing wrong with her or her services, she just wasn't for me.  I was in a bit of a funk at the time though, so I probably wasn't in the right head space for a punt.  I'd consider returning as there was nothing wrong and hope that we might click better in a future punt.
Scotland / atomicredi - Edinburgh
« by Tdydl on July 09, 2016, 09:39:16 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3053454 or https://www.adultwork.com/atomicredi

Excellent from first contact onwards. I originally wanted to make use of her discount rate, but she had a previous booking at the time I wanted.

A private flat in the Leith area on a quiet side road. After our meeting she told me, with some pride, that she was the only person that worked out of the flat and gave me a quick tour. One room was set up for webcam work.

An attractive, slim woman with enhanced tits that have obvious scars on the underside. From my hopeless results of guessing women's ages, I would say that her profile is accurate on that score. Her photos on the profile are also accurate.

The key message for this is her attitude. Up for anything and loves it. Our activities included ... Anal, Pegging, Cowboy, Reverse Cowboy, Doggy, OWO, CIM, Swallow. She had equipment and supplies for much more and I can see her becoming a regular as I explore a bit further. By the time we were done the time had run over but she shrugged it off as one of those things.

A definite for a repeat visit.
Scotland / Atomic redi edinburgh
« by normal bloke on June 11, 2016, 01:13:55 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/atomicredi orhttps://www.adultwork.com/3053454

1 hour day time appointment at her place a few months ago , bargain £100.

Comms were good beforehand and her apartment was ok. Its a bit grotty outside but inside it was clean and tidy.


Pictures are her and up to date.  I found her seriously hot, facially pretty with a dirty look.  I'd say age is mid 30s and bodywise a 12.  She looks like someone naturally curvy and actively attending the gym.  Lovely ass and as I say curvy in the right place.  I and more importantly the little fella were impressed when she opened the door.


I found overall what she offered was excellent, broad services on offer and she created the impression she was genuinely enjoying them.

Kissing- ive had better but pretty good.  I could be wrong but she did taste a bit like a smoker.  Although she had made effort to cover it up.

oral-  good she deepthroated, sloppy and knew what she was going.

receiving oral- very responsive and wet, tasted nice and clean.

Nuru massage- well she had apparently run out of gel so wasn't really nuru, more B2b massage.  Was good though and done very sexily.

protected sex- time only for one session, although I should give her credit she was trying to fit another one in but no luck on my part.  All the normal positions enthusiastically delivered.

I'm pretty vanilla so didn't try her other services but appeared genuinely on offer.

Overall I would highly recommend her and will (have) been back.  Good value, hot, wide services, enthusiastic.  Can easily see her becoming a regular, well semi as I do prefer variety.
Scotland / Atomicredi Edinburgh
« by guttyboy on May 29, 2016, 01:02:03 AM »
Went to see the lass on Friday and the meet ticked every box for me. Pictures are accurate and I found her to be very attractive and just really pleasant.

I always reckon that any review I do is of limited value because I am simply a 'rub and tug' punter. However, I am certain that those that like the full service will not be disappointed.

I think it's great that she only takes two bookings per day and she is really eager to please.

It's just great to have a good looking Scottish girl that can hold a conversation and do all that you want in a punt. 10 out of 10 for me.

https://www.adultwork.com/3053454 or https://www.adultwork.com/atomicredi
Scotland / Atomicredi Edinburgh
« by mikejames1967 on April 04, 2016, 10:05:39 PM »
Booked this little scrubber the other day.
Half way through a 1 hour booking her son started crying in other room. I was unaware there was someone else in flat.  She rushed out of room half way through doggy and attended to her son came back and told me I had to leave I was somewhat taken aback but nonetheless agreed to depart unsatisfied. Her son is autistic and she works while he is in the other room of her flat.    This is very shocking conduct by a adultwork member, and she should be avoided at all costs.
Children are our future and should be protected at all costs.
Avoid Atomicredi from Edinburgh everybody.

https://www.adultwork.com/3053454 or https://www.adultwork.com/atomicredi
Scotland / Atomicredi Edinburgh
« by Randy Mcknob on November 25, 2015, 05:36:32 PM »

Hour booking on her daytime £100 special.  I love a hot Milf, she's a fit curvy Milf with a pneumatic enhanced rack.  I found her personable and good company with good chat.  Coms were straightforwards and she was able to see me at short notice.  Flat in Leith on a tucked away street, room with dildos and kink gear on the walls.  We kissed and pawed at each other then I pushed her down on to my cock, she was quite capable in the deep throat department and didn't complain as I pushed her head down deeper on my cock.  When I let her off for air and checked she was ok she said she'd just vomit of it was too much, so she's kind of game.  She put on a rubber and I gave her a good pounding.  She told me she wishes her other punters could pound like me, she may have been fluffing me up but I'll take the complement.  After I asked her if she'd peg me with her strap on, yes was her answer, I lay back and pulled my knees to my chest while she lube her cock and my hole, she gently sodomised my hole giving me chance to relax then gave me a good fucking.  While she was deep in I reminded her that the tables would be turned soon.  So to wrap up the hour I fucked her arse then wanked off over her face.  She was clear with letting me know what she needed "easy at first please" when I buggered her. 

Time was up but as I was getting dressed she offered me a cup of tea, it was a nice touch.  We had a good chat about her work and other stuff I left with a smile on my face.  She's a great kinky punt.
Scotland / Atomicredi Edinburgh
« by nike on October 05, 2015, 12:03:25 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3053454 or  https://www.adultwork.com/atomicredi

I know she has a lot of fans, so I'm probably going to get crucified by this review. This is only just below a positive and it is my honest opinion of how it went for me.

Booked one hour for £100. Comms. where pretty good. Elle greeted me at the door dressed in sexy lingerie. Offered a drink and made to feel at home. Elle does not look like a size 12, she is quite tall , so looks very proportional. Asked what I like told her a bit of everything but lots of oral. Started off with oral, looked promising but too shallow and not sloppy enough for my liking and far too much use of the hands. I would say it was more of a hand job with intermittent oral. Not much more than the bell end entering the mouth and it was coming out completely dry.Asked if she could go any deeper and she said that's as deep as I can go.

On with the jacket and cowgirl, again too shallow , for me the whole point of cowgirl is to get deep penetration. My attempts at getting deeper were unsuccessful, as she kept rising up at the same time as my upward thrusts.. Onto doggy, finally some deeper penetration. Asked for Anal to be told not in doggy. She lay on her back and asked me to lay on my side, like a scissor position, dumped half a bottle of lube on herself and me. Again no  deep penetration, tried re-positioning myself but it was like being in a swimming pool. very little friction. Decided to give up the ghost as I was starting to go limp and asked her for more oral and finished in doggy standing and again she prevented deep penetration. I was quite disappointed.

However a lovely personality and figure. I'm normally a two pop man but she was quite happy to sit and chat and she made no effort at cuddling or kissing after the first session. Offered a shower, which I accepted.

Facial looks 6/10
Body 7/10
Service 5/10
Effort   6/10

I would probably not book again.         
Scotland / Atomicredi
« by Eastbloke on September 29, 2015, 09:13:35 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3053454 or  https://www.adultwork.com/atomicredi

Town:  Edinburgh

Price:  £100 for one hour

Service:  Exceptional, best I've had in a long time.

Following the reviews on here, I knew I had to go and see her.  Her pictures looked good, she sounded fun and I knew that my Tuesday Punt had to be with her.  One of the best decisions I've made in a long time. :yahoo:  Elle has an amazing figure, nice big sexy tits and I just wanted to get my hands on her the second I looked at her!

Elle is really good - when I met her, she was dressed in basque, stockings and thong, but soon put on the outfit I'd requested (Cheerleader).  We got the paperwork out of the way quickly enough and were soon snogging like two horny teenagers!  She stripped me down completely before going down on me - she has a really nice technique that had me writhing with pleasure, so I played with her amazing boobs and very wet pussy before stripping her down and going down on her, something she seemed to enjoy!  This was followed by me using a dildo on her, before she used a Swedish Love Pump (that's my bag baby!) on me - have never tried it before and really want to use it again.  Then onto more oral before she slipped on the condom and we got down to the fucking.  I'd asked for anal and that's exactly what I got - I've done anal before, but with Elle you really get the impression she enjoys it and isn't just going through the motions.  Added to that you have this amazing sexy figure of hers to play with and the fact she likes it quite hard and it was all i could do to hold on from cumming.

This was followed up with excellent cowgirl after a quick change of condoms and then Elle finished me off with mer mouth and hands, quite happy to take my load on her face and orally. 

We lay together for a while afterwards and chatted, Elle has a nice friendly personality and she even made me a cup of tea while I cleaned up in the shower, we sat and chatted for a while and then it was sadly time to leave.  Elle, if you're reading this, I really enjoyed myself and I still think you look like Floor Jansen! :P
Scotland / atomicredi
« by hsl on September 24, 2015, 08:07:42 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3053454 or https://www.adultwork.com/atomicred

I went for this based on Fifeboy65 review posted this morning.

Paid £100 for 1 hour (normal rate £130, discount rate Mon-Thu 12pm-7pm). She is in the Leith area (whatever that means, I'm not from Edinburgh). About 20 mins on the bus from city centre. A small clean flat not too far from the bus stop.

Elle (I think she said Elle) is a Scottish (I think, not very strong accent but sounded scottish to me) lass. Claims to be 34, I think I would have believed her if she claims to be 28. Reddish hair. Size 12/14, with a bit of a flap hidden mostly by a corset. Look-wise she's ok, 6/7 out of 10. Not a stunner but acceptable. Big but fake boobs, which are big enough on her. Lots of tattoo but acceptable. She's a very friendly girl, and very enthusiastic.

Sorted the paper work and immediately asked me what I would like to do. I'm quite easy going... alright, I have no idea what I wanted, just want a good time. She said she is up for anything which is great. Started with a bit of DFK, then OWO and 69. Fingering allowed. Moved on to cowgirl, then A-Level in doggy position, which took me out. Rested for 5 minutes and she asked me what I want to do now! Wow, with EE girls, no with most if not all previous experience, I would have been laid there and then offered a massage to run the clock down. Not this one. My cock was rubbed hard and it was more sex. Cowgirl again and then A-Level in scissor position, then A-Level in mish. More mish and cowgirl again and I think she came (or made me think she came).

Another couple of minutes rest and we were off again... this time it was a lubed hand job as we were running out of time. A bit more cowgirl and I finished myself off (as per normal for me).

A quick rinse and I left a very happy man.

Overall, if you can accept an average looking, slightly larger (depending on what you prefer) girl, you will definitely not go wrong with this one. Service was absolutely amazing, and I think if you are the adventurous type, you will have a great time. A-Level is definitely on the cards, and she (appeared to) really enjoy it. Plenty of toys and a leather SM-type suit in the room... if you are that way inclined. For £100 (if you catch her at the right time) she's an absolute bargain!
Scotland / atomicredi
« by Fifeboy65 on September 24, 2015, 11:07:27 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3053454 or https://www.adultwork.com/atomicred

Short notice booking yesterday as I thought the advertised £100 for the hour was great value for money. Pictures on AW are accurate and I would say this is one horny woman! Flat in Leith easy to find and she will direct you to free parking, bedroom maybe could do with a bit of a hoover but bathroom was clean.

After getting the formalities out of the way it was a quick kiss and cuddle and then on to some excellent OWO before she climbed on top until I shot my load. Quick clean up and then some more OWO and then to probably the best bit, if you are a lover of a level then she is the woman for you, as her profile says she really likes up the arse and I think the harder and faster the better. Very enthusiastic she was at this and it was too long before we both orgasmed. Another quick clean up and she was raring to go again! OWO again, then her on top and then me on top with her legs in the air until I shot the last few remnants of my load. She was up for round four but I don't think I had it in me!

The best £100 punt I have had in ages. If you are just looking for a good no nonsense value for money fuck this could be the woman for you.
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