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Scotland / Sexy Sami -Glasgow
« by HawCotter on March 16, 2017, 04:10:13 PM »

So after my last punt with Sami and my fluffy review I took the forums advice and tried other girls to not get too much of a good thing but ended up going back to Sami not long after my first punt with her.

Called for a fairly short notice appointment and was arranged no problem.

Arrived at the flat on time, entry fine fairly busy outside.

Sami was dressed in nice red lingerie and looked sexy as fuck, as soon as I got in the room she stripped me and started rubbing her body all over me before starting to suck.

Really good sucking action especially on the balls and legs.

Went down on her for about ten minutes which she seemed to enjoy as she was grinding away.

Fucked in a few positions, her on top was amazing. I got a really good view before going into mish and rolling about the bed wrestling her again.

Finally came with her holding me wanking me off.

Another great energetic session that I really enjoyed.

Although I'll prob get pelters for this I swear she is the best escort I've ever seen, not only is the sex proper filth and feels real there is also no coldness with her. She is open and you can get a good laugh talking to her about all sorts of sh*te.

For some people this might not be important but I've spent enough time shagging planks of wood (both escorts and civvies) to know I appreciate her energy and effort.

Was it as good as my first meet?

I'd definitely say yes, if not better
Scotland / Sami - Glasgow
« by HawCotter on February 09, 2017, 08:52:46 PM »

Seen Sammi recently and believe me when I say I'm not saying this lightly but it was the best punt I've ever had in over 12 years of punting.

Proper porn star experience with deep kissing, dirty talk and deepthroat sloppy OWO.

She's a tall curvy girl with cracking tits and arse on her.

If you're looking for a waif like figure then she's not for you, I like a bit of cushion so she's ideal for me.

Started off with DFK, Owo, RO and throwing each other about a bit.

Then done her in mish before finishing with doggy.

She certainly got right into it and I'm 99% sure she came a couple of times (or deserved an oscar)

Long chat before another bit of teasing and spanking.

Only down side is I have scratches all down my back where she dug her nails in, but to be fair I was loving it.

Just the sheer energy and filthineds of her made this an amazing punt.

Definitely the best I've had in the last few years, and the ones before that it's probably nostalgia that makes me remember them fondly.

Flat was at the start of a well known thoroughfare leaving the city centre.

No issues coming in or out and the room/bathroom were both clean.

Already thinking about booking next week.

30 mins £60

I hope the brethren can forgive me one fluffy review but after the fishy disaster of Ashley Rider this has saved my punting career, I was ready to throw in the towel if this one didn't work out.

Scotland / Sexy.samI Glasgow
« by jj-mac on February 08, 2017, 08:40:36 AM »
On my phone again guys so if someone can post the link it'd be appreciated.

Sami has been reviewed several times and has a reputation of being overly full on. Having met her once before I agree and my first meet would have scored her a neutral due to that.

This time however I had a major horn and wanted a fast hard ride. Quick text to sammi and booking quickly organised. 15 min quickie £40

Location. Decent block of flats in G20. Secure parking at the rear which sammi will let you use if driving. Not such a discreet entry into the flat though. Sammi hanging out the window throwing down a set of keys to get in.

Sammi herself is bigger built than her profile pics but carries it well due to her height. Size wise I'd guess a 12. As others have mentioned she does have a bit of a tummy and she is self conscious about it and does her best to keep it covered up. Pretty enough girl and quite chatty although her accent is quite strong.

Far better meet this time. Don't know if it was me but sammi seemed a bit more relaxed and not overpowering. Kissing was still initiated as soon as the cash was in the drawer but not as aggressive as I remembered. Onto bed for some owo. Nice deep bj and again not as harsh as I had the first time so really enjoyed it. Onto a bit of ro  (nice and fresh) then she was begging me to fuck her hard. Rubbered up and I went for it as hard and fast as I could. 10 mins later I was a sweaty wreck and being called a bastard for cumming too quick. Bit of a cuddle and kiss again then I was out of there.

I know some guys have said she is like this to make you cum as fast as possible to get you out the door but I genuinely think that's just how she enjoys sex. I was there for nearly 30 mins for my 15 min quickie.

Easy positive from me this time.
Scotland / Sexy.Sami, Glasgow
« by lochan on January 09, 2017, 04:29:17 PM »

1hour. £100

After reading many of the reviews on here, I think I was expecting a brutal physical demolition by some manner of sexual tyranasaurus. Truth be told, I was kind of hoping for that, however, she's much more normal (in my opinion) than some of the reviews claim. Everyone has their own perspective though.

Comms were good. Arranged time swiftly via text about 2 hours before arranged time and I set off for St George's Cross area. Moment of comedy when she had to throw the keyfob to me from her window so that I could let myself in the street door.

Entered the quite dark hallway of her flat and she revealed herself as the door closed behind me. First impression was that she is a good looking woman. The eyes really caught me.

So, I waiting to be assaulted and it didn't happen. We were very quickly into DFK in her bedroom but nothing unsurprising or off putting. Quite cool actually.

She quickly told me to dispense with my clothes (which matches the experience of others) as she sprawled on the bed. She was wearing fishnet hold ups throughout which I liked. She wasn't keen to entirely dispense with the lycra 'dress' she greeted me in and it remained in a crumple around her midriff throughout.

She was quickly into standing blowjob mode before moving me onto the bed for fairly strong OWO and ball sucking. Just the right amount of pressure on my balls so never sore.

As others reported, we'd only been going 5 mins when she asked me to fuck her. Well, that's what I was there for so she put on the condom and we went for it doggy, mish and a few variations thereof (didn't cover the whole Kama Sutra exactly). A pleasingly enthusiastic response from Sami, which was a nice touch.

I went down on her repeatedly and can report she is very clean downstairs. I was allowed to gently finger rub her pussy, but no insertion ( I asked). One boundary I did cross was to put my hand behind her head when she was sucking my cock. I was put straight on that one pretty quickly. I asked her a few times to sit on my face (a la 69), but she didn't want to do that.

She made an issue about her being 'fat', but actually I wasn't concerned about it. All the 'fat' is on her belly and the rest of her looks great. Put it this way, when she was on all fours, she has a great looking ass, thighs and back. Also, her skin was super smooth so she was great to touch. She certainly isn't fat in the Scottish sense. For me, attitude can make up for whatever physical deficits a girl believes she has (within limits).

I eventually unloaded myself over her tummy and tits. She asked that I didn't COF. All the while she was frigging herslf rapidly and making some excellent noises. Cleaned up with baby wipes, rolled around on the bed for a bit, Jumped in the shower and then it was time for me to hit the road.

On reflection, I had a good time with an enthusiastic professional. I certainly didn't get the impression she was a 'maniac' as has been stated on previous reviews. She did leave a few reminder fingernail scratches on my chest which I could live without, but I should have had the presence of mind to stop that, however, cock brain was engaged.
Scotland / sexy sami edinburgh
« by homer123 on November 30, 2016, 03:15:12 PM »

1 hour incall £100 pounds

I had high expectations about this, maybe to high and that's why it was not as good as I imagined it to be. I read all the reviews about her, she has 12 positive reviews 1 neutral and 1 negative plus another 3 positive reviews from her old profile on here.so I'm just writing this to balance things out.

As soon as i saw she was in Edinburgh i picked up the phone and called her to make an appointment. comms were fine and she texted me back her address.

now, it's always risky seeing someone who doesn't have any face pics, but i did not want to miss her. so when she opened the door i was a little disappointed. her face is ok but her body looks nothing like the pictures in her private gallery. " she is fat as fuck " her words not mine.

anyway as soon as i handed over the cash she attacked me like others have said and I'm thinking, this is going to be awesome.

but she is one of the worst kissers, no she is the worst kisser i have experienced, she slobbers all around your mouth,imagine being licked by an alsatian that's what it's like.

she's a nice friendly girl ( as long as your not muslim ) nice apartment in dalry, good enthusiastic owo/dt  and sex but not her on top, she jumped on top of me but she was way to heavy. likes to be fucked hard  so overall not a bad experience. i just expected too much.

apart from the kissing and inaccurate photos there is nothing else i can complain about really, she did everything with loads and loads of enthusiasm.

Scotland / Sexi.Sami.x - Glasgow
« by geezer_breezer on October 07, 2016, 02:40:34 PM »
Christ on a bike!

I've wanted to visit Sexi Sami for a while but I've always bottled it due to her reputation for...er...exuberance. But a short while ago something just clicked and I thought, "fuck it, why not". Admittedly it was with a lot of trepidation that I contacted her. Tried to call her, no answer, but we were soon making arrangements over text. It was a short notice appointment and I was glad of the availability so we didn't have any preambles about outfits or services or anything like that.

I went to her Georges Cross flat and she did the "hiding behind the door" thing. I honestly felt like I was in the SAS - creeping about, checking corners, keeping low so as not to be pounced upon. But she stepped out and looked great. She's a tall girl and on this day was dressed in a black stockings and neglige-type thing. I was nudged into the bedroom and set upon with hard, passionate DFK. She was already furiously rubbing at my crotch and groping at my belt. This was great!

Then, she threw me onto the bed and started OWO. She had absolutely no patience for me to have a shower or anything. It was straight into the action. Loads of energy and enthusiasm. Eye contact, winking, dirty talk, etc. Really going for it. RO was next and my "teasing" style just seemed to both do the trick and infuriate her libido even further. Next came a bout of frantic, sweaty shagging in mish and doggy. All the time she's encouraging, "Faster, harder" and using every means at her disposal to pull me in harder. Came hard in the bag and Sami fetched me some water. I could tell that she was nowhere near done though, and I think she was secretly a bit disappointed at my stamina but - to be fair, pop #1 was about 35-mins into an hour's booking. I've spent less energy playing 90 minutes of 5-a-side!

Quick interlude lecture from Sami about the vulgarity of men, beards, muslims, prams, black folk, white people and the weather.

I was turned on again (not by her chat, mind you) and there was another RO session. Sami and I worked together to make her come (and squirt!). Then another big session in missionary where she came again. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts I couldn't manage pop #2 but it didn't matter - I was already the most satisfied guy on Earth.

It was a great punt. It was miles outside of my comfort zone and I thought Sami was amazing. I know that she reads this forum and I know that she has friends that read it on her behalf. I hope that she appreciates that on that day she showed me things that I'd never seen before and pushed me just enough to be erotic but not aggressive.

Having said all of that I couldn't do it every day. I can now see how others have described her as an acquired taste. I don't think her full on assertive approach would keep everyone happy but for me, on this occasion, it was exhilarating.

£100 for 1 hour

Scotland / sexy sami x Aberdeen
« by spud jizz on September 23, 2016, 10:14:38 AM »
After reading all the reviews on here i expected sami to be full on but i thought iam young and fit I'll handle her, how wrong was i, she was on full mental mode yesterday afternoon.  :scare:
Not much of a choice in aberdeen at the moment but seen sami was in aberdeen for 3 days so i thought id go and see what all the fuss is about with this girl.

She attacked me as soon as i was in the door taking my shirt off,  "lets not fuck about you red headed bastard, fuck me now" dragging me over to the bed.
I asked if she wanted me to take a shower "no i want you as you are, a dirty bastard", off came my shirt and jeans and i was thrown into the bed followed by her jumping on top of me and presided to ram her mouth and tongue onto mine. I asked her to slow down a little as we had half an hour but this fell on deaf ears.
After some extremely fast owo "you fuck me now you red headed bastard"  we move onto the missionary position "dont you fuckin come before me you red headed bastard" which again was fast and furious. She had her hand tearing into my ass and legs and forcing me to go faster
All of 15 minutes pumping fast into her pussy and that was me, fucked.
I rolled on to the other side of the bed covered in sweat , fuck me i said, her "you red headed bastards always fuck me good"   :lol:

So why the neutral.
If sami could take direction and slow down a little it would be a positive, it felt more like dom than gfe.
Would i go back to see her again, no, but i see why some people on here like her but it was too much for me.

www.adultwork.com/3125793 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy%2ESami%2Ex

Scotland / Sexy.Sami.x Glasgow
« by Donaldstrue on September 17, 2016, 06:35:43 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3125793 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy%2ESami%2Ex
This is my first review, it might read shit but feel free to pick holes if you want.
1hr- £100
Well here is another review for Sami.
Great comms, a couple of calls and texts and I'm at her flat.
I thought other reviews were exaggerated but NO.
Sami is tall not skinny and not fat just got a great body  for sex.
Shown into her room with a slap on my arse, no sooner than the paperwork was out the way she pounced on me.
She had her tongue down my throat and my cock out in seconds.
Sami certainly likes to take the lead after being told to strip and lie on the bed she went to town with a lot of brilliant owo. Then I was ordered to" fuck me now" . Who's to argue with that. Everything happened so quickly and she is such a horny girl I was finished within a couple minutes of shagging her. A quick clean up and a mixture of her mouth and the language that comes out of it ( she swears like a trooper) and I was ready for round 2 within a couple of minutes.
After my quick shot Mcgraw routine earlier this time I knew I would last a lot longer , several positions a a sweaty mess later I notice my time was almost up but Sami didn't care she made sure I came again no matter what eventually left 20 minutes over my time.
Would I see her again too bloody right I would.
Vfm oh yes.
A great shagging and a great very naughty girl.
Scotland / Sexi Sami Glasgow
« by allypally on September 03, 2016, 03:57:25 PM »
[Link added by admin]

Another who has been reviewed a few times.

A few txt exchanges and was at her flat at St Georges Cross.


In the door, cash out the way then I was attacked.....(just aswel I had a shower before going)my cock was in her mouth while my jeans weren't even past my knees yet, had to ask her to calm it a bit but only made her call me a cheeky asshole lol. Anyway, on the bed plenty of spit and great deepthroat, then asks me to fuck her doggy (well why not)so on with the bag, battering away for 20mins until I was basically sweating and shagged out. Quick clean up and a chat about Muslims and how much she hates them...

Looks 8/10
Comms 10/10
Vfm yes
Would return as a plan B

Yip crazy punt!!
Scotland / Sexi.Sami.x
« by EL1M1N8OR on August 07, 2016, 02:03:24 AM »
Sexi.Sami.x AW - https://www.adultwork.com/3125793 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy%2ESami%2Ex

A positive review is not good enough for Sexi Sami.  She is the best punt I have had!  So good I seen her 3 times in 1 less than a week.

Cracking WG, not shy to take the lead so just sit back and enjoy the show, It's fucking good!

OWO and her technique is one of a kind.  She is a great fuck also, loads of energy but not OTT like Katy27.

Something about Polish WGs, they know how to fuck.

Looks wise she is good looking, seen a photo of her and she has a Kate Moss look about her face.  She has a good body not too skinny, saying that a bit of baby fat on her belly last time I seen her but still good looking. She is tall kind aswell, not towering but a decent height. Always well dressed.

Personality wise she is friendly chatty and cheeky.

Always puts on a good show and loves to be fucked hard. 

Highly Recommened!!
Scotland / SexySami
« by ickydicky on May 29, 2016, 09:38:53 AM »
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3125793 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy%2ESami%2Ex - Get QR Code

I see this fantastic polish fuck machine is up in Aberdeen at the moment. you sheepies should grab the chance of a punt with her when you can. she had been on my hit list for a while and i finally made it to see her at her flat on near st georges X just 2 mins from the subway which makes it handy for me as it takes less than 10 mins for me to get from Partick.

I booked an hour at the amazing vfm price of £100 and had no coms problems with a time fixed  and sami replying to my text when i was near to give me the full address.

she was naked as requested and i got the full eyeful for those amazing tits and her fantastic curvy figure and was soon getting first hand experience of what others have said about her. she is full on. i got plenty of enthusiastic help from her getting the kit of and she tugged my boxers down and  clamped her wet mouth on my cock which was already hard and we were soon on the bed.

i wanted her arse slapping against me in doggy style and we fucked and sami unlike so many other hoors knows just how to wriggle her arse so i soon filled the bag. but that does not mean she was hurrying me. i ernjoyed the quick shoot but afterwards we cuddled and kissed and she stroked my body until there were signs of life in the old man and for seconds instead of my usual preference for a bj i got her on her back with her legs over my shoulders and fucked her until I had a second cum. that is unusual for me and shows just what a turn on sami is. there was no rush afterwards as we had another wee cuddle and kiss before i got dressed and left. i was the happiest guy on the subway back to partick.

sami also told me she works with peitie kate the wee polish pocket rocket doing 3sums with a full lez show. that is on my to do list..

Scotland / Sexy.Sami.x - Glasgow
« by pete-piper on March 31, 2016, 03:07:15 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3125793 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy%2ESami%2Ex

Read all the reviews and knew what was on offer.

French Kissing, Tick
OWO, Tick
Sex, Tick

So I went along for a quickie 15min @ £40.

I was in Town, horny and Sami was on my todo list. Sophie was at the top but I couldn't get a reply from her so text Sami and got a quick reply. Meet set up some 20mins later. All good.
She was ready at the agreed time and sent address and straight in.
I had heard about the full on experience but what happened was even more than expected. I would call it domination. It was all far too rushed and forced (and I know it was 15min before you go off on one) and any attempt to get her to slow or chill a little was ignored. Full on licking/kissing (not my idea of french kissing) and oral where she tried to yank my cock off as she sucked was not in the least bit erotic or sensual. Tried a few times to say 'slowly' but never happened. On with the bag and she only wanted it her way, hard and fast. I think she forgets who is the paying punter.
Opted for oral to make me cum which ended up with being wanked furiously and a 'spoiled orgasm' finish she was so rough.

Everyone to their own but not my thing.

I was going to make it a NEUTRAL but as I wrote this I realised how little I enjoyed it. Definitely wont return.
Scotland / Sexy.Sami
« by johnjo72 on March 26, 2016, 11:38:39 PM »
www.adultwork.com/3125793 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy%2ESami%2Ex

Midweek pm appointment and she was available at short notice, which is at start of the road/postcode, not miles away on the m/road where I went to originally guessing where she might be. So a bit of running around like a headless chicken working out exactly where she was. Anyway parking is free and right across the road and handy for motorway. Sami who did tell her real 1st name, met me at the door, a few sizes bigger than the pictures but she said she loves the chocolates, she pointed me to the bedroom but I asked to use the toilet and went there 1st. Out of there and she was waiting for me at the doorway ready to pounce, I hadn't buttoned up, no point, but before I had my donation out of my pocket she was pulling at the front of my jeans and feeling my crotch. I couldn't get my clothes off quick enough, as I tried to put them on the bloody chair in the corner she was pouncing on me. Not being a novice I am feeling I need to get the donation out and ask for 1/2 hour, oh and I like a wee chat, but this didn't seem to matter, it was down to business and without her checking/counting the dough, she was down on me within seconds and I am struggling for air by this point, I was being "attacked" but it was fucking great, on to the bed and more OWO, and I am being overcome with this onslaught and then her on top, then mish and I am starting to get worked up she warns me "don`t dare cum yet" as I pound her. I did my best to be fair but was overcome by the onslaught. I only paid for 1/2 hour yet , post 1st pop, after only what seemed like a few minutes she is trying to kick start me again which did work and then she directed me as to what she wanted and the 2nd journey was even better than the 1st. She defo seems to love what she is doing but not for the faint hearted, I was weak at the knees on way back to the car as if I had had 12 rounds with Tyson. I will defo return but after a few Iron Mans and one or 2 marathons to get myself fit enough 
Scotland / Sexy.Sami Glasgow
« by Jock D on March 26, 2016, 11:44:00 AM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/3125793 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy%2ESami%2Ex

£70 30mins Incall

Yet again, I was struggling to get a short notice punt and ended up getting Sami. Now to be honest I've been aware of her profile and read reports(mostly positive) on here for a long time, but I've never really considered her as I prefer smaller more petite girls. Anyway, comms were good, got through to her on the phone at the first attempt and arranged the booking. She then text me the postcode. As has been well documented in previous reviews she lives/works from a modern flat, that is very easy to find in the St Georges Cross area, basically a 2/3 minute walk from the underground station and parking available in side streets, so no problem with location or flat itself.

Buzzed up, and Sami greets me with a kiss, in the hallway, wearig a nice sort of basque and sussies set. Her profile states that she's 27 and a size 10, I would say age wise she's not much more than that, maybe 30. However, she is certainly not a size 10, probably a 14. She then leads me into the bedroom, now at this point she is wearing a pair of high heels, which takes her up to about 6'1'or 6'2  :scare: As I'm 5'10 and didn't come for a Dom session, I ask her to take them off, which she does with a chuckle and a bit of humerous banter, before launching herself upon me with full on DFK, whilst at the same time undressing me.

We then move onto the bed and she starts giving me some impressive owo, with the now standard, plenty of eye contact, she then says, 'I want you to fuck my pussy now', and I reply 'No just carry on sucking and lick my balls too...I'm enjoying this', she retorts with 'Don't be so selfish', but carries on sucking, I laugh and say, 'If you were paying me I'd gladly lick your pussy for as long as you wanted', she then stops lifts her head up and says, 'You are a bastard!', then she starts laughing and comes up for another full on DFK, before going back to her oral duties, with some gusto. After a few mins I get bagged up and go for a bit of doggy followed by a bit of mish, which she appears to really get into????, before finally whipping off the rubber for the briefiest of sucks and spraying my cum almost equally over Sami, the bed and myself.

All in all, a very satisfactory session, and she kept the banter going while I was getting dressed, with some good humour and even showed me some of her recent DIY around the flat before I left. I liked her, she is a good laugh, but she's not really my type physically, a bit on the big side, though all honesty if she was 3inches shorter and 2 dress sizes smaller, I'd never be away from her...but then again if my auntie had a pair of.....you know the rest.

Scotland / Sexy.Sami.x - Aberdeen
« by Funnyguy103 on February 11, 2016, 07:16:36 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3125793 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy%2ESami%2Ex

Meet Sami in Aberdeen for a 30 minute meet. Phoned her and she answered, quite a fair accent on her but got the address and time sorted out.
The flat is on George street, top end though. A fair walk was had.
Phoned when outside the flat and given the flat number.
Flat is a bit of a dive though, felt safe enough.
She answered the door. Very pretty girl, a curvy shape, not stick thin. She was very talkative and friendly which is always a good sign. Dressed in linguire.
Within minutes she was all go straight into action. Amazing OWO bj, felt amazing didn't want her to stop to be honest.
Then it was condom on, fucked her in a few standard position become it was all over.
Nice wee chat before leaving.
She loves kissing as well. A very pleasant girl, not a supermodel looks way.

£70 for half hour, great value for money.
Would recommend and I'd see her again.
Scotland / Sexy Sami: Glasgow
« by myothernameis on October 13, 2015, 01:37:09 AM »

1 hr in call at an apartment St Georges X:  Glasgow

£100 for 1 hour

Thoroughly enjoyed my encounter with Sami, the minute I entered the room, she threw me on to the bed and began to kiss me, while trying to unbutton my shirt, and get my trousers of

She quickly started deep throating me, to the point she made nearly made me come, but manage to prevent this

We soon moved on to sex, she kept telling me faster, harder, which at times, I couldn't do, out of puff

Now if Sami, slowed down, and wasn't so eager to fuck, she would improve 100% more, not saying she already gives good service
Scotland / Sexi Sami glasgow
« by The_Rose_age on October 05, 2015, 11:55:32 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3125793 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy%2ESami%2Ex

15 min meet good price 40

Had arranged a meet with Sami short notice
Comms were good
Location was good with door entry system, nice clean room - squeaky bed :(
Sami is ok looking 5/10
Bit of a belly, but tall girl in good proportion
She basically ripped my clothes off
Very eager and enthusiastic but bit of a funny technique with oral enjoyed it anyway
Sex was doggy style her choice and she enjoyed it good noises
Finnish was on her body she was fun enthusiastic and friendly

Scotland / Sexi.Sami.x GLASGOW
« by pablodiablo on September 21, 2015, 12:00:59 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3125793 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy%2ESami%2Ex

Now that's what I call a punt !
£70 1/2hr, discreet flat near St Georges Cross. Booked a few hours in advance, good comms, arrived on time & waited 5 mins before she texted me the address.
Welcomed into a very dark flat, cant remember exactly what she was wearing but she looked sexy as fuck...shes a tall statuesque girl but well in proportion. Gorgeous C cups with puffy responsive nipples. Toned, fit bod but shes no stick insect..you can tell you're in for a good wrestle round the bed with this one! 
Got the cash out of the way rapid..straight away she grabbed me for some of the best DFK Ive had for a long time while I got a good grip of her all over. Cant emphasize just how good and passionate a kisser she was- enthusiastic as fuck, biting my lips while grabbing my cock through my jeans and undressing me...almost worth the price already and I was just in the door. Quickly onto some very good OWO while I was standing up, she wasn't like gagging on my cock but got pretty deep and again, enthusiastic as fuck! Its a bit of a blur from here on but I got her on the bed for some RO..couldn't taste any lube and felt her get really wet while i fingered her at the same time...nice & tight & responsive, I felt her contracting and gushing a bit with 2 fingers in her. None of it felt mechanical, she just got right into it. I had her doggy with her on the bed and me standing up...she wanted it really hard, kept egging me on - now normally this puts me off cos its like they're trying to get you out asap, but she's certainly no clockwatcher. Had her mish, 69 while I fucked her mouth and more doggy (great ass) before filling the bag on top of her again. Lay in the recovery position for a bit & had some more DFK while i felt her up and a bit of a chat...her english is very good. Round 2 was more RO & fingering, OWO, and generally just groping each other before I realised I was well over my time. Im pretty sure she'd have let me fuck her again though, we were practically at it but I had to leave for work!
For enthusiasm alone and the amazing kissing, an overall POSITIVE from me!
Scotland / Sexy.Sami.x - Glasgow
« by AccountSummary on September 18, 2015, 12:25:52 PM »

£100 1 hour incall -   Few months back July/ August

An attractive very naughty girl.  Right from the off she was all over me and showed a lot of enthusiasm that is rarely shown by other girls.
I had read a few positive reviews on this girl, one or two mentioning she had put on weight but nothing off putting.

Communication was great the initial enquiry email through AW was responded to within minutes.  We then exchanged texts throughout the night and the morning before our meeting.   All text communications and directions were clear and precious.  Very helpful here. In person I did struggle a little with her accent but she is well spoken and may have just been me on this occasion but she was patient and understanding here.

Was greeted promptly at the agreed time and was dressed in an all body stocking which was very attractive.  As she knew I was celebrating she chilled a bottle of wine for us which we shared and finished. 

She has a talent for oral and provided long sessions of great oral adding lots of little twist to mix it up, even on round two taken me by complete surprise with a finger up my ass.  She also treated me to a great massage, I do enjoy massages from the girls but this one was one I will remember fondly.

For the actual sex we worked through several positions each one of them provided some great views of her body.  She did not leave me wanting for anything, at no point did I feel like I had to give her instructions or act like a director (which can ruin the moment for me on occasion) everything flowed well and natural.

She is no 'clock watcher' either.  I was 20mins past my initial hour when I noticed on my watch, for which I apologised and she responded with "we're having fun don't worry about time” while pushing my watch wrist behind my back. I must have been there another 20mins after that.

I would recommend and I will be back again.
This visit at no time did it feel robotic and felt like she was making a real effort to ensure that I had the positive visit.
I do try to give both side’s positives and negatives, but I struggle with the negatives on this occasion.  She did talk about politics and I did struggle with her accent at times but these were minor problems from an all-round positive visit.
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