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London / Helle_Nova - Tower Hill
« by NickFury on February 03, 2016, 12:08:14 AM »

Intrigued by previous review and fancied a buxom blonde punt, so decided to give Helle a go...

Looks: I'd say overall 8/10, attractive face, enhanced boobs - not too hard and nice to play with, nice ass and I'd say overall closer to a size 10 rather than 8

Comms: Started with AW messages on the same day, and guess I was lucky she was available and confirmed booking, after which she texted me her number and details. 200 quid for an hour...

Location: Posh hotel close to Tower Hill, definitely not a budget chain

Meet: No problem getting to her room in the hotel, very nice location and the room is one of nicest hotel I've been to for an incall. She speaks perfect English, friendly smile and conversation is not an issue.
Started with light kissing and got her naked pretty quickly, getting rid of her nice lingerie and buried my face in those boobs for quite a few minutes.
OWO was pretty good, wet and sloppy and the occasional eye contact was pretty sexy, after which she started riding me vigorously. Cowgirl has always been my favourite, so I let her ride while I enjoyed the view before blowing my load.
We exchanged the usual pleasantries, and conversation was quite easy and we talked about the usual stuff, before she took the initiative to start round 2 with another blowjob. I didn't think I could go twice in an hour actually, but her BJ got me in the mood again and we continued to fuck in doggy, spoon and mish before finishing...

Apparently she doesn't work much (couple of days a week) and she has a day job. Tbh I prefer this type of WG as I think they are less likely to burn out and the service is not as mechanical...

All in all, I would rate this a positive, albeit one at a price more than what I'd normally pay.

Positive : Good looking lady, easy to get along with, enthusiastic in bed
Neg: Nit-picking here but I'd prefer someone with slimmer build (think Emily Ratajkowsk
London / Helle Nova - unreliable escort
« by cumtwice on September 16, 2015, 07:39:00 AM »

TLDR version - Helle cancelled twice.

FIRST cancellation- August

Booked a hotel in London so I  could see Helle last month. She text in the morning the confirm. She then text to say she had a headache. I suggested that was unacceptable and she should take some paracetamol. She agreed and then shortly after explained she was now on her period (5days early)

She called to apologise. So I thought I would give her the benefit of the doubt.

SECOND cancellation Sept
We arranged another meet yesterday where I explained I would be making a special 200 mile trip to London to see her. Meet was at 3pm- she sent a AW message  @ 11:30 saying she was caught up at work.

Not happy! I appreciate plans change, but not even a real apology.

2nd time - I didn't have a plan B - So just decided to go home.

London / Helle_Nova - the City
« by dc0582 on August 30, 2015, 07:30:16 AM »

Saw Helle a few weeks ago for the first time. Saw her again recently and thought I'd let you all in on a good one - she's dynamite!

Digested read - you get what you pay for!

The detail:

Looks - stunning. Baywatch-esq. Size 8/10. Cracking (if enhanced) boobs which are firm yet squeezable and sensitive. Amazing arse. Long blonde hair. Toned legs. Clearly spends plenty of time in the gym. And yet she is right in her profile when she says her face is her best feature. In summary,  she's gorgeous.

Comms - good. Initial contact by email, various emails exchanges, made booking, got number, text messages since. Slightly idiosyncratic punctuation...

Venue - budget hotel Aldwych East. Fit for purpose, clean, discreet and anonymous. Won't mention the second venue which was a shit hole and she won't book again - good location near station but otherwise awful!

The meeting - needed a card to get in but the stairs entrance was actually prior to reception. Called her when asked, stood for 15 secs outside but saw no one before she let me in and led me to room. She was nicely dressed in something discreet. Into room, usual pleasantries dealt with and a good snog followed (not Dfk though which is my only actual negative from both encounters, she kisses freely but lack of tongue action for me at least. Still...)

Got her naked quickly after that. Dear God, what a sight. Worth the entrance money alone. And then she gave me a cracking BJ, probably the best I've ever had and proceeded to climb on board and ride me to a massive and far to quick orgasm! Fucking embarrassing let me tell you, I've never been blessed with a great deal of stamina first time up at least and this was one time when I wished I could've lasted longer. Anyway, we had a nice chat and a little back rub for me while I recovered and needless to say I was ready to go again shortly. Which was more of the same but this time we rolled around a lot, many positions, plenty of stamina on both sides (she's a strong and flexible girl!) before I blew my second big load as time expired. Usual leaving pleasantries and I promised myself a repeat encounter when payday rolled around...

So positives:

Looks, attitude,  personality, services provided. Amazing OWO a particular highlight. Stamina, enthusiasm, almost but not quite everything basically. Already looking forward to my next encounter, there are a few things on the list I'd like to try...

Negatives: lack of DFK. And some of you will no doubt moan that she is expensive but, for me at least, she isn't too much more than my regular local MILF (the great Eastern punting desert effect)  and I reckon she's worth it. Enjoy!
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