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London / ilona, upscale blond milf
« by onevote1 on August 15, 2015, 04:16:13 PM »
Lady: ilona, upscale blond milf

Link https://www.adultwork.com/1975738


FK and deep french kissing
OWO and RO
CIM  let me fill her mouth properly and she did not flinch
Penetration including anal (Protected) Good / accommodated anal well

Price: £300 for 1 hour with anal
Communication: Phone communication was good, helpful and polite which encouraged me to go ahead as I was in two minds due to price.
Location: Her location is easily walkable from the tube including Piccadilly Circus (Leicester Square Exit) where I walked from.
Feel like I am in a constant conflict of price, time to get to a place and location, often the location that takes a short time to get to easily is more expensive as in this case. My Plan A girl was unavailable, I walked from my plan B so this girl I'd been curious about became new plan A as she was available, looked hot in photos and was easy to get to.

Bedroom Neat, clean and nice lighting, created right mood
Bathroom The bathroom is very clean and smelt fresh (maybe a little bathroom scent)

Would I visit again: Yes for the service and body but no for the facial looks at that price

Pictures: If you go to her adultwork gallery page and look at the 3 pictures on the top left where she is in her orangy pinky outfit, well that is how she looks in real life and they show her age more.
The other very glamourous pictures on her main page I am not sure how recently they were taken or if as you might expect with model type shots was there is some photo manipulation.The 3 less flattering pictures I have highlighted reflect the lady more accurately

The girl: shortish blonde bleached hair, Size curvy ass but legs especially lower legs more slimish but no way skinny. Though not extra massive her boobs are proper full womanly breasts and a definate turn on, height about 5ft.6 she is in her forties and looks a bit older than I expected from her photos.

Plus +
Made me feel relaxed, offered me a seat and drink first
She smiled a lot and asked a bit about me which created a good rapport
Let me suck those lovely breasts and retained eye contact
No part of her body is off limits and she took sex slow, hard and really hard with no complaint
Did not complain about size when we had anal and she was helpful and accommodating
Her kissing was off the scale, totally natural deep french kissing, I did not feel like I was the 4th or 5th guy she'd kissed that day

Negative -
I did not think she looked quite as good as her pictures on her main page
wish I could have met her when she was younger, she might have been as hot as her best photos
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