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Scotland / Mtribitka/Glasgow
« by laim1690 on May 19, 2016, 03:14:24 PM »


15mins £30 owo and fuck

 I was wanting to go see her for a while (since she came to govan )  but been working away for a couple of weeks.
 So to day was the day I text about 11,got a reply about 1 30 and I said can I come now,text back are you in my street
 now ive not seen her before but because I live a couple of streets away I know where she is and its lena sweets old house
 so I say yes im in you street,,she message back give me a min
 I drive round im sitting outside
 get another text ring the bell
 just as im about to get out the car someone I know pulls up I wait till they go (about 2 min)
 out the car ring the bell and im in the door right away
 she shows me in to the room with is ok for me clean and tidy
 sort out the paper work she leaves the room for a moment I cant here her talk to a female which I think Evik as I know she works out of 
 the same house (ive seen her about the area)
 I strip of as does she ,,on to the bed I say blow job please and she gets to it once im hard she starts going fast as fuck so tell slow down
 a few mins of that then I ask condom plz tell her in to doggy she gets on all fours I slip him in banged away which wasn't long till filled       the bag she help clean me up cloths on and on my merry way
 no bad for £30
 shes no stunner, nice big tits, robotic
Scotland / Sweet drink glasgow
« by Game of scones on March 23, 2016, 01:23:00 PM »
As always link appreciated
After the munchkin experience decided to get a quick vfm type punt in .Noticed a new girl at the good old tollcross czech hoorery hard to tell on profile pics but thought generally descent ladies for the price asked.Comms were good and was given an immediate appointment just 10 minutes after first txt.Usual tenement building tollcross busy area on main street parking easy .Darinka opened the door and invited me in to average room with porn playing  on large tv. She is a small petite chic size 8 bit skinny for me mousy hair plain in that kinda eastern European way.Anyway fair improvement on the oompaloompah so got ma kit off and she didn't mess about wee bit light kissing and hands wandering down to ma semi took off her wee top and bra to reveal small Titties but wonderful long nipples which I had a wee chew at she then lay on the bed opened her legs showing off a nice pussy with biggish labia lips went down to inspect further but got a slight whiff so decided a wee finger or 3 would suffice.Nice and wet and allowed a good frig seemed to enjoy as I found the old g spot .On with the safety gear and given a average bj before fucking her in various positions till filling the bag .
Awrite punt wouldn't go back but for 30 sheets vfm
Scotland / Mtribitka
« by mr small on August 09, 2015, 12:58:08 AM »
www.adultwork.com/2168164 or https://www.adultwork.com/Mtribitka

Met up a while ago, sorry not a lot to write about, quite a forgettable experience  :(

As usual for me lots of unanswered e-mails and phones so dropped away down my list before I got a reply, not 100% but sure I had to arrange by text. So comms ok but not great.

Quite a miserable and tired looking tenement near Tollcross swimming pool.

Again think I was left waiting for a few minutes for final flat details.  :unknown:

Greeted at door by Mtribitka, she is around 5'10 with a nice figure for her age (mid - late 30's),mice legs and tits and just a little bit of belly.
Same girl as photos but photos are definitely a few years old. Surprise surprise  :dash:

Pretty much no conversation, went through the motions but no real effort,energy or enthusiasm.  :dash:

Would guess she is living in the flat as bedroom was a bit of a tip with stuff all over every surface

Wasn't doing it for me so suggested a try at A'level but to be honest it didnt look like it would be tight there.
This showed up how poor her English was as she tried to explain she couldn't as she wasn't clean  :diablo:

Thank fuck I hadn't been rimming her  :vomit:

Pretty poor going into a meet not being fully cleaned

Had to finish by hand but cant remember if it was CIM or on her boobs  :unknown:

Clean up facilities were basic.

Scotland / Mtribitka Glasgow
« by Travel on July 08, 2015, 04:32:41 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2168164 or https://www.adultwork.com/Mtribitka

Just spent 30 minutes with this young lady.

Exactly like her photos. Girl next door looks, slim body, nice boobs.

Loves being talked dirty too.

Offers anal but only if you are small. It was no go for me. But for £50.......

It was into the bath and empty the contents of my bladder all over her. When done she was straight into my cock and had me hard and at the back of her throat in no time.

After showering she was on the bed and had me hard again. Good deep blow Job before she lick my arse into next week. Talk about deep and enthusiastic! Back and forward between her sucking me off and licking my arse then onto fucking her doggy. She loves it hard and bang away back into you. After a while she asked if I wanted to cum in her mouth. Of course! She was loving me telling her what a dirty bitch she was and swallowed every drop.

Top punt for £50, so good I gave the the £20 I took to pay for anal as a tip.
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