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Scotland / MissMunro - Glasgow City Centre
« by Yanusmc on Yesterday at 02:41:41 PM »

So I was heading up to Glasgow to see some friends a couple of months back and thought I could get a quick punt in before I met them.  I swa MissMunro's profile and though he was pretty attractive, checked the reviews which were mixed and suggested that she wasted a lot of time so no point going for a longer punt but then saw that she was doing special 10 minute bookings for £35!!!  What a bargain, now I assume you wouldn't get a great deal for this, probably a case of get in, pants off and start pumping away.

So comms were really easy, got in touch a couple of days before and she confirmed but asked that I got in touch an hour before.  Flight landed, dropped a text and got a reply back giving directions which were accurate, these got me outside of the flat in the city centre.  Then I called a couple of times with no answer, got a text asking me to wait a few minutes (it was bloody cold out too but nevermind) and then everythings ready head up.  Was greeted at the door and handed over the £35 and directed to a bedroom, place was tidy enough and she was looking hot in normal clothes.  Was asked to undress and get on the bed, which i did and then she started a handjob and into OWO.  I've got to say the technique was excellent and was building to a good finish, I had obviously figured in my head this wasn't going to be sex but would be a BJ with CIM with a hot woman so I wasn't disappointing and then she said "well you've only got 3 minutes left so just finish yourself off".  I said "I'm nearly there, keep going" which she didn't look impressed by but kept going with the hand job.

Disappointing as it would have been a good BJ if she would have just kept going, I would have even gone for a bit of upselling if she would have said if you can't finish in the next few minutes you can pay extra and we can fuck or something but no she thought the best bet was to give me a BJ for 5 minutes and then ask me to finish myself.  If you just want a HE then you might as well actually get a decent massage and a HE for a little extra.

How to quickly turn a positive into a negative.  I suppose there are never any bargains, if it looks too good to be true it probably is.
Scotland / Miss Munro - Glasgow
« by FabioBob81 on October 05, 2016, 05:53:10 PM »

Absolutely shocking booking.  I booked a 30 minute slot.  For the first ten minutes, I sat on the bed while she was 'putting the paper work away'.  The room wasn't very clean, the bed and room had a fusty smell eminating from it.

In her favour, when she eventually got down to what I booked her for, she did give a fairly good blowjob.  But that's all, the sex was either reverse cowgirl or doggy.   I chose doggy.

Looks - 7/10
Body -  8/10
Boobs - 6.5/10
Shag - 4/10
BJ - 7.5/10
Attitude - 1/10
Cleanliness - 1/10
Would I recommend - No

Scotland / Missmunro 1819278
« by Boredlad on September 15, 2016, 02:24:57 PM »
Hi guys,
Second attempt a review. Id previously seen miss Munro or the artist formerly known as Lucy santangelo but had not put a proper review on. I'd by chance ended up in town with an hour or so to play and had tried s couple of others first but same days would for obvious reason be hit or miss and ended up going back to Lucy. Comms again where good, I knew where I was going this time which helped and buzzed in. Very central location. Ideal for me really. Looks the same as the pics, she does have a lot of ink but I'm fine with that. She went to get changed which after reading on here before I wasn't to impressed with but used this to jump to the loo to splash my face and calm the nerves a bit. I do find her attractive, she is quite skinny I would add though. She offered with or without, I choose the later. She ran herself up and down me stiffening me up before taking me in her mouth. Oral was excellent and before long I told her needed to fuck her. She asked what position and got into doggy. I stood behind and went to town as best I could! Before long I was filling the bag, you must off needed that she says holding up the bag. Quick change and away I went on my merry way. I enjoyed the meeting it all went smooth and services were great. Only thing I would add is id only booked for 30 mins, not sure id do an hour as wasn't much chat but that might just have been a bit of my nerves as well. Hope this helps anyone.

[Link added by admin]
Scotland / Miss Munro/Glasgow
« by Clattypats on September 15, 2016, 12:29:39 AM »
30 mins -£75

Lucysantangelo when I seen her...good comms when I seen her though didn't specify services..

City centre appartment,which was very nice..Lucy answered the door.Good looking girl ,I thought.younger looking than what I expected...

Paperwork out the way,onto the bed..Bit of FK then into mish which was ok..then doggy then her on top..Got told when I wanted to Cot it wasn't on offer,so had to Cum in the condom.Now I know she does Cot but because I didn't specify it...it was no go..Think she prob had a web cam thing next,which she told me she makes most of her money from..

Nice enough girl , chat wise..Always got the feeling her man was in the other room,which is a bit annoying..Would I see her again...NO...

Think she would be ok for a first time punter though
Scotland / Lucy S - Glasgow
« by Newinputguy on April 26, 2016, 11:30:05 AM »

Recently booked one of Lucy's £35 specials. Normally not something I'd go for but this filled the gap.

In this she includes Hand relief and Owo

Looks -
I personally found her attractive. Albeit not my usual girl blonde, nice enough face decent body

Positives -
Nice amount of spit during owo
Hand use through out
Nice oral technique

Negatives -
Remained fully clothed through out (understandable was just oral however would have enjoyed seeing some body)

Scotland / LucySantangelo Glasgow
« by chico1000 on January 15, 2016, 08:49:41 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1819278 or https://www.adultwork.com/LucySantangelo
30 mins £75

This was plan C after plan A kept getting put back and plan B which was one of the Geordie Babes that Tazz Pimps, but she could not accommodate in my small window of opportunity so it was Lucy Santangelo.
 I was very familiar with all the previous reports but I still was intrigued by her notoriety and profile and she was the only one that was available at short notice.  Communications were clear but it was a bit like paying a ransom, go here then phone go there then phone.  Anyway within half an hour I was in her pad.  Like others she answered the door in civilian gear.  She chatted away quite the thing and was quite personable and likable.  People have said she is a bit chaavy but I didn't get that vibe.  Anyway went for a shower and then when I came back she still had not got ready and I swear I heard her washing the dishes whilst I am lying on the bed twidling my thumbs.  Anyway she eventually came in no kissing just sort of rubbed her boobs over my cock and then went for the oral without.  Asking my preference before she began.  Actually quite pleasant oral with a bit of spit and some eye contact.  Anyway after a while I asked for sex and she says to me she can only offer doggie because I am too big.  WTF was not prepared for that one but was not about to complain at that time.  Then she hands me the condom to put on which again was a first.  Then she bends over and I have to admit she has got a nice body, she has got some elegant artwork tattoos the full length of her back and | did find it a turn on as I pumped away.  Some moans out of her but not over the top. Anyway after a while I decided to get her to do some oral to finish off which was a kind of hand job and oral and she caught my load in her hand.
No attempt at anything else she was up and pottering about after getting shot of the juice.
So I get changed she is talking away and quite friendly and then without any prompting she has a wee rant about UKP she starts saying "let them say it to my face". I actually was going to say something about my wee complaints to her but she was showing me the door bang on the half hour mark at the time.
Now albeit the time wasting etc is taking the piss I have to admit I enjoyed it she was good wee ride and her oral was ok so thats why its a neutral.  I definitely wont visit again but I didn't regret the experience if that makes sense.
Scotland / Lucy Santangelo - Glasgow
« by AccountSummary on September 18, 2015, 01:10:52 PM »

£135 hour incall   few weeks back in August.

Was a last minute booking after a cancellation of a meeting?  Searched AW and the selection was poor that day.  Romanians, grannies or the 'also rans'.   Lucy was the best available.

As I had visited her before I sent a quick text to ask would she be available, she couldn’t do the time I request as she was out at the time but could be there in an hour, which was fine by me. 

She was preparing for a holiday at the time she was either leaving the next day or 2 so warned me the place is a mess.  Didn't see much of a mess to be honest, although was only in the hall and bedroom.   Bathroom was a bit untidy as I walked by but when I went to use it she gave it a quick tidy first.

I pretext her the outfit I would like to see her in as I get frustrated previously with her time wasting technique.   She was in jeans when I arrived but told me she had not long got back herself and so quickly grabbed it and changed,  this time she was gone no longer than 2mins - was taken by surprise just how quick she was, I had even taken off my tie yet.  So slight improvement here  :hi:

The rest of the visit was no complaints but it's a neutral at best.  Nothing that was different or I haven't seen from my previous visit.  Which I felt I’ve done it now not sure there is anything to go back for.

I did enjoy the CIM but she almost pushed me over trying to go and spit.  Before hand at previous visit we had good conversation this time I felt it was a bit dragged out of her, but she said she was tired and needed a coffee as she had been running around all day.

Enjoyable time if you avoid her time wasting techniques.  I've been a couple of times now, so feel I had the best I’ll get so I don’t imagine I’ll be back again.   But I would recommend if you watch her price and time wasting she can look great in that lingerie and normally provides a good conversation
Scotland / LucySantangelo Glasgow
« by bensonhedges20 on August 27, 2015, 05:39:42 AM »
Was a spur of the moment booking.

Aylin didnt pick up. No one replied in about ten mins of me trying to kill some time.

Phoned and she was free. She directed me and i was there after about a five min walk.

Directed me upstairs.

She invited me in wearing a red robe and slippers.
Went to room and got funds out the way.

She said she had long nails so asked me to remove my clothes as she went and got ready. I said her robe was fine but she was determined. To my surprise she came back after 3 mins.

She provided a service with a smile. Shes comfortable being a wg and happy to provide her services listed. She was alone in the flat.

Enthusiastic, multiple positions. She did wander off after cleaning the condom after round one. She does use time wasting tactics but she was a good punt. Possibly caught her on a quiet day.

Willing for round two
She looked hot and is a slim size 8-10

Some timewasting tactics but not amazingly slow
Lots and lots of tattoos. Would have girl next door otherwise.
Routine did feel somewhat rehearsed but she provided a service with a smile. Was interested and tried to cater for my needs.
Long ass nails - had difficulty putting a condom on

Would i return - yep
Would i return for an hour - unsure. Best bet is 30 mins and see what kind of timewasting is going on. Then extend

I would reccomend as i was reluctant and had low expectations but she did exceed them. Shes comfortable in her shell and it shows.

I was in and out and at the 30 min mark was entering central station. I didnt shower as was heading home. 25 min punt, three min time wasting and two mins to get back to central.
Scotland / Lucy Santangelo
« by AccountSummary on April 14, 2015, 05:44:06 PM »
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/1819278 or https://www.adultwork.com/LucySantangelo

Visited for an hours in call.  Stated price was £150

Communication was good beforehand and made it very easy to find the venue.

After a climb up the stairs after the lift not working I reached Lucy’s door, a quick chap and I was greeted and welcomed in by Lucy in her civilian clothes, didn’t mind this as I like to see the girls looking hot in the normally everyday clothing and then having a second wow factor as they change into their sexy outfits. The flat was higher end and smelt great with candles lit in the hall way.

Showed up soaked through after a heavy shower looking forward to a quick shower a warm shower and down to a nice comforting massage.But after coming out the shower Lucy was still clothed in her jeans and top.  She opened up the wardrobe and in front of me and asked what outfit I would like.  After picking a nude/satin coloured outfit a lay on the bed while Lucy left to change.  Don’t get me wrong when Lucy returned heels on with the sexy little number I was blown away, more than I could have asked for!     Just felt this could have all been prepared for me prior to coming to the venue or while I was in the shower, felt my time was being eaten up waiting for Lucy to change as I lay on the bed staring at pictures on the wall.

Lucy has great conversation skills and you can tell she is an intelligent smart girl who I feel would also be good company out with this line of work.   Although the first 20mins of the conversation was spent talking about her having a bad day and how some guy on the web chats had made her feel better.  :dash: :dash: :dash:  I’m glad of this but I can just about put up about hearing about her problem but to then hear her praise some other guy while on my time wasn’t a mood setter. :thumbsdown:

Although as soon as this past during mid conversation Lucy began rubbing my chest and thighs with her nails, this was such a sexual nature while also being so comforting.  I was instantly put at easy and any nerves were long gone.

Was giving a really enjoyable GFE and I can state this is something that I will return to Lucy for.  In terms of service Lucy gave a body massage that was of the highest order, especially when those tits rub against your body you’re in heaven.   She did keep her mid rift covered at all times which was not a problem if she has a self-conscious issues, it did catch a couple of times on the hair of my legs though which was more of a ‘funny moment’ than any negative.  :D :D

Other services included;      owo,  dfk,  doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and me lifting Lucy in the air (she is very small and light to try this with but didn’t stay in this position long as I’m more than a few years older than Lucy)  And then a finish with CIM
No time did I feel I was rushed out our clock watching, which I was looking out for after a few reviews from some guys on here.
A good visit and was impressed I would return.

PROS:           Great GFE
      Looks truly stunning you would proud to walk down a street with her on your arm
      Great venue
      Great communication

Cons;      Time was wasted waiting on Lucy changing
      I don’t want to hear about other guys (cam guys or not) on my visit
      Slightly higher price than I would normally pay.

I would have no hesitation booking again, and Lucy asked me to come back again sometime which as simple as it is was a nice touch to make me feel like she enjoyed my company as much as i did hers.   She does offer a mmf with her partner that we spoke about maybe doing on the next visit as this is something i've always wanted to see in person, a girl taking action from more than one direction   :D

Really swaying between a neutral and a positive (which I plan to VERY rarely use to give a true effect of the positive award)   but just on price and the fact I had to wait for Lucy on my time I have moved away from a positive and settled for a neutral.
Scotland / LucyfromGlasgow / LucySantangelo
« by stuart_gla on December 06, 2014, 01:01:33 AM »
LucyfromGlasgow / LucySantangelo

1 hour in-call £150.

I have been to see Lucy once before, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  However, this time not so much.  Arrived at her flat up the town, and was greeted by Lucy in her civvies.  Chit chat and paperwork out the way, I jumped into the shower as requested.  After getting washed and dried (with a fresh fluffy towel!) I went back to the bedroom.  Lucy then started to go through her wardrobe, looking for something to wear.  She picked out some sexy lingerie and a pair of killer heels, then went off to get changed.  I lay on the bed naked for what seemed like ages, playing with myself waiting for her to come back.  Eventually, Lucy returned looking absolutely fabulous.  I glanced at the clock on the bedside table and it was now 20 mins (£50) into the booking.

Some kissing and OWO for 10-15 mins.  Lucy removed her bra, more of the boob rubbing on cock thing she does, fantastic stuff!  Then, on with the condom.  I asked her to go on top, but she was a bit tight so we start with me on top.  Missionary for maybe 1-2 mins and I cum (prematurely).  At this point, I'm a bit embarrassed -- but expected to lay on the bed together for a while and have a cuddle (and maybe play with her cute feet!).  Lucy asked if I had far to travel (home?), and then if I would like to take a shower.  Msg received loud and clear - feeling very uncomfortable, I showered and left with almost 20 mins (£50) on the clock.

On the way home, I txt Lucy to say the evening didn't go well from my point of view, specifically raising the slow start and early exit and how she was amazing last time.  All very polite and not abusive in any way.  Kind and thoughtful reply from Lucy saying that she found it difficult to communicate with me (I am shy and quite) and that we didn't click, it's an experience she offers, and not an hour of full sex.  Such a contrast from my previous visit: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=43109.0  Bit crushed about this as Lucy was one of my favourites.  She did say in the txt I should have said something to her at the time, but I am not really a pushy client tbh.


I think Lucy is very beautiful and friendly, but on this occasion I didn't get the service I was paying for (perhaps misunderstanding what was on offer?).

Other escorts I have visited answer the door ready for action, or very near about it.  Lucy was wearing normal clothes.

Most other escorts are waiting naked on the bed when I come out the shower.  Lucy goes and gets changed after I've showered.

I usually cum twice in an hour, this was not on the cards.

Leaving a £150 per hour booking 20 mins early, because we didn't "click".

First time after meeting an escort I've had a wank after getting home.

Scotland / LucyfromGlasgow
« by stuart_gla on November 24, 2014, 11:13:40 AM »

Based on positive reviews, and amazing photos on AW, I booked Lucy for an hour at £140.  Excellent comms and direction to a posh city centre flat.  Apartment was clean and tidy, shower and clean towels available.  On arrival, Lucy offered a drink, I took a glass of water and was asked to get comfortable on the bed, while Lucy changed into a sexy outfit.

Lucy was very upfront in asking what I liked to do, to which I of course confessed to adoring womens feet and OWO.  Without further ado, while we were lying on the bed cuddling, Lucy began to stroke her feet up and down my legs, tickling my balls and cock.  OWO, and again, the sight of a beautiful blonde woman sucking my cock was amazing.  I will honestly never tire of this.  Lucy's oral skills were brilliant, deep sucking followed by this technique of rubbing her chest over my cock and balls.  Had me up and ready for action in no time.  Lucy asked if I wanted to put a condom on, and we did attempt sex, but for whatever reason I decided to go soft and trying to get inside her was a bit of an embarrassing flop!  So, onto more sucking her toes, caressing her feet, etc.  Seeing Lucy lying on the bed playing with herself, fingering her slit while I was sucking her toes was such a delight!  Lucy has quite petite feet, lovely small curvy toes, a joy to get the tongue in between them.  She was happy for me to cum on her feet, in particular the soles of her feet., which was fantastic.

Overall, Lucy is a blonde bombshell and a really amazing woman to spend time with, good chat too.
Scotland / LucyfromGlasgow
« by JoeKerr on July 26, 2014, 07:25:15 PM »

Lucy is a fine looking woman (though she kept her mid-section covered, no need to guess why). The flat was clean and the service was adequate, especially oral (without)

There was one irritation, after taking a shower (which took 10 minutes) Lucy asked me what I wanted her to wear taking another 5 minutes, whilst time-wasting like that isn't a big thing, it's not something I expect for £140.

Overall experience was good, however not as good as other WG's available for less, wouldn't be back.
Scotland / LucyfromGlasgow
« by tmq67 on April 04, 2014, 03:03:47 PM »
Had a cracking outcall with Lucy. Very nice girl, very friendly, intelligent and chatty. Looks even more stunning in real life. Had brought some very sexy lingerie in her bag to get changed into, before we got started, which I thought was a very nice touch.

Proper GFE, including CIM, and a very tight pussy.

Only slight negative is that she is a bit pricey (albeit probably worth it).


Scotland / Lucyfromglasgow
« by slamman on December 24, 2012, 06:40:49 PM »
Visited her this morning. Absolutely stunner, far hotter than her pictures look. Charming, friendly and had amazing oral skills, almost didn't see past the 10 minute mark!


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