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London / Naughty Natt - London Paddington.
« by LastManCumings on June 18, 2016, 04:25:35 PM »
Naughty Natt - London Paddington.

Old AW Link - https://www.adultwork.com/2981972
Current AW Link - https://www.adultwork.com/3419679 or https://www.adultwork.com/%5FNaughty%2DNatt%5F -

Booking - Earlier this month.
Location - 5 min walk from London Paddington Tube/Train Station. It took me another 5 mins to get out of London Paddington Station.
Time spent - 1 hour
Cost - £120

- I woke up feeling frisky. Checked with my regular (Plan A), but she was busy, so I needed a Plan B. Nattalie has been in HL for a while and I even tried to get a booking few months ago (when she was using her old profile), but our diaries did not sync. However this time around they did, so I booked her straightaway.


- Comms were good. Sent her an e-mail via AW. Got a reply in an hour or so, called & booked the time slot I wanted. 
- Location easily accessible by public transport, which is always a plus for me.
- First floor serviced apartment, so not too many stairs to climb.
- Shower offered before and after the punt, which was happily accepted. Clean bathroom, towel and a shower gel present for me to use. Small-ish shower cubicle, but functional.
- Good OWO. She did try to deepthroat me for a second or three. I was hoping for more DT, but alas.....
- Enjoyed CIM, and that too 15 mins after we started, so kudos on her OWO skills, however...........[See Neutral]. No swallowing, but then I wasn't expecting that.
- With me lying down on the bed, her long blonde hair felt nice rubbing against my thighs and balls during OWO.
- Pretty girl with a slim body. Facially, she reminded me of Marcia Brady from the American Sitcom 'The Brady Bunch'. For people who are not familiar with the show, I think this picture might help. Fake tan though.
- Small and pert natural breast, which I did enjoy.
- Happy to initiate Round 2
- No clock watching. I wasn't able to finish Round 2 (plan was to finish with a facial), however she was quite willing to spend the extra time and make the extra effort to ensure that I cum before I go.
- Pounding that pussy while looking at that peachy ass (pity she doesn't do A-levels). She took a good 15 min pounding from me and was happy to continue.


- Entrance within eyeshot of a restaurant and a pub. There was a problem with the main door which meant that she could not buzz me in. I was standing outside the main door talking on the phone, waiting for her to put on her shirt and jeans to come down and open the door for me. Since it was an afternoon punt, there were few customers in the restaurant and the pub, so it did not bother me.
- Decent size bed in a small-ish bedroom. A small table with a lamp, lube and condoms. That's it. Could do with a chair though.
- FK with a bit of tongue (just the tip). But definately not DFK.
- Toothy OWO in round 2. I guess she got tired/lost interest, but her OWO skills dropped considerably in Round 2.
- Her tongue stud did nothing for me. I barely even noticed it during OWO. I was hoping that it would add to the OWO experience, but sadly it didn't.
- Decent English, but not much of a talker. Was happy to answer questions (to a certain point), but not too keen on starting a conversation between rounds. I was the one taking the lead. She also does not feign interest and this might give the appearance of being cold & distant.


- No attention to balls during OWO and no rimming offered. I have read reports on UKP where these were offered, so either she has stopped doing this, she does it with regulars or I got short-changed

Would I see her again ? - Maybe, if I am in the area.
London / Naughty Natt - Paddington
« by somerandomfella on January 15, 2016, 08:43:52 PM »
Naughty Natt was certainly that alright. A genuine stunner and I feel like a very lucky man indeed.


Really good. Have to admit, I was worried as the previous venue had a maid doing the comms, and I've been let down before by girls from that same flat. This is a different location. And it's just her there so no problems at all.

LOOKS 10/10
Wow, wow, wow. Every bit as a good on her pics and even better in person. Turned up in a beautiful dress with stockings and sexy lingerie as requested. Her body is sensational. Lovely perky breasts, toned body, smooth skin and sensational arse. Probably the best looking W/G I've ever seen. She could be a model, she's that hot. Seemed quite shy but friendly. Her English admittedly isn't the best, but we communicated just fine.

Plenty of FK, and it just felt passionate and lovely. I just couldn't get enough of her. OWO, RO, mish and cowgirl. All done brilliantly well and with passion. Plenty of hip movement and that tongue stud felt so good.

Without hesitation, I'll be back. Originally wrote her off due to the association with maids and a few negative reviews on here. But judging by this, she's back on form and deserves to do very well. I'm still seeing stars and writing this on the commute back with a grin on my face. She is a genuine, fantastic girl, a huge fan of hers now, a wonderful experience.
London / Naughty-Natt - Paddington
« by Majestic on December 16, 2015, 06:55:34 PM »
I saw Nattalie last week for 2 hours in her Paddington apartment and it was actually the second time seeing her. The reason for not reviewing her the first time (as mentioned in another post as well) was because it was only my second time seeing an escort and after looking back at what I learnt, the first didn’t set a very high bar for Nattalie to beat. So it would have been like comparing black and white.

I was actually going to leave arranging something with her until this weekend, but as I knew she was leaving the UK before Christmas, I thought I would make sure I did see her before she left. Turns out that was a good move because if I had waited, I would have been waiting quite some time.

https://www.adultwork.com/2981972 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naughty%2DNatt

Everything was arranged by text. I texted just after 10am in the morning and got a reply back just over an hour later. To put that in some perspective, for the first meeting, I texted at around 1pm and got a reply back immediatly. So although her profile says from 10am when her phone is switched on, it may be a bit later.

After that and me taking a further 10 minutes to reply, everything was arranged within 5 minutes.

The apartment is only around a 5-10 minute walk from Paddington station/tube (Praed Street exit) and was easy to find. Although I knew where it was this time, the final directions helped the first time. The door you go in is quite discrete as well so that wasn’t a problem.

I did take it a bit slower going up the stairs this time though as I knew how many I had to get up this time :)

The apartment is quite nice, clean and tidy in the bits that I saw. It isn't overly huge but then what apartment is in London.

OK, I’ll get the fluffy bit over with. Once she let me in and I turned around, I remembered why I was standing in the room at the beginning of the first meeting thinking “Oh my god, she looks stunning”. I would say that her pictures do not do her justice and that, to me at least, Nattalie is a very attractive, good looking, beautiful and friendly young woman.

Fluffy bit over, I would say that she is as described on her profile and while she does have a couple of tattoo’s, they are only scripts/text and not over the top or extremely obvious. To the point that I can’t even remember seeing one of them during this meeting :unknown: Her hair is currently brunette with some lighter streaks and she is also currently more tanned than in her photos.

The meet:
When I was nearby, I text to say just that and then within a couple of minutes, I was walking up the stairs. Once in, Nattalie offered me a shower which I took followed by a glass of water.

Just a note with the shower. Where the shower hose meets the shower head, it leaks. Depending on how high and in which direction you are holding the shower, you may get a sudden wake up call of cold water (if you haven’t let it warm up first) in a certain region :scare: I did actually use it at the end of the first time I met her, but couldn't work out how to get the shower to work instead of just the taps :rolleyes:

Back to the bedroom and it wasn’t long before Nattalie instigated some DFK and she had my towel off before I knew it. While I believe what went on between us in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom, the services used, bearing in mind that I’m quite a vanilla person, were:

- Mutual touching of each other throughout
- OWO (with me returning the favour)
- 3 positions during the time.

She does seem to like to move her hips during sex, but once in a rhythm with each other, it can be rewarding as I found out. Especially during round two ;)

While the above list may seem not much to some, it was all I wanted. Maybe I’ll get more adventurous as time goes on :). Nattalie was asking through out what I would like so she wasn't holding things back that I wanted to do.

That said, what does count, for me anyway, is the effort that Nattalie puts in. If she is aiming to deliver a true GFE, then she is very good at it and delivered it with enthusiasm throughout the duration of our time together making sure that what we did was what I wanted.

After the second pop, we laid on the bed chatting to each other until the time was up. Although I think she does set an alarm, there was rush to get going and we laid there a bit longer before I took another shower as it had got rather hot in there ;)

Then it was time for a final kiss and to say our goodbye’s.

Will I return - TL;DR:
If or when Nattalie returns to the UK and assuming to a location I can get to easily, absolutely yes.

Will I return:
At the start, I mentioned that I haven’t reviewed my first meeting with Nattalie. Although the first was shorter, looking back, if I was asked to rate her on consistency between both, I would give her 10 out of 10 and I would probably say pretty much the same as I have done above.

Although some may not believe me, I have tried several times to try and find something not so positive to say just so that it isn’t all positive but I just can’t. I left after an enjoyable 2 hours a very happy man with a smile on my face :)

So would I visit Nattalie for a third time? If or when she returns and assuming it is a location I can get to, based on what i know, then without a doubt, yes  :thumbsup:
London / Naughty-Natt - Paddington - MEH
« by collector on December 03, 2015, 10:53:41 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2981972 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naughty%2DNatt
old profiles: https://www.adultwork.com/2886871 https://www.adultwork.com/2081518

Had Natt on my HL for several months, I decided to finally meet her because she is retiring. Said she is going to work until next weekend.
It's been a punt with a good start, few disappointments in the middle and a disaster in the end.

Comms: with the maid. Texted yesterday, no reply. Tried again today. Agreed time and address gived.

Location: No more in Talbot Square, although works in a street very close. Flat on top floor without lift in this building.

Look: beautiful young girl.
My rating: Body is a 9, petite nice arse, B-C breast, 5.5 tall.
Face is a 8, gorgeous smile, facially she's cute rather than sexy or stunning.

Attitude: very smiley but not chatty. I mean, I don't care to waste time with a long chit chat but it's not a proper GFE if she barely speaks.
She didn't rush me at all but she watched the clock several times. It's annoying, a bad turn off. On a positive side I overstayed because she worked hard to make me cum.

Price: 80£ for 1/2 hour.

Service: DFK, OWO, half DT, RO, fingering, spanking, sex in doggie, mish and CG.
Kissing was nice, tasted good in RO and doggie and CG were quiet ok.
Mish was not so good, irritating how she was moving. Totally out of rhythm.
First time I didn't like eye contact, it was persistent all the time, more a staring. Looked too fake.
OWO was nice in the beginning, loved the feeling of the toungue piercing on my cock while she was blowing. Bit of teeth. When I asked to finish me with BJ, she gived me a rushed one and very toothy. Was even painful, I had to tell her to be carful and then to take one more rubber.
Close again to pop during CG, told her but she went down too slow for CIM, maybe for purpose. She just watched my cock cumming on me. I was thinking: WTF you doing? I stayed calm and polite but I was really disappointed.

Don't know what happened with her. I'm sure this punt is not the best she can do but this was my experience and I want to share it.
London / Naughty-Natt
« by roypunter on November 25, 2015, 01:39:08 PM »

I was messed around by her so thought to give every one else a heads up.
Booked an appointment to see Naughty Natt for 6pm, arrived there 10 minutes before time. Texted her to say I  was there. She texted back and asked me to wait for 15-20 minutes. I was waiting till 6:20pm, texted her again. She gave me the flat number, rang the buzzer and I was about to go in as a Really drunk polish guy opened the door and asked me where I was going!!!! Was not very nice.

Anyway went upstairs and met with another girl who told me that Natt had to leave and you can see me!! I was really pissed off. Rang the number and no answer, text came back, see this girl I am busy. what the hell, these shitty girls do not consider how important time is!! wasted my 2 hours. I left fuming and the girl who was there said a polish well known swear word.

avoid these girls..
London / Naughty Natt - Bayswater
« by Puntsmith on November 18, 2015, 10:07:39 PM »

Saw Natt last month.

Top floor flat on Talbot Square near Bayswater.  Parking on street.
Discreet location.  It's a bit of a walk up the stairs but there is a small lift.

Natts pics are a good representation.  She is a seriously hot young girl.  In the flesh she has good skin and is very smiley and friendly.  She's in her early 20s.  Cracking body with a great arse and good natural pert c cup tits. She's a slim size 6-8 and is around 5' 5".  She was wearing a pink/peach coloured tight fitting dress when I saw her and she looked amazing in it!  But the dress had to come off of course...  Revealing her fit young body with smooth soft skin. I'd rate her at 9+/10.

A little bit of chit chat as we sat on side of bed. Her hands were wandering and helping me out of my clothes and she moved in for some good dfk.  I had to almost push her off me so that I could go for a shower!
DFK was good and Natt seems to be really into it.
OWO technique was excellent - wet and sloppy and she tries to take it deep for DT.
She was very responsive to RO and fingers were ok.
Sex in CG, RCG, doggy, mish, ++.
Finished with CIM and some on her face and tits!
Cuddled while resting and chatting.  She initiated round 2 with kissing and more OWO, ball sucking. Finished CIM again.

Definitely a very positive rating.  Really fit, young, great body and really good service.  I would definitely see again (although she's been difficult to book recently!)
London / Naughty Nat , Paddington
« by loopy on November 06, 2015, 08:28:40 PM »
Young - check
Nubile - check
Hotty - check
OWO - check
CIM - check
Fingers - check
Proper DFK - check
Up for it - check!!!!!!!!

Every single one of my criteria met!!

All of the above was received with enthusiasm . The CIM in particular; kept sucking and sucking and even winked at me at,the end with cock still in her mouth . First time I can remember a girl ever delivering with such enthusiasm and genuinely got well in to it.

She showed me her mates red hot Carmen and busty laura on aw...and told me their tits were real!! I'm going to make sure I see all her mates before they disappear.

This girl is spectacular. Wish she was my wife.

London / Naughty-Natt - Paddington
« by Late Starter on October 25, 2015, 01:26:12 AM »
Another one recommended by the faithful reviewers here and I have to recommend, too

https://www.adultwork.com/2981972 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naughty%2DNatt

Great comms throughout, good flat in a quiet location a few minutes walk from the station and a beautiful young girl with an eagerness to please. Superb! Services partaken in were DFK, OWO, RO and FS. Lots of kisses and cuddles whilst recovering and cleaning up.

Is leaving after Christmas, apparently so see her whilst you can.....
London / Naughty Natt, Paddington: Jesus F**king Christ
« by zakkmorrison on October 22, 2015, 05:38:02 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2981972 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naughty%2DNatt

I saw Natt earlier this week (October 20th). Location: a top floor flat 5 minutes’ walk from Paddington station. Price: £80 for 30 minutes, with OWO and DFK confirmed in advance.

I've been doing this a pretty long time so it's rare that I am left speechless by a first impression of a WG. On this occasion though, I was. Looks are all in the eye of the beholder, obviously, but in my view Natt is the hottest WG I have ever shagged. In fact she might be the hottest girl I've ever shagged, full stop (and back in my dim and distant prime I was good looking enough to pull some ‘stunnas’, to quote the Sun). If that sounds too fluffy, so be it - to my eyes, Natt is model standard. I'm amazed she's doing the job she's doing, rather than having been snapped up as arm-candy for some premiership footballer or something. On top of that, she was friendly, smiley, decent English... skin was tanned and silky smooth, pussy without a hint of stubble, average height, really slim but not scrawny (I'd say size 6/8), pert tits (though small, so she's not for your busty admirers) and responsive nipples, amazing ass....(OK, I'll shut up now).

I've seen very hot (as in, pretty) WGs before, including one in Reading a couple of years ago that looked like a young Gloria Estefan (I posted a review at the time). My experience *generally* is that hot WGs know they're hot, and so don't put in as much effort. So hot girl = mediocre service (that was certainly the case with Glora Estefan).  Natt, though, was a different story. She doesn't offer the full-on PSE of an Ameera or a Platinum Cindy, or the wild no-holds/holes-barred abandon of a Lindsey (not that was ever lucky enough to see her) – but sometimes a mellower meeting is what you’re after, right? What Natt offers is basically like what would happen if you pulled the unattainable hottest girl in the club/bar, took her home, and discovered she was up for everything, and was really fucking good at it.

So, loads of proper DFK and gradual mutual undressing to get things warmed up (which little Zakk already was, in some style), then onto the bed where Natt kissed my body before going down for some OWO.... at least, so I thought. Before she went anywhere near little Zakk, she proceeded to give me a good 10 minutes of full-on ball-sucking and rimming.... all while keeping eye contact. Incredible. When she finally went for OWO, I would have popped in 3 seconds flat if I hadn't asked her to take a breather, during which time I returned the favour with some reverse oral and rimming on her.... which she seemed to enjoy quite a lot :)

She suggested we 69, and by this point I felt confident that I’d calmed down enough to avoid cumming there and then – so a prolonged spell of 69 with us both mixing up mutual oral and rimming… then on with the mac and we fucked first in cowgirl, then in doggie. I don’t normally like cowgirl, but I found Natt so damn hot that looking at her riding and grinding on my cock was a sight that’ll stay in the wank bank for a long time. Needless to say I didn’t last too long, but the build-up had taken a long time so we were almost up to our 30 minutes (not that there was any hint of clock-watching).

In case you haven’t worked out already, I loved this punt. It might rank as my best ever. Not full-on raunchy PSE – no anal or anything like that – but for the elusive suspension of disbelief – in other words, “Wow, I’m fucking a girl I just picked up and I can’t believe my luck” – she is up there at the top of my list. Very, very highly recommended and I’ll be back next time I’m in London.
London / Naughty-Natt, Kensington
« by dizietsmae on October 21, 2015, 09:41:52 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2981972 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naughty%2DNatt

£120 for an hour.

Quick efficient text communication got me to the door of Natt's flat 2 hours after I initially texted her.  It s a nice flat in a swanky part of London which I always enjoy as the pubs are usually nicer for a post punt pint  :drinks:

Natt is fucking gorgeous, easily the most attractive girl I have ever seen combined with a level of GFE service that has had me daydreaming of my visit to her continually since.

SHe is more attractive in person than her allready wonderful and accurate pictures, lovely natural tits, soft smooth skin, not overly toned but not fat.

DFK immediately and then I broke off to have a quick shower and came back to strip off her short white dress and skimpy underwear and ten we just made out for a while before she moved down to my cock gently kissing and licking on the way and then SPECTACULAR OWO.  Like wow, she just licked and deepthroated and nibbled and spat and slid her tongue piercing up my shaft and licked everywhere, so fucking good, I'm tingling just thinking about it.  Moved into RO and then 69 before some cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, mish and I popped.  Cuddling and stroking and idle chitchat before more RO and another long bout of OWO, she has a big mirror in her room which is lovely and I positioned her for maximum viewing pleasure  :dance: Then more mish and pop two and I was hard again very quickly and we hammered away in prone bone with her arching her back and twisting round to DFK me as I hammered away and reached pop three.  Before pop two during the extended bout of OWO she did ask me to cum in her mouth but I have really got into cumming inside girls recently so promised her that next time I would  :cool:

So yes a resounding positive from me  :drinks:
London / Naughty-Natt - Paddington
« by sun on October 16, 2015, 11:47:47 PM »


I saw Naughty Natt around month ago. Comms arranged easily via phone and was texted the address promptly for an appointment later that day.

Natt's place is around a 5 minute walk from Paddington in a nice safe location.

I booked for 30mins for £80 which I found was very good value for money based on the services Natt delivered with great gusto. There was LOTS of DFK, one of the best bj's i have had which was OWO and lots of DT and licking all over. She has a nice tongue stud which she used well.  RO, protected penetration in a number of positions and finally more DT OWO until I finally came in a mouth - she kept going until I told her to stop!

Highly recommended fellas - I have seen her twice since and each time she does not let you down.
London / Naughty Natt - Paddington
« by yuiop300 on September 19, 2015, 06:59:09 PM »
I'm doing a few reviews to catch up on and to contribute to the forums.

I saw her 2 weeks ago and she is back on holiday from Mondays onwards.

https://www.adultwork.com/2981972 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naughty%2DNatt

I have seen some of the reviews here and decided to go for it.

Comms : Pretty good.  She does have a friend that does the bookings for her she admitted she doesn't pick up the phone herself.  Called and got no reply but I received a txt and we sorted the location and times this way.  I asked for stockings and suspenders with the nurses uniform and red lipstick (yeah I'm that guy).


Location : 8mins away from Paddington station on the top floor.  It has a lift so it's all good.

Natt : 5'3-5'5, she was wearing high heels so it was hard to gauge her height.  Facially one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen.  I thought she was absolutely stunning with a great smile and a good body.  She is on the petite sided with some sexy curves.  Her breasts and nipples were great.  Her ass is shapely but not as big as other girls.  But it was more like a petite girls but more shapely and rounded.  Just don't expect a big ass if that is a must for you.  Think surfer girls ass, body with boobs.  Beautiful eyes IMO.  Her stomach wasn't athlete toned/ firm but there wasn't a belly as far as I'm concerned.  She had a tiny amount of fat there but to be honest most girls will unless they work out and watch what they eat or are very thin.

The nurses uniform had a really sexy hat as well.  The whole outfit was just sexy with her wearing it.  Red lipstick and red high heel shoes as well.

Time : 1hr, £120.

Offered me a drink and I took a shower.  She left the room briefly after I had taken care of business.  The shower was fine.  Nice big towel.  Can't really remember how big it is now though.

dfk - she was really in to this.  Great technique and lots of fun
ro - sublte moans and grinding her hips against my face
rimming on her
69 - one of the sexiest pussy I've seen.  Just looked great licking it and in 69 with her ass in my face.
owo was good, pretty deep with attention to balls
missionary, variations on missionary
doggy was such a treat.  Her beautiful body and her ass bent over was a sight to remember.  loved this.
Lots of dfk throughout, owo on me, ro on her
CIM to finish, no swallow but I'm fine that.

She was always smiling and happy to do things.  Her mood and smile just made the whole experience great.  I felt that I really clicked with her and had an amazing time.

It was good at the end to just cuddle, stare at her and dfk her.

Very recommended and I feel that I'm going to be seeing a lot of her.
London / Naughty Natt - Paddington - Incall
« by ash_g on September 09, 2015, 04:10:21 PM »
Saw NN a week ago and on a Friday and surprisingly she wasn’t that busy from what I could tell.

https://www.adultwork.com/2981972 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naughty%2DNatt

Texted her a day before the meet to ask if she was available on Friday evening but she politely said to text on the day. On the day texted, got the all clear and the address in Paddington.

In a square with work going on in the main road so few cars around, the area was however quite buzzing with people so had to be careful when entering her block, top floor and her door is directly opposite the lift once you go up.

The bed was comfortable, shower in bath with plenty of stock and a clean fresh towel. In the bedroom she has floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobes which was great to see her in action with.

Great looking, would say she is in her early 20’s, size 8-10, smooth skin, handful tits size B cup, slim, I didn’t notice too much belly fat like others have reported. She was blonde however and not brunette as per her pics but does resemble Selena Gomez slightly. I think she is better in real life than her non edited pics. She has green eyes but as the room was quite dimly lit I couldn’t really tell until the end when I was in the hallway, they were very pretty.

Was offered a drink first thing, then started off with a quick shower, when I came back to the room she stepped out for a few mins, came back and was wearing dark lingerie, started DFK while standing and she was very good at it, she has normal sized lips and lovely teeth, no odour and was passionately kissing me (probably because I was really fresh). Started undressing each other and I had my cock run against her pussy lips, turned her around and rubbed my cock between her ass cheeks while kissing her and grabbing her by the neck from behind. Turned her around and gently pushed her to her knees, OWO was really very good, DT and she used her tongue piercing effectively at the shaft of my cock. She takes it really well, sucks your balls and licks the area between ball and arse, this very nearly made me cum!

We moved onto the bed and started 69, she was on the bottom and me on top, I could control the thrust of my cock in her mouth and she took it gently like a trooper, at this angle she could get better access to that sweet spot between the ball and arse again. I had 2 fingers in her and it seemed she was genuinely loving it, with plenty of pelvic movements and small moans. The best bits is her pussy, really nice tasting and one of the cleanest I’ve ever tasted, I spent plenty of time down there. We continued this lying on our sides and eventually I asked for a condom. Rubber on, I asked her to stand (she was still wearing her red heels) against the mirrored wardrobe and I took her from behind. I had a finger in her mouth which she sucked and she gave me great eye contact through the mirror knowing that I liked that very much. We did her on top and that was too much for me, she as riding me so well I knew I would come so had to stop, play with her a little more and then finish her in mish, passionate kissing and all.

Had a few mins rest and she was playing with mu cock again, it was hard so she crept to the foot of the bed, knelt on the floor and starting sucking me off again, seriously, her BJ skills are very good. While I was lying there I asked her to look at me through the mirror. Was great seeing my cock sucked and NN looking at me while I was watching her. Soon enough, rubber on and I picked her up and fucked her while standing (bearing all her weight which isn’t a lot may I add). Onto the bed I did her doggy, then finished with prone bone. NN can really arch her back and it was nearly a U shape, lovely watching her pussy being pounded by me. she has small lips on her pussy opening so when you move your cock in her you can see the lips closing on your cock. Not sure if I’ve described that very well. Not all girls have it but she definitely does. Finished in her and still had a few mons left. We spoke and she was very interesting, gave me a short rub down, offered me another shower which I declined as I was going drinking and left with a kiss goodbye.

I’ve given her some thought and can’t really think of any negatives or neutrals about her, only positives. She’s a great girl and nice in all departments. I would definitely recommend and see again if in the area.
just lol. i was saying how i don't like to see the same girl twice and its like the law of attraction heard these word 'fuck the same girl twice'

She previously went by vip vamps and cost £100 an hour

now shes £120 an hour

when i got there i thought she was cute 7

hand over the dosh. she goes away for a few mins making me paranoid

she comes back and we start kissing, i take me cloths off and then i proceed to take her cloths of and start fucking her mish

as im fucking her i feel like theres dayjavue like iv done this before. Tits look familiar and then im like wft actual fucked when she worked as vip vamps. gutted i payed £20 extra for the same service lol.

anyways i continue with mish, cowgirl, doggy, reverse cowgirl until the hour is up

i finally cum in her mouth. It was still enjoyable because this girl is great and she does her job with a smile on her face

i would recommend this girl 100%

negs- she needs to work a bit on her stomach area. there a slight belly and theres some extra skin around her pussy which you can see when your fucking her doggy

overall i would recomend but would be better if she charged the £100 price.

London / Naughty Natt - Paddington
« by scorpion61 on August 11, 2015, 06:30:54 PM »
In summary possibly the most complete "girl next door" punt I have had in a long time. Don't be mislead by Natt's porn star pose photos - she is, in my view, just a really pretty girl next door - think an attainable Selena Gomez - slightly chubby face, deep brown eyes, long brown hair and olive skin, would say no taller than 5'4", size 8, not gym hard but still toned, small but nice tits, tattoos and pierced tongue

Comms by text with her maid were very efficient, small apartment a short walk from Paddington and Lancaster Gate stations. She does have the smaller room but only needed the bed.

Natt was dressed in a figure hugging white dress and her body felt good under it and looked even better out of it. Nice kissing with tongue, followed by OWO ( piercing used to good effect), balls sucking andwent far enough south with her tongue to feel like rimming but wasn't, fingered my arse. RO and fingering both holes on her, got very wet but not overly vocal if she did come. CIM was probably on offer but didn't try, nice mish position with legs up high to finish. Add anal on her for the perfect punt but don't think that was available.

Great attitude from a smiley young lady who definitely wanted to please me and did.

£120 for an hour - will return for more of the same.

https://www.adultwork.com/2981972 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naughty%2DNatt
London / Natalie (aka Naughty-Natt) - Adultwork
« by Jason on August 02, 2015, 08:59:53 PM »
Escort name: Natalie (AW nickname: Naughty-Natt)
Website: https://www.adultwork.com/2981972 (image form here)
Phone: 07845823016
Time of Visit: Afternoon, Type of Visit: Incall (Paddington, W2)
Time Spent: 1hr, Fee Paid: £120

I met Natalie as part of my back to back solo bookings in the Polish/Lithuanian Paddington flat. I will post a review about her new flatmate separately so here let's focus on Natalie.

ABOUT THE VENUE: (mostly positive)
I already described the place when I reviewed Cindy here. I will only repeat that it is a decent flat in a discreet location 4mins walk from the Paddington tube station. Compared to my previous review I have to correct though that the flat at any given day is shared between 2 girls– not 4. There are only 2 bedrooms. It is solely used for escorting and not for residence. Currently her flatmate occupies the bedroom that Cindy used to use (a picture of which can be found in Cindy’s review) while Natalie is in the other room next to it. Natalie's bedroom is smaller in comparison (it is about 10-12 square metres while the other it's about 16sq. metres). It would also be good to have a place to hang your clothes. Anyway it has a good bed and it’s OK for the purpose.

Natalie is a Polish (with some Lithuanian roots) girl in her early-mid 20s (profile says 22, perhaps 24-25 would be more realistic but she may well be 22 after all). She is 5ft5in-5ft6in (~1.65-1.66m) tall (barefoot) and she is a slim (but not fit) dress size 10-‘11’ with nice cup B/C boobs. A “girl next door” type of girl so don’t expect a perfect supermodel but instead a fairly attractive young gal with minor imperfections like some minor puppy fat in the tummy and thigh areas and slight acne on her face (not all the face). Here is an album of her pictures from her previous profile posted by The_Don in his review. Please note that the pictures are 100% hers but they make her appear more attractive than she really is (the current set of pics on her current profile even more so). According to my picture-calibrated female beauty scale (version 2.0) her face score is 7.1/10 and her body score is 7.3/10. Overall 7.2/10.

Very friendly, polite, easy-going and smiley. Great attitude overall. Her English level is B1 as that is defined by CEFR. She has had several profiles so far. This is her 3rd re-incarnation; she has been around since August 2014.
(A) Meeting arrangement: (mostly positive)
Booking arranged with 1.5 hour notice. Comms handled by a receptionist were fast and efficient. Note that Natalie works until 7pm – sometimes until 7.30pm at the very most. Also for the record the cost for an hour duo with her flatmate is £250 and 1.5hour duo is £300. But with the same amount I had both girls back to back for 2.5 hours so I opted for that arrangement.

(B) During the meeting: (positive)
I was greeted with a smile and her wearing purple lingerie. I paid and we head together for a shared shower. On our return to the bedroom we started.

Services that I made use of: Deep French kissing, body kissing, protected vaginal penetration sex in several positions, OWO, CIM, cunnilingus, 69, facesitting, clit stroking, handjob, shower together.

1. Very passionate, opened-mouth, unrestricted Deep French Kissing.
2. Very passionate and enthusiastic sex in several positions with natural flow and transitioning.
3. Very good OWO technique with eye contact
4. CIM available (I made use of it and for the record she spits). COB is available as well but I only had one long round so I didn't make use of it.
5. Very good cowgirl.
6. She appears to enjoy herself and she gives her all.
7. Shower together at the start of the session with teasing and washing each other’s body.
8. She didn’t rush me to cum neither did she complain about too much fucking. Also apparently cum times are unlimited (yes I only had one long round but from the 60mins, 6-7 were in the shower and 50 min were sex and foreplay).
9. No clockwatching. She does set an alarm on her phone but the time starts after you pay, the duration of the alarm is a full hour (not 50 or 55 mins) and she doesn't usher you out when the alarm rings. Of course I had a follow up booking with her flatmate but overall my time with Natalie went overtime.
10. She was clean (well we also showered together).
11. Punctual (meeting started on time).

1. Failed to meet a dressing request. The receptionist asked me if I had any dressing requests and although I didn't bother after she almost insisted for me to choose a uniform I asked for the nurse one. However the dressing request was not met - Natalie was instead wearing a lovely white dress, despite the receptionist passing the request to her. It makes me wonder what was the heck was the purpose the receptionist asked me and almost insisted for me to choose uniforms at the time neither of the two girls bothered to be dressed in them when I met them. What was the reason to get me unnecessarily hyped and subsequently potentially disappointed? Well it didn’t bother me in the slightest as I wasn’t going for uniforms in the first place but you get the point…
2. She has a tongue piercing which personally didn't bother me but others might complain that it gets in the way during OWO or DFK.


Q. Do I recommend her? A.  If you are after a "next girl door" type of escort I can recommend Natalie highly as she provides an excellent service and has a great attitude.
Q. Would I meet her again (going back in time)? A. Yes.
Q. Will I meet her again in the future? A. Yes.

Attractiveness/Beauty: 7.2/10 (face score: 7.1/10; body score 7.3/10) – ratings are based on this scale and criteria (version 2.0)
Patience & Politeness/Friendliness: 10/10
Willingness to please: 10/10
Energy: 10/10
Enthusiasm: 10/10
Participation: 10/10
Expression of enjoy: 9.2/10
Available services: 9.4/10
Quality of available services: 9.6/10
GFE illusion: 9.5/10
Hygiene Standard: 10/10
English level: 6.0/10
Location: 9.0/10
Premises: 6.5/10
Smoker status: Smoker (but quite fresh taste as she apparently uses mouthwash)
Tattoos: A small text at the lower side of her abdominal area. Very discreet.
Piercings: Tongue and navel piercings
Pubic hair: Shaved completely
Quality/price ratio: Fair

positive=4.5 or 5 stars, mostly positive=3.5 or 4 stars, mixed=2 or 3 stars, negative=0 or 1 stars
neutral=something that either doesn't bother me personally generally or didn't bother me at the time although it would be preferable if it were available or avoided (depending on the subject). It might be decisive for others though that is why is mentioned.

1a , 1b, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7a, 7b, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
London / Naughty-Natt - Paddington
« by barnstorm123 on July 17, 2015, 03:15:06 PM »

A quick review for a girl I've seen before.

I was desperate for a shag so I tried a few WGs in the £80 for half an hour range. I was going to go with Shy Tiffany but I pulled up a Street View of her location and didn't fancy it (FYI: even on street view it looks like there's a punter waiting by the gates of her block!). Instead I went for Natt who I knew was a good fuck, doesn't charge extras and is really attractive.

£80 for half an hour. Nice enough flat close to Paddington station but the bedroom was fairly small and it was a bit of a hike to the top of the building.

Natt is early-20s, nice hair, good body, slim with just a hint of puppy fat. Her tits are fantastic. She's also very beautiful facially, I'd probably put her on the same level as Michelle Indie.

This was only a half hour session as I was pushed for time. Nice BJ, deep enough without going full DT and she has a nice filthy look while sucking on the man meat. Lots of groping, fingering, HJ, as I enjoyed just being with a fit girl then a decent session of RO plus fingers but I didn't get her off. I managed a quick mish then asked her to flip over for prone bone where I probably lasted less than a minute (it was over a month without a fuck for me, go easy!). I had meant to splurge my load on her face but got carried away.

Natt's a nice girl, very smiley and provides all services with a great attitude. Her English is limited but good enough for a bit of small talk.

Highly recommended. I'd go more often but there's a lot of girls on my HL.

My previous review on her old profile: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=52500.0
London / Naughty Natt
« by tazz on June 12, 2015, 06:53:56 PM »
Following on from an earlier positive review spent an hour with Natt. This girl is phenomenol, has a lovely smile and unlike other girls doesnt waste time chatting, she just delivers a mind blowing service. Has a stud in her tounge and sucked my cock whilst looking  into my eyes. She also like to kiss with her eyes open. Also keep looking at me whilst humping her from behind.

Came in her mouth and inside her twice in around 30 minutes. Took a whilst to get a hard again but couldnt manage a third pop.
Think im going to have to a do a threesome with her and Nicole, which will be like being in a porn film.

Only negatives for me are that she moves her ass whilst getting fucked and barely chats, i like a bit of dirty talk, did get her to say a few things but shes just their to suck and fuck.

Flat wise its on a fifth floor, best advised to get the lift. Also the bathroom was a bit of a mess.

https://www.adultwork.com/2981972 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naughty%2DNatt

[Link added by admin]
London / Naughty-Natt - Paddington
« by Big Cat on June 10, 2015, 12:55:14 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2981972 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naughty%2DNatt

Saw Natt the other week - same flat as Nicole and Julliet bout a 7 minute walk from Paddington station (close to Lancaster Gate too).

No face pics on her profile (might be in PG,not sure) but she's very pretty and a genuinely happy and smiley girl which I really appreciate in a punt. Had a great time with both her flatmates previously but after seeing Natt I reckon she's the one who seems genuinely the happiest with what she does.

Anyway, lovely face, beautiful smile, nice body, not much of an ass but probably the best-looking boobs I've ever seen on a WG. Profile says she's 5'2 but I'd say she's maybe 5'6.

OWO-wise she's better than Nicole and Julliet IMO. Has a tongue stud which she runs slowly up your entire cock as she comes up from DT and it feels fucking awesome. Great eye contact in mish, great energy in cowgirl, never shies away from DFK/FK and likes kissing your neck/licking your ears. Loved it.

So yeah, really friendly girl overall and a great shag. Obviously can't help but compare her with her flatmates now having seen them all. I'd say they're all top quality but Natt sucks the best dick, Julliet gives the best FK, and Nicole is the horniest/best fuck (just about). Might need to try them all again just to be sure though. Just a great fucking flat overall really, wish I could live there.

Highly recommended, will see her again.
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