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Scotland / Lena.Sweet Glasgow
« by happychess on March 02, 2017, 07:18:32 PM »
The girl's AW link: https://www.adultwork.com/2773518 

She was named Glasgownina based in Govan Glasgow a few years ago. She did provide good service before but definitely not now!

Location: A flat in East end, opposite Shettleston Library. The room was ok, not really good; but the bed was terrible. I did not use bathroom facilitate, so I have no idea for that.

Face& Figure: Honestly, her body and face is good, and she did lose weight a lot. Good boobs (not big) and good tits. 

Service: I booked a BJ only appointment, but the service was terrible, e.g. more wanking than oral, no deep throat at all, and saying 'fuck sake' during the oral etc.

Come back: No for sure.
Scotland / Lena.Sweet Glasgow
« by Boinky on February 07, 2017, 09:41:28 PM »

Saw Lena a couple of weeks ago for a trial run with her £20 BJ "promo"

Positives -

Nice girl, quite pleasant to chat to, friendly.
OK looking, pics are pretty accurate. Hey I'm not exactly Thor in the Marvel movies myself and my "hammer" isn't that mighty.
Good comms.
Easy to find and park.
No rush, which considering it was only £20 was pretty good.

Negatives -

Area is a bit of a craphole, it's Tollcross, what do you expect if you know the place.
Service is basic, but then again it's £20. You pay for a BJ and you get...... see below.

Onto the action.

Lena was very welcoming, first time I've met her. Hand over the dosh, she asks exactly what I want, onto the bed and then.......

The most vigorous, unpleasant handjob I've ever had. Part of the reason I went (other than I'm cheap) was some of the documented oral skills, there would be a few seconds of very average bobbing followed by more hand action. I had to ask her twice to knock it off and if she wanted me to cum quickly she'd have more joy with a sloppy wet BJ than pulling my cock off. Needless to say it wasn't great.

Why Neutral and not Negative?

I think but could be wrong if I'd spent the extra on a 30 min service I would have had a better time. She's advertising a cheap service and probably can't be arsed with £20 BJ's all day. Maybe I'm being overgenerous but she does have a decent bit of feedback on here so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Would I return?

Not sure. Maybe give her a chance with a 30 min and see how we got on. She did seem quite relaxed with me and wasn't in a rush to turf me out but my cock still felt a bit raw the following day and not in a good way.

Scotland / Lena.sweet Glasgow
« by jj-mac on February 07, 2017, 02:33:13 PM »
On my phone so no link.

 https://www.adultwork.com/2773518 or https://www.adultwork.com/lena%2Esweet
[Link added by admin]

Met Lena recently for her £20 bj offer.

Firstly I'm not sure I actually met the girl in the profile pics. Definitely wasn't the girl in the nurses uniform but vaguely similar to the other pics but with shorter curly hair. Age wise she is the wrong side of 40 nowhere near her profile age.
Flat was in Tollcross near the library. On street parking and discreet enough. Inside was clean and warm. Didn't use the bathroom so no comments on that.

Girl I saw was around 45 to 50 and spoke OK English. Id say around 5ft 7 a size 10, b cup boobs but really loose skin around her tummy. Confirmed what I was after got the cash out the way then she disappeared to stash it. She came back in as I was getting undressed. Tried to give her a kiss but she pulled away saying blow job only. Fair enough but kinda surprised as never had that happen to me.

Anyway started with the bj. Not the best to be honest. Too much hand and no eye contact at all. Felt really cold and mechanical. So 5 mins of this and I knew I wasn't gonna cum so asked if I could pay extra for full sex. An extra tenner. This got me some kissing (not full on) I then had a play with her tits and went to go down on her. Stopped in my tracks by the smell. Didn't smell fresh so headed back up got rubbered and had sex in mish and doggy. Doggy was a bit off putting as she had a hairy arse crack which was a surprise as she was completely shaved up front. Eventually managed to shoot in the bag then made a quick getaway.

Positives- cheap, parking ok and discreet

Negatives- possibly not girl in pics, if it is she's definitely way older than stated age, hygiene issues and hairy arse crack. Also cold and mechanical.
Scotland / Lena Sweet - Glasgow
« by GraysonD on December 06, 2016, 02:43:50 PM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/2773518 or https://www.adultwork.com/lena%2Esweet

Saw a review yesterday and was working 10 minutes away from the area so fuck it quick app on my break only 15 minutes. Comms were easy enough few text messages and I'm there head up greeted   the usual invisible person behind the door 😂 Got in and Lena is a lot better looking than I was expecting to be honest I'd say a solid 7/10 face and body.money out of the way and a little 69 get  me up and ready all clean and nice downstairs,getting. Start off with it bit of mish and then Lena rode me like a derby winner until I popped into the bag.

Great value for money and would return,probably will to be honest
Scotland / Lena Sweet Glasgow
« by Nnbobof on December 04, 2016, 07:22:55 PM »

Best OWO CIM finish I've ever had ..... once I had started shooting my load she just kept sucking and didn't stop, this went on for about two or three minutes until my body no longer twitched! She offered to stick a finger up my arse but that her nails ar quite long, perhaps we'll look at that again next time.

She's not a playboy model but you would take her home for a one night stand if you met her in a bar. Her tits are natural, large and her nipples stood up nicely. She has soft sun tanned skin, a couple of tatoos and she looked well worth shagging when she opened the door in a black tight fitting dress.

Some people on here have mumped and moaned about her flat and the area it's in; about thirty yards from her is a nursery that has been converted from an old South Lanarkshire sandstone mansion which in areas like Cambuslang, Rutherglen, Uddingston and Bothwell can fetch about £0.5m, £0.55m, £0.6m and £0.8m respectively. She is in a block of sandstone built flats, most of which are now privately owned and must say that I saw no neds or young team loitering within 200 yards of the place.

I paid up front £60 for half an hour, but left after 15mins. If I can pay her £40 for 15mins and receive that quality of service I shall be back, probably once a week!
Scotland / Lena.sweet Glasgow
« by MainD085 on October 27, 2016, 07:47:59 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2773518 or https://www.adultwork.com/lena%2Esweet

I know she's had a few reviews but as its my first I'll go for a more known WG

£20 for a bj was too good to pass up
Easy enough to reach we exchanged a few texts to set a meet but she did ask for me to arrive 15 min later as she was running late
Getting in was easy enough though did pass another punter coming out the building so she is defo working back to back, area wasnt the greatest but considering Celtic Park is a stones throw away what can you expect (just joking guys nay need to tear my head off)

Lena has a decent body though she does have a bit of a mummy tummy, facially I'd give her a 5.5/10 not someone I'd go up to in a bar but she'll no send you running. Age is about right maybe a few older if that. Got the paperwork sorted and she was straight to it OWO, was expecting better based on past reviews she was a bit to toothy for me, not much eye contact.

As she was having a suck someone knocked on the door, she was visibly flustered rushed the ending as soon as I popped she was out of working clothes and into joggies and a t shirt to answer the door in so it obviously wasnt a punter or her Sergei just a neighbour she said. These things happen not anyone's fault, I got out of there didnt see anyone and I wouldn't recommend.

I gave a neutral because she did do what was on offer just not the greatest. I'll probably try once more and see if its any different without the disruption but no holding my breath, its better to just rip the heed aff it and safe yourself the journey

Scotland / Lena.sweet Glasgow
« by David1970 on August 27, 2016, 11:26:21 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2773518 or https://www.adultwork.com/lena%2Esweet

Good comms, she asked me to turn up 15 minutes later than I had asked for so she could have a shower, which is a plus.
Cost/services- £60 half hour, French kissing( not deep), massage ( ok but had many better) rimming on me ( she is not good at this) sex in 3 positions, facial ( CIM was on offer )
Venue- Area a dump ok during the day but would not go after dark. Flat basic, clean bathroom and dry towels, bed no covers just a mattress.
Lena- tall, good body without being outstanding, face ok but no beauty, English very good, attitude was very business like, even cold.

She is not natural at her job, you have to instruct her what to do, for example after what seemed like an age of her massage in my back, I had to say you can touch my ass and balls which she did.

Found her a cold person, all the services are there but just not with enthusiasm.

Struggled with this as a negative or a neutral, she does what is on her profile, but not with enthusiasm, so a neutral.
Scotland / leena.sweet Glasgow
« by ickydicky on June 26, 2016, 10:01:41 AM »
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2773518 or https://www.adultwork.com/lena%2Esweet - Get QR Code

The attraction of a bj for £20 was to good to ignore even if the trip out to Tollcross is a pain. but i was going into the city for a bevy near glasgow x and had the hangover horn so i thought i would give it a go. it proved to be a great decision. the location is grotty but the flat ok and it was no problem. leena greeted me naked as asked and i got my kit of pronto leaving the boxers for her to slide of when i lay on the bed. i always like that bit. she had met me with some good dfk and by the time my boxers were of i was rampant so she got to work with her mouth and took the full length licking and sucking and making plenty of eye contact. it wasnt long before i popped and she didnt flinch and took it and swallowed it and then licked my knobend dry. leena is an average looking hoor with a decent body and great oral technique. but the bad news is she is only here for another couple of days. had she been staying i would have considered a longer booking. for if she fucks as well as she sucks she will be excellent. but the £20 bj is the best vfm punt i have ever had. and left me in a nice relaxed mood for a couple of pints and a game of pool.
Scotland / Lena.sweeet/ Glasgow
« by laim1690 on June 22, 2016, 11:35:36 AM »
[Link fixed by admin]

Ive seen Lena a good few times over the last couple of years but Tuesday was the first time in Tollcross .
Called for a short notice BJ,this was no problem and she sent me the post code.
Got to the address(lots of free parking) area a bit rough I would say,, close rough looking to,,inside flat basic but ideal.
Lena speaks really good English and she has lost a lot of weight so every time I see her shes looks in better shape.
She was wearing the red dress from her pics .
Paper work sorted so I lie on the bed and she got to work sucking and wanking me after a while I tell her to go deeper so goes down as far as she can and holds it for a few seconds whiles looking me straight in the eyes gaging this made me hard as fuck so she did a few more times before I shot the lot right down the back of her throat she didn't even flinch.
Cleaned up,wee chat then on my way.
Heres my summery,, shes no stunner but has a good body now,a really good DT BJ with CIM and swallow and all for only£20,very good VRM
Scotland / lena.sweet - Glasgow
« by paulm1972 on April 30, 2016, 05:20:19 PM »

£20 OWO blowjob - Not much to say other than award a positive for her. Accepted me at incredibly short notice (turned up ten mins after texting) Flat across from Tollcross swimming. Knows what she's doing (don't often cum receiving oral but she had me doing so in under 10 mins) deep throat no problem, can't argue with value, and a great deal more visually appealing than the Czech grannies offering BJs in the same area for the same price, probably affiliated with them being Czech herself. Perhaps they were even behind the closed doors in the other rooms, as she wasn't in the flat alone. Slightly rushed/fast (some may even say aggressive sucking) but understandable for £20 quicky and achieved the desired result. Age says 33 which I believe and would even say she looks slightly younger than that. In better shape than past reviews/profile pics would suggest. Good boobs. Nice friendly welcome and moderately attractive, not stunning but not ugly by any stretch. Recommend, and would return.
Scotland / Lens sweet glasgow
« by Game of scones on April 09, 2016, 05:17:16 PM »
Had a severe dose of the horn and had the opportunity for a quickie. Had a wee look through awork to see who was available at very short notice and lena was green lighted on page 1 .Saw her last year and remember her being decent thought in my limited time would be ideal local punt .Answered phone in 2 rings and arranged a £20 blow job within 10 mins of call.Reasonably quiet area in Tollcross near baths plenty free parking. Lena opened door looking great really much better looking hoor than I remember wearing basque black hold ups killer heels lovely shiny long black hair.She is in my opinion a good looking chic and wouldn't question her awork age of 33.Shown into not so great typical czech hookers abode could be cleaner dubious bed stains .However with lena looking so shaggable upped the anti to £30 15 min so I could do just that! Started with some fk nice then she dropped to her knees taking my boaby out and giving me some really nice oral quite deep wee  bit of spit then onto the bed condom on she straddled me in cowgirl and rode me really well it was then I noticed bruises and gravel burns on her side and back.Asked her as she rode and she gasped lol (Aye rite) she fell off her fuckin bycicle! Well the way she was bumping up and down no way was she falling off my cock nice n tight pussy.felt myself ready to pop so asked if facial was on the cards which she cried yesss to but watch my eyes ! Jumped off and removed bag as I aimed my cock in her general facial area well I fuckin came as usual projectile and as you can probably guess right on her left eye 😨 she fuckin jumped the rest of my Cum flying all over the bed did waste the tickly bit as I was profusely apologising  for my lack of accuracy .To be fair she was ok about it and didn't give me a hard time so gonna go with a positive here superb vfm .
Wee bit of help appreciated with link
Also available in urdu for certain members pm me and will forward thanx
Scotland / lena sweet glasgow
« by Rangerslad on January 28, 2016, 09:00:21 PM »
I was looking for a cheap 15 minute punt and noticed Lena who is local to me doing £20 bj's


Text to ask when she was available and she said now. I booked for 30 mins later so I could have a quick shower

Accommodation is a house in south side of Glasgow.
Lena is quite tall, size 12/14, big tits, not bad looking and a nice chatty welcoming personality. Her English is very good.

Arrived and was shown up to the room by Lena. Good view of her arse walking up the stairs. Gave her the £20 and she disappeared for a minute then came back into the room. She asked if I wanted to lie down, sit or stand. I choose to stand with her kneeling in front of me. She took my cock out and got to work getting it hard. Sucked it nice n deep, licked it, licked my balls while I reached down and played with her tits. Sucked me until I came in her mouth, she spat it out and gave me baby wipes to clean up. A wee chat then was out the door. Excellent value for money, takes a facial, cim and is very accommodating. Will defo be back

Scotland / lena.sweet . Glasgow
« by guns on October 08, 2015, 11:47:38 AM »
Fancied a quick put last night so called this girl at short notice .
I liked the look of her legs and tits , was a bit wary of the no face pics but booked anyway .
Was given the address for a flat in Tollcross .
I asked her on the phone if she would act out a fantasy for me where she is wearing leggings and high heels and i can rip a hole in them to fuck her which she had no probs with  :D :thumbsup: . ( i bought her a pair of leggings on the way over btw  :lol: )
Got to the address and it was a bit grubby looking outside tbh but i went in and was shown to the room which was clean enough .
She was wearing a little black dress and high heels , quite tall , probably about 5'11'' in the heels and quite pretty facially . Not a stunner but not a munter either . Age about 32 as she states .
Gave her the leggings to change into and i got undressed .
She came back in and we started with a bit of kissing . little bit of fk , and she took off her top to reaveal a great pair of tits .
She didn't mind me squeezing them and giving them a good suck and she started on some owo which was really good , bit of dt and sucking my balls and i lttle bit of spitting .
Asked her to start a hole in the leggings which she couldn't get which was pretty amusing so she went and used some scissors to mace a small hole .
Came back in and i had some more oral with me standing and her on her knees then i stood her up and bent her over and played with her pussy for a bit through the hole then ripped it a bit bigger . Lay her back on the bed and went down on her for a bit . Pussy was nice and clean and she didn't mind me putting a finger or two in .
On with the condom and fucked her missionary then her on top and then i flipped her over and ripped the arse right out the leggings to fuck her doggy  :D . Was a great sight and she has a great arse .
I was ready to pop so asked her where i could come and she said ' anywhere but my hair ' so i finished on her face and tits .
Nice and chatty afterwards , she's from Chzech Rep so not a Romanian  :thumbsup: .
The leggings went in the bin and i went home happy  :D.
It's definately a positive for me at £60 although the location and the outside of the building might put some off .
Scotland / lena.sweet Glasgow
« by pete-piper on August 06, 2015, 03:33:19 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2773518 or https://www.adultwork.com/lena%2Esweet

I was hoping to meet with sexyredhead today but she changed her availability so I was left on the hunt.

Lena was on my hotlist already so when she dropped her prices I thought, 'ok, let's do it'

I had read the previous reviews on her but there was nothing that really put me off. Even the 6/10 for look didn't bother me because, to be honest, I generally find most girls attractive in some way (specially when they are sucking my cock!). So off I jogged....

Comms were good and she told me not to be late (obviously in a queue with a tight schedule ....but I was first!)  :rose:
Area seemed ok (don't know Glasgow too well) near Tollcross International Swimming Centre with free parking.
Buzzed, up stairs, inside and done the paperwork. Yeah, 6/10 maybe.

When she returned I got a better look at her. Now, on reflection, even I am not sure she merits a 6/10. That's being kind. Body wise I say 16?

Got undressed (both) and on to kissing (not DFK or even any kind of FK) and a fondle. Then on to the bed and she got down to oral. Her technique in my opinion was bad. She strangled and wanked my cock so tight I could hardly feel my bellend as she sucked it. I pushed her hand away and held it for her while she sucked which was an improvement. On with the bag and her on top. This wasn't too bad and I sustained a nice rhythm for a bit before suggesting doggie. All ok there too and a little finger action was allowed in the ass.
I then decided I wanted to pop and suggested she suck me off....no problem. But when I said about the 'included' facial she said, 'just a little bit' so I went for cim instead to which she said,'ok'. Well, about 3sec after I started to pop she lept off the bed to spit in to a tissue, my jizz still erupting from my bellend. Noooooo!!
Cleaned up and chatted as we dressed and off I trotted.

Now, I thought about a Neutral for this one but when I consider...
Was she pretty? - Not particularly.
Did I enjoy myself? - It done the trick
Did she deliver what she advertised? - NO!
Would I return? - NO!

So I'm affraid it has to be a negative from me.
Scotland / Lena.sweet Glasgow
« by elihd on May 23, 2015, 10:18:59 PM »

I met her this afternoon as i was feeling a bit horny and want a quickie. £50/30mins its good value for money imo. I sent her an email on AW and she replied back after about 10mins. After a bit of ping pong messages i decided try to meet her at 4pm. She is based in shettleston area. I think i left a bit early from the house thinking that the traffic would be bad, however i got in about half an hour early. I texted her fs we can move the booking to 3:30pm instead, got a replied almost instantly with "no problem".

I got in the building, she answered the door with a short dress and stockings. After the paperwork was sorted she came over and we started fondling and kissing. After that we moved to the bed. Started with some OWO, and oh boy she can deepthroat! After a few minutes of facefucking her we then moved to sex, some mish and doggy. At the end the end she gave me some more owo & finish with cim (she swallowed the cum)  :yahoo:

Overall i enjoy my time + happy with the service and it was a good punt. I would book her again in the future, however i dont find her attractive but she seems to have a good personality.

Looks: 6/10
Enthusiasm: 9/10

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