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Lusty Busty Lucy

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Scotland / Lusty Busty Lucy East Kilbride
« by sheepy on July 14, 2016, 06:22:19 PM »
This is a neutrul going into a positive. For service she is getting a positive so thats what iv went with


formerly lucious lillybelle

Estate near the tesco in East kilbride - not regular in the area but it looks ok

Comms were good, email then texts - book for 7pm (earlier on in week) turn up text to say im there she says sorry running late wait 10 mins, stood out a bit with the car iv got sitting waiting but no one knows me there so not bothered - eventually at about 7:40 says she is ready

negative up until now

enter the flat, standard with bed in room etc - very standard.

Girl - girl in pics - maybe flattering angles, facially ok but not great bordering on a 5/10  :P, body wise - tall, well rounded - amazing tits and arse - neutrul now.

Services, OWO delivered brilliantly, deep and sloppy - fingering on her, seemed to love it, then fucked her - this is where she excels - really good at the shagging this one - finish over her face.

30mins booking probably ended up 45 mins she didnt say anything, seemed to really enjoy getting shagged and the service is what makes it a positive - she really is great at shagging.

Would I return - probably if I was passing, but only if I was passing and only been in East Kilbride 3 times in my life - and only if it was £60 half hour.
Scotland / Luscious Lily Belle East Kilbride
« by Jock D on May 21, 2016, 10:46:57 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2878793 or https://www.adultwork.com/Luscious+LilyBelle

Incall 30mins £70

I had high hopes for this punt, as Lily had been on my 'to do' list for quite a while, and has a few favourable reviews on here(a couple of not so ones as well). However, I have to say, she didn't live up to my expectations and I left completely underwhelmed.

Initial comm's were very good, spoke to her on the phone, she sounded very pleasant, made booking, and she texts the postcode straight away. I arrived early as EK can be a nightmare to find addresses in, this didn't turn out to be the case though. So I parked up and waited till 10 mins before appt time and sent her a text, when I didn't get a reply, I realized some punter is still in there, and sure enough 7mins later, a guy comes out of the block and into his motor. then 2 mins later I get the text with flat number.

Head up, and it's the usual behind the door routine, when she closes it and I get a proper look at her, I have to say I was disappointed. She is a big unit, much bigger than the pics on her profile and she has a face that would fit right in at Aintree, Newmarket or down the road at Ayr. Now at this point, I know I could have walked, but these days I take a littltle blue helper pill before a punt, so I was geared up and it would have been a nightmare trying to arrange something else,so I went with it.

I always try to be fair and balanced in my reviews, and in keeping with that she delivered DFK, OWO, Mish, Doggy and a finish over her tits and body, with enthusiasm that has been mentioned before. However, I felt it was very much an old routine/mechanical perfromance, but maybe this is down to the fact that I really didn't fancy her?

I'm giving her a Neutral because she delivered on the aforementioned services, but I won't be returning.  :unknown:
Scotland / Luscious LilyBelle
« by Big_G_UK on January 11, 2016, 03:29:19 PM »

Thought I'd write my first review.

Met Lily a few months back in her East Kilbride flat. Was only my third punt so hadn't the usual nerves/excitement going in. Was made to feel absolutely at ease. Great conversation and small talk before getting down to business.

Lilly was enthusiastic, energetic and great company. At no point did I feel as though she was clock watching or just going through the motions. I would throughly recommend. She has a good body for her age as well.

Great communication and parking at the flat was easy enough. Will make it back one day soon.
Scotland / East Kilbride/Lilly Belle
« by pieeyedpiper on December 07, 2015, 07:24:37 PM »

Met this very tall and very attractive lady at a flat she uses in EK
OK area, felt safe enough, room bit threadbare but I wasn't there to check the curtains............
Lilly has a lovely figure, big tits, long hair and was dressed in hold ups.........
Not much chat, straight down to business, owo then doggy till I emptied my load
Will def see again
Scotland / Luscious LilyBelle - East Kilbride
« by onetwentyfour on October 26, 2015, 09:44:36 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2878793 or https://www.adultwork.com/Luscious+LilyBelle


£120 for an hour.


Phone number displayed on AW, Answered 1st time, nice friendly chat.


Flat situated in residential area.  On street parking.  Simple basic flat, in my opinion different to the accommodation in the AW pictures.  No shower, or drinks offered.


AW description mostly correct. AW pictures, may have been taken a while ago, as it seems a different WG when you meet, but in hindsight, is probably the WG pictures, just out of date.  Would say age is around 40.

Greeted at door with a warm smile, and wearing tartan mini skirt, hold ups. Body in line with WG age.


Did not refuse anything in likes list, that I wanted. DFK, OWO, various positions. Very eager, and raring to go again after first pop.  Nice chat had afterwards. 


Down to earth and easy to chat with. Very eager, and up for it. More than happy to go again after first pop.


Felt pictures were outdated, and flat not the same as in pictures, more basic than I expected.


Good VFM, however I would not return.
Scotland / Luscious Lilly Belle / East Kilbride
« by mavgoose on October 09, 2015, 10:12:48 AM »

Not to be confused with LusciousLilly at Glasgow green.
£70 h/hr.

Following another review on here , I'd been thinking of seeing the above lady.
Very glad I did.
Comms easy and quick. Street address given, then number on arrival. She is in a residential pocket in East Kilbride. A little out the way, but worth the travel.

Face  6/10. Nothing scary , plain milfy kinda look.
Body 9/10. Fantastic.
Services 9/10. Everything I'd need.
Flat / location 8/10. No probs.

Services given with a true enjoyment, one of those punts you think, " who's pleasuring who here ??"

She's like a recently divorced / separated woman who misses her podger ....
Reminds me of a Rab. C. Nesbitt episode....
Mary hen , it's Jamesie
Don't open the door, I'll just slither under the gap...

But I digress , Lilly is a big darling , friendly , chatty , sexy and vocal.
An easy positive.
Scotland / Luscious LilyBelle (East Kilbride)
« by Problem Child on August 21, 2015, 07:20:32 PM »

One hour incall £120

Texted LLB earlier in day to enquire about a possible meet and agreed on a time. Excellent coms with her returning my texts very promptly.

Got the postcode, then phoned when outside for flat number.

She opened the door and I was  very impressed, she's fucking hot!  As has been said in previous reviews , she's  a big woman. Not fat, but quite tall and shapely with everything all nicely in proportion.
Handed over the cash, jumped in the shower, then headed back to the room with a raging boner!!
As soon as I walked in she jumped on me with  loads of DFK and the hour just flew by from there. Services were DFK, OWO, CIM, RO sex in various positions- miss, cow girl, reverse cowgirl, doggy on bed, doggy with me standing up and probably more I've forgotten..
I like multiple pops in my punts and she was happy enough for me to cum as many times as I could.
At the end I was offered an other shower and headed out the door, exhausted with a great big fuck off smile on my face.
All in all a great experience and one I'm repeating soon.
Scotland / luscious lilybelle
« by nobo on June 04, 2015, 12:17:36 PM »

Great visit for 60 h/h

Good communication nice tidy flat in ek and works with another girl.

Very tall and pretty with a cheeky smile and just built for fun.

Great owo follwed by sex in 3 positions and very eager, especially up against the wall.

Very good vfm

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