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scottish marie

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Scotland / Scottish Marie - Glasgow
« by Aberlad on July 18, 2016, 09:56:32 PM »

I was in the area for work this morning, and it got to morning break time and I had the horn.
Quick look on AW for a local lass, and there I see a big boobed, blonde  :yahoo:

Text and set up meet for lunch time. Arrived at flat met with an older lady, attractive enough.. But big tits and those were what I was there for.

15min blow and go. Very good OWO, playing with her big knockers at the same time. Tit wank and dirty talk in a Weegie accent and I was blowing my load. Clean up, a wee chat and away.

For what it was, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Pleasant woman with good skills.

Would recommend for what I was there for
Scotland / scottish marie
« by Rangerslad on February 03, 2016, 07:14:07 PM »

The flat in ibrox is very local to me and I fancied a quick meet. Text Marie and she was available at short notice. Its the same flat a few girls work from as I have seen Kristina, indi and ruby there before. To tempting having somewhere so close.

Was just looking to empty my balls so it was a quick 15 mins meet at £40

Got to the flat, there was no maid on tonight and Marie answered the door. There was another girl possibly joy working in another room.

Marie isn't my type but i had an idea of that before I went, as I said just needed a wee bit of action. I would say she's mid to late 40's, a bit of a belly, big fake tits that probably need redone. She's a nice enough girl, easy to talk to and get on with although a bit rough

Marie lies down on the bed while I kneel above her and she sucks my cock. Good owo plenty of spit, good technique, no wanking trying to make me cum faster etc. A very good bj infact. I reach down to stick a couple of fingers in and she is covered in lube, my pet hate. Anyway give her a wee fingering before turning her over and fucking her hard from behind and shoot into the bag.

Her service was good. If a rough older woman is your type she's worth a punt. Its a positive because there wasn't any fault with the service, actually better than the other girls ive seen there and i got what I half expected looks wise.

Next time I'll save my dosh for a bit and go for someone I think I will be attracted to. To often the downstairs over rules upstairs  :lol:
Scotland / Scottish Marie Glasgow
« by Jock D on December 14, 2015, 08:51:39 PM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/2652817 or https://www.adultwork.com/Scottish+Marie+

£60 30mins

In all honesty this was more of a plan G or H punt, due to a cancellation in my work diary, which allowed me the opportunity for a short notice punt. No one on my hot list was available or responding to my calls, so based on the profile pics I decided to try Marie and got through first time, however it wasn't actually her I spoke to it was her 'maid' pretending to be Marie, who took the booking and gave me the name of the street and the number in the Ibrox/Cessnock area. This senario immediately brought back memories of the early 1990's(I started young honestly!), and adverts in the Daily/Sunday Sport when I first started punting in flats around Glasgow, and all the flats had a 'maid'.

Anyway, decided just to go with it for auld times sake. Parked up, street is ok, and got a text with flat number, I was then greeted at the door by the sterotypical unattractive old maid and shown into the room, which was huge and a wee bit on the chilly side. Marie came in wearing the same dress/body stocking as in profile pics and paperwork was sorted. She is definitely a GILF rather than a MILF, in the 55-60 age range and has a face that could easily have worn out 2 bodies, her tits are fake(maid said they were natural), but they feel relatively realistic and overall her body is in good nick for her age and her hair looks like it should belong to someone half her age.

Started off with a massage, well actually a dry rub n tickle of the tackle, then some FK(not great) and fingering her pussy, before she tied up her hair, 'so I don't end up chewing it', for the oral finale. Now up until this point the whole experience had been pretty piss poor, but I have to say her oral skills were very impressive and enthusuiastic so much so that my planned facial finish turned into a scatter gun hiitting face, body and bed  :thumbsup:

All in all this punt was very much a blast from the past, the whole set up is from 20/25 years ago and I'm sure Marie was touting her tush back then too, in fact in retrospect her face seems vaguely familiar possibly from ether the St Enoch Club or the New Blythswood sauna?

However, we are now almost in 2016 and times have moved on and thanks to the internet and sites like UKP we as punters are better informed of who's out there and the plain truth is in my opinion there's better out there to choose from.

Scotland / scottish marie glasgow
« by bigbell on October 22, 2015, 07:03:13 PM »
ttp://www.adultwork.com/2652817 or https://www.adultwork.com/Scottish+Marie+ - Get QR Code

was struggling to get a suitable appointment today, and i stumble onto scottish marie profile, gives her a bell and she tells me in the g51 area i get a booking and she tells me street number, make a booking,short notice so make my way over, lve been in this street before, i know at least 4 working flats so im a little bit worried its someone ive been before and the pics are fake,worry over its not a flat ive been too, she txts me buzzer and i get in, im shown into a room and informed she will be in shortly, nice big flat.very clean with a double bed,2 leather sofas and still plenty room

she enters the room, paperwork given over, she leaves, and comes back in seconds, she asks if i want a massage , yep so massages my back and legs, slightly touching my bum and sack, much to my liking, she knew this so continued to do so, turns round and she starts to strip, cannae wait to see these boobs, pants off first, nice shaven pussy, then she struggles to get the boobs out, they are massive and firm, her profile said natural, but they looked fake as they didnt droop, but as she rubbed the against my face they felt natural, nipples got bigger and bigger, she liked that,then starts dfk, asked if oral with or without, took the owo,and gave her some too, sticking a couple of fingers  into her moist pussy, she then asks if want a fcuk, wee bit doggy,reverse, then me on top, gets me all the time, lies down and she cleans me thoroughly, chats away then i get dressed, still chatting and as i get closer she starts kissing again as she shows me out.

£60 pound for half hour, i was in for 45 minutes , could have been in longer if i wanted.no rush
Scotland / Scottish Marie
« by Lovesamummy on July 04, 2015, 06:01:42 PM »

I'd been put off this lady previously due to a bad review, but having read it however, it was due to a bait and switch situation rather than the quality of the lady herself.  I've been to the flat before,  so I knew the score. Not that I'm defending the bait and switch. I would have walked.

Anyway, I called her, she's only available Wednesday and Thursday.  I arranged a quick 15 minute meet for Thursday past, and I went to see her basically 10 mins later (the flat is very close to me) so on I go, greeted by 'the maid' whom I quote like actually. Feels like a proper brothel,  nice and seedy.... so I meet Marie, I can tell it's her from the pics. She's not great looking but definately her age, possibly a little over 50. 55 I'd say, right in my ball park. Not terribly attractive facially, wee bit rough round the edges, you could probably cut a roast on her face, but defiantly something of the sexy older lady about her. Tits were..   well very big and shiny, very impressive.  They didn't half drop down when she unbundled them, not nearly as droopy as Kristina rose, but much bigger, still some lovely flappy fun bags. She asked my my age, I lied and said 19..... She said, ooft, you're just a baby, what do you want from an old lady like me son? She had a cheeky grin when she said that....

Anyway, introductions were nice. I sat on the bed, I asked her firmly but politely to shut up, get on her knees and service me. To which she promptly aquiesed.

Blow job was good. A lot of dirty talk from me (age play) and she joined in nicely.  5 mins in, felt my loins swelling. Told her to bend over, yanked down her knickers and went to work on her. Pretty hard to oz she didn't seem to mind. Pussy was nicely snug (for an old bird) and the doggy was a lot of fun. Held her hair, all the good stuff.  Told her I was gonna cum and she better beget back on her knees....

Few seconds later she's lapping my balls as I build a head of steam.... Boom!  All over her face. Looked good. Felt great.

She wasn't the best shag, or great looking. But great tits, eager to please,  decent blowjob and she played along like the pro she is. I'm not in a massive hurry to see her again, but I might at some point. Wasn't too bad at all. My kinda hoar.
Scotland / Scottish Marie - Glagow
« by Loki on May 21, 2015, 09:24:42 AM »

Good comms to start.

Got the 'I'll be 10 minutes, just wait.' BS at punting time.

turned out it was a bait n switch and running a parlour from flat - I had been texting with the maid.

Girl was completely different to the one in the pic, said they have been around for a while, so maybe from another sauna/parlour/flat in Glasgow.

I walked anyway.

Not sure if the girl in the pics is real, available or anything.

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