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Scotland / Insatiable Sophie - Edinburgh
« by somefun on November 22, 2016, 07:27:01 pm » or

Good comms by text.

Flat  - Tenement flat near Cannonmills

Looks - I'd bid 32-33 on age.  Dressed in short tight dress, body as per pics  :).  Facially looks a bit plain Jane (I'd like to see what she looks like with war paint on as she had a natural look).  Long hair down to her bottom (blondish).

Great enthusiastic service provider - no mucking about putting money away - pretty much just enough time to chat to break ice and get paperwork out of the way before enthusiastic DFK started. 

Had to break off to complete getting undressed, and she had the arse and confidence to do the peeling off thong down her bum and bending right over.  Kinky enough for me already, but when I saw the two day old hand sized proper bruising on her arse her appeal went considerably up. Seemingly she had been to a "club", I did not inquire if that was on duty or in her civvy life.  If she is up for a proper spanking  / caning I might well stretch to a hour next time.     :)

Some OW including, playing with great touches  of hands on balls  / etc.  Good energetic BK and shagging (again lots of DFK).  Finished with a no hands BJ that seemed to go on for ever (including a couple of deep throat bits).  I don't know if it was an accident or her technique but she managed to hit a spot on the edge and keep me there for ages before I shot my load.

A good no rush enthusiastic energetic service provide with good chat at the end.  No OWO or licking of balls etc but she does provide her likes with great zest and enthusiasm.
Scotland / Sophie edinburgh
« by Topkat on November 02, 2015, 07:48:00 pm »
Insatiable Sophie

£75 for 30 min
Age 30
Looks Average facially, well above average body, 5’3’’ size 6
Services Knew oral was covered so went for a 30 min booking, DFK and great sex
Entrance to flat is a touch iffy but once you are in its clean and comfy. Very welcoming lady, drink & shower offered. Lots of DFK before I ate her out, on with the rubber and oral was good but not a patch on an OWO session. Shagging was excellent she really gets into it and wants it hard. 30 min booking lasted 45 mins.
Positives DFK, excellent fuck, no clock watching
Negatives No OWO
Scotland / Insatiable Sophie Edinburgh
« by Grahamedi on September 13, 2014, 11:59:29 pm » or

As promised in my thread about Sasha/Fallen Angel, here is my first review.

Saw Sophie 3 times at the beginning of last year at her flat in central Edinburgh. Very nice clean, warm flat. I would say Sophie is very much as her profile indicates although I found her more attractive than her photos. A slim, petite attractive woman about late twenties with long blonde hair and lovely small breasts.

Greeted at the door by Sophie wearing a tight fitting black dress and, once I got to it, matching lacy underwear. She certainly got quite wet during the kissing and fondling.

Great GFE with lots of kissing and fondling on the sofa, with undressing before moving to the bed and finishing undressing. Exploring Sophie was a wonderful experience as was her OW. RO on Sophie was a pleasure to do, before moving on to sex in various positions. Sophie could easily have shagged all the energy out of me, so breaks were good. I like women with small breasts and sensitive nipples so, I was very happy. WS and mutual showering were also had. Sophie is definitely on my list of the best in Edinburgh. My return visits were of the same excellent standard as the first.
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