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London / Naughty-Natt - Paddington - MEH
« by collector on December 03, 2015, 10:53:41 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2981972 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naughty%2DNatt
old profiles: https://www.adultwork.com/2886871 https://www.adultwork.com/2081518

Had Natt on my HL for several months, I decided to finally meet her because she is retiring. Said she is going to work until next weekend.
It's been a punt with a good start, few disappointments in the middle and a disaster in the end.

Comms: with the maid. Texted yesterday, no reply. Tried again today. Agreed time and address gived.

Location: No more in Talbot Square, although works in a street very close. Flat on top floor without lift in this building.

Look: beautiful young girl.
My rating: Body is a 9, petite nice arse, B-C breast, 5.5 tall.
Face is a 8, gorgeous smile, facially she's cute rather than sexy or stunning.

Attitude: very smiley but not chatty. I mean, I don't care to waste time with a long chit chat but it's not a proper GFE if she barely speaks.
She didn't rush me at all but she watched the clock several times. It's annoying, a bad turn off. On a positive side I overstayed because she worked hard to make me cum.

Price: 80£ for 1/2 hour.

Service: DFK, OWO, half DT, RO, fingering, spanking, sex in doggie, mish and CG.
Kissing was nice, tasted good in RO and doggie and CG were quiet ok.
Mish was not so good, irritating how she was moving. Totally out of rhythm.
First time I didn't like eye contact, it was persistent all the time, more a staring. Looked too fake.
OWO was nice in the beginning, loved the feeling of the toungue piercing on my cock while she was blowing. Bit of teeth. When I asked to finish me with BJ, she gived me a rushed one and very toothy. Was even painful, I had to tell her to be carful and then to take one more rubber.
Close again to pop during CG, told her but she went down too slow for CIM, maybe for purpose. She just watched my cock cumming on me. I was thinking: WTF you doing? I stayed calm and polite but I was really disappointed.

Don't know what happened with her. I'm sure this punt is not the best she can do but this was my experience and I want to share it.
London / Naughty-Natt - Paddington
« by barnstorm123 on July 17, 2015, 03:15:06 PM »

A quick review for a girl I've seen before.

I was desperate for a shag so I tried a few WGs in the £80 for half an hour range. I was going to go with Shy Tiffany but I pulled up a Street View of her location and didn't fancy it (FYI: even on street view it looks like there's a punter waiting by the gates of her block!). Instead I went for Natt who I knew was a good fuck, doesn't charge extras and is really attractive.

£80 for half an hour. Nice enough flat close to Paddington station but the bedroom was fairly small and it was a bit of a hike to the top of the building.

Natt is early-20s, nice hair, good body, slim with just a hint of puppy fat. Her tits are fantastic. She's also very beautiful facially, I'd probably put her on the same level as Michelle Indie.

This was only a half hour session as I was pushed for time. Nice BJ, deep enough without going full DT and she has a nice filthy look while sucking on the man meat. Lots of groping, fingering, HJ, as I enjoyed just being with a fit girl then a decent session of RO plus fingers but I didn't get her off. I managed a quick mish then asked her to flip over for prone bone where I probably lasted less than a minute (it was over a month without a fuck for me, go easy!). I had meant to splurge my load on her face but got carried away.

Natt's a nice girl, very smiley and provides all services with a great attitude. Her English is limited but good enough for a bit of small talk.

Highly recommended. I'd go more often but there's a lot of girls on my HL.

My previous review on her old profile: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=52500.0
London / hot&wetNAT, B&S and walked (Pimlico)
« by The_Don on April 20, 2015, 10:02:56 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2886871 or https://www.adultwork.com/hot%26wetNAT

Skip to below for the full review

Short version: made to wait, B&S, incorrect profile pricing (extras) grot comms, so I walked

Though I mite TOFTT but she been around for some time

Also please see:

I can only speculate but I've seen a number of W/G have several profiles:

1) Profile swapping

Back to the review


Price: would have been £100 but tried to bump me to £120 + per hour.

Comm's: Via phone calls and text's (maid). B&S W/G, English was is ok

Location: 3-star hotel (between Victoria and Pimlico), over priced and not great. The room was very small (the bathroom in CARMEN review was bigger, than this room) thus not totally fit for use IMO. I could here lots of noise and other people (thin walls). I didn't stay to see the bathroom.
Parking zones 2 mins walk away (Mon - Fri 08:30 - 18:30) Pay and display (same times) £3.60 P/H pay by phone or meter via cash.
Tube = Pimlico, less than 5  mins walk.

Would I visit again: NO

Pictures: Did see the W/G in the profile

The girl: The B/S was blond and ok looking but I've not found her profile (and or face pictures yet, if I do I will post them)

Plus + The weather was good, drive and view of the House Of Commons, MI5, gates at Number 10, then around St James's Park.
Negative: Total wast of time

Reason for this Negative:

Called to book for a time (I wanted) and was told 15 min later, she would be ready. I confirmed services, price and had the post code text to me. I was going to take the tube but opted to drive and I'm glad I did. In total a 40 mile round trip including the drive to plan E (which was local to home). I text the maid on route and called when I was at the location (10 mins early).

She asked me to go to the pub and wait as "service was in my room" (total bull). Normally I give 15 - 30 mins, (total waiting time). So I as I waiting I made a few phone calls and text, (plan B, C, D) and waited for replies. 30 mins after the agreed time, I got a text from the maid and made my way to the hotel but was asked to wait a little longer. So 45 mins after the agreed time I enter the room. I noticed this W/G was blond (clearly a B&S), so I asked a few questions, about price and was quoted £120 (profile had listed £100). And any extras charges = OWO ,CIM, A levels  :thumbsdown: 

I then took out my phone (had some web pages open) and paused for a little (getting up info), the B&S asked if I was ok. I showed her a picture of Nat and asked where she was, as I book her. The the B&S replied with "yes she my friend, didn't she tell you, she busy right now".
I replied with, then so I'm I and I walk towards the door.

But before leaving I stated to the B&S W/G, that Nat profile clearly, states £100 P/H with no extras and then I gave her a smile As she opened the door and she didn't seem bother that I was leaving. Looks like she been walked on a few times (and rightly so, B&S, not getting punters money)   

The post code for this B&S = SW1V2BB.

Below is a current picture  (+Album)   and profile:

London / your sexy GFE1 (Kensal Green)
« by The_Don on April 13, 2015, 12:13:34 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2081518 or https://www.adultwork.com/your+sexy+GFE1

or second profile https://www.adultwork.com/2886871 or https://www.adultwork.com/VIP+Vamp

I've (been aware of and) seen Natalie in passing at a few locations. 

Hand job
Penetration (Protected)

Price: £100 per hour

Via phone calls and text's (maid), her English is good.

Location: Flat not in the best state of decoration, in a small block (but a great view at night). Very basic bedroom (mattress on floor) and a mirror on wardrobe door to view the action with. Bathroom wasn't to bad (hot water at least) and no toilet paper (not that I used it)  :blush:
Free parking (for up to 3 hours) in local supermarket (less than 5 mins away), side roads have permit zones = 08:30 - 18:30 and pay and display.
Tube/train = Kensal Green or Ladbroke Grove 10 mins walk.

Would I visit again: Yes

Hide her face (mostly). She looks better in person, face and body wise.

The girl: Mid to long Black/Brown hair (changed over time), size 8, 5.3, early 20's, real tits, has 1 tattoo, nice smile and good looking.

Plus + She has a tongue piercing and used it to great effect during OWO. No clock watching I went over my time (a little). I was the last punter of the day. She had a lot of energy, during the punt and got really sweaty. Good attitude and wiliness to do many different positions  :thumbsup:

Neutral: To much noise from the train tracks and mattress on floor. Kissing could have been better. Her phone kept buzzing and I had to ask her to stop it buzzing (and she did so).

Negative - Location is not the easy to find (blocks of flats on the same road hence same door numbers), made to wait over 20 mins (but maid informed me via several texts/phone calls) and seen the previous punter on the stairs.

I will add:
After the action had finished (I had a shower) and she got changed in her to civie clothes. She still looked good, with a cheeky smile. I found her an engaging girl to talk to. Some of these Polish W/G have got a good mix of character and sex appeal.

Even though there are neutral and negative points here (punt wise). The plus points made the difference and its fair to rate this punt positive. Once again its the W/G that make the difference  :thumbsup:

Below is a current picture  (+Album)  and profiles:

your sexy GFE1:

London / VIP Vamp
« by sailor3 on March 30, 2015, 09:41:46 AM »
Visited Vamp recently, based on recommendations here. As ever, thanks to those who share their experiences by reviewing on UKP.
Comms were ok and timeous. The venue is an old mansion block about 10 mins walk from Ladbroke Grove. A turd lay in the main entrance, but the actual flat was around the corner and up about 5 flights of stairs. So first impressions weren't great. Inside the flat was tired, and I got a glimpse of a bathroom that didn't look very inviting.
Vamp is a lovely Polish lady. I found her very friendly with a ready smile. Her English isn't great, but she hasn't been here long so it will improve, and who am I to criticise someone else's second or third language? The pics on her profile are accurate. She is pretty, has good pert tits, shapely legs, but her arse is a bit skinny for me (a minor criticism).
I booked for 30 mins, and she soon had her lips wrapped around my cock. OWO was good, but not outstanding. After a good while of this I jacked off into her mouth. She lists swallow on her like list, but instead spat into a tissue. After a short break she got me going again with more OWO, popped on a condom and rode me both ways before we switched into doggy for a while. All of these were good, and I finally jacked off into her mouth again.
All in all, a pretty and friendly lady. She delivered her service with enthusiasm and is gvfm in my opinion. In deciding between a good and a neutral, my criteria for good is that I would unhesitatingly return. The venue puts me off doing so, hence the neutral. The venue aside, I might have rated Vamp as good.
London / VIP Vamp - Ladbroke Grove
« by barnstorm123 on March 26, 2015, 06:13:00 PM »

I saw Natalie's profile and thought she looked hot as hell in the photos so decided I had to give her a go. Comms were good, I assume they were managed by a maid or Sergei. One hour at £100.

Her flat is a good 10 minute walk from Ladbroke Grove tube but it's easy to find and the area is decent, at least it was in the daytime. It's an old council block but it's kept quite well. One problem is that the entrance to her part of the block is not easy to find if you have walked to the place from the tube - I walked all the way around her building looking for the entrance and felt a bit conspicuous. The other thing that made me feel a bit conspicuous is that my punt ended around 3:30pm and there seems to be a school nearby so I walked out of the block and there's loads of mums and kids around. Leaving that aside, the flat is OK, not the dump that someone else called it, but it is sparse and the bathroom is shit.

I had asked Nat to wear stockings and a little slutty outfit which she fulfilled. Nice thigh high hold-ups with a tight white vest top and a tiny black skirt, plus those shiny heels that Nicole is wearing in most of her photos. The girls in this flat definitely share sex clothes or "corporate uniforms" as one other poster put it!

The pictures on the profile are a decent representation of Nat. She is slim but has a bit of puppy fat as many girls her age have. She is probably a size 8, great legs and soft natural tits. She's facially very good looking but not in the same league as Emily CB or Khloe SG. SHe's a brunette but has highlights which don't show on her profile pictures. She also has a tongue stud and a very small tattoo. She says she's 22 but could pass for younger.

I paid up and onto business. She left the room to get me a drink, came back and she was immediately in there with FK and occasional DFK. She slowly took my clothes off as I gave her played with her arse and tits, and also had a good time just stroking her stockinged legs. Nothing felt off-limits and she was happy for me to move onto her pussy with a couple of fingers. She's pretty passionate but not much of a talker so I wouldn't expect any sort of porno-style dirty talk while with her. Onto OWO which was only OK. I kept feeling either her teeth or the tongue study which put me off but she did throw in the odd deep throat here and there, not a pro like some I've had but good effort. She also paid good attention to the balls and biffins bridge. After a good 10 minutes of this I brought her up for more kissing and groping each other during which she had me on the edge with a gentle HJ. I moved down to spend some time sucking her nipples which were really responsive and then onto a long RO session. Nat seemed to like this a low, it was the most vocal she was throughout the hour and didn't mind a finger or thumb going in along with the tongue. This was probably the best part of the punt for me, having her gorgeous thighs around my head, magic  :yahoo:

Went back in for OWO to get ready for the main event, this time on her knees while I stood over her. This was better and she didn't mind me gently holding the back of her head and hair. Time for a condom. We started in mish which was excellent. She moves well beneath you and holds her legs nice and high so you can really enjoy seeing your cock disappear inside her. Her tits also move well if you get some speed up. I knew I was going to burst soon so we changed to doggy so I could enjoy her arse and go for a real pounding finish. As I got close I pulled out, whipped the rubber off and spurted all over her back. A nice end to round one.

A bit of chat, which was stilted but she does seem to have something about her, I don't think she'll be in the game for longer than a year or two. Round two was a prolonged HJ with OWO. The little fella was very sensitive but Nat's HJ was amazing, delicate and really sensual. She interspersed this with some light licking and after a while brought a second (not very impressive) pop out of me. This tells me if I'm going to do a facial, it has to be pop 1!

Would I go back? Probably, she's hot and the service is good, but there's a lot of girls to see and she's not so good that I feel that I just have to get back there. I can recommend her to anyone who hasn't yet seen her though, well worth £100.
London / Vip Vamp
« by Andrew23 on March 22, 2015, 03:01:48 PM »
-this girl is a 7/10
-had a sensual experience with her
-fucked her an hour straight
-doesn't clockwatch but she had a timer set on her phone that began ringing
-she then asked me how close i was, to which i told her to blow me, which then led to me cumming in her mouth
-I liked her tits


-she didn't open her mouth when i told her to show me but instead spit it out in a tissue

overall I would recommend this girl

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