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E R I K A 

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Scotland / E R I K A Glasgow
« by cigano8 on March 02, 2017, 03:20:12 PM »


She's well reviewed, I liked the look of her and thought she seemed a safe bet, so much so I never even had a plan B.

But was a total waste of time. Comms were fine decided to book by phonecall as instructed by Erika. I don't have AW feedback and don't use it, in fact I've never had FS in Scotland before.

So I turn up on time, text with a few minutes to the hour and she tells me she's running late needs another 5 minutes. Ended up being closer to 15 but fine I thought and made my way up. Get to the door and she immediately muttered something like "you go now" I stood there trying to understand what was going on for about 30secs before I realised she was serious and was asking me to leave. So I left clueless and without kicking off a fuss but pissed off. She said she would text me why.

Turns out "she's sorry and might be mistaken but she thought I was a guy from Ireland she has had trouble with before"...WTF? Now the only thing I can think is that I'm tall and usually wear a baseball cap, so maybe that's scary for a WG?? Otherwise I'm in my 30's in good shape not ugly and pride myself on being respectful...there's a lot of wierdos out there just never thought I'd be viewed as one?!?  :unknown:

So in my opinion one to avoid. She had plenty of notice to decide rather than leaving it last second. I even asked when arranging on the phone if she needed to know anything about me.
Scotland / Erika - Glasgow
« by nervous1 on December 12, 2016, 09:54:19 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1995454 or https://www.adultwork.com/E+R+I+K+A+

1 hour = £100

Was going to add to recent review since it echoed my own experiences but decided to make my own.  Saw Erika last year and while I would rate that as a positive too and liked the punt, never really had any intention of going back.  As you all know, there aren't a whole lot of great options in Glasgow right now so arranged a punt with Erika since I knew I would get VFM.

Her pics are accurate enough but definitely a wee bit of photoshopping going on there.  Since it was well over a year I genuinely don't know if she's lost or gained weight during my visits but there's a wee bit of a belly.  Nice looking, pretty lassie though and we're talking about chubbier rather than fat.  Read some negative things during that time too but her service was just as good as I remembered.

Maybe not the best area (particularly on days Celtic are playing) but a nice block of flats and easy to find.  Erika makes you feel at ease and strives for a relaxed atmosphere.  Nice enthusiastic foreplay to get you ready before asking what position you want to take her.  She is concerned about making too much noise & upsetting neighbours but she does seem to enjoy her job, albeit with as little noise as possible.  Her strength is also a bit of a weakness as quiet sex is not something to exactly look forward to or pay for but she more than makes up for it with her passion and eagerness to please.  She offers a great massage which is 40% uncomfortable & 60% bliss and you feel the whole time you are getting a proper massage instead of the rubbish ones that many WGs use as a timewasting tactic.

Erika, in my experience, delivers.  I was in her flat about 10 minutes before the good stuff started and when I started getting ready noticed that it was almost exactly one hour from that point instead of when I arrived.  Good service. nice chat and genuinely pleasant company.  I will be back and it was nice that she encouraged me to come back because I don't get that a lot  :)  One for the first timers too.
Scotland / Erika Glasgow
« by jedi master on December 07, 2016, 03:58:57 PM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/1995454 or https://www.adultwork.com/E+R+I+K+A+

Incall 2 hours cost £200

Been a regular off Erika for years, texted at weekend for midweek meeting texted back with reply good comms overall.

Based near Glasgow Cross.

Texted Erika at meeting time once outside her flat and buzzed up via intercom system, felt safe and secure took lift up to Erika's flat and opened the door to meet me she was dressed as I requested black dress, stocking and suspenders and high heels.

Was ushered into her en suite bedroom where we had a casual chat and to sort out the paperwork. Once that was done Erika put on soothing music and scented candles started off with a massage. Then off her dress and light kissing and fondling, followed by owo, and on with the condom,missionary and cowgirl, followed by more owo and finished with hand relief. Erika does keep a box of her goodies nearby so I should say which she uses during the punt which doesn't bother me.

Took a break mid punt was offered a drink and accepted and more chat.

Erika then tried to initiate round two my spirit was willing but physically I was a spent force after round one. So more chat and another drink before I left I was given a kiss and hug goodbye. There was no clockwatching by Erika at all I reckon we over ran by 15 minutes which wasn't an issue for her.

When I was leaving I was asked to leave quietly and to take the stairs which didn't bother me.

Would say an excellent punt and Erika's profile and likes are accurate and an excellent gfe delivered. I will see again.

Scotland / E R I K A - Glasgow
« by geezer_breezer on September 03, 2016, 09:39:54 PM »
Met Erika a couple of months ago for a 1-hour incall to her Glasgow city centre flat. Comms were fine: a few texts, and AW booking and an actual phone call on the day to confirm.

This was my first time with Erika. I found her to be a cracking woman. She was friendly, warm, chatty and had obliged me by wearing a clothing request. The punt itself was good fun and took place inside her (thin walled) bedroom but I was offered DFK, OWO, sex in a few positions and a massage after the pop. The mood Erika sets is definitely warm and comfortable and she genuinely appears to be a kind person. In short it was a very believable GFE.

Other stuff: clean place, well-stocked bathroom, shower offered (and taken), drink offered too. Much has been made about Erika's wee bedside box in other reviews. It's a stash of hand wipes, make up, perfume etc which she visits from time to time during the punt. I didn't find it distracting, I found it kind of professional. One tiny criticism was that there is so much frangrance kicking about, from sprays to oils to wipes, that I basically had to go for a swim afterwards to de-stink. But, that's a tiny tiny criticism.

I'll go back.


Scotland / Erika - Glasgow
« by allypally on September 02, 2016, 04:06:18 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1995454 or https://www.adultwork.com/E+R+I+K+A+

Yes she has been reviewed lots of times, so will keep this short and sweet.

£60hh booked last week, comms very good and at the address within 15mins of booking.
Asked her to be knicker less and in a tight black dress and she certainly was. Offered shower which I accepted, also asked to be quiet as the walls are thin...owo,69,doggy and a massage.

Quick punt but mechanical as posted before with the box of goodies.

Stayed over by about 10mins
Scotland / Erika Glasgow
« by Burnside on June 17, 2016, 09:26:04 PM »
This was a good punt, but a bit of the strangest to date. :unknown:
www.adultwork.com/1995454 or https://www.adultwork.com/E+R+I+K+A+ - Get QR Code
Half hour £60.00
Contacted Erika earlier today by text got a quick reply, and after a while agreed a time with each other. :hi:
This is a few doors away from Maria, but not the same flat or block so once again walking distance for Frank.

When i got there i phoned her and it rang out, so text her instead which went through delivered, but got no answer. :dash:
I waited for a bit then a tramp sits in the door way of her close.
I text her back again stating the above, and would only wait for 5 minutes.
2 minutes afterwards i get a text back saying sorry darling come up to her flat with her buzzer number.

When i got to the door i was about to speak, and got the finger sign above her top lip sssh to be quiet, and was escorted to her very nice bedroom.
Erika is stunning in my opinion, and was asked very quietly am i good for you babes, and would you like to use the en suite shower, and have a drink.
I replied in the end quietly  to all 3, and stayed i reckon there must have been another bathroom, as she left whilst i freshened up.
Then she entered the room with a drink for both of us with a big fluffy towel for the bed.

Erika put the towel on the bed, and said in her soft well spoken English accent on you get babes front down first please
I did as said, and got a nice, but not a proper massage from her. (b.t.w i had taken my clothes off, as it wasn't that strange  :sarcastic:)
We engaged a lot in conversation whilst Erika stroked the back of my body.
Then she got baby wipes out, and wiped down the back of where i had been massaged.  :crazy:

She asked me to turn over where i noticed in her last review out of the corner of the bed the box with what looked like full of make up, as she put more lipstick on.
Then she started stroking my chest, and thighs, then at last some nice soft kissing, but not d.f.k
She then asked if i would like oral with or without a condom, and i replied without one please, it was a sloppy blow job, but not a deep one. :P
I returned the favor with reverse oral which she seemed to enjoy. ;)

Then she entered to the box again, and out came a condom with some more lipstick put on.
The sex was good in various positions, and could soon feel her getting moist i was enjoying the sex with Erika, and decided to cum via intercourse instead of shooting anywhere else. :bomb:
As i cum Erika went straight for my mouth :scare:, and all this was for was to make sure i didn't make to much noise whilst i climaxed.
She cleaned me up with the usual baby wipes, and then asked if i wanted a massage. :)
I said i had already had one, and she replied just for you babes to say sorry for the waiting. :thumbsup:
This was shorter,but nicer than the first, maybe cause my balls were on fire. :yahoo:
I was asked if i had enjoyed myself, and would i come back to see her again, and said yes to both.

I got dressed, and felt creases in my pocket, and then realized i hadn't paid her, and she was okay with this, I've had prossies taken money off me afterwards, but not on a first booking.
I was asked if i wanted a shower, and as i had been with her for over a hour i declined, as more baby wipes were rubbed on my back again after the 2nd massage.  :unknown:

Then as we entered the door out came the finger again ssh as we got near the door, and was told to take the stairs instead of waiting for the lift. :(
I got a soft kiss goodbye, and walked down 1 floor, as i don't do stairs unless in an emergency.
As i said at the start  great, but strange punt, but at 60 notes for a hour i can't complain. :cool:

A good ride.
Very nice looking.
Well spoken English from the Latvian.

Waiting to long outside.
Having to be told to quiet all the time.
Getting told to walk down 5 flights of stairs afterwards.

This was a great punt, but with far to many odd rules for me, and had a feeling that Erika doesn't want her neighbors knowing what she get's up to, as i felt she didn't want me out the door like your average half hour booking.
If i knew i was getting a great shag of her without all the other nonsense i would be back, but very unlikely.
Scotland / ERIKA Glasgow
« by guns on June 11, 2016, 12:07:29 PM »
Half hour punt with Erika the other night .
This was a plan c after failing to get hold of another couple of girls and she is well reviewed on here .
Comms were all good and the flat itself is very nice . Shower was available but i had just showered before leaving .
She is nice enough looking and friendly , wearing fishnets and a little black dress .
Started with some kissing which was a bit slobbery , all toungue and not much actual kissing and i could feel a bit of stubble on her lip . A bit off putting straight away .
Owo was ok but never deep enough , she did rim me for a bit which was nice .
Then she stops and gets a box of toiletries out and starts using hand gel on her and me and touching up her make up . A bit weird and totally killed the moment . Lost my hard on immediately .
Then it was " what do you want to do now ? " . All a bit regimental and mechanical .
Had i bit more oral to get me hard again then onto missionary . again a bit mechanical . No real enthusiasm .
Doggy was ok as she does have a nice arse and i pumped away till i was ready to cum .
She took it in her mouth but again she only really had the tip in her mouth at any time .
She offered me a massage but i declined and got cleaned up .
She is a nice enough girl but the stubble and the constant stopping and starting made the whole thing a bit boring , and the oral was average .
Neutral  :thumbsdown:
Scotland / Lovely Erika Glasgow
« by Kornam68 on March 29, 2016, 08:26:59 PM »
I had seen Erika once before about a year ago and decided to try and book her for a half hour Incall. I called but no answer initially and then again 10mins later Erika answered, we agreed that I would be there in 20mins. Overall communications were excellent. I arrived on time, called to sat that I was in the street and she confirmed the flat no. I buzzed up (nice flat near Barras), took the lift up and was greated by Erika in just a towel, she directed me through to the low lit bedroom where there was candles flickering and nice fluffy towels on the bed. We got the paperwork out the way and she makes an apology for having to shower, which was OK by me. She asked what I wanted her to wear and agreed on the usual stockings, heels, suspender belt classic. She offered me a drink while I waited and told me to strip and make myself comfortable. After about ten minutes she returned in her lingerie and heels and again apologies for her delay, ( I genuinely was ok with this ). She asked what I wanted and I told her that som dfk with some mutual groping was good for starters which we did, there was plenty of kissing while I pulled her panties slightly down asking her to bend over for a bit as I admired her in the position. She took direction really well and was a not too happy to do what I asked. After a few minutes of groping and nipple sucking ( very large projected nipples) she asked if I wanted oral which I was happy with (no condom). She carried on very slowly, with plenty more of eye contact, licking around and sucking my balls every now again, I asked where I could come and she replied anywhere I wished, I choose to pull out at the time and splash her face, tits and myself I think with my pop. She cleaned up and then gave me a really nice massage while I got ready for the 2nd pop. We had a bit of chat while she massaged until I asked her to suck me again in preparation for round two which she done without hesitation, she soon had me hard again, I decided to have her bent over as I banged away to completion. Not complaints at all, no clock watching and certainly done all I asked with a smile. She is a nice and pleasant woman, professional to the end. I normally go for thinner ladies but her her size 12 ( my opinion ) was fine.  :D

Sorry no link. Still havent mastered how to do that, if someone can assist.
Scotland / Erika - Glasgow
« by ickydicky on March 17, 2016, 07:54:42 PM »
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/1995454 or https://www.adultwork.com/E+R+I+K+A+ - Get QR Code
One of the old reliables who i had seen a few times and then went back to last week for the first time for a while after just taking a notion.

getting in touch with Erika is not always easy but when i got her i was able to make a booking for that afternoon for an hour for £100.

her flat is just beyond glasgow x and when i got there she buzzed me in and i went up in the lift and was let in right away. erikas flat is modern and clean and comfortable and she was wearing nice knickers with stockings and suzzies and high heels and we were soon kissing and i remembered how much i enjoyed those big thick lips and could not wait to get them round my cock so i let erika get my boxers off and guide me to her bed where she gave me a long slow bj  with lots of eye contact until i exploded in her mouth.

after cleaning me up we lay and kissed and cuddled and it wasnt to long until i was hard again and this time i decided a nice doggy fuck grabbing he hair and slapping at her biggish bum as my balls slapped up against her until i started getting a bit of cramp so we switched to mish  and banged away with her legs wrapped round me until i had another good shoot to fill the bag.

erika is   always nice relaxed and she helped me clean up and get dressed. i got my full hour and no rush and enjoyed revisiting her after such a long time. she is not a wild and wonderful fuck but a good decent all round punt and i will be back. with not as long away  as the last time.
« by David1970 on February 06, 2016, 10:01:08 AM »

www.adultwork.com/1995454 or https://www.adultwork.com/E+R+I+K+A+

After I have been punting in the Northeast for a month I found myself in Glasgow on work. I tried to get a meet with lena.sweet but she did not bother to answer my phone call or text. I gave Erika a text and she replied saying she could see me in 45 minutes, for a 1\2 hour visit. I have not seen Erika for 18 months so and there has been some negative review, but thought I would chance it.

Parking is safe and her flat is clean warm and modern, fluffy towels. There have been comments about her putting on weight; if she has it has been an improvement. Got the paperwork out of the way and into French kissing, taking of each other clothes, then on to the bed more kissing and touching. She stopped and cleaned my hands with wipes, she takes safe sex seriously.  Her nipples are big and long and she is ok with sucking and licking. I had my fingers inside her no problem. The on to OWO, lots of sucking and licking my cock and balls, she could do more eye contact. After about 10 minutes she asked if I want to be rimmed, I said yes, she cleaned my ass and started 10 minutes of really good rimming while her hands massaged my balls. I thought I was going to come so stopped her. She wanted to know if I wanted to CIM, I declined. I began to suck her nipples as I played with her pussy for a while. I then put on the hood and fucked her doggie until I shot my load. She asked me if I wanted a 2nd shot, I told her my back was sore but thanks. She then rolled me over and gave me a massage on my lower back, as we chatted, which was good. I said I better go and noticed I had been there for 45 minutes.

She is a very nice lady, with a sexy body who wants to please, I will return. Only thing she needs to work on is eye contact while doing OWO.
« by jj-mac on January 06, 2016, 09:10:41 AM »
On my phone so can't add link.

I've met erika several times and all previous meets have been positive. This one however was a waste of time and money.

Arrived at agreed time but left waiting nearly 20 mins before getting ok to come up. Got formalities out the way then had a quick shower and down to business. Bit of kissing, owo, ro, cowgirl, doggy and finished with CIM.

During this I found out erika had been on the piss the night before and was badly hungover. It showed in her service. She was a wreck. Kept stopping and dissapearing to bathroom, cold sweats and I swear she turned green when she took my load in her mouth.

Not a great experience this time hence the negative. Wasted punt.

Pros - nice looking girl, size 12 curvy body, good flat & location, easy parking

Cons - broken bed, left waiting. Poor service on this occasion.
Scotland / ERIKA - Glasgow
« by JackFlash on September 18, 2015, 11:46:45 AM »

Short notice booking, good comms with no hanging around.
£60 per half hour .
Clean, modern apartment near the Trongate.
AW profile says age 29, I would say mid 30s.
AW profile says dress size 12. I found this to be accurate, a very well proportioned 12.
Pics are filtered but are an accurate representation. She is very, very pretty.

Erika welcomed me in a short dress and heels. Modern flat with scented candles and relaxation music playing.
Offered a shower and a soft drink. She even hung my suit on a hanger which was a nice touch.
Paper work done and off with the dress, hold ups and lingerie underneath.
She has an excellent body! Super soft skin, big natural tits, biggish bum, maybe a little fleshy in the middle but by no means fat.
Services are as advertised, no quibble at all.
Punt itself; DFK (lots!) OWO (lots!), fingering, cowgirl, mish, doggy and CIM.
Parts may seem a little impersonal but she obviously takes hygiene very seriously and makes sure all the relevant bits are wiped, a good thing in my book.
I noticed I had ran over a little, apologised and motioned to leave. She asked if I was in a hurry or if I wanted to stay for a massage, I ran over by 15 mins or so and there was no hint of being rushed. Granted this was probably a wee "loss leader" to encourage a return.

Gorgeous girl, excellent punt. Recommended.
Scotland / Erika- Glasgow
« by happychess on July 31, 2015, 02:53:30 PM »
The girl's AW link: https://www.adultwork.com/1995454

Have seen her for many times for the past few years. Nice, friendly and elegant lady. Definitely worth to visit!

Location: Good location, easy on street parking with a little parking fee. If you do not want to park on the main road, you can park the back side of the building, very discreet.

Face& Figure: typical EE girl, curve body. Probably she is a little over curved for some pals. Big boobs and good tits, and I like sucking them. Her pussy is not smelly, you can do 69 if you want.

Service: Her BJ is average, not excellent. Other full services are overall very good. The thing is her price, 90 for a hour, unbelievable bargain! Highly recommend!   
Scotland / Erika Glasgow
« by randydandy2013 on June 17, 2015, 06:28:55 PM »

Erika had been on my hot list for a while, her flat is near high St and has metered parking outside. The flat is modern and has an ensuit shower that I used before and after my visit. Erika is definitely the girl in the pics and has a lovely figure. She likes you to keep quiet during your visit due to the walls being thin in case the neighbours here you and played some nice relaxing music and burned incense sticks. During my visit Erika gave me a massage, DFK, OWO, rimmed me, RO and protected sex in cowgirl. IMO she gives VFM and would see again and comes across as a lovely gunuine girl.
Scotland / lovely erika
« by mr small on January 14, 2015, 06:33:21 PM »

visited erika recently, very nice flat, with soft lights, soft music, candles and incense burning and a wide choice of fluffy towels in the bathroom  :thumbsup:

very nice and  pretty lady but possibly nearer mid 30's than stated 28  :unknown:

slim top half with nice boobs and lovely nipples  :wacko:

bottom half a lot bigger but still pretty nice, plenty to get hold of   :D

Scotland / LOVELY ERIKA (Glasgow)
« by Happyjose on January 03, 2015, 11:26:02 AM »
www.adultwork.com/1995454 or www.adultwork.com/XX+LOVELY+ERIKA+XX

Decided to visit Erika after the reviews and generally positive comments about her on here. Visited within the last few weeks.

Overall a good experience. Nice girl. Good comms by text and email. Great location, nice flat in a reasonably discreet location with parking. Pretty with good body.

Though I would say she has an accurate profile, her pics do flatter her slightly, but certainly not misleading. Services delivered as advertised. Great VFM at £90ph. Not really a natural feeling GFE, but then she doesn't advertise this. More a case of clothes off, do you want oral now? Do you want condom on now? Had a bit of a world-weary look on her face when I arrived, but she soon recovered to deliver a decent session. Probably just the end of a busy day.

Would be happy to go back

Scotland / Erika
« by ruggedscot on December 02, 2014, 09:44:59 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1995454 or https://www.adultwork.com/XX+LOVELY+ERIKA+XX

Have punted a lot over the years - this is my first review on here and have to say this girl was superb.

Contact was made and a meeting arranged. Had liked the look of the profile and decided to take a punt. I will go back as she was very good indeed. No dramas and no issues. Did what was requested and made sure I enjoyed myself.

I arrived and she was dressed as I had requested - always a good sign - some ive been to open the door in tracksuit and as unglam as possible. Erika was dressed in a nice revealing dress heels and stockings with her makeup on and a nice perfume. more like a girlfriend than an escort. I entered and got the money sorted out £150 for an hour and a half. Id requested a nice massage with oral and intercourse so his was what was on the agenda.

Erika kissed me and helped loosen my trousers which were quickly dropped and she started to play with me - then she dropped down and looked at me as she took me into her mouth. warm wet and very nice.

As far as paid encounters go this girl is highly rated. superb oral a mix between teasing licks and deep throat and good ball play aswell. It was as I said more of an encounter than going through the motions. reached down and stroked her pussy and this was moist.

A massage followed before we went on to the first hump. Condom on and I went on top slipped in and started with long slow strokes. Her hands pulling me deeper into her. A quick turn around and Erika was on top of me her pussy placed over me and her hand guiding my cock into her. She smiled as she started to bounce and her verbal moans actin as a powerful encouragement. what  dirty gal as she looked into my eyes as she was pounding me another change and then we were doing it doggy. and this position I struggle to hold back. No complaints from Erika and Im sure she had an orgasm

we decoupled and the condom was pulled of and erika's lips were back around my cock. hand guiding me an this turned into a very decent effort of deep throat. Her fingers probed my ass and when she popped one in it was hard not to blow a load. her good work did howevr end with me dropping a load in her mouth which she took like a trooper.

Location - Nice and safe

Looks - superb. Dressed as I wanted and made the effort to look nice.

Service. Blowjob excellent. And did all that I requested aswell as a few other unexpected. first time having my arse hole licked and it was different.
I've been a lurker over the past wee while. Thought it should only be fair I give some feeback:


 https://www.adultwork.com/1358637 or https://www.adultwork.com/K%5FE%5FN%5FD%5FR%5FA

Had a great time. Communication great, place of business great.
She was a lovely girl who couldn't have been any nicer. Covered oral but still did the trick ;)
She went on top and bounced like fuck, had to bend her over before I shot my load.
Only downside to her is the covered oral which she clearly states. Definitely consider her again and in my eyes on of the best I've been with due to mix of good sex, good looking, friendly and none of the awkward chat.

Inked Tattooed Emma

No link

Actually was not a bad punt. Location was alright, apartment nice. She gave good oral (though not as good as I expected from her claims). Covered oral brought it down a bit. Knew she was probaly a bit of a durty but was really horny n just wanted a blowjob, quick fuck and come over her tits. Would go back for a proper session if she ever around again.

Lovely Erika

 https://www.adultwork.com/1995454 or https://www.adultwork.com/XX+LOVELY+ERIKA+XX

Not as pretty as I thought she was going to be from her profile pic. Had wee belly too. She was lovely though, very welcoming. Bit nervous when she mentioned to be quiet because of neighbours, slightly off-putting. BUT
Services were brilliant, oral without fantastic, lay next to each other kissing (dont know if I should be doing that) while playing with her, finished her off and she said thanks for that haha nice touch... she certainly returned the favour with a good fuck and fantastic finisher of come in mouth. Would go back

Layla GCE


Girl is amazing, smart funny intelligent and gives a great fuck! Oral without, riding cock, tasty fanny. I'd definitely go back for more


Escort Scotland

Can't see her profile on the site, she usually appears in glasgow and dundee i think. She's blonde, EE, looks decent in photos. In person not as good but still fuckable. Actually had a good time, covered oral, decent fuck. Very flirty and genuinely wants you to have good time. Flat could have been nicer. Wanted to go down on her but her fanny wasn't the nicest looking and the didn't want my nose too near the bedsheets.

Had few other EE's but can't find their links, probaly gone. Some very tasty girls but as usual service somewhat lacking. Good for fucking a hot girl but never more than half hour booking. If they were proper up for it I'd have them for an hour to get some proper action in but they never seem interested.

Hope this helps and apologies for the lack of reviews in the past, I'll be on the case from now on. Got the horn just now, trying to type this out thinking it'll pass and save myself a couple of quid
« by weejim on August 06, 2014, 10:38:28 AM »
Was in Glasgow for a few hrs on Monday and arranged a 1hr meet with this lovely lady before hand after all the good feed back she has received on this site , got to the area where she stays and found ample parking and  felt very safe , on entry to the flat I was greeted by Erika who looked stunning in knee length black dress,,(prefer to unwrap here) , flat was very clean looking 2 ,on entry to her bedroom there was soft relaxing music on and scented candles burning, was most impressed , Erika asked me if I would like a drink before we got started to , soon unzipped her dress off and the rest is history guys , Erika did all I asked of her, that was on her likes list, her skin felt very soft 2, must say I found her to be a beautiful lady , fantastic figure , also very easy to get along with , after the dirty deed was done I even had a coffee and a chat with Erica ,must say if Erika was in Dundee I think id be a very poor man, as I found her to be a fantastic girl , would highly recommend Erika and will definitely be returning here , if I had to rate Erika it would deffo be top marks guys ,
Scotland / Lovely Erika Glasgow
« by David1970 on July 15, 2014, 01:21:25 PM »
www.adultwork.com/1995454 or https://www.adultwork.com/XX+LOVELY+ERIKA+XX

Planned to see Goddess Shakira but she was on tour in Dundee.
Phoned Erika and got a text back asking what time. Made an appointment for ½ hour session. Text backed with post code.
15 mins before meet got text saying last punter had run over and she would freshen up.
Phoned got full address, easy parking and very nice flat.
Erika is a tall blonde
Had a light massage with teasing of my balls. Then on to kissing and touching, she puts her tongue in your mouth but not yours in hers (I had just used mouthwash). On to uncovered bj, not the best but not bad, she did put her finger up my ass which was nice.
On to the main action fucked cowgirl and doggie, she talks dirty and is first class shag.
Had a nice chat afterwards found out she has uniforms and does CIM.
Session lasted 40 mins
I would recommend and would return
Looks 8/10
Body 9/10
Personality 10/10
Service 8/10
Scotland / Lovely Erika Glasgow
« by jg048012 on March 04, 2014, 03:48:19 PM »

I think all has probably been said that needs to have been, however I thought I'd add my note of positive support.

Has been a long time coming, and many a failed attempt due to my lack of organisation and her popularity...throughout her communications have been reliable.

Great location, easy parking, safe clean and well kept flat that smells nice - I personally like the smell of insence.

She was nicely dressed, and nicely made up - she smiled was welcoming and offered shower/drink

Good DFK, OWO, RO, Doggy and CIM in between chit chat and massage - all very attentive and accomplished.

What I would say that I haven't seen noted before, is that she has some of the most suckable and lickable nipples I have experienced - they are fairly large and pucker up nicely with the attention and set off nicely her nicely shaped bangers.

Offered shower, and was passionate and charming to the end.

Tick  :D
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