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London / Maria's Massage - Edgware
« by Camoron on November 14, 2016, 10:07:34 pm » or

Location: Ensuite room in a Flat 3 minutes walk from Edgware Station. She shares the place with another girl but I don't know whom.
Price paid: £80, one hour
Services sampled: B2b Massage with Happy Ending

I finally got to meet Maria which I understand to be very popular but surprisingly lacks recent reviews here.

She is a very very smiley, cheerful, chatty lady of around 35 IIRC. Not the fittest body, not the firmest tits, but they do the job. Her attitude more than makes up for it. She'd happily chat for the whole session if you participate. Those who seen her and indulged will know, she has probably mentioned her escapades when young in the far east.

The 'proper' massage (on my front) bit was average. Her certificate with real name (I assume) is on proud display so if you ask, maybe it might be better. But once turned over, its fun till the end. There was kissing, not DFK but a bit of tongue involved (not on her likes or description so YMMV). Boob job, she mounted for crotch to crotch grinding and a very good finish at the end.

Shame its hard for me to get to. Very VFM, and thats why regulars keep going back!

London / Maria's Massage - Edgware
« by Expl1cit on February 12, 2015, 03:04:15 am »

A little different from a usual punt, I often enjoy a good sensual massage and I see from this forum there seem to be quite a number of reviews and general discussions around sensual massages, so I thought I'd throw Maria into the mix.

A very discreet flat right behind Edgware station, 1 had a 1hr body to body massage for £80.

I didn't see any photos prior to booking, she came recommended from on a massage forum and has been well reviewed on that site with nearly all positive comments.

Maris is very friendly, intelligent and attractive without being a stunning beauty.  Profile age on AW is 30, which looks to be spot on, she is Eastern European and works in a flat with other masseuses, offering 4 hands as well.

Services were performed on a proper massage table, she strips down to her birthday suit immediately and massages every inch of you with her hands and then her body before finishing off with a hand relief.  She has a very nice boobs which are used to good effect on the body to body part of the massage.

Certainly worth a visit in my view.
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