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South West / LovelyEmilyXx - Bristol
« by jpuk on March 02, 2017, 05:01:11 PM »
We met in the morning in a central Bristol Apartment.
The booking was only for 30 mins as i had business to attend to in another part of Bristol.

The comms were easy and directions were very simple

Emily is a beautiful girl probably 8.5/10 for looks, a very tight body and small breasts (which I am fine with). Dressed in a tight black dress and heels

I arrived and was shown to the bedroom where the money exchanged hands, Emily went off to stow it away and returned very shortly. I was offered a shower but had already had one before.

Started with light kissing but Emily soon got into some DFK. Oral on her, which she seemed to enjoy and made all the right noises.

OWO on me, which I thought she was very good at. Plenty of spitting and deep enough for me. Into 69 where i had the delights of her pussy again

A number of positions and I finally finished in her from behind. Did not ask for A-Levels and she does not advertise them but she was more than happy to have my thumb in her ass while I came.

A great booking, and I hope she returns to Bristol in the future. I will definitley be paying her a visit again

Have fun guys and treat her well.....



London / Lovely Emily / Great Portland Street
« by Sinz on February 14, 2017, 04:11:13 PM »
Comms: Booked over text, quick responses. Good comms.
Location: Few mins walk from Great Portland Street station, block of flats easy to locate from the instructions given.
Services: FK,OWO,RO,CIM,Rimming (on her), Anal play (surprised as this is not on her likes list)
Girl: Cute baby faced (yeah guys, i thought the same - but no facials) probably cause she has eye make up on. I agree with the age on her profile, she is young and about 5'5". Must say very polite.
Punt: She opened the door with a smile, initial thoughts, very cute, slim, she was in her red bra, panties and black heels. Ohh and gorgeous kissable lips, which made it harder for me to process things.
Exchanged paper works, decided to stay for 30 mins and I undressed, she assisted a little and was waiting for me to get naked. A bit of foreplay and FK, intially closed mouth and light kissing but I managed to get the tongue out eventually. Definitely not deep french kissing (all good as she does not state that she offers this). Took her bra off, while she was stroking my cock and before the heat turned up.
I got her to get in doggy position on the bed (very low bed) and slowly took her panties off and sucked her pussy and rimmed her. Slight moaning while I tongue fucked her for a bit from the back and inserted my tongue inside her anal softly. Gorgeous ass, I could have been doing that for the entire booking, but decided to move on. Asked her to stay in doggy position, went to the other side of the bed and switched to OWO.
I noticed she was struggling to look up at me in that position and that’s when I noticed the brilliantly positioned sofa.
I sat on the sofa while she got on her knees, and gave me an OWO with plenty of spitting. She said she does not do deep throat, but tried her best to take in as much as she could. Plenty of eye contact during the wet OWO. Use of hands along with mouth and had to ask her suck harder. Oral skills are good, but let’s just say not the best. But those natural lips wrapped around the cock was a good sight indeed. After about 15 mins of sucking, I asked her to slip the rubber on and we switched to CG position. Her pussy was tight and when I told her that she said, you are the first customer of the day (probably true, probably tells everyone the something) but then again she said she started at lunch time and I was there during my lunch break.
Asked her to then switch to RCG and I loved the sight of her ass going up and down on my cock. I could not resist myself but rub her anal with some spit and my fingers. I just grabbed on to her hips and pushed my cock deeper inside her pussy. She was not clockwatching, but I was aware of the time and hence asked her to continue back on to BJ and she took the rubber off and was back on to OWO. While she was busy doing her bit, I managed to slide a finger into her ass, asked her if she was ok, but she just carried on sucking, so - hey why not. Must say that anal was tight and I rubbed her clit at the same time. Did not try fingering (as her profile says she does not enjoy this).

This time I was thinking of a messy CIM. I wanted to cum in her mouth but then let all my spunk flow down my cock and shaft. As, I was about to pop I told her about this idea. The lack of enthusiasm from her side- made me hatch new ideas I guess. She executed it well and I exploded in her mouth and watched all my spunk flow out of her mouth and lips on to my cock, she made sure she stroked my cock and got every drop out. She cleaned my up with wipes and went to clean herself up.

She did not indicate anything but i decided to get dressed, in fact there was lack of conversation. I am usually a GFE kind of guy so for me, this was a bit vanilla. But she did everything I asked her to do without complaints.
Visit Again: I am inclining to a MAYBE, just due to lack of enthusiasm, passion and the connection. But then again, it’s my first visit, so I will leave it down to that.
Not one of my best punts, but I did feel good. Was bordering Neutral but since she  did everything I asked for and like I mentioned earlier very polite, sweet and Lovely. I have rated her Positive.

A mid-20’s Polska who’s been working for a couple years now. Currently under the name “Lovely Emily”, previously as “LovelyEmily106”. 
Salutes to all those who have previously reviewed Emily  :hi:
The AW profile stats are pretty accurate … slender blonde, sz8 with natural 34A. To add my impressions, I feel that 32A would be more realistic. Her midriff has thickened somewhat but she isn’t disproportionate, just not much variance between torso, hips and thighs (ie. Her body is like a tube). She is approx. 5’5” in height.

In: £70/hlf – £90/3/4hr – £110/hr – £150/1.5hr – £200/2hr.
Out: £150/hr – £200/1.5hr – £250/2hr – £700 o/n. (Hotels only)
NB. She currently has a Holiday season promotion on, with £10 off all rates, even 15mins, during lunch hour, ie. 11am – 3pm. Good marketing.

Aware of her reputation as cold and distant*, I emphatically requested a “warm” GFE, with kissing and OwO/ CiM. Talk about pushing my luck :D
Prompt response back to confirm the requested time was available. I asked if there were any extra charges I should be aware of. CiM = £10. She then sent a post code. Followed by the full address closer to the appointment time.

All conducted efficiently and in a professional manner via SMS. No attempt to be charming/ hospitable/ the long-lost girlfriend on Arctic leave, etc.

This happened a few months back. I’m posting now as I prefer to leave some distance/ minimise any possibility of identification.
*As noted above, previous reviewers have remarked on how Emily lacks the “affection” gene. One crucial aspect, no matter how ephemeral, to a successful GFE meet, I would suggest. It’s for this reason that I had her in the much-ignored B-list of my HL for over a year. And then she posted some new pics and Little Brain took it upon himself to bypass my previous reluctance.
To this day, I still don’t know why I thought, “new pics equate to an improved service”. But the price was right, and I fancied a convenient snug fit.
I arrived, having just spat out the mouthwash in the stairwell by her flat. She met me at the door and led me to her room. Sparse, functional; rather like her conversational skills. No amount of weak jokes and inane small talk would budge her. She simply wasn’t interested in playing the game. I handed over the funds, she was back quickly and my hands started roaming over her dress whilst our lips… well, I can’t say they locked in passionate embrace. It was more like attempting to kiss a wax dummy in Madame Tussauds, and not understanding the lack of reciprocation. God it was miserable.
Figured it was best to get on with the undressing and down to business, then. Motioned her towards the bed as we continued to stroke each other and ‘play-kiss’. Uncovered oral, reverse cowgirl then missionary, in which she continued to stare blankly at me, keep her lips closed whilst emitting these dreadful fake squeals. It was almost farcical.
I was so sure that Lil’ Man would bail on me for putting him through such humiliation. Thank goodness the CiM option was there and had been paid for. She got to work and this is where she earned at least some of her fee.
That said, she didn’t seem to know what to do with the load. I knew she doesn’t swallow, but she just unleashed it back onto my shaft after my torso had stopped twitching. Quality, or what ????? !!!!!  :sarcastic:

Quite good oral technique. It’s too light, but she likes to drool her spit on the shaft and does that humming vibration thing. It feels great.
Nicely formed pussy. No extraneous flaps, but tidy. And tight. Oh, yes…
These two aspects prevent this review from being a Negative.

She didn’t smell fresh. I mean her body overall, not intimate parts. Having quickly noticed that she probably hadn’t showered that morning, I didn’t venture any further.
Her inability to open those lips whilst kissing. It was bizarre.
She needs to figure out what to do with a client's ejaculate, ffs  :mad:

Nothing that particularly stood out as unacceptable behaviour.

Emily seemed tired. Tired of life; or her life as a prostitute. She’d do well to have a long think about how suited she is to this work. Nobody can feel good about scamming a measly £70 just to keep living in London. Where’s the self-dignity  :unknown:
London / Lovely Emily - great Portland st
« by a203203 on December 11, 2016, 10:41:47 PM »
£70 for half hour
Comms -- excellent, done by phone and at short notice. Called up 15 mins before seeing her.
Time: saw her 630pm on a weekday
Location: tower block council estate. Some youths hanging around the car park. But otherwise seems fine. 5 mins from great Portland st tube.
Punt: 10/10. Offered all the usuals enthusiastically. Owo was a highlight lots of spit. Enjoyed 69. Also didn't mind and practically encouraged anal play. Tight body, facially good. Slightly passive personality as noted by others. Downsides: slightly stubbly, no dfk.
Would return.


Preamble: Since HOD1 left my usual punting area, the options have been few and far between, so when I saw the offer for a three way with two WGs with terrific derrieres, I couldn't resist

Comms: Prompt, friendly and to the point. They agreed to wear the school uniforms I requested and were flexible when I needed to change the time.

Location: A little confusing as there is a massive construction project taking place right next door to their block of flats.

Services Received: FK, DFK, OWO, Roleplay, Handjob, RO, Penetration (protected)

Appearance: Alice is the taller of the two, with a really terrific arse that you could stare at all day. Emily is shorter and naturally pretty. Together, they were a pretty good combination.

Price: £100 for half an hour with both of them.

The Punt: They were in their uniforms when I turned up and we began my little roleplay request: a massage followed by FK and DFK and the two of them gradually taking their clothes off. As is the case with a threesomes, the rest is a bit of a blur, but there was lots of facesitting, OWO and terrific dick riding from the two of them, I mean, they were faultless and had I booked for more time, a lot more positions could have been tried. I climaxed inside Alice, whose arse was simply too ravenous to stop me from cumming, but I went a good 5 minutes over time and neither of them complained. 

Conclusion: Good VFM and an enjoyable punt. Would definitely recommend.

London / lovelyemxx Great Portland Street
« by mrhappypants on June 29, 2016, 10:10:02 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2795737 or https://www.adultwork.com/lovelyemxx

£110 ph.  Arranged by phone at short notice. 

She a slim size 8 and 8's physically and facially.  The photos don't give much of a clue.but maybe a passing facial resemblance to Kirsten Duntz (don't hold me too it).

Woefull.  I have been trying to put this out of my mind for the past few weeks but this
bought the whole awful experience flooding back in a horrifying kaleidoscope of shame, guilt and self loathing. Possibly the most sterile, mechanical punt of my career.  Her distance and detachment are palpable.   Lamentable oral, clueless hand work and dull, passionless sex.  At the end she tidied wet wipes and condoms away into a ziplock plastic bag - it crystallised the experience. She had a deal on a duo - I am NOT tempted.


London / Lovelyemxx
« by afm on May 12, 2016, 02:18:35 AM »
Firstly thanks to everyone who reviewed her before. After reviewing my schedule for the day, I found myself with some free time in the area for the evening, so I did a search. Em came up on the search, and a few positive reviews, so I gave her a call.

Comms were fine, she picked up the phone straight away (this was about 11am), and once the arrangements were made she texted her location almost immediately. Her flat is in a council estate near Great Portland Street, on the north side of Euston road. Despite being an estate, it's fine compared to others. No one hanging about and easy to get to. Once I arrived at the building, I called, and was given the flat number.

As commented by others, Emily is a definitely a good looking girl. Around 5'7", pretty face, blonde hair, and a slim tight body as is common for Eastern European girls. Polite and friendly, we got the payment out of the way (£110 for an hour), and then I was offered a shower, which I took. I asked for a massage to start, so I lay down and she stripped down to her underwear. We talked a bit and she was friendly enough - from our conversation I found out she was Polish, and I estimate her to be early 20s. Massage was really just a bit of rubbing, she doesn't have any training, but she does engage in a bit of B2B, which is nice, but nothing compared to other proper B2B providers. Lasted maybe 15 minutes on the back, and then flipped over. Engaged it a bit of kissing and RO, which she seemed to enjoy, but no fingers. Then some OWO, which was ok, no DT but no feeling of teeth, which was welcoming after receiving some toothy OW recently in a Soho walkup. On with the johnny and went for doggy first, but she angled herself a bit so I couldn't go very deep, then missionary, which was much better. She has one of the tightest pussies I have felt in a while, and I popped pretty quickly to my shame. Took another shower, and then on my way.

Would I return? Possibly. As other's have mentioned, she is accommodating and provides everything on her profile, but is a little distant in the act. Personally I wasn't in the mood for any sort of PSE, just some relaxing intercourse, and I got that, so I don't have any real complaints. If you want something raunchier, then I would advise to look elsewhere. If you value looks over service, then she's probably your type.

AW link: https://www.adultwork.com/2795737
London / LovelyEmily106 - Great Portland Street
« by Vinegar Strokes on April 03, 2016, 12:33:03 PM »
I saw Emily a couple of months ago. She works in a nice, clean flat about 5 mins walk from Great Portland Street station.

Communication via phone and text was pretty straightforward. I paid £70 for 30 mins, however I see she's now upped it to £80.

Looks wise I found Emily pretty stunning in a classical kind of way, as she is a young girl with a pretty face and a slender and very tight body. Although she has small breasts, they just looked right on her frame.

The main drawback for me was her personality which I would describe as being a bit cold. Whilst she wasn't rude at all, she just felt a bit distant throughout the whole meeting. However, to be fair to her she did put in a stellar job delivering all services including French kissing, OWO, fingering, cowgirl, doggy etc.and CIM finish and was happy to take direction.

Overall it was an enjoyable punt with a fantastic looking girl, her personality didn't bother me too much as she was still pleasant, and I feel she would probably warm up in subsequent visits. I would definitely see her again if she drops her half hour rate back down to £70.


London / lovelyemily106 ---- Great Portland Street
« by brolin_76 on February 11, 2016, 12:20:46 AM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/2795737 or https://www.adultwork.com/lovelyemily106

this was my last punt just before Xmas. I have read her mixed up reviews here. some says she is very cold to start. But just took a risk as her reviews are mostly positive. tried to book some girls  but all were busy on the day but luckily I got a quick response from her. She gave me her postcode. It was same place I went to see Nadia near Great Portland street station so had no problem to find the flat.

Half an hour booking I paid £70 now gone to £80. :dash: :dash:

she opened the door it was like just for the sake of money she wanted to see me. no smile nothing but she was young  and a next door girl in my eye. May be she was expecting me as Brad Pitt coming to see her.  :( :dash: Sorry love I am not your Brad Pitt but not an fat ugly cunt. :coolgirl: :lol:

 ok paperwork done. she came to bed and giving me hand job WTF? I asked could you do OWO in RO? she moved and gave the worst OWO for few 1 or 2 minutes just little touch of tongue. positive was she was clean I was licking her. she took the condom. put lube then Sex on missionary. I tried to kiss her. but she was just trying to avoid kissing. I asked her to change position again she put some lube. I feel the punt was almost boring no passion at all. it was like I am doing sex with a sex doll. :dash: :dash:

at the end I manged to cum after some dull sex.asked me if I want shower.
later made my way to home.

only positive was she is young exactly look like her picture.

Would I return? no way.

 :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:
I saw Emily for the first time just before Christmas, and if I had left a review then it might have been a Neutral.  She was passive, slightly cold and appeared disinterested, as a couple of other UKP punters have commented on. Despite this, I went back for a second visit because she is exceptionally beautiful with a great figure, long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and more importantly I really enjoyed the sex, particularly her riding me in cowgirl.

Link: https://www.adultwork.com/2795737 or https://www.adultwork.com/lovelyemily106

On this second visit, Emily opened the door in a sexy black dress, high heels and a smile.  She was warm, chatty and engaging from the first minute to the last.  I commented on our last session, and she said maybe she was having a bad day, but didn't remember too much about it.  We undressed each other while kissing (french kissing was on the menu this time) and she has incredibly soft lips.  Then on to the bed for RO - where I made her come.  She grabbed a tissue and gave it to me to wipe my face  :lol:

We then moved to OWO and those soft lips - I would say it was one of the best blow jobs I have ever had, if not the best.  Soft, slow and sensual, not toothy in the slightest and full eye contact.  It wasn't DT but it was so good I had to stop her.  We then had slow sex in CG and Mish which was great and then curled up together for the remaining 10 minutes chatting and stroking, before the alarm went off to remind me I am a punter and she is not my girlfriend and off I went into the night.

In summary, an absolutely stunning polish blonde who delivered one of the best GFE's I have ever had.
London / A bad jumper for christmas AKA lovelyemily106
« by anonvip20 on December 22, 2015, 08:32:36 PM »
Hi All

I've been on the site a short time, only done a handful of punts both in the USA and UK. No reviews until now as I haven't really seen the need, only seen one UK girl and she was very good (GoodBumGirl) who is not around and she'd been reviewed elsewhere.

So theres a girl who is half my age but I almost ended up in bed with her a few years ago, she's now back in my life in a non sexual way and my sex compass is going mental. So I thought the best way to cure this was to find a girl who's about the same age and is built with the same proportions. Having a good old hunt around on AW stumbled me onto a few girls, ended up settling on


Comms were good, 30 minutes of fun booked in for earlier today. Confirmed OWO and FK was on the cards.

Arrived and was greeted by a nice looking girl with a nice body. Lead to the bedroom where she sat down onto the bed and I sort of got the feeling she really wasn't interested, never had that reaction before in the UK or the USA. I thought never mind, maybe things will get better so asked for a shower, it was ok, a bit dribbly with tiny towels but all good. Back into the bedroom.

I'd read reviews that she's passive but I would beg to differ. I think the words are cold, disinterested and not very good at her job. FK was a joke, lips didn't open once. She was clean and dressed in a sexy black dress but I guess when you go and visit a WG you wanna feel wanted. My punts are always about the GFE experience and on this occasion that experience must have been in another town with someone else, all I was getting was the feeling that she couldn't wait till it was done and my mood was going the same way.

Anyway, as a true starship trooper I carried on, undressed her, then myself (lol), moved to the bed. She gave a poor OWO, pulled her into 69, every time I went near her pussy she pulled away, got the feeling she was sore or something, which was weird as she let me finger her whilst pecking my lips. I really was losing all interest at this point, she tried to put on a condom and soon realised I wasn't very erect, so a bit more OWO and then on with the jonny. Some cowgirl without actually ridiing me and this was the point I kind of new I wasn't going to pop. She really was not doing a good job of even pretending to be interested and I flopped out. She then went back to OWO, I was feeling sorry for her so decided to fantisize over the girl I almost ended up bedding to try and pop. I did pop as a result of that and fair play to her she took it CIM.

So it was all over, she asked me if I wanted a shower, I said no thanks as I really wanted to jump out of the window but I quickly got dressed and legged it.

Pretty unsatisfying punt, I like the GFE experience and if thats your thing this isn't the girl for you. If your going to dominate and do everything your way maybe you'll have a totally different experience.

As for the looks, yes pretty, a bit of teen tummy but not cup or tea to be honest.

Giving a neutral as she did stuff on her menu, she was clean, she kept the booking and I'm not sure how different my experience would have been had I dominated. I'm also sure others will find her more attractive then I did.

Hope that helps someone!

p.s. any real you GFE recommendations in London or north/east M25 area please do let me know....
London / lovelyemily 106 / Great ortland Street
« by Laying Pipe on September 26, 2015, 01:07:43 AM »
 Emily has been well reviewed and all more or less accurate. I saw her at her place a short walk from Great Portland Street tube

https://www.adultwork.com/2795737 or https://www.adultwork.com/lovelyemily106

Facially, fairly attractive. However she has a stunning body of an 18 year old . No tits to speak of which may be a turn on to some. Great bum and cute pussy.
Shower was offered and accepted.
I asked for a massage OWO and sex.
As has been described already she is very passive. The body to body massage was great because she has a firm and very fit young body.
She is very passive. During the massage I noticed she kept her mouth and lips firmly closed as if she had something in her mouth or something wrong, somehow. I made up my mind there and then not to go for OWO. I gave her a massage and she went into a trance like state, very strange. She let me play with her pussy , inserted figure ,massage her clit all she said was be gentle. Happy for me to figure her.
On with the sex and I banged her in mish to start, nice and tight enough. As I pulled out to change to doggy, I pulled the condom up and it ripped. She reached over to get a new one and as she put it on and it ripped as well.
She got a third one and all the time I was rubbing her clit and wanking to stay up. She hesitated with the condom, closed her eyes and stated to murmur as I rubbed her clit. and she got a little more vocal.
I kept on her clit as I wanked. I have not yet cum over a wag pussy, this was my chance so I kept going and soon covered her pussy lips with a massive load. She did not protest or made any attempt to stop me. When I finished she slowly wiped herself.
I got dressed and left. I wondered as I shut the door behind me if she was going to take a shower before the next punter went down on her.
I have never requested cuming on a wag pussy because I always believe it to be off the menu
A strange punt indeed. Still not sure what to make of it.
Will I return . Yes .

London / lovelyemily106 - Great Portland Street
« by doobes on August 14, 2015, 09:52:59 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2795737 or https://www.adultwork.com/lovelyemily106

Paid £70 for half an hour.

Initial comms by text and phone on arrival. As noted in other reviews, Emily is working from a nice large flat on a big estate a five to ten minute walk from Great Portland Street. How you feel about council estates in general will probably colour your view on the location but for me it was fine. If you follow the directions given via text you won't really have to wander into the estate, entering the block reasonably directly. There's a bit of a step up to the shower in the bathroom, something not to forget on exiting the shower if you're in a hurry to get back to Emily and get stuck in.

Emily herself is young, pale and slim. Long blonde hair, cute A cup breasts and long legs. Demure, quiet and a little reserved, her English is good and conversation afterwards was reasonably easy.

Finances and shower out of the way, we started off with me admiring that body with my hands and working her out of her lingerie. No FK, kissing was close lipped and not something she sought out.

Eventually moved onto the bed and a period of masturbating each other. Then straight into RO. Her OWO is OK, a quick bob action on the head.

Very good doggy, far and away the best position in the session. Felt incredibly tight and she's one of the rare WGs who make eye contact during sex - occasionally looking back over her shoulder. Doesn't get a lot of depth in cowgirl and not the greatest angle in mish or the most flexible. Muted heading towards natural theatrics throughout and does flush during exertion which adds to the impression of enjoyment on her part.

Emily was not completely uninterested but then again not totally engaged. She is a cracking looking young girl, particularly on first impressions and I can see why she's gathered the positives she has but I tend to want a little more from a punt.
London / lovelyemily106 - Great Portland Street
« by barnstorm123 on August 13, 2015, 09:47:33 PM »

£70 for half an hour.

The girl
Pretty, slim body, great toned legs and a nice arse. Small tits. Emily has a pretty face but not really my type. She's quite reserved, maybe even a bit cold. We only seemed to 'click' after we were done and I was about to leave.

Boring, tbh. She's quite responsive, and does everything you ask. She just seems completely bored by it all, maybe a bit jaded. I went for OWO, RO, fingering, HJ, sex in doggie. Kissing was allowed but no open mouth.

This punt has made up my mind to stop trying new girls. I'm tired of throwing money away on a substandard service. If you want to fuck a girl in her early-20s with a slim body then you're in luck. I'm just looking for an experience in which the girl seems to be involved. So I'm sticking to regs from now on. I've found a few good GFE providers thanks to UKP - Emily CB, Michelle Indie, Ellie Rose, Naughty Natt, and thankfully Adele is back too. There's maybe one other who comes recommended by Quesadilla so we'll see.

I still have a few reviews to catch up on so I'll keep posting for the time being.
London / lovelyemily106 - Great Portland Street
« by Big Cat on August 03, 2015, 09:28:25 PM »
Saw Emily at her place a short walk from Great Portland Street tube - cheers to all who reviewed before

https://www.adultwork.com/2795737 or https://www.adultwork.com/lovelyemily106

Facially, she's a stunner. Looks like a 19 year old just breaking into the modelling business or something. Would probably have a queue round the block if she had face pictures up. Superb body as well - great bum, cute pussy, tiny boobies.

Passive at first but warms up. Some FK (she definitely doesn't DFK), decent OWO, all the right noises as we ran through my super vanilla routine of mish, cowgirl and doggy. Had me worried with her nonchalant vibe at the beginning of the meet but she delivered in bed and seemed comfortable by the end. She may be in her early 20s but if you want to feel like you're banging a slim gorgeous girl in her late teens - Emily's for you.

Works with this girl: https://www.adultwork.com/2938389 or https://www.adultwork.com/xxxAlice20xxx

Had some fun with another punter who left the flat right before me (he was seeing Emily's friend). We wound up in the lift together and I'm sure he didn't know I exited the flat seconds after him. I turn to him and say "was she good?". The guy looked like he was going to have an anxiety attack  :lol: I think he thought I was a resident who had rumbled him. If you're reading - sorry mate! I meant no harm
London / lovelyemily106 – London
« by FlyingBreadMan on May 26, 2015, 11:34:22 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2795737 or https://www.adultwork.com/lovelyemily106

I do think Emily has been reviewed recently and was eager to see her for myself, but one thing a reviewer mentioned was the prolonged massage before start of any action – so I figured I would try her out and see for myself. Here I my report:

The Experience:
I gave her a call and asked if I could see her in the afternoon and she replied that I would only be able to see her a few hours after my intended time – fine by me. Got a message later inviting me over a lot sooner so I trekked off to see her.
I have not punted with anyone around Portland Street before so was kinda looking forward to seeing how the apartments compared to other parts of Paddington etc…I reached a council block…Oh well.
When she opened the door it was a bit dark in the flat but I could see she was very sexy indeed. With heels she stands tall and my initial impression was she would be 5,7 ish. She showed to be an excellent dress size 8, and very, very much like her pictures.
I stayed an hour but confirmed that more than one cum was permitted, and paid extra £10 for CIM.
A quick shower later I had her in the bedroom and peeled off her clothes. When she stood off the heels I saw she was a 5,5 or 5,4 – not as tall as. We had some light kissing (my choice as she had sticky lipstick which I did not like much), and we went to the bed where she gave meet a good OWO. She sped up and I concluded in her mouth. Some spilt out, but she quickly cleaned me up with wipes.
After she freshened up I got a soft massage from her and then started round 2. Round 2 was a bit awkward after the first few mins and had to change the condom to a bigger one. But then the grind was smooth and at pace.
We chatted on a few things and I gave her a massage too.
No smoking in the flat.
An excellent experience and she will be a regular visit for me.

•   Same girl in the pictures – with very seductive eyes and pretty face.
•   Good OWO with CIM – though not too deep, she did employ her tongue with good effect.
•   Light kissing with sticky lippy-sticky.
•   No smoking.
•   Nice figure but skin was not so smooth on this occasion – not a biggie for me.
•   £130 - for 1 hour with CIM – so maybe pricey for some.

The Journey:
Firstly thanks to previous reviews on her.
She has Sweet Amanda as one of her friends but I did not see her. I think DUO is available.
London / LovelyEmily106 - Marylebone, London
« by budgie smuggler on May 19, 2015, 11:58:12 AM »
Hi All,

Lovelyemily106 -Marylebone, London

Booking - Yesterday (Monday 18/05)
Time - 3.00
Location - About 7-10 min walk from Great Portland Street tube
Time spent - 30 mins
Cost - £80

If you have a fantasy of sex with a teeny girl (although she is 21) IMO Emily hits the mark

Comms were good, The estate - I know from experience it can get a little unpleasant after dark, However I went during the day, and her flat, an ex-council flat in a block, once you get inside, is surprisingly well decorated and comfortable, clean.etc. Works with another girl, who I didn't see.

She is very slim, IMO pretty, Polish, rose-bud lips,  tottering along on high heels. Very small tits, (think of fried eggs, and then reduce them) neat and utterly hairless pussy. She doesn't kiss.  (but she does OWO for extra £10  (Go figure !)

I asked for a nude massage going into sex. She obliged, she is a bit detached, but not bad at B2B, but she just didn't fully give me the cock and balls tickling that I'd been wanting. After the "flip" a bit of B2B then she knelt on all fours over me with her pussy in my face (perfectly clean and inviting, but too far away for clit licking, unfortunately) , "No fingers inside", but she was happy for some clit rubbing, I think she enjoyed it.

She gave some OW, and surprisingly, she has a good technique, On to sex, cow-girl. then to finish, an oily wank, again, good technique.

Is she worth £80 rather than the £60 that a lot of the girls round here seem to charge for B2B and an oily wank ? Yes, definitely.

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2795737 or https://www.adultwork.com/lovelyemily106
London / LovelyEmily106 - almost neutral
« by OnTheSly on February 12, 2015, 08:06:56 PM »

So having seen a lot of great reviews on here about Emily I thought I'd give her a go, so to speak.

First important thing to say to anyone interested in booking her - her comms are extremely flaky to say the least (as mentioned to me in the comments of another review).  I first tried to book her in advance via: call, text, AW email and AW booking request - no answers what so ever.  So I was thinking "darn there's no chance I'll get her today as she'll be booked" but guess what, as advised a short text "Any availability today for 90mins?" got a reply within 5 minutes!  The trick here guys is short, sharp to the point and importantly - on the day itself!  Anyway, all arranged pretty quickly via text no issues what so ever...

So I drove over to Greenwich and arrived about 10 minutes early and sent a text saying as much - got a response saying no problems come to the door and ring.  Anyway this continued a couple of times, go to A call to get more instructions and eventually I hear a door open and this stunning young lady greets me in a short black dress - totally my type looks wise (petite, slim and small busted) - great SO glad I booked 90 minutes.

First thing you get asked is to remove your shoes (i read that on another review) then led to her room.  She then explains that she only offers an erotic massage and was I OK with that - yes - then she asked if I wanted a different ending and I said Oral to which she said that'll be £20 extra.  Nothing new here (looks like sex or oral are both an extra £20 from the other reviews).

So things start off on your front and she does what she says she'll do - EXCEPT (and this is why I'm borderline neutral) when she uses her body to massage you she doesn't do it gently at all so you can't actually feel her boobs (OK they are small - but I prefer the light touch of the nipples during a massage and as long as you're not a fried egg this is possible) all you feel is her whole chest - which isn't very erotic.

Anyway the stuff with your back get's a bit tedious and to be honest I was just longing for her to tell me to turn over!  Must have spent about 40 mins on my back.

Things got a lot better when lying on my back - mainly because I could see and touch her and OMG has she got the most amazing arse and pussy you'll ever see.  I so enjoyed stroking her all over when she was in 69 position giving me some attention with her tits (so not close enough to kiss but close enough to get a great eye full whilst stroking).

Not long afterwards she was rubbing me with her stomach and due to a stupid school-boy error of not emptying the lizard before meeting her, popped.  She laughed and cleaned me up and asked if I wanted to continue for the remaining 30 minutes - of course!  So we continued.  She then started to pour oil on me and frantically try to get me hard again - but her touch was so light I could hardly feel anything and suggested she moved onto oral if she was trying to finish things off.  She got me hard again but maybe I was too de-sensitised from the earlier pop or she just wasn't that great,I just asked her to stop as it looked like hard work for her.

I was told I still had 5 minutes and was I OK with ending then - I said sure.  I was then offered a shower (refused) and slowly took my time to get dressed and say my goodbyes.

Now I had parked a couple of streets away, but a good 5 minute walk from the flats (let alone the 2 minutes once in the building) but I got back to my car exactly 90 minutes after I left.  So unless her time keeping was based on her seeing me get out my car she certainly tried to reduce the time of the visit and doesn't give the full time.  Again not to worry but worth mentioning for everyone else.

It is also worth mentioning that this is a shared flat - I constantly heard other people talking, at least 2 guys turn up and I even think someone coming back with some shopping!  Not sure how big the flat is or how many people work from there - I saw no one at all whilst there - just heard them.

- Stunning young lady probably a 9.5/10 for me
- Amazing arse and pussy
- Nice clean flat
- Very easy to get to by car and free parking available for 2 hours
- Did I mention that arse?!
- Great value at £80ph

- Seemed to just be going through the motions as someone else said - didn't put any real effort into it
- Think she might be a time thief but didn't both me - just watch out

- Quite a bit of distraction from other activities going on in the flat
- Uses far too much oil at the end that makes it almost impossible to feel what's going on

What would I do differently if I were to see her again:
- Sort myself out first and don't leave it over a week since he had action for starters!
- Don't book more than an hour
- Go for sex - that pussy looks divine and very small/tight

Would I see her again - probably not, great value for money (£140 all in) but I've had massages that are far better in the past - when you spend half of the time looking at a bed and not the lady her beauty doesn't really count for much.
London / lovelyemily - SE10
« by Sedlmayer on February 10, 2015, 07:12:11 PM »

At last a decent flat in SE10  :yahoo:

Having seen sublime's review, and having to be over that side of Greenwich, I decided to give Emily a go, even though massage and HE isn't normally my thing.

I didn't have a huge amount of leeway, timewise, but since my work often takes me to the area, I really just wanted to check out the flat and the girls. I also didn't want to commit to a long massage in case it was no good (as it often is). I was in two minds, not least because I'm seeing Crystal in Harrow in the very near future, but I decided to go for just a half hour.

The flat is easy to find and within 10 minutes walk of Maze Hill station - if you're local it's on the 188, 177 and 180 bus routes, get off at Pelton Rd. I think parking would be restricted.
The flat is clean and fit for purpose  in a modern block. Bedroom and bathroom both clean and fine, but I did have some difficulty getting hot water out of the shower. Clean towels were provided.

Emily is early to mid twenties, about 5'4"ish and has a great, firm, slim figure with a really pert little bum and small perky tits with lovely pink puffy nipples. She has the neatest little pussy, anus, bum set I've seen in a long time and it looks especially great when she takes up the 69 position so that she can rub her oily breasts against your cock. She has long blonde hair (dyed) and an attractive face with typical Slavic features.

She certainly doesn't waste time with a lot of chat - handed over the money, she went and stashed it, came straight back and the proceedings commenced. A nice oily massage with as much body to body contact as touching with hands. Very sensuous, totally naked and she's happy with touching/stroking all over. No problem about kissing/sucking those puffy little nipples.
She did a very nice handjob when the time came, holding the end of my cock very close to her breasts.

All in all a very pleasant half hour session and one that I shall repeat next time I'm round that way, possibly with oral and/or sex next time. Not a GFE, but a very sensuous experience.
London / lovelyemily106- SE10
« by lewishamguy on February 10, 2015, 09:36:56 AM »

Thanks to the punter sublime...who did the first review of this girl. Following the review I decided to see her. Rang her but it's gone to voicemail. Then sent her a text asking if she's available. Within few minutes she replied to me and sent her address and arranged half an hour booking. Her apartment block is about 10 mins walking distance from Maze Hill station. She was well dressed and looking absolutely gorgeous. Facially I found her very attractive 8/10. Slim size 8 body. Shower was offered but I didn't as I've had before. She then asked me very politely how do I prefer the happy ending?:P I decided to go for sex and paid extra £20. She's pretty young and I believe her stated age is nearly accurate. Massage session started from back which was done with very good b2b contact.Then we switched to 69 which was also good and I was almost getting hard for sex and finally happy ending was done with an explosive orgasm while I was enjoying a perfect view her attractive bum in doggy. A great finish.  ;) Overall she's very good VFM. I'm happy to return at some other times probably for longer session.

London / lovelyemily106
« by sublimetoridiculous on January 29, 2015, 01:25:00 PM »

Emily offers body to body massage with optional BJ or sex ending. I opted for the BJ.

She is the girl in her profile picture. Don't bother with the PG as her face is blanked out in all the pictures. She is attractive, slim, with small but responsive boobs. A pleasant personality, with reasonably good spoken English and better written English in the txts to set up the meet. She is Polish and works in North Greenwich.

She said she trained in massage, but what she does is to use every part of her body to arouse you sexually. That was from the beginning - this was not a rub and tug. It really was most intimate and beautifully paced. She is happy to be touched, the only no-no's being french kissing and fingering. Clitoral stimulation was fine, as was touching and kissing her tits.

I got 100% full attention for the whole hour. When it was time for the BJ to finish, that was OWO and again nicely paced until I could hold back no longer and came in her mouth. She knew exactly what to do with her mouth and tongue to prolong and enhance the orgasm and made me yell with delight.

All in all excellent from me, and as she is conveniently close I'm likely to repeat.
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