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Scotland / HornyEvik -Glasgow
« by Nnbobof on December 09, 2016, 08:56:57 PM »

She has had a few reviews on ukpunting, but I think she deserves the publicity of another one.

Everything said on here(that I can find anyway) appears to be spot on accurate. She ain't no head turner, but her service was exceptional. Most dwellings in Larkhall are of the type of house she's in(again I refer to it as old South Lanarkshire sandstone), so not a dodgy close by any stretch of the imagination; she is, however, by most stretches a bit of a ropey MILF.

So here goes the rationale .... say you've had ten pints, it's 3am, you're in a hit-man-and-her type nightclub and she's rolling her tongue around her lips telling you she'll suck you dry if you take her home. You would spent £10 on buying her a couple of more drinks, spend £20 on a taxi back to her house and consider it well spent.

I found the fact that she could not complete a sentence in our native tongue quite charming, and she was actually quite sweet(you'll not often think that about 50year old big working girls, they normally have attitudes). I got her melons out as she started OWO (it was very slow OWO with well performed mmmm's and ahhh's), with her long hard nipples either side of my balls I had to stop her a couple of times as I had been saving up my spunk for a few days.

She could see that I had another £20 in my shirt pocket and we discussed me staying for 30mins instead of the 15mins I had given her £30 for. But the communication broke down a little bit; what I wanted from her was to ooze it out of me in stages .... a bit after 5minutes, abit more after 20 minutes, the rest of it after 25mins, etc. Hence I just let her keep going after about 5minutes in until a decent enough CIM finish ... she didn't swallow, kept it in her mouth for a few seconds and tried to spit it all in a tissue after she stood up .... but then dropped most of it on the floor.

I think I probably will return again, it's a nice wee house, she's a nice(albeit not too wee) semi-attractive MILF and very good value for money!
Scotland / Horny Evik. (Glasgow)
« by Rockyapollo2 on August 02, 2016, 03:43:01 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2773376 or https://www.adultwork.com/HornyEvik
[Link fixed by admin]

Well she's certainly not 21 anymore. But if your looking for mature with big tits, she fit's the bill.

Street felt safe, house little rundown from outside but inside is pleasant, used bathroom, all looks clean.

Romanian, not great English, but unlike most of her younger compatriots. Has a refreshing and willing attitude.

Stripped naked, on to bed for fk, touching. Sure you could take lead and go in whatever direction you wished. I let things happen naturally, owo next and she's great at it.
Neither was it frantic trying to make you cum, or lacklustre just to tick off the checklist.

On with rubber, sex was good, not spectacular. Then back to oral, and came over her boobs.

All in all, enjoyed and would return.

I'd rather her to some other punts, where bitchy or vacant attitude ruined it for me.

Now if only I can shoehorn her attitude and services into a pretty little 18yr old!!
Scotland / HornyEvik Glasgow
« by the fitter on May 19, 2016, 05:45:04 PM »


     After having 2/3 pints, I thought I would try something a bit different, in the form of water sports the girl receiving, checked AW and come up with Evik, nice and cheep, because I was thinking I might get stage fright, and not be able to complete the mission. Text her, and she replied right away, saying she could meet in about an hour and a half, that gave me time to refill my bladder. On arriving at her place, I was shown in (the house is not very impressive, but the room and toilet were quite clean) and taken upstairs, I had explained by text earlier what I wanted and asked her where she received it, and she had said on her body. Her english is nearly non existant, and I tried to inform her I would also like OWO after, she seemed to understand, and stripped off, and I followed her through to the bathroom, she got into the bath on her Knees, and waited for me to start, after a minute I started pissing on her breasts, and she looked at me and opened her mouth, I filled it, and it started overflowing on her face, (what a turn on). A first for me, and I enjoyed it, after she cleaned up, we went through to the bedroom, for a good intensive blow job, given first class. £50 pound well spent.  :rolleyes:
Scotland / Horny Evik - glasgow
« by sheepy on April 04, 2016, 04:38:53 PM »
Staying in Glasgow next couple of evenings and woke up with the horn and just wanted to empty after a BJ


Saw she was £30 for 15mins, aye she's dead rough, and got a belly but I was wanting an empty and a good BJ so went for it

Comms were fine, all by txt, directed to main door (not discreet) house in govan

She is not the prettiest, a big girl with some massive tits and nice big nipples. About a 2/10 looks wise
Down to action, great BJ slow, wet and deep and didn't Mind me giving some verbals, licking my balls and didn't mind when I grabbed her hair in her ponytail and started fucking her face quite roughly. Shot a big load down her throat then went on my way

Cheap, good BJ, does what it says on the tin - looks wise exactly like photos

Done the job I needed
Scotland / Horny evik
« by Game of scones on October 12, 2015, 03:14:36 PM »
First punt on my vfm hoorfest took me to the eastend dennistoun to be precise to meet czech gilf evik for 15 mins at 30 quid.
Comms were reasonable although I guess through 3rd party pimp directed easily enough to bottom tenement flat on main road plenty parking on this and side streets .Pressed buzzer answered promptly which was good because local young team were hanging around the offlicence next door.
Evik opened door wearing kneelength lace dress and heels big old girl about a size 18 to be fair her photos on awork are accurate.
Shown through to room which was functional big bed decent lighting and looked clean.
Began with dfk which was passionate she then removed her dress to reveal the most amazing huge set of melons I have seen since naughty nikki jj what a sight worth the fee alone just to play with these beauties well I kissed them sucked them got her to swing them she had one I had one tit man's dream.
Got my own clobber off and lay down to be given a really good bbj lots of teasing between shaft and balls
Span her over and opened her meaty thighs to see her big honeypot pink inside and quite gaping got the old 1 2 3 fingers in while massaging her clit she seemed to be enjoying it then I spotted a large tube of durex lube the kind that looks like a fat cock.idea put a decent amount over her flàps and went for 4 fingers middle one right onto her g spot well she was having fun so much so was hoping sergi or the young team couldn't hear her then I shoved the cock shaped lube bottle right up her to the hilt and used my palm to bounce it in and out what a sight .
Times going on so thought better get ma boaby up there slips out bottle and she grabs ma cock hopefully to guide me in a thought wait a minute need a fekin bag on ma wee man so had to say where's the safety gear so she gets one from table and all is well must say sausage and close comes to mind but after couple of minutes pulled out took of bag and shot plenty all over her pussy
Must say for 30 quid superb punt but bit worrying about having to ask for condom.
Would I go back have to say yes even just to feast on those glorious teats lol :sarcastic:


[Link added by admin]
Scotland / Horny Evik and nice Andrea two girl blowjob
« by Lovesamummy on June 20, 2015, 04:59:31 PM »


So I was in the mood for a quickie blow job the other day,  not too many about that give a good service.  But I noticed the old stalwart,  Evik of the Czech Republic was back in town.  Sadly no longer down my neck of the woods.  She's in a flat in the East end now.  And then I noticed it's the same flat that Samantha and Andrea use (two elderly Czechs I've banged silly a few times)  so I figured I know the way there at least.... Hahaha
So I texted Evik and made enquired if The other ladies were also available (Samantha sadly out of the country,  she's a fantastic fuck,  see previous review)  but Andrea was.
So I enquired if they ever work as a pair...  And they do.  So,  I just opted for a quick two headed blow job,  both these ladies are fantastic at this most intricate of talents.  Arrangements made, £60 for 20 minutes was what we agreed.

So,  I arrive,  they both greet me which was nice.  I stood there as they stripped me off,  muttering to each other in Czech (not one word of English between them)  and they went to work.  Both mouths sliding up and down either side of my cock,  taking turns on the head....  And them swapping balls for cock as they went back and forth.  For anyone who knows,  there is not much in life more enjoyable than one girl on your dick and the other slobbering on your balls.  They took direction really well as ever,  they giggled a bit which was nice,  very good technique,  very wet and sloppy.  Towards the end I lay down on the bed as one slathered my perineum and the other gobbled my dick like she hadn't had a bite in months.  Very enthusiastic.  Then the grand finale.  I'd agreed in advance that a facial was happening and they kneeled in front of me expectantly....  I pushed their faces together as I wanted and they sat making eye contact,  eyes and mouths wide with smiles painted on.  I exploded Danny d style all over them,  hosing one and then the other back and forth in till they both had a respectable collection  of my semen on their chins,  cheeks,  mouth,  eyes and hair!  It was stupendous.

I know you guys tease my taste in old hours,  but there are some guys on here who know what these ladies can do.  Evik in particular is a gifted dick suckered,  the best I've ever had after only that gorgeous fat Polish girl that used to be in Partick.  A thoroughly good time had by me (the paying customer,  I don't know or care if they liked it) but it was fab.  I'll be back! 
Scotland / hornyevika
« by Rangerslad on April 11, 2015, 11:29:35 AM »

I was looking for a cheap bj and another member suggested her. £20 for a bj with cum in mouth was ideal.

Communication was ok. Text then had to make a booking through aw which was no problem. She was available now and round the corner from me which was a bonus.

Flat is ok. Traditional sandstone building in a part of Govan. Safe enough with controlled entry. Flat on 2nd floor and she was waiting for me coming up and opened the door. Room was nice enough, candles not some gypo romainian music playing low.

Appearance wise she's the same as pics. not my type at all but it was a cheap bj lol. She was wearing red bra n pants with one of those see through short night dress thing all the fat whores wear. She has huge tIts but I wasn't allowed to play with them as it was bj only only. Personally I wouldn't fuck her, I'm not a fan of fat fannies.

The service. She got on her knees and pulled my cock out. Straight into the sucking no wiping with wipes etc. Licked all around the head til I got hard then sucked it nice n deep. There was no wanking or attempt to make me cum quick just a nice bj. She didn't mind me pulling her hair or ducking her face it was all no problem. Came in her mouth and over her chin no issues. A quick clean up and that was it.

Overall I would defo return for another bj But nothing else. I don't mind the not speaking English part because you can call them anything you want and they don't understand lol. I know a lot is made about bathrooms on here by some members but I showered before I got there so I don't know lol
Scotland / HornyEvik
« by Lovesamummy on January 07, 2015, 06:18:33 PM »

Eastern European mature lady.  Not a word of English,  quite buxom (tj will say fat,  but it's a matter of perspective)  not a word of English!  Which I kind of like.  She's cheap,  £20 for a blowjob,  £30 to fuck (both include facial)  or £50 for half hour and you can fuck her ass.  I've done a few combinations of this,  her but remains quite tight.  Tits are great.  She's nice enough,  not a great kisser,  she's just not into it,  probably because she could be my gran (snigger)

However,  her blowjob is fantastic.  Great technique,  bit not motorised in that way that doesn't feel great but makes you cum super fast that all the EE girls have mastered.  Just a really great blowjob.  And I always unload in her face after which she seems to not mind.  I like going to her,  it's very uncomplicated.  And very cheap.  And really close to my flat.

I've seen a good few EE girls,  I mean who hasn't?  More miss than hit,  but the older ones always give a good service.  Interestin.
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