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Scotland / Scottish Sophie - Glasgow
« by francobegbie on September 07, 2016, 10:52:16 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2430358 or https://www.adultwork.com/scottish%2Esophie

Seen this one after being suckered in by descriptions like "glamour model" and "posh". I should have minded that glesga posh is Edinburgh schemie.

She might be 30, maybe 35, had the sallow skin of a long term smoker.

Everything I wanted off likes list was asked and done, so no problem with service.

Positive: £50 hh
             Prettiest lassie of "the scheme"

Negative: schemie
               Pallid skin
               Age not right

Might suit those wanting to rough it, I won't be back
Scotland / Scottish Sophie
« by The_Sperminator on August 23, 2016, 01:13:55 PM »

Just had a wee half hour booking with Sophie,  and Tbh it was originally a plan C, but I was most certainly proved wrong!! 

Comms were excellent.  After my plan A and B fell through,  with a severe dose of the horn,  called Sophie and arranged a booking for under 90 minutes later.  Spotless,  well appointed flat within a 3 minute walk from Maryhill Train Station,  with safe parking if you took the car. 

I asked Sophie for a sexy Secretary look and wasn't disappointed.  Sophie is gorgeous,  tall with great tits and legs,  sexy long hair and was well made up and smelt lovely.  Was offered a drink and shower,  declined and we ended up on her bed for a snog,  which led to Sophie performing some of the best Owo I have had in a very long time,  pausing to wrap her tits round my cock whilst gazing into my eyes.  Needless to say I soon popped and after a cleanup I was treated to a massage which was actually very good,  nice and firm and a few playful spanks.  Flipped over and had a fantastic 69 till I popped a second time,  as agreed prior to session.  Wasn't rushed,  offered a shower and I had to remind Sophie I hadn't paid her,  she'd never asked me.  For 50 quid for the half hour,  she's a star,  definitely on a par with the 70-80 half hour brigade. 10/10
Scotland / Lovely Erika
« by staples on June 05, 2016, 03:05:57 PM »
Been reading reviews for a while and thought I'd post a few. Erika https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2430358  is very nice and offers a relaxing session. I used to go and see her if I was feeling a bit stressed for a massage and a generally chilled out session. She's not a clock watcher and has a nice clean flat and shower is always well prepared. Never went more than a half hour with Erika ans she gives a very nice blowjob, and a very decent ride. She chats whilst giving massage and I know some people don't like too much chat but she seems to have the balance quite right.

Well worth a visit.
Scotland / Scottish Sophie
« by Burnside on April 06, 2016, 05:58:22 PM »
Just seen Scottish Sophie recently www.adultwork.com/2430358 after some good reviews i left slightly disappointed.
Half hour £50.00
Took me quite a while to arrange a meet with her, but got to meet her eventually.
As this had taken a while to arrange meet i had asked her my requests which she failed to deliver. :(

On arrival she didn't wear what i had asked her to wear, but was still nicely turned out.
She isn't as stunning as some folk on here say, but that long hair is a turn on for a lot of people. :(
I was offered the use of the bathroom which i used to freshen myself up, then in to a nice room paperwork out of the way.

I think Sophie could see i wasn't that impressed with her, and was offered a drink and a massage, and took a glass of water along with the massage, the massage has got to be the worse i have experienced, and could hear movement in the flat(no doubt someone else there) then when i turned over i was given some kissing not d.f.k.

Then she gave me the highlight of my punt a cracking blow job, no doubt something she specializes in, as her mouth up and down my cock along with some spitting in between was one of the best blow jobs i have experienced. :yahoo:.
The reverse oral wasn't to good, as she is shaved, but looks like it was a while back, as it was like stubble rubbing up against my chin, which proved to be a bit soar.

Then she took her basque that she was wearing off :scare: you can tell that the photo on her profile is old, as she has filled out a lot, and has a bit of a gut, her boobs were nice big and soft but felt a bit greasy.

The sex it self was average for me even though Sophie did put quite a bit of effort in (probably wanted me to cum quick).
I managed not to cum to give her a facial, but was told i could come on her tits, but not on her face even though it is on her likes list. :thumbsdown: I did cum over her tits, although this is not what where i had wanted to cum.

Afterwards we both was cleaned up with baby wipes, and a return to the bathroom for me, and Sophie wrapped herself in a towel, no doubt heading for a shower after i had left, she was very quiet during the time i was there, not that i wanted to say much either, as she didn't do what 1 i asked her to dress in, 2 no facial, despite it being on her enjoy list. :(

Great blow job.
She did put effort in to the booking.
Nice flat, and comfortable bed.

Crap massage.
No facial.
Not the best reverse oral.

In future i will be staying away from punts at the cheaper end of the market, and for a extra 10 or 20 pounds more there are better prossies out there.

Would i return.
As she hadn't done what was requested no, unless she was doing a special on blow jobs, as that was worth the punt, and the reason i didn't give Sophie a negative. :timeout:

In general i would say there was no connection between the 2 of us.
Scotland / Scottish Sophie
« by ordinary_man on March 16, 2016, 11:37:49 PM »
30 min meet £50
Met Sophie last week at her flat in Maryhill.
Tried to get her the day before but times didn't suit but she said she was available the next day, gave her a call and got a appointment.
Flat is in a decent area felt safe and parked near by.
Have to say this is probably the best £50 I have spent in a while and after cheltenham this week and the amount I have lost I could have seen her a few times.
Entered flat offered a shower which I took then a drink when I came back.
Have to say that Sophie is pretty and has a great body, don't know what others mean about her but each to there own.
Sophie asked what I wanted and today it was oral both ways that I wanted.
Got exactly what I wanted out of my time with her and had a good finish over her face.
All in all as I said great punt great with a nice escort and great value for money and will definitely be returning.
Again forgive me for the review if not up to standard's new to this review malarkey
Scotland / scottish.sophie
« by Alex69 on March 09, 2016, 02:05:40 PM »
Scottish.Sophie after time out from punting I went back to see Sophie. She is still one of the best punts in Glasgow. Arrived at the flat bang on time. Sophie opened the door looking stunning once paper work out the way she offered me a shower and a drink. When I returned to the room Sophie had stripped-down to her sexy lingerie, what a sight, think previous reviews of her personal appearances are so unfounded, ant t op needs glasses. I spent the next half hour having an amazing time exploring her sexy body and enjoying her sharp wit. Take time to get to know this girl she's a real gem. 07783539645
Scotland / Scottish.Sophie
« by graham321 on December 24, 2015, 02:56:39 PM »

Called Sophie at 5 o'clock on Tuesday the 22nd and booked a HH at 50 for 7 o'clock on the same day. Sophie was well spoken on the phone and I had no problems with communications  :dance:

Arrived 20 minutes early and sent her a text or 2 letting her know i was early and if it was ok to see her before 7 or would i wait, received no reply at all but decided i would wait till 7. Bang on 7, I get a text with Flat number. Close was not great, but i have been in worse.

Sophie answered the door looking nice in her black suspenders and bra to match. looks older than 29 but still attractive! :kissgirl:

After paperwork was done i was offered a shower and a drink which i declined but i appreciated the offer, she asked me to undress as she got on her knees to give me a really enthusiastic blowjob then slipped a finger up my bum while continuing to suck which I did not argue with, then onto some missionary, then bent her over for some doggy and we even got her on top.. I was having a good night!! She claims to have came while she was riding me on top which I do believe because she did seem to be enjoying it  :D jumped up off me, pulled the condom off and jizzed all over her face when she was on her knees. What a sport she is for letting me do it!  :dancegirl: baby wipe to clean up for me, she did offer a shower but I was ready to go. 25 mins of the 30 served but i did leave on my own accord.

All in all, an enjoyable punt. 2 of my favourite punts in the space of a week, damn i love this festive period   :thumbsup:

50 well spent for HH, which I believe is a steal for the time we had!
Seemed to enjoy sucking cock.
good looking girl
Lovely clean flat
Shower/drink offered.
Jizzed on her face!!  :rose:

Older than advertised - Not much a problem, still an attractive lady.
Slight belly on her but not too bad. (being harsh to be honest!!)

Would love to see her again and fully intend to  :yahoo:

Happy punting lads and have a smashing christmas and new year  :drinks:
Scotland / Scottish Sophie
« by Jock D on December 19, 2015, 02:17:03 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2430358 or https://www.adultwork.com/scottish%2Esophie

Incall £50 30mins

Sophie has been on my must see list for a good few months now, but I have only just got round to actually meeting up with her this week. Comms once established were good, initial phone call then texts. I saw her at her flat which is located in a quiet residential street not far from Maryhill train station, no safety or parking issues for those of you not familiar with Glasgow. I arrived 10 mins early and text to let her know, but I didn't get the flat number until bang on the appointment time. The flat itself is clean with good facilities, I didn't need to use the shower but I checked out the bathroom anyway.

Sophie greeted me at the door in her matching bra & panties with accompanying stockings & sussies  : cool: very nice. She is certainly not drop dead gorgeous, but I would say she is attractive and was a bit taller than I was expecting with her high heels on. Age wise I'd say she is probably mid 30's and she has a good womanly(curves in the right places) body. Unlike some other reviewers, I also found her to be quite friendly and had no problem chatting before and after the main event.

After paperwork and drink was sorted, lay on the bed and had a fairly brief massage, of the light and sensual variety with some good use of her fingernails, during which she asked me what I liked, told her oral and some rimming. After a bit of teasing of the tackle she asked me to turnover, and went straight for my cock and balls with her tongue, pulled her her up for some kissing started light then a bit of FK but never escalated to DFK. She then returned her oral task in hand, which consisted of some fairly brief and light rimming, followed by some highly impressive tongue and mouth work, varying the technique on my cock and balls until I shared my load over her face and my own belly.

All in all very satisfying and good value for money at £50, however, I was out of the flat in exactly 25mins.
« by David1970 on December 13, 2015, 11:41:15 AM »
I saw Sophie a few weeks ago and am only getting round to reviewing her. After some positive reviews about her I made an appointment.. Coms were good and no problem parking, her flat is at the far end of Maryhill Rd from the city. The flat is a tenement, and is nice; I was offered and took a shower. The only down side of the flat is there is some else there, not sure if it was another working girl or a boyfriend/pimp as I did not see them but could hear them moving about.
Sophie is not stunning but she is not ugly, she is ok looking. She has got a good set of tits, a bit of a big ass and a bit of a gut, nothing to of putting. She is a nice intelligent girl; a bit to quite for my liking, talking to her is like drawing teeth.
She does a crap massage, decent owo, light kissing no DFK, sex in various positions, cowgirl she was very enthusiastic, missionary and doggy she was just not interested. I asked if I could cum on her face or in her mouth but was told no, tits only.

I know some people think she is VFM, but for another £10 you can get a good punt in Glasgow.

Sorry can not seem to get her link up can some please put the link up thanks       
Scotland / scottish. sophie
« by bigbell on November 12, 2015, 04:45:39 PM »
ww.adultwork.com/2430358 or https://www.adultwork.com/scottish%2Esophie - Get QR Code

this was plan c for me today, a cancelled at short notice,15 mins!!! b asked me to come back in 40 mins

booked sophie on aw site,and she passed me her number,
good comms, she was working from a west end hotel and we agreed a meet
got there 10 mins early and txt to say i arrived,she gave direction to lift and room number

gets into room and this stunning brunette in sexy lingerie,with a body, wow very nice,asks how my day is and i give her my woes,
offered a drink and offered a shower
paperwork done,take a shower, then off to the bed for a massage,asks what i like,and its all on her "enjoy list" so no problem
she strips off and shows of her toned body,really soft skin and a lovely pair of boobs with soft erect nipples,she starts to kiss and leans in so i can suck her boobs,then she moves to owo,good and she never took her eyes off me,does a wee bit of what i like(my secret) while still sucking and touching me, more owo out,then its onto protected sex, she offers what position,i ask for her on top to begin with and she obliges,we are both breathing that bit heavier, then i go on top,and shes got her legs wrapped round me, her eyes still foccussed on me and shes getting a bit worked up,thats me ,get up and she cleans me up, little bit kissin as we lay on the bed, she offers me a shower,which i decline, i get ready and shes still chatting away, a kiss at the door and she hopes to see me again, oh i will be back

great looking girl,
great body
great personality
and a no rush service
and everything is in the price
well worth it 
a real girlfriend experience
Scotland / Scottish Sophie
« by Game of scones on October 15, 2015, 02:59:19 PM »
Round 2 of the hoorfest took me to the northwest of the city Maryhill to be precise where plan c was implemented. After a day of miscommunication no contact and some hollering down the phone got sorted out with Sophie 50 quid for 30 mins her standard al inclusive rate .Comms were good awork email then a few txts addy passed on and time agreed.Arrived bang on time and she txted me the first floor tenement number decent area plenty parking .Sophie opened the door resplendent in a black dress high heels lookin absolutely stunning. Had me thinking a fellow contributer on here described her as bordering on munter for feks sake this lady is more model than munter .
Shown into bedroom which was lovely clean and smelt beautiful and offered a shower and a drink took the shower and dried off with a smashing fluffy towel.Back in the room and Sophie has removed the dress to reveal her pert Titties with big nips to hang your jacket on.Had a nice wee nibble on them and she very tenderly kissed me.
Lay on the bed to be given a very teasing tickling bbj with a wee tait of rimming had me fuckin bursting to Cum so I asked can I Cum in your mouth which she refused but my face is fine got up stood over her and painted her gorgeous face with a fine feckin load it was everywhere face tits stockinged thighs shoes carpet bedlinen for which I profusely aplogised. She took it all in her stride cleaning herself and then furniture. 15 mins left and always a dude to get his moneysworth I initiated round 2 lay back on the spunkmat sorry bed to be joined by the willing Sophie who gave me some more lovely head .Hard again in a few minutes always been a wee talent of mine even in my advancing years multiple pops is effortless especially with this big doll hanging of ma boaby.Safety jacket applied then inserted aforementioned boaby into paradise lovely wee mish ride had me blowing another fair load into the bag.
Offered another shower with a fresh fluffy towel this was defo prada at primark prices.
Out bang on 30 mins one happy chappy would I return? Do bears shit in the woods🐻
P's wee bonus ball turned the telly on when I got home just in time to watch that big munter Sharapova 🎾
Scotland / Scottish Sophie
« by Foxx09 on August 27, 2015, 02:47:50 PM »
Had a booking today with Scottish Sophie , called to arrange , comms were good when I arrived called for the flat number and buzzer she directed me in no problems,
Inside I was greeted by Sophie in a black dress looking very nice , I was surprised how good looking she was because of no face pic on profile took a bit of a gamble but she was a really good looking girl.
General chat was good money out the way I got undressed and onto the bed , started with a massage , nice massage a little bit of tickling which was fun.
And onto my back for some owo , started with some ball sucking and then licking the length of my cock up and down , this girl has some serious oral skills , lots of eye contact she has big brown eyes very nice to look at .
Went for some oral on her next which I think she liked heard a few moans then onto some more oral on me now kneeling up nice and deep suck.
Now onto a bit of doggy , condom on and start fucking away , superb arse , wasn't long before I came into the condom.
Overall really good punt for the money h/h 50 , will definitely be going back for another one soon
Scotland / Scottish Sophie- Glasgow
« by happychess on July 31, 2015, 03:03:50 PM »
The girl's AW link: https://www.adultwork.com/2430358 

She is one of the girls who I regularly visit. Good looking, typical MILF.  Have seen her in five or six different hotels and apartments. You can catch her when her phone number appears in the profile. Worth to punt! The price is bargain, 50 for h/h, and 100 for h/h.

Face & Figure: definitely hot for me, as I love MILF! The lady is very elegant, she is fully prepared for appointment every time. Never let me down even once for dress up.

Service: BJ is quite good, but is the not same good as Jasmine. Full services are quite good, she is willing to try different positions. She definitely is a good cowgirl.

Weakness: BJ is a little bit over, sometimes can feel she is in hurry. She is bad for time, she often tells you that you need to watch your time. The worst experience is I finished 2-round service in 45 mins (for a one hour booking). Overall, she is quite good, and worth a try. Pals who love MILFs will not go wrong place.
Scotland / Scottish.Sophie Glasgow
« by Alex69 on June 04, 2015, 06:21:20 PM »
Booked Sophie for a half hour today. Excellent comms, she text me the address and asked me to call for buzzer number when I arrived. The flat was in a very quiet area in Maryhill with plenty of parking. When I arrived I called and was given the buzzer number. Sophie opened the door wearing a sexy black dress and stockings. She showed me into the room which was immaculate with soft towels on the bed. She offered me something to drink and asked me if I would like a shower. The bathroom was sparkling clean which is quite refreshing. When I went back into the room Sophie had stripped down to stockings and suspenders. She has a gorgeous curvy body with pert boobs. She started kissing me very gently and sensually then slowly moved down my body and started to give me oral with lots of eye contact. I then returned the favour and she tasted amazing. We started off missionary and then onto doggie, the sight of her peachy bum pushed me over the edge. Again she asked if I wanted to shower which I refused. Sophie is a really lovely girl, she is a bit on the shy side but I think once you get to know her she would come out of her shell. All in all a great punt in a nice clean flat. Will definitely be back for more.
Scotland / Scottish.Sophie - Glasgow
« by DG on May 31, 2015, 03:51:29 PM »
Thought about tagging this review onto Caffeineaddict's earlier post, but there are one or two points I wanted to make.


Despite my disappointment yesterday, Sophie text me back this morning to say she was working today. I replied immediately and booked an hour. I had original intended to book a half our as I usually do with a first meeting, but from what I had read I thought 30 mins wouldn't be enough. More of which later. Plus I thought £100 for the hour was reasonable.

She confirmed my booking straight away and gave me the address. I recognised it immediately as a flat used by Naughtybutnice, in Summerston. I sent one more text requesting stockings, and that she could decide the rest.

Arrived just ahead if time and texted her. She replied after a minute or so with the buzzer number. When she opened the door I was immediately impressed. She is clearly the girl in the pic, despite no face pic. I get the Tina Hobly thing, there is a definite resemblance. Randy, never in a million years is she a munter!! I would put 3 or 4 years on her stated age. She was wearing a black dress. She directed me to the room and came back a minute or so later. She offered me a shower and a drink. As I had just showered I declined, but accepted a glass of water. The room was well presented, even had a fluffy towel ornately folded on the bed like some hotels do. When she came back with the water I got the money out of the way. She immediately undressed to reveal a gorgeous curvy body and the suspenders and stockings requested. Height as stated, curvy body in a hot sexy way. Lovely soft boobs and pert nipples and amazing peachy bum, enhanced by the suspenders and stockings.

I undressed and we engaged in some nice kissing. As previously reported, not deep, but tongues were used and very satisfying. Then on to the bed and Sophie started what I can only describe as outstanding OWO. Very sensual, use of lips and tongue and quite deep action. Not throat busting though. She moved down to lick my cleanly shaved balls and up and down the shaft, interspersed with visits to her wet mouth.

I asked her to lie on her back and I gave her some RO and fingering. Whereas she seemed to enjoy it, I don't think she was full on into it. After a short while she got a condom and slipped it on. She asked what position and I asked for missionary. I slipped myself into a nice tight and wet pussy. Enjoyed some slow and more thrusting fucking, which she responded to much more than the RO. Don't think she's a grunter or yelper. I then asked her to go on top and she really got into it grinding herself into my pelvis. As we changed positions and swapped between oral and fucking, I played with her ass and tits, sucking her gorgeous hard nipples and she was happy for me to finger her ass.

Later during the punt I asked if she rimmed, because although listed in her likes, I got the impression she was shying away from it. I was wrong. She was happy to oblige. Her tongue work is exceptional, attending to my cock, balls and ass with equal relish, making eye contact throughout.

By now you might think I'm besotted with this girl, but....

She says in her Interview she doesn't smoke. I beg to differ as I could taste it when kissing, although she clearly tried to freshen up before hand. Not overpowering but there nonetheless.

At one point, 45 mins in , she actually asked me what the time was and looked at my watch. I told her that had never happened to me before. I think she got the message. It was a bit of a downer at the time, but she managed to recover with some great oral.

As good as her oral is I think she over does it a bit. Just about every time I moved to do something else, such as sit her up to suck her tits, or move her around to play with her ass, she quickly went back to oral. Now maybe I let her do that as she is pretty good at it. But going back to my earlier point about booking the hour, I could probably have got what I wanted within a half hour, and for £50 that would have been amazing value.

I omitted to say that at the start of the punt Sophie asked what I wanted. I explained and confirmed that CIM was not available. So I had already decided how the punt would end. When I told her I was ready I asked if facial was ok and she said yes. I got her to kneel in front of me looking up. She did so and her eyes looked so sexy as she looked up, not blinking at all. I delivered my usual impressive load all over her face. She never recoiled at all, just how I like it.

As we mopped up; my first shot went over her head so I wiped the bed post clean, we had a wee chat. Sophie is a very pleasant girl although I felt there was something missing. There was no spark like there is with many other girls. Maybe that's just her personality and I wouldn't be over critical about it, but I felt conversation didn't flow freely, which I usually prefer.

In summary, Sophie is a very attractive and sexy girl. She delivers all the services advertised and performs exceptional oral. Great curvy body and very pleasant, but definitely not over the top. Whereas I won't be rushing back, I would see her again, maybe to try a bit of BDSM which we talked about at the end. She will also be a safe bet for a half hour visit if she is available at the right time. I recommend Sophie, but as I said, for me there was just something missing, but a definitely Positive review nonetheless.
Scotland / scottish.sophie
« by caffineaddict on February 18, 2015, 09:54:10 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2430358 or https://www.adultwork.com/scottish%2Esophie

No face images are something of a double-edged sword for me, the unknown excites me thou I am often disappointed. Not this time.

I phoned Sophie for a half hour booking with relatively short notice. She was polite, well spoken and gave me brief directions to her hotel which she followed up with a text message.
As I got to the hotel I texted asking for further directions which I received promptly.

Got to the room number and the door was left ajar, I gently knocked and was told to enter. The moment of truth. Sophie was dressed in a black blouse and pencil skirt, her hair, nails, makeup oozed class and professionalism. She was a beautiful woman.
Sophie quickly poured me and drink and asked about my day, I sat at the edge of the bed and chatted to ease my nerves when she asked if I would like a massage. I left the paperwork on the table and went to the bathroom, when I returned Sophie was waiting for me in nothing but a garter belt and suspenders, very erotic. The massage was very slow and sensual.

Massage complete and with Sophie on-top we began kissing. This was by no way deep and passionate but soft, slow with tongues and sucking of lips aloud, finally got a chance to play with her breasts which were very soft with nice sized nipples. On to OWO which was nice and relaxing, licking of the balls with eye contact was outstanding.
Finally got Sophie on her back and got to suck/gently bit those gorgeous nipples then went down to some pleasant sounds. I was relieved when Sophie had had enough of my fumbling around and got back to servicing me. It wasn't much longer before she put the jacket on with her mouth and mounted me, I asked her to slow down and moved to missionary just in time to blow my load.

We chatted as I got dressed, I felt at ease and unrushed and got a passionate kiss as I left.
In short this was the best, most relaxing punt I have ever had, I'm still astounded it was a mere 50 pound and will likely return, something I haven't yet done.

Beauty is subjective and I want to respect Sophies privacy. I hope I am not doing a disservice if I say think and late-twenties Tina Hobly with more feline/almond eyes.

First review, criticism welcome.
Scotland / Scottish Sophie glasgow
« by johncee83 on February 11, 2015, 08:00:20 PM »
Seen Sophie on Saturday evening. https://www.adultwork.com/2430358
Met at a flat just west of city centre. I have seen her a few times before and as usual she was dressed in a silk robe with stockings n suspenders, she has a nice curvy size 10-12 body and cracking tits and ass. She gives great oral with plenty eye contact and sucking balls. Sex in any portion you ask her, I had her on top then doggy finally some missionary before ending with more oral

A good punt and vfm at fifty for half hour, other girls should take note of the quality of her service and rates compared with some of the other shite on offer elsewhere in glesga toon
Scotland / scottish.sophie
« by mr small on January 05, 2015, 01:07:48 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2430358 or https://www.adultwork.com/scottish%2Esophie

good comms for meet at hotel, first for me ,

directed to lifts and room to find sophie dressed as per profile pics,

asks at beginning what services are required as eager to please  :thumbsup:

lots of cuddles and DFK, very good owo (what a tongue ) :lol: very energetic when she's on top and in doggy,  :crazy:

only slight negative for me was her skin felt a little greasy as maybe covered in body lotion,

quite pretty and very pleasant company
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