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Sexy Megan xox

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Scotland / Sexy Megan
« by somefun on September 10, 2016, 06:10:57 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2679318 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+Megan+xox

Flat - messy/cluttered bedroom in flat heading out towards Wester Hailes. Looks like she lived there - telly on in next room.
Decent bod  - small enhanced titties fair amount of scarring / stretch marks as called out on previous review but this did not concern / detract from look for me. As I said good bod, as per pics.  OK face.

Decent OWO but not that deep or dirty with limited  licking of shaft.  Decent amount of ball play.  Had agreed on CIM which was technically provided - just.  Oral stopped as soon as I started to shoot - when I'm looking for CIM I'm looking for the girl to keep going till I stop throbbing.

Limited kissing - pecks.  Sex offered but I was in the market for CIM.

Decent friendly attitude to be fair  - perhaps a tad distant but everything fine - had wee chat after.  Might return if in area : Interesting there is a thread about how accommodation  impacts punts - think the flat does not do her any favors and sets the tone for the punt.
Scotland / sexy megan - edinburgh
« by bigmike32 on May 16, 2016, 07:58:29 PM »
1 hour incall 120.

I have had this girl on my hotlist for a while and after a previous attempt to see her fall through she actually was not working that week i managed to set up a booking for today.

Comms were excellent always quick replies and was really friendly too and even helped with directions as she lives in an area of edinburgh i am not familiar with. Its not far from tynecastle i would say.  Anyway time and date agreed and all is good. I arrived nearby and text and she said she was running rate by about ten mins i said thats ok. Then text back as i was making my way to the punt then she text me back saying 5 more mins and apologised i waited but was thinking has she got another punt. Anyway finally door number given and it was a block of not so pretty flats. Knocked on the door and megan answered she was wearing a dressing gown i thought is she even dressed then showed me to the room then the dressing gown came off and revealed a sexy red dress with slits revealing cleavage and parts of her stomach and waist. I was impressed with what i saw the pics are accurate she is really slim with some tattoos and a nice pair of large tits for her frame. I think they are implants.

Used the bathroom freshened up and returned to the room and got the paperwork out the way. Lied on the bed and it was straight into feeling and stroking my cock as i was feeling her body and tits. The wee fella was hard and feeling happy at this point i was expecting dfk but we the little kissing we did was without any tongues. I dont class dfk as all important anyway so was not too bothered there was kissing going on all over my body tho. Then it was time for some oral she asked if i wanted it ow or owo and i said owo. She then got to work wanking my cock teasing my cock with her tongue and spitting on it. She knows how to tease. But there wasnt enough deep oral and there was no eye contact during oral. But she does tease the balls and does employ a different techniques rather than just a sucking motion. But i wouldve loved more sucking. She also moved herself around for me to get a good look and lick at her pussy i thought a 69 was in the cards but it wasnt. I attempted to finger her but she was dry very dry infact and after i lay her down and gave her some ro i realised she was very tight. The tightest pussy i have experienced on a wg so far. She was clean and tasted ok licking a dry pussy wasnt doing the trick and when i did finger her it still felt dry but at least i was able to insert a finger. After a few mins of ro and fingering i got up motioned for more oral but it never happened.

On all hour punts i have had i expected to cum after oral then take a rest then round 2 but this was different there was no rest after oral and straight on with the condom.

Asked what position i wanted and i said her on top so she climbed on top and began to ride me. Her pussy felt so tight she had to wet her fingers to open up a bit. She was riding me fast then slow then i was banging away thrusting upwards feeling her body. She is so toned she has a muscular feeling stomach and no curves at all. I am used to curves but it was a dream to bang a really skinny girl. Any back to the action after about 10 mins of her on top we switched to mish. And then i controlled the action. Began slow then sped up switching my legs getting on ky knees etc to spice things up and she was clearly enjoying it. I then pounded as hard as i good got close then slowed down then as she thought i was going to keep going i then pounded her pussy as hard as i can until i filled the bag. Then that was the sex part over.

A wee rest a bit of chit chat but she was either shy or not feeling her best as was awkward there was no cuddling or kissing after and she put her knickers back on and dressing gown. I had no idea how long was left she then got a message and informed me i had 15 mins left and if i could manage another pop. I was hoping for another fuck but it wasnt to be. It was oral but she began furiously wanking me but i was holding out then she was wanking me and tonguing my shaft but i was hoping for a proper suck a bit of deepthroat but there was none of that. So she then said you take over and im going to suck your balls so i did and i was wanking slowly quite enjoying her tongue on my balls then u sped up and shot my load onto the side of her face. Then that was the punt over with.

I rated her a neutral because i feel we didnt connect and i was expecting a dirtier ride. The sex was good the oral was decent at times but lack of eye contact is ine of the reasons she gets a neutral. more facefucking and deepthroat wouldve been nice aswell.

Body 9/10 woukd be a ten but a scar on her stomach.
Face 9/10 very attractive girl if she was taller and dirtier then would be a 10.
Possitives. Good comms/ good fuck/ decent oral techniques but could be dirtier deepthroat eye contact etc.
negatives. No dfk no eye contact during oral and we didnt click i felt.

Nice enough girl but i was looking for someone to take the lead and be a dirty hoor in the bedroom.
would i return. Probably not mainly down to the fact i felt we didnt click.
Scotland / xSexyMeganx - Edinburgh
« by Greedo on March 15, 2015, 02:46:30 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2679318 or https://www.adultwork.com/xSexyMeganx

90 min Incall = £170

Met Megan towards end of last year at her flat out towards Wester Hailes, think she may have moved  since then so can't comment on current Incall location.

Comms via email and text beforehand all very professional and friendly with clear directions etc provided nice and early.  Flat wasn't situated in nicest area but plenty of free parking outside and easy to find. 

Once inside, quick friendly chat while she got changed out of civie clothes and through to bedroom which was basic to say the least.  One of those MDF box beds with thin mattress.... not the comfiest and very noisy once action began.  Window had no curtain and looked out onto public park area and was above the headboard so quite disconcerting when banging away in doggy to look down from top floor and see pensioners out dog walking and poop scooping!!

Megan is a genuine young Edinburgh girl, friendly and polite and quite a pretty face.  Her body is petite but quite obvious boob job scars and other big scar on belly.  She was very clean and tight when giving RO but although mostly waxed/shaved she'd missed quite a few long straggly hairs round her lips and bum which I had to pick out my mouth a couple of times (an insight into what it must be like for girls giving bj's)

She was happy to perform all services asked for, OWO, cowgirl, doggy, flat-doggy (?), mish but the extremely noisy and uncomfy bed combined with the not great surroundings meant that although she was delivering as agreed it kind of felt like we were both just going through the motions rather than getting into it properly.

Ended up finishing by wanking myself onto her back and bum while trying to keep out of sight of the dog walkers outside..... not quite what I had in mind when booking the ex- sauna superstar I'd read about.

Genuine friendly local girl
Petite tight body and pretty face
Excellent Deep OWO technique
Good comms

Uncomfy noisy bed
No curtains in bedroom
Service a bit mechanical (possibly due to dodgy bed)
Missed bits when waxing/shaving
Contradictory FAQ v Likes on AW profile

RETURN VISIT -  maybe if now at different location
Scotland / xSexyMeganx Edinburgh quickie
« by loser on December 09, 2014, 12:50:04 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2679318 or https://www.adultwork.com/xSexyMeganx

£60 for 15 minutes
BJ CIM, facial/sex offered
Location Edinburgh incall

15 minute quickies normally don't interest me but I saw Megan's Xmas £50 15 minute special and thought I would try something different. I made the initial contact through email and then she responded with her mobile which is not displayed on her profile. After a text about times she told me that the advertised £50 special was just a blow job with no touching or anything else and that all inclusive was another £10, so I went ahead with the £60. I'm not sure if this was intended to deceive or whether she forgot to update her profile, as she is a bit scatty about texts, she kept repeating them although she did respond immediately to emails and texts.

The location was a council or ex council flat in the Wester Hailes area, which is fine for a schemie like me. I know a lot of you will probably stop reading now but it was in a quiet street and felt safe, as she says parking right outside. Hopefully she will find a better place when she makes money. The flat was neat and tidy inside, I don't know how fluffy the towels were as I brought my own, lest you lot condemn me for passing an inappropriate towel comment. I was offered a shower but just gave the wee man a refresh as I had showered earlier and was already late (which she was fine about).

Megan is definitely the girl in the pictures, a very nice surprise. Her exotic looks seemed bit East European to me but she is actually a local lass. She is friendly, chatty and pleasant. The blurry profile pictures with make up led me to expect someone older but she looked no more than her stated age of 21, which I did not notice on the profile till later, and made old bastard me feel slightly embarrassed. I soon got over this when she took her kit off. She has an amazing figure, slim yet curvy and petite, her tits and legs are particularly good. She wore her stockings as I had requested earlier. We started with kissing, standing up then on to the bed, exploring all over her body and a bit of foot play with her tiny size 4's. To finish she offered sex, a foot job or blow job. I chose the latter and unloaded into her mouth which she spat out next door. The technique was quite good although it is difficult to make a judgement as I only lasted seconds inside. There was no clock watching on her part or indeed clock in the room which I would have expected for this duration.

To summarise then you can hardly expect a GFE experience in 15 minutes but it was a good service and we did pack a lot in for such a short time.

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