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Scotland / Lucy May -Glasgow
« by Clattypats on June 11, 2016, 05:09:47 PM »
Was a lovely summers day last week and I needed a good fuck,so after checking AW I though I would give Lucy May a try as she seemed well rated from previous reviews.
Comms:Contacted her via txt message and within 5 minutes had a reply.Agreed a time then was sent address,which was just over the water from the city centre.when I arrived txt and got buzzer number.

The meet: Had agreed a half hour booking,chapped the door and Lucy answered wearing some very sexy black lingerie.Good looking girl and her tits looked bigger than what I thought from looking at her profile pictureas I knew she had lost weight from other reviews.
Was welcomed in with a kiss and cuddle then had a quick freshen up before getting down to business.The toilet and apartment were immaculate.
Started on the bed with a bit of Dfk  then Lucy gradually worked her way down to my cock,boy can this girl deep throat with plenty of spitting and slabbering and plenty of eye contact.After this it was onto 69(her on top),and what a view as she put her finger in her ass then let me do the same to her all the while me licking her foot and her sucking and spitting on my cock... missionary next followed by her on top,then onto doggy which was great banging her while we both faced the mirror.
After holding out for so long I couldn't any longer..I stood up while she knelt in front of me sucking my cock.i took over and wanked myself off till she took my cock in her mouth as I shot my load,then glanced up as she swallowed the lot.
All in all a great punt,talkative cheery girl and at 70hh great value for money.would and will defo see again soon.
Scotland / Lucy May xxx - Glasgow
« by Reverend_Steven on May 27, 2016, 06:14:43 PM »
First review guys - please excuse any naivities


Seen Lucy May a few times over the last few years and as others on this forum has said, her body shape has changed quite a bit. She was never particularly heavy but shes a good size 8 now and looks fantastic on it. Most recent visit was a half hour visit to her apartment in Glasgow for £70. Facilities are excellent. Discreet, modern apartment in good nick and generally a nice place to visit IMO.

Lucy May is a really chatty girl but not overbearing as some others can be. Friendly but just the right amount to give that GFE feel about the visit whilst the paperwork is concluded. She's a pretty girl too, not over the top with makeup although on occasion her perfume has been a little strong for me personally. This time, no complaints.

Services were very, very deep OWO which she can hold for a long time. Encourages a face and throat fuck and takes it all like a trooper. Safe to say down the back of Lucy Mays throat is one of my favourite places to be!!  :yahoo: :lol:

Facial or CIM were offered and CIM was taken with a swallow without any fuss. Recovery and cleanup followed by more friendly chat before leaving about 10 mins over time. First class service as always. I'm extremely happy that she's decided to return to Glasgow on a permanent basis.
Scotland / LUCY MAY XXX- Glasgow
« by NigelF on May 20, 2016, 10:45:21 PM »
This was a while back and was actually in Dundee but she seems to be in Glasgow currently. I think she tours a fair bit.
Price: £70 for 30 mins
Location: Dundee. Probably usual DD2 area.
Looks: Her profile pic seems so different I'm not even sure I'm reviewing the same person. It was a while ago but she must've lost a hell of a lot weight. I'm not sure if it's accurate at the time her photos were only slightly misleading and she was quite fat. Facially she was quite nice though - although a bit too much fake tan. Her most recent AW review is from someone called "chunky lover" make of that what you will.
Age: Currently showing 22 - probably right ballpark actually the added weight and my admittedly poor memory though would suggest slightly older (mid twenties).
Services: Great deepthroat, not afraid to take it all the way down and keep it there, although I am only  average/below average in size. Excellent oral, I think there was some decent kissing on offer but can't remember too well, good sex.
VFM: Good
Overall: 7/10

Positive overall and if you enjoy deepthroat then you should rate her a lot more highly than I have. I was disappointed by her size and am suspicious of her current profile pic but I don't know now and she was a good shag.
Scotland / ARABELLA HAZE ... Glasgow
« by moosehead69 on February 26, 2016, 03:22:26 PM »


So after her absence it was great to meet up with Arabella (formerly Lucy )again.
Comms before hand were excellent as always and a friendly exchange of texts and messages before the meet.
Once the door opened the memories of her returned and she was a picture in a gorgeous lingere set with killer high heels. She loves the make up and is always stunning.
Invited into bedroom for a quick chat and soon she started with some passionate dfk whilst undressing.. then she moved onto owo which as had been described elsewhere is one of the best she goes so deep and mixes with licking and sucking all over.

Next followed a mixture of ro, more owo the she sat on my face as I returned the favour ... What seemed like an age with jacket on she then climbed on top for some intense energetic cowgirl moving onto various positions before finishing in the missionary.. A quick clean and a chat (boy can this girl talk ) before she initiated round two .... More oral then onto ro and finishing with cim where she sucked me dry continuing after I had climaxed..

Another clean up, chat and offer of facilities etc before realising I was well over time which didn't concern Arabella...she leaves you drained and psychically knackered.. Glad she's back in Glasgow and hope to return once she completes her travels ...
Scotland / Arabella Haze Glasgow
« by chico1000 on February 25, 2016, 11:33:16 PM »
Fluffy alert but I make no excuses.  For those in the know Arabella Haze used to be the original Geordie Babe in Glasgow.  An enforced absence meant she has not been about for a few months. 
Anyway communications are always excellent and greeted at the door by Arabella in the requested outfit.  She looked amazing as always.  She has a very trim and fit figure now. Bit of a gym bunny.  For those that don't know her she likes to wear makeup, false eye lashes, extensions, stockings and big heels.  Arabella is very chatty and friendly and likes a laugh.
After a catch up I took a quick shower and a role play followed which ended up in the bedroom.  Arabella started taking my clothes off and a lot of dfk and mutual groping.  She dropped to her knees and I swear she has got better at "owo".  Hard to believe but it was just incredible, face fucking deep throat, teasing, spitting licking the balls and shaft plenty of eye contact.  The complete works.  On to the bed and it continued and continued.  Then she jumped on top and she rode the fuck out me.  We slowed down on a couple of occasions and then I jumped on top.  Finally I got her to finish me off with oral.  She lightly touched the balls which was truly bliss and as I came she went on and on and swallowed every drop and licked her lips.  Absolutely fantastic sex, like "make up sex" only better.  She then cleaned me up.
Another quick shower chat and a cup of tea and that was me very, very, happy.
To many to mention.
Is just sticking to regulars and those she knows for the first few weeks back and then I think only those with good feed back.
Scotland / Lucy May Glasgow
« by chico1000 on April 26, 2015, 02:54:51 PM »
Arranged a met with Lucy May after she was recommended by another punter.  Initial communications were excellent and she sounded very friendly on the phone.  Went for 45mins at £90.  Incall location is a really nice apartment not far from the city centre.  There is one or two junkies in the surrounding streets but it felt safe enough to leave the car nearby.

Lucy greeted me in the requested outfit and looked like a proper wee porn star with white fish net stockings and outrageous heels.  She was well made up with lashes hair extensions so if you like the natural look she is not for you. She had a very pretty face and age was accurate.  She is quite small and has nice legs and bum.  She says she has lost a bit of weight and her breasts have sagged as a consequence. She kept her bra on throughout but exposed her nips etc.  It certainly didn't distract me.  Her  whole package in my opinion was stunning.  We had a wee a chat and she was a friendly girl with a soft Geordie accent up for a laugh.  She asked me what I was after and I said everything on your list and she said no problems.
She initiated very good proper fresh kissing then went down for owo whilst I was standing up.  Her technique is very good.  Bits of DT spitting dropping saliva on cock licking away with plenty of sexy eye contact. When we got on to bed I asked her to keep going with the bj I was having such fun.  There was a bit of fingering, her masturbating in front of me and other things as she genuinely tried to work her way through her favorites.  Eventually I came in her mouth but she kept going for a bit licking the shaft and her own lips whilst looking in my eyes. Then a wee swallow.  One of the best BJ's to date.  We then had a wee chat and she asked what I would like to do next I told her I struggle with round two but she said she was up for a challenge so we then proceeded to work through some more things on her list.
She will not suit the stick thin brigade or the naturalists but for me I thought she was top notch and will return.
South West / Lucy May xxx
« by Cornish sub on March 23, 2015, 04:07:31 PM »
Sorry, can't do link as only have mobile internet. Hopefully someone can provide it. Fuck me, if Carlsberg did blow jobs..... Lucy says on her page that she specializes in blow jobs and enjoys cim. Well after last night, I can vouch for both. It's the first time I've met Lucy (I was seduced by the cleavage on her AW photos), and as with meeting any new escort, the nerves were jangling as I walked up to the door. The sight that greeted me when she opened it had my eyes popping out of my head - a sexy as fuck face, huge cleavage spilling out of a tight, low cut black dress, black hold ups and sky high heels. Was greeted with a lovely hug and kiss then shown to the bedroom. Lucy asked if I wanted a drink, a massage or to get straight into the session. I obviously chose the latter. I normally take my cuffs and restraints to sessions so I can be tied and dominated, but didn't on this occasion as wasn't sure if she'd be into it and never thought to ask beforehand. Was gutted when she said she'd love to have used them and dominated me. But never mind, I was there now so asked Lucy to do all the stuff to me I enjoy, just without being restrained. What followed was an hour of forced smoke inhalation (my No. 1 fetish), breast and hand smothering and face slapping, interspersed with the most intense blowjobs I've ever had. I had to keep stopping her so I wouldn't shoot too soon into the session. Each time she stopped she inflicted more 'punishment' on me via the smoking, smothering and face slapping, then back to the blowjob. As the hour was nearing its end, Lucy went for the final blowjob to finish the session. I'd already asked if owo and cim was on offer, as even though it's on her profile, I know it's usually at discretion. I needn't have worried, Lucy genuinely does love performing blowjobs, wet and sloppy as fuck. She makes great eye contact too, so to look down at someone 30 years your junior looking back at you with a knowing look in their eyes as they suck your cock is truly a sight to behold. Anyway, after the earlier blowjobs I didn't last long on the final one and had a huge, intense orgasm into her mouth. When it was over, Lucy looked up at me and smiled, not a drop of cum left in her mouth, she'd swallowed the lot. I could recommend her on her blowjobs alone, but with her genuine willingness to please and her knockout looks, she's the total package.
North East / Horny Lucy Escort
« by psychosis on September 15, 2014, 04:12:24 PM »

Visited Lucy a couple of weeks ago. Good communications via text to set up half hour 9pm appointment at what I think was Lucy's home in a quiet area of Washington. Felt comfortable parking car nearby which is always a plus.

Lucy is a facially good looking girl but is a bit on the larger side - not BBW level but certainly a size 14ish figure and her boobs were a bit floppy to be frank.

Sorted out paperwork to be met with a very enjoyable dfk session and Lucy asked me to strip off which I did. More snogging and Lucy worked her way down my body and then proceeded to give me probably the best blowjob of my life. Started off licking and sucking my balls and then my shaft before proceeding to take me completely in her mouth balls deep.  Varied and sloppy oral pleasure continued for a good 10 minutes including a brief face fucking.  I'm big on oral often spending a whole session on it and this was nigh on perfect.

Didn't want to explode too soon so asked Lucy to lay down and gave her slightly stubbly pussy a good licking and fingering which she seemed to enjoy - not the hottest reverse oral session ever but still good. Tried to fuck her from behind but condom issues (my dick sometimes refuses to play ball when a condom is produced) and the fact that most of Lucy's size 14 figure is around her backside (making it not the best view of her) meant that this didn't really take off.

Still, bonus was Lucy finished me off with her mouth skills - more deep throat and some vigorous ball sucking whilst I wanked off resulted in me shooting over her boobs after which she sucked me clean.

So overall a recommendation. I can't commend the oral enough, and if that's your thing I find it hard to believe you'll get better than Lucy (tori from cotton and silk measured up but she's gone now). As I said at the start Lucy's a bonny lass but she is carrying a bit of weight which may put some off.
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