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Celine CC

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Scotland / Glasgows Celine CC
« by scotyguy on April 27, 2017, 07:59:57 AM »
Celine CC https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1706767

Easy Comms
Very Tiday Flat
Easy on the Eye
Great Sex

Honestly there are none

Coms were great directed to a flat in Deniston.  Plenty of parking and easy to find.

When the door opened I was greeted with the sight of a good looking milf dressed in business attire.  A kiss on the cheek and shown to the bedroom.

Offered the use of the facilities and the paperwork out of the road Celine went to get a drink for us both (just a soft drink).  I watched as she left the room admiring her body as she left.

Perfect stockings and sling back black patent heels do it for me every time.  The sex was fantastic and we overran the half hour by quite a bit.

Would I go back?  Most certainly!

Great Girl.  Stunning body.  Pretty face and fantastic sex.
Scotland / Celine CC - Glasgow
« by Llama32 on January 13, 2017, 08:21:25 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1706767 or https://www.adultwork.com/Celine+CC

Attempted a return to see Celine, comms were fine and services agreed.

Made my way to her incall but come time of the meet, dead silence. Called a couple of times and texted, no replies. After giving it another 10-15 minutes called it quits and left. Not a fan of Plan B's and there wasn't many options to my taste anyway so ended in frustration but saved the money. Received a text later on in the day apologising, she was caught up with stuff in her personal life.

Believe her? Possibly, but wouldn't be a first choice anymore with a fair few decent girls around, or even a travel to Edinburgh on the cards if needed. Would still recommend as a decent back up punt if you can get her, but I personally won't be going back short of an Escort pandemic.
Scotland / Celine CC -Glasgow
« by Technicolour_trilby on July 25, 2016, 03:32:07 PM »
My travels took me to Glasgow and was looking for a short notice punt so Savannah, no chance, Kendra, not a hope. Celine CC however was available and I decided to go for it.

In recent years I've been looking for more experimental times but on this occasion was looking a fairly vanilla shag and run so 30 mins sufficed.

Answered phone first time, friendly comms, gave me the address after after arrival in the street.

Nice flat, well appointed in a posh part of town. Merchant city I believe it's called.

Short, maybe 5'4" on a good day but a really nice figure. Attractive without being gorgeous.

Paperwork out of the way and basically everything I was looking for was delivered unhurriedly and with aplomb. OWO, Doggy and Mish. Wasn't looking for anything else but I'm certain that most services wouldn't be an issue. Responded well and with a thankful lack of forced "oooohs" and "aaaahs".

£40 for hh has to be top value. I've had much worse times for twice that.
Comms: 9/10 (credit given to whoever answered the phone)
Location: 8/10
Looks: 7/10
Services: 8/10
VFM: 9.5/10

https://www.adultwork.com/1706767 or https://www.adultwork.com/Celine+CC
Scotland / Celine CC - Glasgow
« by Llama32 on May 26, 2016, 12:08:26 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1706767 or https://www.adultwork.com/Celine+CC

Eventually met Celine but forgot to review so here it is.
Messaged  on AW before calling to check when she was available and made a hh booking at £60.

A nice flat in the Dennistoun area, fairly tidy and clean.

Usual services, nothing out of the ordinary except no owo, not a personal dealbreaker but some prefer it.

Fairly pleasant, aesthetically attractive but probably wouldn't catch your eye in a crowd. Falls a bit short of being curvy, but not stick thin. Size 10/12 is probably accurate. Claims her age is 29, it's probably in that region, at most up to 3-5 years older unless she's aged really well. Breasts were relatively plump.

Was warm and inviting, nice Scottish lass, can have a nice chat with, even if we didn't talk about anything particularly worthy of note.

The meet itself was enjoyable, arrived a bit early as this was my first meet with her and I gave myself time to find the place. She wasn't seeing anyone so that was fine, settled the paperwork before going to the bedroom, offered drinks and a shower. Some kissing before stripping off and putting on a condom for OW, Celine does do really nice OW so that was an unexpected plus. Returned the favour where she was particularly vocal, again might be off putting for some. Lots of moaning and wriggling about as I set my tongue to work. Showered offered after finishing and a short chat before off on my way.

Looks: 6.5-7/10
Personality: 8/10
Location: 7/10
Comms: 8/10
Price: 10/10 vfm  :thumbsup:
Services: 7/10

Would see again, provided schedules align.
Scotland / Celine cc
« by johnjo72 on March 23, 2016, 09:13:25 PM »
www.adultwork.com/1706767 or https://www.adultwork.com/Celine+CC

Been on my list for some time, tons of feedback all pretty positive so after some failed attempts over a period managed a booking a few days ago. Dennistoun area, easy to park although maybe not safe after dark, nice flat, used by herself and I suspect others. Nice enough girl but felt like a production line service, I had to wait while she was "doing something else" but by that she means another punter but hey ho. 1/2 hour requested down to business very quickly a wee dance and rub against me which is a turn on but a bit automated, covered Oral. I didn't really feel like talking so just got on with it and to be fair she tried her best and I did enjoy myself but I feel she is past her best, defo older than advertised I`d say late 30`s putting a wee bit of beef on the bones and feeling a wee bit like she has been doing this for maybe a few years past her expected retiral date? She is going thru the motions. Thought long and hard before neutral, as not a positive but better than a negative
Scotland / Celine CC
« by mr small on June 21, 2015, 02:03:56 AM »
Another quick call for a short notice booking arranged.

Made way to modern flat  5 mins from city centre with lots of parking available.  :thumbsup:

Wasn't sure what to expect based on Celines photos but was pleasantly surprised to find an attractive lady who obviously looks after herself, in a very sexy little outfit.

Little bit of kissing and cuddling before stripping off to find a lovely toned gym fit body, buns of steel  :yahoo:

Some OW and 69 before some doggie and missionary,

Lovely attractive friendly lady but have scored as neutral as despite having plenty of time there was no move to initiate round two.


Scotland / CC Celine
« by beardedkjs80 on June 13, 2014, 12:28:59 PM »
Hey I'm new to this site, never knew it existed until I was looking for some help with a girl. Thought I'd leave some reviews of punts I've had over the years.

I've met Celine twice, lovely lady. Flat is in Dennistoun, easy to get to, only 5-10 mins walk from Bellgrove station. Flat is modern, she says its a friend of hers, an ex escort who works all day. She offered shower before and after. She offered a drink before but I declined. I'm always wary about drinking in flats I don't know lol, but its ok to have sex haha.

Celine is short, about 5'6", blonde, and a great tan. Small feet about size 4. So very fit. Our last session I asked her to wear Bra, Leggings and High heels which she did, and gave me a lapdance in the living room. Which was really hot, she straddled me, a little dry humping making me very hard. She then took me into the bedroom where she stripped off, I asked her to bend over, whilst standing to admire her entire body. Great lines, not many imperfections, great ass and pussy.

I began to rim, her ass tasted really good, very tight, difficult to get my tongue in too deep, she was finger her pussy whilst I did that, letting me suck her fingers, my god, she takes really good, better than I expected, very tasty. She has small breasts but decent size nipples too, small mouth perfect for kissing. Wasn't that happy with oral, she put a condom on but it was very tight, so she went and found a bigger one which was better. But still was really making me harder. Sex was better very tight pussy, she really can take it hard. And let me CUM on her feet and breasts.

After I tidied up she came back in a silk robe had a nice little chat, and gave her a foot massage and that was it. Very discreet when leaving, private secure door. Felt safe and plenty of free parking.

Great value for money, prices has increased recently only by £10 each way. Still work it, lovely girl!

https://www.adultwork.com/1706767 or https://www.adultwork.com/Celine+CC
Scotland / celine cc - Glasgow
« by dajay3k on December 08, 2012, 05:47:02 PM »

Hot of the heels of Suki this afternoon, I have just come back from seeing celine.

All I can say is- form an orderly queue and get down there.

She wore heels and tights as requested and is very attractive with blonde long hair.

Boobs are small but pert bum well rounded and firm. Probably a size 10-12.

She offered the use of shower and also gave me a bottle of Stella.

Now to the down and dirty...

Started with passionate kissing and lots of touching.. She initiated owo which was very good. Unusually for me inthen flipped her over and gave RO, she was loving it and let me finger her deeply and she came! Don't think she was bullshitting as she was all flushed and out of breath  :crazy: at least that's what I'm telling myself..
She got down for more OWO and I wanted more pussy so she flipped over for a 69. Oral was brilliant and she responded well to me pushing her head down to deep throat.

Condom on she sat reverse cowgirl and proceeded to fuck the living daylights out of me for approx 2 minutes before I let loose.

Very friendly, well travelled, talkative an amazing girl. Could gush for hours.

£80 half an hour- defintely my best punt ever.

My two punts today after some awful experiences in London has restored my faith in the game.

Thank you Glasgow.
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