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East England / Cambridge Parties back in Cambridge
« by Steely Dan on April 01, 2017, 06:58:15 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1402708 or https://www.adultwork.com/CAMBRIDGE+PARTIES

Booking easy.  I think you need multiple positive AW reviews or they want a deposit. They shared the postcode right away, and they texted the flat number on the day, 15 minutes before the start time.  Unlike TPC, where you can go in 15 min early, was told to buzz for entry 5 min before start time.  2.5 hours £220.

Venue.  Very comfortable 2 bedroom apartment. A double bed in one room and 2 single beds in the other. 2 Bathrooms.  Very fit for purpose. A bit far from the train station, but it had free parking, which suited me. Kevin took the money on arrival and the other Kevin showed me around the flat. Had a shower (brought my own towel as instructed).

Three girls, 5 blokes. The girls: Pixiee Little, Lu Elissa, and Jasmine Lau.  All English, all do Fake Taxi or other similar porn. Pixie is well named - small with little boobs.  Lu is small, a bit curvy (still size 10) with big bouncy boobs, and a ginger landing strip. Jasmine is taller with medium sized boobs.  They were all a good laugh and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

One guy was late, so I started in a room with Pixie, Lu and another guy.  Great kissing, boob play and oral both ways with Pixie.  Great tiny pussy to lick…so I did with gusto.  Swapped over to Lu after 20 minutes or so.  Loved playing with her big boobs.  Great BJ and then 69.  (69 can be bad manners in a busy party, but we were still 4 in a room).  Really great sex with Lu in mish and standing mish. Pop 1.

Quick glass of water then back to action.  I think Pixie left to go buy something, and 5th guy had arrived.  So we were 3 guys playing with Jasmine on a single bed for a bit.  She was loving the attention – a good party moment.  The other 2 guys went away after a bit so was left with Jasmine.  She was up for it so I got a condom and had a quick fuck with her that was so hot I went for pop 2.  I forget the order of the next bit but it included some more play with Lu, more admiration of Lu’s boobs, rimming and a hand fuck with Jasmine (two fingers in her pussy was great), doggy with Jasmine and then watching the late-to-arrive guy cum on Pixie’s face.  Was not perving … but I couldn’t not watch the show. Only 30 min left.  Pixie cleaned her face, and was up for giving me a BJ and then a great tight fuck for pop 3. Fucked her hard for like 10 minutes (at least in my memory it was that long). Was done.  Last 15 minutes was chatting naked on a bed.

Positives.  The girls.  3 superstars.  I would gladly book any of these 3 for a 1-1. All 3 in one day is indulgent.

Negatives.  No wine, no food, just beer and cola.  The atmosphere was friendly, but a 5 girl party is better.

Overall a top party – I think I will stick to 1-1s mostly, but a party every 6 months or so is a good thing.  This place is a very good choice for sure. It is a bit more expensive than TPC (really it is only 15 minutes longer due to entry time, and -sadly- I was ‘done’ 15 minutes early anyway). But did I mention it was 3 hot English porn stars?
South West / Cambridge Parties - Bristol
« by alchemist on February 13, 2017, 03:19:30 PM »
Last week i went along to a central Bristol party run by Cambridge parties (appreciate if someone can add aw link).  I've been to a couple of parties in the past run by LMP, one was great and got me hooked the over wasn't quite as good (but still fun). This was my first time with Cambridge parties. Communication- after booking received an AW message the night before with approx location then a text on the day 30 mins before with further details.  Arrived and eventually let in to the apartment with the other party goers.  Name ticked off the list and paper work completed.  I always find the waiting at the start the most awkward part of a party. I think there was about 10 guys (no more)  and 4 girls to start with then 20 minutes into proceedings a 5th girl arrived and jumped straight to it.  All the girls were very attractive, British, very enthusiastic and a good laugh (which was really great at putting everyone at ease) I believe all of them are published pornstars and all were under 30.  2 1/2 hours of oral (both ways), hand jobs, sex (covered) and cumming over keen bodies followed.  For those who haven't partied before Cambridge parties seem to be very chilled and judging by this occasion attract non pushy guys who are just out for fun.  I played with all of the girls during my time there,  just moved on to whoever took my fancy.  For me the fact that the girls are fit and clearly enjoy the party scene made it a great 2 1/2 hours and although some would say expensive at 220 well worth the money.  I left at the end completely drained but very happy and will definately book again if they come back to Bristol.
Thought I'd try something new and have always fancied a party type event, then eventually noticed that one was being held very local to me.


Complete party virgin so was very nervous, booking was done via the adultwork website, email returned with postcode and a note to say that the flat number would be given 20 minutes before the party was due.

Perfectly arranged, giving time to sort out where to park, large car park behind the venue, received a text 20 minutes before saying which flat number, arrived at the door, on the main road, so all nice and easy.

Entered the flat to find 9 other guys already there and enjoying the drinks.

Pixie took my bag and said go in and relax.

Got myself acquainted and had a quick drink then decided sod it, just got naked and had a wander around.

Lovely new trendy two bed flat, bit warm but hey it's the English summer so can't do anything about that.

Spent the next 2 and half hours, enjoying every one of the ladies. Just before what happened, must say the ladies where all fabulously sexy, and full of smiles and giggles, lots of laughs and surreal moments ;)..

Having my cock sucked while two guys in the same room discuss the virtues of SLR cameras... Love it ;)...

Having two ladies asking to take a pic of my cock, which by the way sorry forgot to do it lol..

Then down to action...

Started with the amazing Teneal giving me a superb bj which then progressed into a fabulous 69, which is when another guy joined us and i was treated to a face full of pussy while she sucked the guy off.

Then moved into another room to meet for the first time Linzi, who can only be described as a bundle of joy... and boy can she suck... Amazing bj of which she took the whole load with a fabulous smile on her face.

Next was Emma who had just been told of for being too noisy lol... Wow what a lady fit and sex mmmmm

And apologies ladies, you didn't get a pic of my cock like you wanted ;)

Back to the other room, where I experienced Pixie and a Faye who did rock paper scissors on who was to suck my cock and who sucked my balls, hey like I cared ;) wow indeed.

Then on to fucking Pixie, so tiny and fit...

Then my finale, was being sucked deep throat by Emily, amazing lady very sexy very sweet, and wow didn't spill a drop as I came deep in her mouth.

If you have never been to one of these parties, you so must, great experience, all shapes and sizes there just get naked and relax ;)....

Now just to preempt some of those questions....

Kissing -- Yes
OWO . -- Yes
Cum on face -- Yes
CIM -- Yes

All this for £220 best value by miles ;)...

Thanks ladies, see you again soon..

East England / Cambridge Parties Thursday 17th September, 11am.
« by sharkbait on September 18, 2015, 05:52:41 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1402708 or https://www.adultwork.com/CAMBRIDGE+PARTIES

Following some positive reports, I decided to try out Cambridge Parties. I've been to parties before, but not this one, and was curious to discover more. A couple of my friends were keen to hear how I got on, so I might as well publish the report here.

£220 for just over 2 hours - I've never paid this much for a party before, but maybe you get what you pay for. This party had been fully booked for a couple of weeks, and I was on the reserve list. Two days before and I was told I was in. Four girls were promised, and no more than 8 guys.

I parked up about 10:30am (A note about parking - the organisers recommend using the station car park. It's very close by, but not very big, and was full when I arrived. Fortunately, I managed to spot somebody just leaving, but it would be wise to allow extra time to find alternative parking if you have to.) The promised text arrived on time with the address, and I made my way up to a serviced apartment - two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a lounge/kitchenette area. All very clean and tidy.

The line-up had been changing by the minute in the lead-up to the party - see the blog on their website, and had changed again by the time I got there. Girls there were the lovely Emma, raunchy Emily, sweet and innocent(!) Lily, and Kat, who as you will see, I never got to meet. Incredibly, 5 out of the 8 guys had cancelled, leaving just three guys and four girls. Sadly, and probably not unreasonably, Kat did not stay, leaving a 3:3 ratio. One of the guys left after his first pop, but then the host joined in, maintaining the original ratio.

Not much point in me going into detail - Lily has done her own report at http://blogs.adultwork.com/LilyLovett or http://blogs.adultwork.com/2742632 which I can confirm is factually correct.

So would I recommend Cambridge Parties? Yes I would. It's always going to be difficult organising an event like this with exactly the right numbers of girls and guys. People are unreliable. As one of the previous posters said, it's like herding cats. I was very lucky at this party to enjoy such a good ratio, but I have noticed some critical comments when it's gone the other way. At least Cambridge Parties make the effort to restrict ratios - unlike some of the other parties who accept anyone on the basis that only 50% turn up.

So, a huge thankyou to the girls at the party, and an even bigger thankyou to the five guys who cancelled :)
East England / Cambridge Parties - 7pm 16/9/15
« by Captain Caveman on September 17, 2015, 07:28:36 PM »
Cambridge is well outside my usual punting radius but, due to good reviews of last month's events on here, I decided to make the long journey to the Fens - and I am glad I did.

https://www.adultwork.com/1402708 or https://www.adultwork.com/CAMBRIDGE+PARTIES

Organisation was good - booking placed through AW and email details received 48 hours beforehand. This gave the street address, suggested I park at Cambridge rail station car park and the organiser would then call 30 mins before the party started to give me the apartment number.

Drove to Cambridge through weather that got worse as time went on and Cambridge itself was very congested when I got there about 6.30. Parked at the station - if you plan to do likewise, it is pay and display so either take a fistful of coins or, as I did, pay over the phone by card (£8-something all day by card or £1 more for cash. I couldn't see an hourly rate displayed but as the rain was practically blinding by this time I may have missed it).

Venue is a couple of minutes walk away and got the organiser's call about 15 mins before party started. Once inside the lobby, the organiser - a very pleasant and friendly lady called Jo - came down to escort me upstairs. The apartment is a modern, smart, very clean and tastefully furnished one with good shower facilities - which I much appreciated as I was now soaked to the skin (the only wrinkle was I was asked in advance to bring my own towel - which I found a little odd for a party provider).

There were two girls partying - Kat and Emily. Kat is a brunette 'Essex girl' with small natural tits and Emily is a blonde with big enhanced tits, so something for everyone. Jo said she had been let down by a couple of girls but some guys had also failed to show so the ratio started as 1:1 with just me and fellow UKPer essextaxi (great to meet you mate  :hi:). Only two other guys turned up later so the ratio was never more than 2:1.

Essextaxi took Emily to one room while I went with Kat to another. Had good OWO from Kat then switched to 69 then missionary with kissing until I came for pop 1.

Went back to the lounge and had a drink, nibbles and a cigarette with Kat. Swapped over and went with Emily to the bedroom. Started with OWO and some kissing until I asked if anal was on the menu. It was so rubbered up and slide into Emily's arse with no problem! Gave her a good shafting but wasn't quite ready for my next pop.

Went back to the lounge for a longer break and eventually everybody was back there. The girls decided to play 'spin the bottle' and this ended with them being 'dared' to suck and wank off two guys at the same time. Happily played along with this with both girls until ready to go back to the bedrooms.

Everybody in one room now. Oral from Kat while another guy did her doggy while Emily was doing the same with essextaxi and the fourth guy. The girls snogged each other a bit too. Ended with Emily lying back with a dildo up her pussy while three of us wanked over her until we came on her tits. Kat then licked it up saying 'I love spunk!'.

Party was winding down now - actually, it slightly overran its scheduled time - and, as I had a long drive home, I was the first to leave.

At £220 for 2.5 hours with two girls, I thought it was good value for money. The girls were friendly, warm and up for it. Jo looked after us very well. Good banter with everybody and chatting about the different perspectives on the business from girls and punters. The only pity is that it is too far from me for me to make it a regular thing but if you are in the area I would give it a go.

Attended my 1st ever Gang Bang session in Cambridge -

https://www.adultwork.com/1402708 or https://www.adultwork.com/CAMBRIDGE+PARTIES

I attended the 1st session which was in the afternoon 3-5.30pm - The 2nd session was from 7-9.30pm.

The numbers were 5 girls with 8 guys at a cost of £220 - Per session - Sexy Indi Elle + Emma & Faye + Newcastle girl Claire & Elaine British girl with hugh tits and great arse

https://www.adultwork.com/2698679 or https://www.adultwork.com/Emma%26Faye

https://www.adultwork.com/2999233 or https://www.adultwork.com/SexyIndependent

After my 1st MMFF group seen a few weeks ago with Lindsey & Madlin Moon with Mr Poi I decided to move completely out of my comfort zone and go for the ultimate Gang Bang with 5 girls and 7 other guys in Cambridge.

Saw the details on UKP and AW and though ''WHY NOT'' - May as well go for the session where else are you likely to be able to FCK 5 girls in 2,5 hours for £220 ?

Location was a nice 2 bed flat with 2 bathrooms and showers - drinks and beers and wine available - Attended at the allocated time - The guys were allowed in over a period of 20-25 mins up to 3pm - Initially only 3 girls at the flat at 3pm - Faye Emma & Elle - We had 6 guys there ages from approx 25-60+ -

The action started within 5 mins where the girls just picked on 3 guys to start sucking and within the next 15 mins there were bodies on the sofa's as well as the bedroom - The first 30-60 mins were slightly blurred with so many different combinations of duo and 3somes and 4somes in the lounge and bedroom.

It was here I had my first airtight combo - Elle was gettting DP and her mouth was asking for my dick - she sucked me off on the bed while the 2 guys were fcking her on full gas - within 1-2 mins both guys had finished and I was left with Elle wanted more dicks to cum.

Another girl with large tits came over and started to do some G/G action and then moved onto my dick - another girl - Emma or Faye then started to lick as well so for a minute I had 3 girls sucking me off - Another 2 guys came over and started to play with the girls - By then another girl had arrived so 4 girls and 8 guys - some were already on their 2nd pop and we still has over 1.5 hours left -

I had the big tit English girl sucking me off on the sofa while another guy was fcking her arse - another guy then came over and then she started to wank him while my dick in her mouth and the guy doing doggie from behind - I was n ear to cum so went over and mover my dick onto her face and massive tits - WOW all over her mouth and tits - 3 days of cum gone in a few seconds -

Lots of action in the bedrooms as I took a break for a drink and rest and watch several different combo's in each bedroom - lots of split roasting - G/G action with the guys in between  - several DP and mouth air tight combo's all over - mainly with Elle - although I did see a few in the other bedrooms with lots of different positions - at about 4.15pm we had the Newcastle girl Claire who was a late replacement as another girl had called in sick i believe - she started immediately with a double wank with my dick in her mouth -  I moved onto Emma and Faye for a quick 3some while some guys were taking a rest - had about 5 mins with these 2 getting me hard again - when and fcked Claire while she was blowing another guy on the same bed as Elle was getting fcked 3 guys on the bed with Claire and Elle - still not ready for round 2 went and then had a quick shower and rinse which was great to frshen up -

At this stage the girls had been going non stop for 2 hours and they were like the Duracell battery rabbits full tank still -

I was ready for my pop so moved Elle and the British big tit girl into the bedroom for a nice relaxing 3some - more G/G action as they both had my dick in taking turns in their mouth - lots of kissing and sucking and then while Elle was full on her lips i was fcking big tits when Elle was asking to cum all over her face - This I did with pleasure as big tits and Elle started to lick each others face and mouth and had them kissing and licking my cum all over their faces and tits - Excellent round 2 - Still 15/20 mins to go and so guys had enough  - some had 3 -4 rounds others had 2 and 1 tried 5 or 6 -

All in all a great 1st taste of a epic group session - All the girls attitude and performance was 1st class and the guys were all good mannered with some great banter and laughter along the way .

My 1st group gang bang and it was a great experience to have done it -

My initial fears about seeing all the dicks in the room vanished within 5 mins after my dick was pulled out to be sucked within a few mins of entering the flat - After this then all I can see and think was the tits arse and pussies I was going to finger and fck and how many mouths I can put my dick in -

Overall an excellent start and onwards and upwards from now - Its been a long time coming where I have moved from the GFE vanilla session to the more epic gang bang surroundings - Perhaps next is the LMP and The Phoenix club.

For those who like me never even though about doing a group session where there are more dicks in the room than pussies then think again - where else would you be able to FCK 5 girls in 2.5 hours for £220 -

Already looking to book another session nearer London -If you see a session with at least 4-5 or even 6 girls then let me know - I'm In  :hi:

PS. Have to thanks The Happy One for giving me some PM;s about the Cambridge party as well as several others who gave me some tips and advice about the group scene - Best tip from Mr D - Try not to Over think too much and from Mr L - Wait for the 1st wave to get their 1st round out of the way and then you have the girls all to your self while the guys recover - Thanks worked a treat. !!

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