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London / Nathalie-Love. Knightsbridge
« by Kendrig on March 31, 2017, 05:22:17 PM »
Have always been suckered in by the pictures of Nathalie, so booked for 1 hour @ her Knightsbridge home (2 mins from Harrods). Read the reviews a couple of days before so had a good idea she was older. She's not the leggy mid 20's in pics, still good shape would state 34C-30-38, no real fat on her.

https://www.adultwork.com/147192 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nathalie%2Dlove

Services all enthusiastic: DFK, DT, ball sucking, rimming, RO, anal and pussy play, sex(protected) cg, rcg, mish, doggy and cum in mouth and swallow. Quite a hot steamy session, had a good laugh with her, tells you when doesn't like something, but honest about what she likes.

Rating  I've swayed with this review on rating. Others may comment as the service was good.

Reason for Neutral:
- Had a positive enjoyment to Neutral of the overall package, she's a good enthusiastic fuck. Thoroughly enjoyed.
- Pricing @ £170ph, you are paying for the appt, believe should be in the £120 - £130 region. The weekend specials look the best option for me or others.
- Age states 31, I would put that 38-41 imho.
- AW pics show a lot slimmer lass, didn't pay for pg. She's not fat, got a good body on her, just more compact. Normal gallery should have some of her current pics. I was looking for a leggy blonde , and considered cancelling the day before after reading other reviews

- Swapped from her living room to her bedroom
- DFK almost eating my face, tongue down to my throat, reciprocated, continuous.
- Playing with her dildo (requested) as I cam out of shower.
- OWO sucking head, licking the shaft down the length, slapping my cock against her face.
- Tea bagging, ball sucking, rimming, lots of spit
- DT mild face fucking, holding her head down ( f**k sake don't grab her head hard)
- Her face was covered in slather. as was my cock balls and ass.
- Her hair was a mess at the end of action, lots of holding her hair, pulling but not to hard
- RO licking her clit, fingering her g spot, finger in her ass. Grinding on my face, hard with my head back. Still could smell her juices hours later, with pussy juices that had run down my nostrils.

- Cowgirl lots of DFK, slow and steady to hard squatting, pulling on her shoulders, hips and hair,
- Slapped her ass a lot throughout action. Few really hard slaps, where her face just glared at me whilst biting her lips.
- Likes a bit of light choking, when fucking in mish and cg. She did this back to me when in cg.
- RCG pulling her hard and deep onto my cock, squatting real fast and furious.
- Mish legs tight round my ass, pinned over my shoulders, playing with her clit.
- Lots of dirty filthy talking and abuse from us both, wasn't OTT was all in the heat of the moment.
- Hard doggy, her arms pulled back, with her head buried in pillows, then  pronebone. Got my thumb up her ass, not happy when started fast motion with my thumb, whilst still pounding her. :lol: :lol:

- Finished CIM and swallow, thought she had swallowed the lot, then had a last shoot of the old baby batter at her mouth, where she let it drip from her lips onto her tits, and massaged it in. Good girl.
- She's a sexy looking milf, and if you get on well, a very good enthusiastic fuck.
- Her eye contact is great, she's either thoroughly enjoys it or is an excellent actress (will go for the later)

She's got a good selection of toys in her bedroom drawer, which I only noticed at the end of the action. Asked her about anal, not given, although she's done before doesn't really enjoy.
London / London: Nathalie-love. Strawberries and NATO
« by Georgejetson on March 05, 2017, 12:03:12 PM »
Comms: efficient. Mostly text. As a first timer with her you need to kick off with a voice call (I suppose to make sure you are not s slurring drunken weirdo? )


Venue: Near Harrods. As I approached the lanes got narrow and dark, with no one around, and poorly lit. My American spidey-sense said "danger" , but then the rational side thought that anyone that would jump out at me in the dark here is likely a hedge fund manager in the City or a Rich trust fund toff, to kindly tell me I dropped my wallet.    I am working developing a London based spiky-sense. The American version is way too twitchy. 
Her apartment is lovely. Well decorated clean and modern.

Girl: Ratchet down your photo based expectations. I would give her a "good" on all accounts: breasts, bum, face, while the photos all scream "great". Friendly Lithuanian girl with a sexy accent.

Service:  great eye contact and engagement. Offered wine at the start. When I was done she brought out a plate of cold cut ripe strawberries to share, while still in bed, but after the 1 hour. Very nice touch. Great OWO, as has been reported here. Energetic CG and RCG and mish, with eye contact and no problem with breast fondling. I am a 1 pop guy (and that with an effort) so typically I need a 5 minute break about 30 min in. With the wrong girl these minutes can be awkward. Nathalie lied down alongside me and we had a natural seeming intimate pillow talk conversation that seemed to engage her--about US policy changes  towards NATO and its possible impact on Russian irredentism and expansion into the Baltics in general, and especially Lithuania. She alerted me to Lithuania's having granted ownership of its airspace to NATO (learned something new) and we wrapped up the pillow talk from there. After 5 minutes of that Sexy talk, the next 30 minutes was very good. Doggy, and finish with CIM.

Attitude: As has often been mentioned here, service first approach. You will know when you cross a line (as I did with a toy, using it in a way she didn't like). Was always looking to please me.

Would I return: I liked her, but I will continue my search for awhile. So likely no for now.
London / Nathalie-love - Kensington
« by wapper on January 29, 2017, 12:53:06 AM »
OK so long time lurker, and first time punter and reviewer, so please be gentle!!! 

Thanks to a few of you who have sent me a few PM's to help. 

So all sorted for my first punt.  Away with work in London for the night, all sorted and arranged  for a visit to my hotel then the wife decides she is coming for a trip away.  Quick change of plan (not changing my mind now!!!) and all sorted for an incall with Nathalie

A fantastic afternoon with a stunningly sexy girl, just WOW, thanks Nathalie for an unforgettable time
A per profile, about 3 minute walk from Harrods,  quiet discrete area, no-one around and directions were perfect

Smart upscale, luxury apartment, imho perfect location

Went by tube so cant comment on parking, but perfect comms talked me through straight to location
Went by tube so cant comment on parking

Blonde and absolutely stunning girl

Dressed as request, PVC and stockings and changed into latex dress after pop number 1

Picture on profile are 100% accurate

Warm chatty and put me perfectly at ease

GFE from a slutty girlfriend that's not seen you in 6 months

So finally broke my punting cherry, lots of research to end with and perfect afternoon with Nathalie.

Dressed to perfection, as requested.  Welcomed with a drink and chat and sorted paperwork. 

Showered to freshen up and down to business within 10 minutes of entering apartment.

Fantastic OWO with plenty of attention to everywhere below.  She enjoyed the RO (if she faked the orgasm she deserves and Oscar, what a sweet pussy)

Mish for Pop number 1, lots of DFK throughout.  Massage and chat whilst recovering.

Quick change into a stunning latex dress and fishnets. full OWO and CIM, pretty sure she swallowed the whole lot for pop 2

Upstairs for a coffee (wow what a sight up the spiral stairs), then back down stairs for attempt number 3.

Time for me to apologise to Nathalie, she was well up for fucking again (almost desperate) and although she got me hard for the third time (first time hard 3 times since I was a teenager!!!!) it wasn't to be, more down to me being a fat old git with EDS than her.

As said before, my first punt and a great afternoon with a wonderfully sexy girl.  Friendly and put me totally at ease (shit I was so nervous)

Will I return, fuck yea

Hopefully these links will work, if not hopefully someone can add.

https://www.adultwork.com/147192 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nathalie%2Dlove

I think I may have found a new (but expensive) hobby
London / Natalie Love - AdultWork, Knightsbridge, London
« by GentlemanLocked on September 13, 2016, 06:32:11 AM »
I met Natalie love two times, first meeting years ago (2011) and second meeting June 2016.


Price: 2 hrs - 300 GBP

Location: Innall Knightsbridge close to Harrods

Comms: very good via text, and last phone call to get direction to her flat

Summary: Great attitude, very open minded, pictures on AW slightly out of date but Natalie is still a hot bird.

The Punt:

Natalie was dressed in a sexy lingerie and welcomed me with a hot and deep kiss. Afterwards she showed me upstairs into her living room. This is one of the highlights, as she walks infant of you and you have an amazing view :-)

We settled down in her living room, enjoyed some bubbles and had a nice chat. She started getting naughty by undressing myself and inspecting my body. It followed by rimming, ball action, nipple play, and bj incl. deep bj. She got really into this and seemed to enjoy it. Afterwards we had sex in different positions (no anal), she asked to get it really hard. At the end she  really got into it and requested that i come into her mouth, which i did. She swallowed everything, and made sure there is nothing left in me or on my body.

She seems to enjoy what she is doing.
London / Natalie Love - Knightsbridge
« by Persie on September 11, 2016, 10:15:48 PM »
I am back on the review tip as I can now use my laptop 'cos the missus and me ain't no more so i don't need to worry about her seeing my growing history  :cool:!

I saw this chick last week. I have reviewed her before but a while back.

Comms were fine - was booked in for the next day.

Rocked up to her place in Knightsbridge for an hour. Jumped in the shower and was ready with a stuffy.

NL looked hot - lovely tanned skin and slim body. She is late 30's at a guess and not gym / bikini toned but still very hot.

She sunk to her knees and started ravaging my cock. sucking the head, licking the shaft. She even started rimming my puckered ring without request - nice touch.

With my balls about to explode, I bent her over and slammed her pun-tang. I got her to lay prone and pounded her so hard the bed was creaking and she was squealing.

Ready to come, I whipped the rubber off and she sucked me off to CIM / swallow finish - it was lovely.

Chilled out for a bit and talked some nonsense waffle and then I swiftly made my way.

In terms of return - yes although she is a tad pricey. However, she is a reliable whore who wants to please

Heres to many more reviews from me  :drinks:
London / Nathalie-love
« by Legs lover on October 05, 2015, 09:58:39 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/147192 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nathalie%2Dlove  Link to Nathalie love.
My regular was sick so I went to see Nathalie I read all her reviews which are good and she was on my hot list for the last four years.
Very good communication and her place was good.
Sexy woman looks like the pictures on her profile and she got a  sexy accent, sexy curvy body, nice legs.
I asked for a GFE and thats what I got.
Probably will not see her again because I like my regular lady and lots more ladies out there.
Sorry if the review is short my next one will be longer.
London / Nathalie Love: Knightsbridge
« by Johnny wishbone on September 23, 2015, 12:03:52 AM »
Have to thank the guys who have already reviewed her and as a result i had a great session with this woman.


I saw Nathalie a while back when she had her £250.00 for two hours offer.  Arrangements were made over the phone and by text.  She came across friendly and even randomly messaged me about the nice weather. For me a sign that at least she's a decent person.

Incall location is close to Harrods in a nice road/mews.  She greets me in the clothing I requested: stockings and suspenders and heels.  Nothing else.  Got a lovely deep snog from her.  As with all my sessions, I pass over the paperwork before she could ask and note how much was there.   

Her place is a modern and in a discreet location, away from the crowds. We sit on the comfy sofa and chat briefly about each other.  And then out of nowhere, straddles me and snogs me until I am left gasping for air.  Excellent start! Proceeds to whip out my cock and give me a blinding blowjob.  Deep throat, sensual and paying full attention to pleasuring the old boy. And my balls as well.  Good girl.  Bit of 69 involved to boot.  Has to be said, her pussy tasted so good! After a while, I'm invited to her bedroom: following her up the winding staircase and watching her ass and pussy is something else! She carries on giving me a blowjob before I succumb to the desire to fuck her. Doggy was best with her facing a mirror, as she said, so she can watch herself.  After pounding away for a bit, I asked her where she wanted me to cum, with the answer: in my mouth.  Only happy to oblige, she lays on her back, me straddling her chest, she wanks me into her mouth and takes my load and swallows it in one go! Awesome stuff. Then licks me clean just in case. 

After cleaning up, we make our way back to her lounge.  She's an engaging person, interesting lifestyle and tells me stories about her line of work and herself in general. Round two was similar to round one. Fucking her is an absolute pleasure and she makes sure you are as happy as possible.

After round two, she makes me coffee and chatted well beyond the allocated two hours.  But she didn't seem to mind.  Eventually left with a nice kiss from her.

Nathalie is a very pretty woman.  Age I believe is accurate as are her pictures on her profile.  Her body is fantastic.  Definitely goes down the gym, toned with small pert breasts.  She does all services stated on her profile.  My time with her was pleasurable.  She's accommodating, welcoming and nice company.  Worth every penny in my opinion and I'll definitely be back to see her soon.

Hope the review reads well and is informative.

London / Nathalie-love - Knightsbridge
« by Dogfather on May 25, 2015, 02:41:58 PM »
The rollercoaster ride that is:

https://www.adultwork.com/147192 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nathalie%2Dlove

I'd had a good day so was well up for this meet off the good reviews on here (  :drinks: to the previous UKP reviewers).
Comms had been very good. Her place is as described by others. 1.5 hours @ £220
Lovely looking girl. Figure very good. Friendly.
Offer of a drink, shower, and settled in for the "sofa treatment".
Now the first 15 minutes were bloody good. She was sexually aggressive and I was loving it.

Sadly, it didn't last.
After 15 minutes a fake orgasm from her. Seen this before in the past and this is where my punts start to turn poor.
However, after this the list of stuff tried was plentiful. Upstairs and downstairs (both location wise and physically!). Another fake orgasm a bit later on from her.

I need technique, passion, desire and a tiny sense the girl is comfortable with me to get me off easily. This punt didn't hit the mark but for others it could well do.

I think I saw quite a range of Nathalie during the punt. Reminded me of why women are such damn hard work. I got "bored, happy, frustrated, homely, offended, intelligent, laughing". Sounds like Snow Whites dwarves for fucks sake.

So much happened it's just easier to pros and cons this review.

Started amazingly with aggression
Kissing was good
When she takes control it's very good
Spitting? (Some of you are just fucking weird!  :D )
Eye contact a lot of the time. This was Excellent.
Unexpected brief Rimming

She was bored, frustrated, offended at different points
CIM wasn't good and a little swallow but way better out there
Fake orgasms
Not enough of the kissing
Moved hand from the back of her head when I tried to get deeper
Didn't want me to lick her pussy.
Didn't get to play with her boobs enough
Too much swapping of positions.
Accused me of using Viagra and not being straight with her. For the record I don't, never have, and am about as honest a punter as you will get.

Summary, this meet reminded me of Laura SuperStar. If you liked her then then almost certainly will like Nathalie. Ultimately I think I struggle to punt with European girls but doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying. They may just be a bit too direct for me and I can't deal with it but hopefully I'll learn going forward.

Overall, 6 out of 10.
Would I return? Doubtful for me. She's a nice person and great company but when I've come away questioning myself, my experiences with women and my performance then it's best to stay away!
London / Nathalie - loves it in Knightsbridge!
« by tantric talents on May 15, 2015, 07:29:56 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/147192 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nathalie%2Dlove

Having been let down by a comms problem with Mel too horrendous to go into now, I had not made a backup plan so went into the old HL ( cim  sub group ) and up popped Nathalie with the green light on!

I had Nathalie on my list for several years and despite us having a number of good chats and emails,  attempts at actually meeting had been serially unsuccessful and I almost forgot about her.

My big mistake. She is one hot and smart lady!

She is well reviewed here already with plenty of graphic detail by some of the forum's best so I am not going to repeat a similar spiel again. All I really want to add is that I concur with all the previous positive reviewers and shall be seeing (to) her again in the very near future :yahoo :cool:

Yes, she is a little on the expensive side but she is no clock watcher and if I hadn't had a rather pressing reason to get back home that particular evening I think she would have made me stay until the wee hours!

London / Nathalie Love
« by Herges Adventures on February 08, 2015, 02:26:04 PM »
Meeting date : Week beginning 2nd February 2015
Nathalie Love : https://www.adultwork.com/147192 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nathalie%2Dlove
In summary: Excellent 2 hours plus and 4 pops with sexy, shapely, blonde Lithuanian lady. Great venue, superb service level and outstanding DTBJ skills!

Comms : Having been on my hotlist for far too long, and noting her excellent reviews here, I decided to book towards the end of January. Nathalie does not display a phone number so you will need an A/W profile to get in touch. She explained she had advertised a number once but found the percentage of timewasters as too high. As previously outlined, e-mails are my preference anyway. She was very quick and thorough in her responses; I set out a small roleplay to start off with which she confirmed she understood and would undertake. Texts were exchanged on the day and Nathalie even offered to start the session 10 mins early as she was free – I was unfortunately too far away at that moment to take up the offer.

Amount paid : £250 for 2 hours (weekend special rate occasionally promoted)
Venue : very nice Mews apartment, set off main roads between South Kensington and Knightsbridge. Great bathroom facilities, nice open lounge and kitchen, well decorated and furnished. Very easy place to relax and have fun in.
Looks/Personality : Nathalie is blessed with luscious full lips, striking eyes, thin blonde hair, very shapely (perfect for me) and a compelling naughty streak. She reminded me a bit of Teena Lipoldino (http://www.freeones.co.uk/html/t_links/Teena_Lipoldino/).
She will also quickly put you at ease with her conversation and manner. I recall chatting about her previous career, Vilnius, visiting Stockholm, punters preferences, London football teams, Harrods and living in town amongst other things. She also managed to change 3 times into different looks/outfits during our time which speaks volumes as to the fantastic level of service….

Service : We initially began by enjoying a cold glass of Chablis I had brought with me and chatted – Nathalie is very easy going; am sure she could hold her own on almost any subject. Having showered before leaving home, I instead used the toilet quickly to freshen up. On my return, the roleplay requested began – I was a young intern at a company who couldn't stop staring at the boss’s body... Nathalie played this to a tee in a business suit with not a lot underneath and pleasantly surprised me by introducing a ball-gag into the scene! She then led me downstairs, where I too (like others before me) anticipated what was to come by staring at her gorgeous arse!
At this point, she took control by tieing me to her bed by the use of arm and leg restraints, changing into an amazing white lingerie set with matching gloves and got to work on my straining hard cock…

I am not normally a fan of OWO and DT, quickly moving on from this to other things. Nathalie’s skills in this area are second to none though, gently tonguing my balls and lower, taking me deep in her mouth (all the way on occasion) and tackling my member with so much enthusiasm, I was entranced! It was not long before I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all with a smile and compliment.

Beyond this, everything else is somewhat of a blur – lots of sex in Mish, Doggy (her arse is amazing btw), CG, lots more cock-sucking, r/o, dfk and a further change into a tasty black lingerie outfit with matching heels.
Stand-out services for me though were - CIM x4 and her swallowing it all; a nice simple massage between pops 2 and 3; massaging and rubbing my a/hole as I popped in her mouth for the third time :wacko: , a nice toy show as I got my breath back and slowly masturbated whilst watching and Nathalie opening her own bottle of Rose Cava after my Chablis was polished off.

By the time we went back upstairs for a cigarette (yes, she does smoke socially after a drink – as do I. There was no hint of smoke in the flat or on her breath prior to this however), our time had come to an end. She couldn’t help notice that I was still rock hard though – and offered a fourth fuck! I simply couldn’t say no and we went at it on her sofa until I eventually CIM astride her chest as she encouraged me with the most outrageous filthy talk. We ended up snowballing the results after her suggestion – not something I’d done before so a new experience for me too  :crazy:

It was only at this point that I took a shower so ended up departing some 35 mins or so after time. Another highlight of excellent all round service.

Pros – Incredibly welcoming; vibrant personality; very attractive; great hot body; exceptional services; seemed determined to get every last drop out of me !!!
Neutral – We shared two cigarettes at the end of the session but, for the non-smokers, nothing to tell she did smoke prior to this. Small discrete tattoo in the small of her back (but I liked it)
Cons – None
VFM : 9/10 (£250 for 2 hours was a special rate – but 4 pops in 2 hours 35mins spent with Nathalie was exceptional).
Would I visit again : Yes – and for once I will genuinely find time to do so.
Would I recommend : 100%

I had such good fun, it never once felt like a ‘transaction’ - more like finding yourself lucky enough to have a super horny fuck buddy ! Overall, an exceptional service provider.
London / Nathalie Love (eager, passionate & a good fuck)
« by bensonhedges20 on February 03, 2015, 09:38:05 PM »
Eager to please
Multiple positions
Eager to Dfk (full on)
Cim and swallow and was willing to such every last drop.
Ensured you had clean hands before fingering
No clockwaching
Happy to initiate further rounds without me telling or asking
Very good English
Good communications

Was ten minutes late as she waited for me to check in and then called the room to ensure not a timewaster but it was acceptable but I have to have atleast one negative remark.
Need to be careful when receiving bj as it can get toothy.

She looks very much like her pictures. Blonde hair. Good sized Tits. Has a discreet tattoo on her back. Slightly nearing a size 10-12 but I'm not one for dress sizes. Very acceptable and I was happy with how she looked.

If you want to meet a girl who you are paying for her time then she's one good girl to fuck in the services department.

Services handled- cim, swallow ( spit before lunch but swallowed after as it was her first meal), handsome, owo, ball play during owo bj, Dfk, her on top, mish, doggy, couch play. She's a Good mix of People and Dfk. Some dirty talk throughout. She kisses full on and with tongue. Proper girl friend style as if you haven't seen her in a long time.

She arrived at my place and we got to know each other intimately. Instantly had round one after funds parted with. Headed to a nearby restaurant for lunch where she was eager to get back to more fun after about 50mins in the restaurant.

We decided to head to her place to initiate further rounds. She changed to something Sexy upon arrival. Put some music on and we had round two beginning on her couch and going down her spiral staircase to her candle lit bedroom.

Had further rounds in bedroom and for the last 30 mins headed back up to the couch where she gave strong owo for the last 30 mins ensuring I climaxed and left me dry and cumless.

Had shower, got changed and left with a hug and a kiss.

She's a stones throw from harrods if you need a location. Walkable distance.

London / Nathalie-love
« by monstar on October 04, 2014, 10:07:08 AM »

Superb services, very deep DFK, sloppy OWO and in an excellent location.

Initial contact was made three days before the meeting date through AW email. Perfect written English replies received back extremely promptly. Location sent via text with instruction to call for apartment number when nearby.

There was a slight mix up on the meeting day caused by miscommunication on both sides. This didn't cause any issues with the meeting, although I did receive some slight attitude over the phone about it from Nathalie while I was getting her apartment number, which didn't give me a great first impression of her.

Nathalie has an excellent apartment with its own entrance on a very discreet road close to the underground station.

As mentioned in other reviews, her apartment has spiral stairs which provides you with a delightful sight of her bum as she ascends them to a spacious living room.

The bathroom has a cubicle shower - good water pressure, the temperature adjust dial is broken but was warm and at a perfect temperature for me. There is a good choice of shower gels and a clean towel was provided.

Her bedroom is quite small but it has a nice relaxing ambience thanks to the candle light and a comfortable bed.

I was slightly concerned about how Nathalie was going to look due to reading other reviews which suggested she is larger than her photos. After seeing her in person, I would agree she is larger than her photos but mainly because her photos portray quite a slim lady. In person she has a great body with no excess but isn't slim and toned, instead she has curves in the right places, a wonderful ample bum and great hip to waist ratio which was perfect for doggy!

Facially she is pretty with delicious full lips but is definitely in her 30s and had slight bags under her eyes.

She was dressed exactly as requested; dress, suspenders and heels.

Nathalie is friendly and was a good host, constantly topping up our wine throughout the meeting.

We had good conversations and Nathalie has many interesting stories from her travels all around the world. Unfortunately I didn't feel that we 'clicked' at all which is an important part of a GFE type booking for me. This may have been exacerbated as Nathalie doesn't hide when she is not happy with something which came across as annoyance / bad attitude a couple of times; initial miscommunication, 'little monstar' having performance issues and putting a drink next to her mobile phone.

Two hours at £300. The meeting ended naturally around the two hour mark and there was no clock watching.

We started with drinks and a short chat upstairs, sorted the paperwork before heading back down for me to take a shower.

In the bedroom, Nathalie dived straight on me to give a passionate and (very deep) DFK. Dress and bra off, onto bed for OWO, plenty of ball play and some DT. Nathalie has very skilled and sloppy OWO technique, the combination of this and her exceptionally warm mouth / tongue meant it wasn't long before I popped in her mouth - she deposited it in the bathroom and had a quick swirl of mouthwash before returning.

She was very responsive during RO with my mouth and one finger in her cute pussy, there was plenty of strong hip movements and appreciative noises coming from her before she tightly squeezed my head with her thighs as she orgasmed.

During my recharge time she did check her phone three times, but for no longer than 30 seconds. She also gave me a very good massage which worked up from my feet to my neck.

There was more sloppy OWO before condom on for cowgirl, she has a good technique so I let her proceed until popping inside her in the condom. She left me to clean myself up with tissues while she freshened up in the bathroom.

We had a decent conversation laying on the bed while finishing the wine before more DFK, OWO and then doggy, where she subtly positioned herself on the bed so I had another wonderful view in the mirror. As mentioned earlier, her hip to waist ratio is amazing for doggy and provided good grip for more vigorous penetration before pop number three in doggy.

I finished my drink, took a quick shower and there was a light kiss before leaving.

Good GFE with a hint of PSE
Great body with ample bum
Passionate (very deep) DFK
Excellent sloppy OWO
Responsive RO
Mirror view
Good amount of eye contact
Excellent location
Partakes in a drink

Facially pretty but signs of ageing
We didn't 'click'
Checked phone three times

Slight attitude when she is unhappy / annoyed

Nathalie provided a good GFE; excellent services all delivered with enthusiasm, her DFK and OWO are some of the best I have experienced. She isn't slim and toned as her photos may suggest, but has a great curvy body with an ample bum and is pretty although showing slight signs of ageing.

There were a few occasions when Nathalie expressed her annoyance which slightly soured the meeting for me, however I believe these could have easily been overlooked by another punter as I put a high importance on the overall "experience".

I would recommend Nathalie as her services provided are some of the best I have received, however I will not consider returning unless her two hour rate goes down to £250.
London / nathalie love, duo
« by robbie54321 on August 22, 2014, 01:52:49 PM »

After reading previous review thought I would give her a go.
Fancied trying a Pse punt and by reading other reviews on this girl I thought she fitted the bill.
£380 for a hour with one of her friends
Very sorry fellas I can't remember her friends name or even if she has  aw profile, she works part time and Nathalie  pick her, Lithuanian about 40 years old, short hair,fair looking with a fucking amazing body, I'll try to find out
Excellent coms, suburb Knightsbridge apartment.
Nathalie's pictures although blurred are very accurate, she 30 years old and very attractive a good 8+
Her mystery friend is about 6
Both are as fit as fuck and were very naughty
Lesbian stuff straight away. Girls licked, DFK and rimmed each other,
Lots of dfk, owo dt.
Mystery girl started rimming me whilst i was fucking Nathalie unfortunately I don't like my arse being touched, this had the same effect on my old fella as pushing the valve in on a tyre to deflate it. With every probe I went down so eventually I'm banging away with nothing ;-( I hasten to add however that I didn't ask her to stop, I was in this for the ride and wanted to try new things. Never had my arsed licked before but probably wont have it again. Anyway, recovered with Nathalie sucking my cock whilst mystery girl gave me some serious DFK with lots of dribble in the mouth whilst I had my finger up her arse. Came in Nathalie's mouth during ball licking, cock spitting blow job. Think she swallowed it but not 100% sure.
After a while had a massage then they insisted on round two. Both girls at each other again and Nathalie got her vibrator out and started using it on herself.
Unfortunately, as I found out, a porno star I ain't. Could only manage one pop but I had a great time.
Both girls are very friendly and easy to talk to no rushing
If I'm feeling brave I might try again or maybe just a 121 with Nathalie.

Meeting Date              18/8/2014 @ 4pm  Two hour Incall booking, total fee £300-00

Location                     Nathalie's apartment is conveniently located between South Kensington and Knightsbridge tube stations,
                                   closer to Knightsbridge station (point of reference off Brompton Road) SW7. Her flat is discreetly
                                   located in one of those Mews leading off Brompton Road, and is kept in immaculate condition by
                                   Nathalie (functioning shower with hot and cold water), and very spacious and accommodating.
Communication           There is no contact number on her AW profile, hence need an AW profile to initiate correspondence.
                                    I actually emailed her whist she was on vacation recently, but she responded within 48hours.
                                    On the day of the appointment, she texted me during the morning, and a few short sms exchanges later
                                    she provided me with her full address. It was quick and efficient on her part, no complaints whatsoever.

Appearance                 Age wise I would estimate that Nathalie is 30-32, and physical appearance matches her profile pictures.
                                    For the aesthetically puritanical amongst the punting fraternity, her posterior may be a bit too round
                                    based upon symmetrical proportionality of a "perfect body", but IMHO I was happy. Just to clarify, her
                                    posterior is not saggy, but certainly ample. She wore exactly what I wanted her to wear, killer high heels
                                    (preference no stockings) and skimpy zip-up outfit.

                                     Summary of the event

This was not the first time I've met Nathalie, hence wasn't any of the usual "pre-punt" tension or nervousness that can happen when
you meet a WG for the first time.

She greeted me wearing the requested outfit, quick peck on both cheeks before leading me up the spiral staircase to her
lounge area. Donation in envelope discreetly left for her on glass table. The bedroom is located on the ground floor as well
as the bathroom / shower.

There was a brief exchange of pleasantries before the action kicked off in earnest in her lounge. Full on DFK, and passionate
embraces on the sofa. Gradually clothes were dispensed and an oral extravaganza commenced. First me on her (she was
very clean and freshly showered), then she returned the favour. This girl does possess exceptional fellatio skills (uncovered
to clarify). It involves a lot of tongue work and spit, thorough attention to the gonads as a prelude to deep throat sucking.

I didn't want to climax too early, so suggested we both head to the bedroom. From there it was more of the above but
over an extended period within the allotted appointment time. She does offer protected penetration, I didn't take up the
offer as these days my preference now is mostly extended oral without /69.

Managed to climax on two occasions, both were CIM but no swallow.

In between sessions there was the usual chat about life, interests/hobbies and holidays. She is a Russian speaking Lithuanian
but has resided in the UK for many years, her spoken English is very fluent. I had a pleasurable session, but appreciate that
there is no such thing as the "perfect punt" and price does not bear a direct correlation to the quality of service. Hence
potential cons as listed below:

1 £300 for two hours is pricey

2 As mentioned above, some may find her posterior a bit large, but to me it was fine

3  She has a tattoo of an eye on her back, which looks a tad like an Egyptian Hieroglyph. Some may find this off-putting. It's not a massive eye which covers her entire back, but covers a space below her shoulder blades.

Overall, a big positive from me regarding Nathalie-Love. There are WG's who charge considerably more than Nathalie, and likewise many who offer services that are less expensive. However her attitude and professionalism (arranging the meet, directions and
address efficiently conveyed, friendliness/welcoming disposition, delivering as per profile services stated, her location and immaculate flat) makes her one of the better service providers out there.

I appreciate there will be scepticism of this review (my first review on UKP), but I'm expressing an opinion based upon how events
unfolded earlier today. Whether anyone wishes to visit Nathalie or not is entirely their prerogative and free choice. I just hope I can
disseminate and impart useful information for the benefit of everyone on this forum.

Whenever or with whom ever you punt with, may your punting gods guide you to avoid scammers and rip-off merchants.

Best wishes,


London / Nathalie Love - Knightsbridge London - Great Punt
« by password02 on July 16, 2014, 01:33:10 AM »
After reading the latest review on this women by Mr Bigus Dickus a few days ago I decided to pay her a visit as she has been on my hot list since 2013.

 - https://www.adultwork.com/147192 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nathalie%2Dlove

Very good comms for a few days before meet and final details given on the day - 5 mins walk from Harrods and great central Location, great flat and top girl. She was doing a special £250 for 2 hours same as Mr BD mentioned on his review. Agreed the cat suit with a change of outfit after the 1st hour, agreed that she can surprise me with a change

Called for flat number and entered - as mentioned spiral staircase leading to room upstairs, very nice layout and very nicely furnished , paperwork out the way and opened the white wine - had a quick wash and started to DFK, after a few mins she had my cloths off and asked if we could go downstairs to the bedroom.
Followed her down the stair case and just got harder watching her perfect bum from behind thinking she has a great arse for doggy.

In the bedroom more DFK, then full on DTBJ, lots of rimming and ball sucking with lots of dirty talk, toys on her with her playing with herself a finger or two in her pussy then asking me to fill her mouth with my spunk!!! 1st pop lasted 25 mins!!
Upstairs more wine, more small talk - she went and got changed into a lacy 1 piece outfit and then she said 'i want to suck your dick without prompting - she has a great mouth and nice big juicy lips, wrapped around my dick and we had another pop there on the sofa as she went CG on me. Round 2 done and we still had another 30-40 mins left of our 2 hours. I am normally a 1 or max 2 pop girl so I was really surprised that I managed 2 pops in under 90 mins.

More wine - 2nd bottle and then she said lets go to the bed room and finish off with a massage.

After a few minutes she tried to get me hard again but I told her it would not happen as 3 pops in a session was maybe +10 years ago. This made her more determined and she started to suck me off again - we were up to now +2 hours and it was slowly getting semi hard.

She then said some more dirty talk and within a minute i was hard again, more dirty talk, more wanking herself with my dick in her mouth and after a minute has my 1st 3 pop session in years...We were now well over +2 hours.

Had a quick shower, finished the wine said thank you, will def see again and left. Great session with a great women.

Her arse is so so nice with a great pussy, tits, long legs - big juicy lips and a really nice person, her English is very good and nice candles in the room and bedroom made it a nice relaxing punt. She is a size 10 so anyone that wants a skinny size 4-6 small frame girl can look elsewhere.

Overall a top punt and my thanks go to Mr Bigus Dickus and Cisco + a few members here who told me she is a great punt and boy she really is.

Hope to see again soon as she is my sort of GFE/PSE type women.


London / Nathalie Love - London - cock blowing fun!
« by Bigus Dickus on July 12, 2014, 07:34:47 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/147192 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nathalie%2Dlove

I had booked an outcall to my place but was let down with the old broken down car line! A quick check on my hot list showed that Nathalie was available. I had tried to see her previously but we could never quite get our timings in sync. I knew about her from a duo I'd read on an AW field report with the lovely Abi aka Bombshell.

Nathalie was also running  a special weekend deal for 2 hours at £250. Fuck me it must be fate as that's exactly what I had for my failed outcall!  Comms really good. Nathalie had me booked up within 30 minutes of contacting her! Train-London-Knightsbridge! Punt!  :dance:

I got there early and she was running a bit late but we managed to sort out the meet with only a few minutes after the planned time.


Nathalie had her own place near Knightsbridge tube. Classy area and when I rang her bell she let me into her amazing clean, modern home.

She was dressed in the gear from her gallery as asked! Check out the cat woman picture of her bent over. Black leather/PVC! Her pictures and AW descriptions are accurate. She looked stunning and filthy! Greeted with a double kiss on cheeks. She then invited me up to her living room, a spiral staircase led the way and I took in the sight of her lovely arse bouncing almost with in reach of my tongue, which was hanging out in anticipation! :wacko:

She poured me a massive glass of wine and offered me a shower which I declined as I had done the business before leaving home. Paperwork done lets get it on!

She was right on me on the sofa. Deep kisses and her soft probing tongue and her lips got my cock twitching like fuck. Nathalie asked if I would like to retire to the bedroom or play where I was! Bed please missus!  :cool:

Down the spiral staircase to the bedroom and then that's when the interesting stuff happened. She started with lovely soft lips DFK, massaging my swollen cock and rubbing it against her rivet like nipples. She sucked, licked and spat on my cock, making me rock solid! This went on for ages before I asked her to let me probe her damp cunt with my tongue. Wow! She was sweet as nectar and I licked and fingered her for a while. She enjoys fingering but doesn't like it to hard and furious. More DT OWO and I teased her about how much she could neck. She didn't quite manage taking it to the balls but did her best!  :crazy: Does a great PSE nosh!  :thumbsup:

Rubbered up we then had her on top in cowgirl and a lovely bit of missionary. She was panting filth at me throughout, telling me how she loved the feel of my cock and how she wanted me to empty my spunk into her mouth. Top marks for verbal filth, I love this and it make my spunk springs tighten like fuck. A few changes of position and we got to doggie! Her lovely tanned arse was great and I pumped it for all I was worth! I felt I was about to blow, 20 mins into a punt was early for me, and I told her that we needed to calm down. She responded, 'fuck me harder you can come as much as you want' That was a big fucking green light for me and I pumped her tight cunt from behind like a man possessed and shot a big squirt of cum into the rubber! Felt fucking great to unload doggie! Fuck me I am having a flashback typing this!  :wackogirl:

After pop 1 we chilled out on her nice bed. Nice to chat to her about her job and some experiences. She's a fun down-to-earth girl. She topped up my wine too at one point.

Session 2 followed and she provided more amazing cock sucking. I would say she is in my top 3 as far as oral is concerned. Lovely wet spitting blow job, firm, varied technique and deep.

She also, at my request fingered my arse whilst swallowing the length of my cock. I told her I enjoyed ball licking and she was on my pods like a hungry girl! Arse fingering, licking, sucking and ball play got me fizzing to fuck her! More lovely positions, her oral skills and her dirty chat had me on the vinegar stroke!!

She whipped of the rubber and told me that, 'I want to taste your hot spunk in my mouths'

Who was I to disappoint! I let loose a load in her mouth, she held it on her tongue and showed it to me before gulping it down her throat. Brilliant. Loved it!  :crazy:

At this point we had aged to go!

Another nice chat, more wine and a light massage followed. About 35 minutes to go and she was on my cock again. She fucked herself with her toys, sucked, fucked and wanked me for the whole of the last season. I was hard as a steel rod but couldn't cum. She went at it like a possessed daemon trying to get me to unload a third time. Fair play to her she never rested a second in draining the last bit of spunk in my balls. I knew that it wasn't going to happens so called a time out. We were over the booking time. Fuck me I was drained at that point and we were over the time. She offered me a nice shower which was essential as I had been at it for over 2 hours. Shower complete and we went to the living room. Said our goodbyes and she gave me another deep snog! She's hot the most sensuous soft lips! I lingered in the kiss to take away the memory of how they felt.

Nathalie is a filthy mix who's services are fantastic! My first punt was great and it won't be the last one!

A big thumbs (and cock) up!

London / Nathalie love
« by Persie on November 15, 2013, 10:30:57 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/147192 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nathalie%2Dlove

I am in on a Friday night severely hung over and UKP is keeping me occupied and giving me the opportunity to write up some reviews.
I saw this chick a few weeks back and thought I would write up the meet for you lovely lads.

Firstly, she is the consumate professional - a dyed in the wool hooker as she has been on AW a while. Says she is a student and gave me a few canned lines. She looks a bit larger in life and told me that she had broken her leg and put on weight. Apart from the fact that only a fly is better at telling good bullshit than me, she is fit. Lovely blond hair, soft skin that has slight tan and very pretty face (but you knew that any way). Even with the extra weight, she has a very nice fleshy womanly ass that claps a little when she walks - for me thats good as I don't like to too toned anyway

She had an appt near NOtting Hill and it was very well presented. Her comms are great and as I say the consumate professional. Got to the meeting and all very relaxed and did not feel rushed. We had a chat and a drink and started getting down to some action.

All I can say is 'Schhhmoking'...she was sucking like a trooper - fast and furious. touching my thighs, stomoch and chest sensually taking my hampton deep into her mouth. She is pulling my shaft down as far as it will go and just using her mouth to bob up and down. She then pulled my legs up to expose my ass and started rimming me (not even requested). I was like "damn girl", I am ready.

SO we rubbered up and bent her over. She has very long legs and had a full length mirror which was an absolute delight seeing myself hanging out the back of her.

I can feel myself about to blow so I get her to suck me off and a very nice CIM

we relax and have a few more drinks and then we go for some more OWO - again she does this to completion - CIM....lovely.

Afterwards, again we have a very nice chat. DId not feel like she was rushing or watching the clock but I excused myself and left with a smile.

So in sum:

- nice looking girl
- nice attitude
- good service
- she is funny

she is a bit pricey so thats the reason I have not been back. At the same time, she works from nice parts of London and she is very very experienced!

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