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Scotland / Lilly the lusty librarian of Edinburgh
« by dobob on December 05, 2016, 11:26:41 PM »
I learned that I was going to have some free time on the Friday morning on a recent trip to Edinburgh. A mature GFE after breakfast sounded like a good way to start the day, but the regulars I used to have in those parts have hung up their basques and stockings. Found this lady on AW who seemed like she might float my boat:

https://www.adultwork.com/857776 or https://www.adultwork.com/LilTheLustyLibrarian

Comms were clear and straightforward via SMS (her number is on her AW profile).

The venue was a pleasant ground floor flat a mile or two north of the city centre near Fettes college. I travelled by taxi, but finding the street and somewhere to park would have been easy if I'd been driving.

She is slim and trim but older than it says on her profile (maybe 42 when she joined AW). Her AW photos range over a few years. This was half expected from a look at her private gallery and wasn't an issue for me. She was nicely turned out in librarian mode (with librarian specs) as requested and the GFE involved lots of good snogging, mutual undressing and good oral followed by cowgirl and (at her suggestion) missionary to finish off (which is a nice change from "my favourite is doggy (thinks... because then I don't have to look at your ugly face)". Pleasant conversation before and after. I hope she has a great time in Japan over Christmas.

My boat was definitely floated and my verdict is positive. I will be back when an opportunity arises. However, if the difference between early forties and late forties matters to you then she may not be for you.
Scotland / LilTheLustyLibrarian........Edinburgh
« by Punter115 on November 03, 2016, 12:32:12 AM »
Met this really sexy lady in June 2016.....my first punt.
Communication was no problem and she is in a private estate just off Crewe Road South,
Lovely flat which is spotless and no problem parking the car.
Lilly is a  very experienced Escort , faboulise figure and very attractive.
Arrived and a bit of kissing and cuddles paid over the £150 for the hour ,offered a drink and did I need a shower? Which I didn't .Started with sexy massage ,very slow and actually it was very relaxing,turned over onto front and started on my cock/balls ,while I was fingering her lovely fresh
Pussy. Tried sex on top of her with her legs wide apart but still couldn't cum ...Christ that's when I new I was getting past it because if you can't cum with this lady you are in serious trouble.
She gave me owo which was great but still no success ,she has a settee in the room so she is over the settee and I am banging her doggy style but still no success,what I would give to be fourty again. Finally wanked off over her lovely medium size boobs,then went for a shower.
Lilly is a lovely,very sexy lady ....would I go back and pay 150 pounds ...yes if I was guaranteed to shoot my load in her ...but hardly likely at the moment.
Well lads that is all my encounters up to now ...wish me luck as I do all you.

https://www.adultwork.com/857776 or https://www.adultwork.com/LilTheLustyLibrarian -
[Link added by admin]
Scotland / LilTheLustyLibrarian - Edinburgh
« by geezer_breezer on September 26, 2016, 11:07:06 PM »
I met Lily for a 1-hour incall at her flat in Edinburgh a month or so ago. Cost was £150. Here’s how it went.

Lily’s profile had always intrigued me because I quite liked the “nerdy” or “bookworm” undertones. I was also attracted to her claim that she was a dancer in real life and had a dancer’s body and suppleness. Her photos, for me, were teasing - clearly well posed but cleverly hiding her face and features. Anyway, work had me through in Edinburgh and I contacted Lily and set up the meeting.

Comms were all fine. Phone calls and an AW booking request. She has an American accent which has been softened by several years working in Scotland. I made no special requests except to underline that I would be happy to meet her as she appeared in her AW profile.

Her incall flat is in North Edinburgh near Fettes. It’s a ground floor flat and I felt safe and discreet.

Once inside Lily greeted me with a soft lingering kiss. She was wearing a loosely-fastened white blouse and black skirt. This was obviously the first time I’d seen her face and I found her to be good-looking but clearly older than her profile would suggest. She had vibrant ginger hair and glasses.

I was taken through to her bedroom, offered a drink and given the use of her shower. Once back in the bedroom she invited me to sit on the couch and discuss the punt. Now, this is where Lily’s style started to become obvious: she’s all about warmth and sensuality. We held that first chat with her holding eye contact and having her leg draped over mine, all the time stroking my thighs or arms.

Lily's got a great body. She gave me a slow lapdance which eventually led to OWO on the bed. After a bit I moved down to give some RO which went very well (if I don’t say so myself!). Doggy next, a bit of cowgirl then hand relief to finish.

Lily’s style is sensual and low-key. She shows pleasure by sighing, gasping and making wee moaning sounds. Her chat is whispered and deliberate. Don’t expect a full-on thrusting, dirty talk session. It’s all about touch and sensuality. If I was to make one small criticism then it would be that there was too much of that. I think, in hindsight, I would’ve preferred to feel her go ‘up a gear’.

Post-pop we lay on the bed and chatted about our days coming up, and the plans we had. It was really chilled out. For guys who just want to ape around fucking escorts then Lily's probably not going to float your boat. But for those who have had a bad week or a stressful time then a session with Lily would ease all of that, I think. Warm and sensual rather than hard and fast.

Having said all of that, I got the impression that there was more to Lily than was on offer during our first meeting. She gives off vibes that suggest that there are more depths to her that would become obvious after a few more meets.

I'd go back


Scotland / LilTheLustyLibrarian - Edinburgh
« by Fifeboy65 on January 29, 2016, 08:22:15 PM »

[Link fixed by admin]

I have known this lovely lady for a few years but hadn't visited her for a few months. She is now located in a modern flat not far from the western general which is easy to find and has ample parking available. The pictures on her profile are accurate, though she may be a couple of years older than her profile suggests but she has a nice toned body which is due to her dancing career.

Lil greeted me at the door dressed in a simple blouse open to show a bit of cleavage, black skirt, stockings and high heels and wearing her specs and just looking at her like that got me hard immediately. We dealt with the admin I was offered a shower and a drink after which we got down to business. Lil is a very serous and tactile woman so we started off with a lot of kissing and cuddling as I undressed her before moving on to oral both ways (she tastes gorgeous).I think she has great oral technique slow and sensuous, she does owo but no cim and she certainly seems to like having her pussy licked. After that it was on to a good bit of sex before I could not control myself any longer. My time was nearly up but I didn't feel rushed and was offered another shower before I left.

If you are looking for more of a wham bam thank you ma'am type experience then this is not the lady for you but if you are looking for a more sensual experience then I would certainly recommend her. Her prices are at the higher end of the range at £150 for the hour so that will not suit all but personally I think she is worth it. Finally I find her accent sexy as fuck!!
Scotland / LilTheLustyLibrarian Edinburgh (& sometimes Aberdeen)
« by Cactus on January 14, 2014, 12:52:42 PM »
Been thinking about some of the punts I've had recently, where I have written up on them on another thread, which have perhaps been buried.  While I don't think that my opinions are any more or less valid than others, I felt that if my opinion differed then they may warrant a seperate review.  Case in point, Lil the Lusty Librarian of Edinburgh (and sometimes Aberdeen), who I visited in November 2013:

https://www.adultwork.com/857776 or https://www.adultwork.com/LilTheLustyLibrarian

I'll list the positive first:
She has a cracking toned body for her age (or any age TBF), I too was told that she does some dancing.  Excellent arse.  Great nipples on small slightly saggy boobs, but not bad.  Very pleasant lady, had a nice chat after we were finished.
Very good service; good uncovered oral (Californian accent saying "i'm going to suck your cock" made me think of Heather Graham in Boogie Nights); plenty good kissing (DFK may have been on offer, but not my thing); oral on her was good, she seemed well into it; plenty eye contact, which was especially pleasant as she sucked my cock very well, but not deep; very tactile, plenty stroking and rubbing.
Booked half an hour at £80, which was a bit on the expensive side for me, however I was there a baw hair off an hour, so was actually pretty good VFM.
Option to cum anywhere... except her mouth, which isn't a big deal for me, but could be for some.  Bareback obviously wasn't an option either.
Nice soft red hair, but alas the curtains didn't match the well groomed cuffs.

No finger play, not the end of the world, but I do like a little teasing of the G-spot whilst kissing. Similarly when giving oral I was told to calm down a little.
Flat was pleasant, but not particularly nice and a bit grubby.  Not the sort of place I would expect a "Classy American Lady" to be working from with the premium rates she charges. She says it's a holiday let and her other place is usually nicer.
She's not 35... I would say she could be as much as ten years older than that. Skin wasn't brilliant to the exposed areas, quite wrinkly, which I would say looks more like too much sun than an age thing to be fair.  Hands were the give away to her age IMO.

I nearly walked when it was clear that she was older, however her body convinced me to stay and I'm glad I did as overall I would say it was just about a positive and I would recommend Lil to anyone who was looking for a good fit mature escort with an excellent accent.  :hi:  However I would not return for a repeat booking due to her age.

For balance, here, is the original positive review thread in which I posted my origianl report:
Scotland / Lilly Edinburgh
« by clubfootwarrior on September 17, 2013, 08:54:41 PM »
Having seen Lilly almost every week for 18 months I was met at the front doir with warm hugs & kisses.. she is American mid 30s 5ft3 size 8. Very attractive with gorgeous smile,beautiful blue eyes and an amazing body. Suckable tits, shapely legs & a bum to die for. Pretty feet too. We ofteb start with me cooking dinner but as it was my birthday Lilly made a delicious meal, followed by cake, presented with a very hot Monroe-esque Happy Birthday. Lilly is intelligent, well read  & funny so over our     meal we told each other all our news, put the world to rights & after a little toi much wine she took me to the bedroom. Some lovely kissing then Lilly gave me a lapdance. More kissing as this classy lady undressed me was followed by great OWO & 69. Then on with condom and straight into cowgirl with plenty eye contact. I enjoyed spanking her then she was on me again in reverse cowgirl leaning back to kiss me. Doggy next and I was nearing the end urged on by Lilly. I finished myself by hand emptying all over her glorious body. We lay back enjoying some post sex kissing & chat. 4+ hours had flown by. We got dressed, talked some more as we finished the wine & booked my next appointment for the following  week. Back at street level we shared a final hug and a few more kisses. Lilly headed to her home and I to mine. I was happy, exhausted & looking forwars to our next meet.. Lilly is a special, gorgeous & kind lady who deserves your respect & ti be treated with consideration. I can't wait to see her again.
Scotland / Lilly Aberdeen
« by rpg on January 23, 2013, 07:09:48 PM »

Sticking to my self-imposed rules of only seeing "English as first language" escorts I saw Lilly this morning for a 1 hour role-play session. There are no face pics which I know some people don't like, but there was enough in her profile to convince me I'd have a good role play meet with a sexy lady. Good decision!
Lilly lists her age as 34 and I'd say she has the body of someone 10 years younger. She's been a dancer for years so very tight and fit. Small perky tits and a pretty face. She wears glasses which has always been a turn on for me. She's American with a really sexy accent. Usually based in Edinburgh.
So far so good but could she do a convincing role play? Very much so. My fantasies probably wouldn't interest others but for those interested in role play trust me she's good.
Services received were spanking, a very nice slow uncovered BJ, RO, sex in three positions (more I'm sure but I couldn't last any longer) No CIM but she did tell me I could cum anywhere on her body. A bit of relaxed chat afterwards and no rush at any point.
All in all a good punt and I heartily recommend
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