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London / Vanessa of Green Lotus
« by Toejam on February 06, 2016, 06:56:05 PM »

I was searching for some punts in Paddington and was tempted to check out Eva but she wasn't available so instead ended up speaking to Vanessa_W2.  After speaking to her and checking out her profile I thought 'why not?' as I hadn't had a blonde in a long long time.

Price: £80 half an hour
Service: Wanted oral (covered) with sex

Comm's: Via phone calls and text's she has good English.

Time: 1pm

Location: Discrete basement flat about 5 minutes walk from Paddington Stn.  Easy to find.  Bedroom clean and small but enough room for the activities I had in mind. 

Would I visit again: Yes

Pictures: A bit of photoshop as she had bags under her eyes bit still nice if you like European girls.  Looks 8/10, body 8/10.

The girl: Medium length mousey blonde hair, size 8, 5"6, mid to late 20's, real tits small with large areolas but not much nipples to suck on, long legs and slim. 

Plus + Very passionate with lots of kissing and relaxing service.

Negative - See later

The Main event:

Vanessa is actually half Lithuanian and half Italian but has grown up in Italy.  She is seductive giving you a look and a kiss on the lips to greet you.  She was wearing a black basque with stockings and suspenders and high heels on.  Probably about 5"9 with those on and 5"6 without. 
We discussed what I wanted and I paid her.  She came back and kisses me on the lips (no tongue though) kissing my neck and slowly stripping me.   Allowing me to explore her body with my hands all over her.  Then she sits me on the bed and there is more kissing and caressing and finally she gets me to lie on the bed ready with the 'dom. 

I ask her if she does 69 and she does so she lets me taste her pussy while sucking on my dick.  BJ was so so but I tend to find their focus isn't as good while multitasking!  Pussy tasted a bit tangy like shower gel lol but a bit of saliva and it was fine, a nice tuft of pubic hair on her sweet pussy. 

Then she asked if we could fuck now so I said yes so she straddles me and using a bit of saliva to moisten her lips then grabs me and slides it in.  She groans and rolls her eyes in her head (which is a bit odd) but to be fair I couldn't care less as I soon begin to thrust back and she moans louder when I did this. 

Then we move into doggie (she still has her panties on btw) and I bang her from behind while admiring her arsehole.  At this point she says 'you have four minutes' what the hell?  I swear we've been at it no more than 15 (this is the only negative) I don't bother arguing and start banging her from behind.  After a few minutes of this she gets into missionary and I get to appreciate her long shapely legs while fucking her.  Five more minutes and I shoot inside her between kissing and sucking on her nipples.  (I might have overstayed my welcome at this point lol!).

We spoke a bit afterwards and she is easy to talk to and wants me to come back (well they all say that don't they?) I said I don't live in the area and have come from quite far and she said "so I won't see you again?" (Sad face) and I say never say never! 

Overall Vanessa is a lovely girl but shame about the clock watching nor is she cheap but she gives a good service going at it whole heartedly, not quite up to GF levels but not a bad second.
London / LondonXXXAnabelle (massage & HR only)
« by LL on March 08, 2014, 12:09:00 AM »
I was browsing AW looking for a massage and HR and this one caught my eye.

https://www.adultwork.com/2050796 or https://www.adultwork.com/LondonXXXAnabelle

I called and booked her for 30 minutes.  I was fully prepared to walk away when I got there if necessary.  With just the one picture on her profile I got the impression this pic might have been stolen from somewhere else (plus the fact I got bait-and-switched a few weeks ago in the same area - Bayswater, so I'm now more cautious).

When I arrived "Annabelle" welcomed me inside.  I can confirm that the girl I saw is the girl in the profile picture (no need for me to walk then!).  She greeted me in sexy lingerie and she certainly has the figure of a lingerie model.  I was very impressed when I saw her - really nice skin-tone, very firm body, super legs and breasts, long dark hair, pretty face.  She was a little shy though and didn't speak a lot of English unfortunately. 

She gave me a nice all-over body massage as I lay face down on the bed.  It didn't feel like a massage from someone who has been professionally trained by the way (so I suspect she has not).  It was more sensual - soft touching with her finger tips, with a lot of brushing against my nuts and running her fingers along my arse crack, up the insides of my thighs and everything else to keep me turned on.  Next she removed her bra and rubbed her tits up and down my back.  After 10 minutes (in total) she asked me to turn over.

She straddled me now and finally I get to see her lovely lean body up-close, her cute knickers still on, covering her pussy which was now just inches from my cock.  She was still massaging me as I reached up to play with her breasts.  I asked her if I could kiss her breasts (expecting her to say no) and she said it was OK.  Now, she's playing with my cock whilst I start sucking on her tits.  She let me kiss her on the lips too a couple of times when I asked nicely - but as kept her lips pursed tightly closed there was no way she was letting me go in for FK.  If I was not pushing my luck at this point, I would be in a few minutes' time.

Normally in such scenarios I've had in the past (i.e. massage with HR rather than a punt) the masseuse allows very little touching of her.  This is both good and bad but forms part of the overall experience.  It's good because she can use her body to tease you more which adds to the excitement - and this one had such a sexy body that she was getting my cock rock hard - which looked great between her slim fingers with pretty manicured nails, as she gave me an oily wank, her legs still gripping against my sides.  The bad side is of course that its frustrating.  I really wanted to fuck her.

So now I have one of her beautiful tits in my mouth, I've eased down her knickers and I'm playing with her pussy with one hand and my other hand has reached behind her arse and I've got the tip of my finger in her arsehole.  It didn't take me long to cum like that.  She cleaned me up and I got the impression that was the end of the session.  I'd had 20 minutes.  She wasn't kicking me out the door, but since she didn't speak much English it was a little awkward.  Also she was stood up next to the bed rather than laying on it next to me on it.  I had to remind myself this wasn't a punt though!

I had seen on her profile that she does BJs as well.  I asked her about it and she told me this is only in one hour sessions (also it's covered).  Fair enough.  I only paid £50 so probably got my money's worth.  I also asked her if she "escorted" (observe my blatant disregard for her profile text, "don't ask me if I do full service" - fuck it I'm asking anyway dammit - you probably had somebody else write that profile).  The answer was no of course.  But would that be so far fetched?  After everything else that we did - and with the BJ on offer as well - how much of a leap is it to ride a cock too?

I took my time getting dressed and tried again to have a chat with her with limited success.  Tried to explain to her about this place when we talked about AdultWork and other sites.  Upon leaving her basement flat I noticed this smiling muslim guy in robes and long beard - literally waiting right outside the flat door to come in.  She showed me out without letting him in.  Bearing in mind it wasn't the door of a shared-entrance - fuck knows what he was doing there.  I got the impression there were other "massage" girls in the flat so perhaps he was waiting for someone else.
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