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London / London Sweet Amelie
« by Bilbao on February 06, 2016, 09:07:09 AM »
2hr Outcall @ published rate

I saw sweet amelie about 3 months ago in a 5 Star hotel in central London, whilst on a work trip

I spoke to her a couple of days before the meeting, she wasnt available on the day i wanted and so asked me to call her. We chatted for a bit and agreed on a meet date a day later. she was friendly on the phone, and followed up with  a couple of txts after.

the Girl:
She arrived on time and wearing high heels which took her above my 6'1 height - fantastic as far as I was concerned - she is about 5'8 per her profile, still a good height for me (i like to kiss the mouth during sex and not admire roots lol). She was classily dressed in a sparkly top and short skirt with some kind of gold bangle round her neck. She is pretty, but has had some work done on her face / lips which I am not sure about, I prefer natural, but dont get me wrong she still looks ace. She has large boobs, firm and no surprise they are fake, but I dont mind that. She isnt as toned as her pictures, no surprise there, but it is her in the pics and her age is about right I'd say @ 28-32yrs something like that

The fun bit:
We started off with some kissing and undressing each other, the kissing was ok, not dfk more light tongues, I prefer a good snog, but this was still pleasant. Then we got on the bed and she performed OWO which was pretty good, quite deep and varied. this went on for some time interspersed with some tit sucking, kissing until she finally took the first pop in her mouth. Clean up and laid chatting for a while and then she woke little man up again with some more oral and sucking my nips (always does the trick).
I then performed a long session of oral on her, which she seemed to enjoy (told me she orgasmed a couple of times - she certainly seemed to be enjoying it from the squirming and moaning). More OWO, doggie and finally finished in Mish, again she made lots of moaning as that built up to the pop. bit of a chat at the end and off she went....

Shes a genuinely nice lass, who tries hard to please and I had a pretty pleasant punt. I've marked her positive for that reason. Its funny I always mentally think to myself would I want to see this girl again - even though I dont generally because I still have a long HL to work through (and i have only one fave I do see almost every month). I'm not sure with Amelie, cant quite put my finger on it - maybe its because I've met some others that Ive just rated higher in my mind, but of course everyone is different!

hope this helps
London / Sexy Amelia X - Earl's Court
« by alessiobou on April 28, 2014, 10:21:38 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2364881 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+Amelia+X

This is my first review, so go easy on me...  :hi:

- Location: About a minute walk from the station.
- Facial features: A lovely smile.
- Personality: Extremely polite. I have never met a WG as polite as her. She's quiet too, and very obedient. She's a sweetheart, and honestly gives a true GFE.
- Oral: She's really good, and likes it rough.
- Sex: She's tight, that's all I can say.
- Body: I can confirm that it's the same one as the pictures, but her boobs are enhanced/not natural. They're still lovely though.
- Venue: Well taken care of, clean and cozy.
- Services: Unlimited cum, and does exactly what she's asked.

- Oral: A veeryy slight problem with teeth, but she's still really good.
- Sex: She overdoes it with the moaning, but I put this in neutral because some people might like that.
- Facial features: You can tell she's had a lot of surgery done: lips, cheeks etc.

- Venue: A bit dark, and was rushed inside to avoid anyone else seeing her bring me in. I understand she's being discrete, but having only one feedback worried me and I wanted to see her face before I walked in.
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