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Emma cute

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London / Emma Cute (Green Park). Perfect Morning.
« by nuruplz on December 16, 2015, 07:23:55 PM »
AW Profile:

Finally managed to see Emma Cute. Ever since I saw Nuru Massage videos online(especially those ones with Stephanie Cane) I wanted to experience something similar, if not better.

Nuru Massage
with GFE/Full Service (OWO, DFK, DT, RO, Sex in many positions,)
Assisted Shower

Communication through AW was so-so, she is busy and checks her emails once a day.
I booked her on AW initially for a 2 hours sessions but then she sent me an email saying she would only be available at 11AM, and for one hour.
The receptionist (diana from butterflytouch) was very quick to respond and provided me with the address an hour before my booking.

Emma's flat is very cosy, but clean and with the right ambiance. (relaxing music, very warm interior)

230£ for an hour.

The Girl:
Emma has a very pretty smile, paired with a great body: Slightly tanned skin, cute perky tits and a damn fine ass. Emma works out 3 times a week and studies to be a fitness trainer in the near future. She is also very funny and made me feel as comfortable as with a longtime girlfriend, nothing ever felt forced nor reminded me that she was working. Her english is perfect. unlike some other Romanians I talked to.

The Meeting:
She put me at ease as soon as she opened the door. We chatted for a bit and turns out we are both gym freaks. Went through the paperwork quickly (she didn't even check the amount in the envelope). On to a shower in which Emma joined me. We start french kissing and our soapy hands explore each other's anatomy. I grab that ass and kiss those cute nipples while she strokes me and gets me rock hard. Back to the bedroom I lie down and the nuru massage starts. Her slippery body travelling back and forth on my back is very enjoyable. It doesn't take her too long to start reaching for the other head and boy, getting a handjob with nuru gel is  :wackogirl: .

She flips me over and the real fun starts. without hesitation she does an OWO, and damn she's good at it. She sits on my face and I lick that beautiful pussy. Her moaning is the most arousing I have heard. She then sits on me and on to some great cowgirl. She is so tight that even that average durex condoms isn't enough to spoil my enjoyment. I double the speed which she likes. she stops for a bit and shake uncontrollably, don't know if she faked an orgasm but it was very very convincing. I want to see that ass bounce so we switch to some doggy. I usually don't like doggy that much because girls never seem to be fit enough to do it with their knee/legs very far from apart,  but emma does, and verrrrrrrry well. I can feel I'm getting very close so we switch one last time to mish, with her holding both her legs (a great sight  :yahoo: ) We alternate between fucking hard and long and slow while kissing. I decide to go hard as fast as I can and cum inside my condom. Even when I stop thrusting emma keep moving her pussy back and forth, extracting every last drop of my nectar with that tight pussy. Boy I wish I had her for an extra half an hour.
We take one last shower (make sure to scrub the nuru gel off your body, it sticks like crazy when dry)
We relax for a bit and chat about working out and holidays. she was flying back to romania the next day.

Emma is studying to be a fitness trainer and has a bunch of exams that will keep her busy next year, which is why she won't be available until march 2016.

if you like nuru videos: http://www.xvideos.com/video5597417/slippery_brunette_takes_cum
then hell yeah. Emma's price is a bit high but you pay for top notch service, sensual and passionate sex (and that tight pussy...) with a girl that knows how to use every inches of her body. Great and friendly attitude, and did I mention that ass??

London / Emma cute - Holborn
« by Puntsmith on November 18, 2015, 10:57:20 PM »

I saw Emma a few months ago when she was using a flat in Holborn.  She's moved since then but I've not been able to book her.

1st floor flat in Holborn.  Not that discreet because it's on a main road and lots of people walking by.  Parking in nearby roads on street.  I won't bother to describe the flat because she's moved from there now.

Her pictures are a good resemblance.  Emma is very slim with a nice butt. Her tits are small Bs possibly A.  Big responsive nipples that she loved being sucked and played with.  Emma was very friendly and chatty in a nice welcoming way - she was listening and making conversation rather than time wasting.  I would rate Emma 7.5-8/10 for looks - her photos are accurate.

The conversation/banter was quite good but that's not why we're here!  Emma was good at taking the initiative with being touchy feely and encouraging me to explore her with my hands as well.  DFK was very good and Emma seemed to like it.
Emma gives a really good massage!  This was a good way to start the session because it got me all relaxed.
On the flip over she massaged my front and moved in to DFK and kissed me down my neck and body moving on to work on my cock.  Good OWO. Sloppy and no hands.  Not quite DT.  A little bit toothy.  Very good technique with mouth, tongue and hands.
Responded well to RO and enjoyed fingers.
She has a very tight pussy and seemed to love doggy, pushing back onto me in rhythm so I was fucking her hard and deep.
I finished inside of her (in condom) because I couldn't hold back due to her pussy being tight and how well she was responding to being fucked!

Good positive rating and would definitely see again.
I'm also keen to try some of the other girls on butterfly-touch - Amina looks like a nice oriental hottie that's worth exploring!
London / Emma - Butterfly Touch - Victoria
« by aprower994 on June 12, 2015, 11:41:30 AM »
Time: 90 minutes; time actually spent: 97 minutes
Price: £280 + £30 for nuru
Link: http://www.butterfly-touch.co.uk/emma-kensington-escort.html or https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1838675

It's been a while since Emma's been reviewed on her, so thought I'd add a reminder of her absolutely top class service. She is expensive, but worth it in my opinion. I've been wanting to see her for a while, but the difficulty has always been the fact that she doesn't work weekends, which are in general the only free time I get. Anyway, had a day off yesterday so took the opportunity to see her.

She is based around 7-8 walk from both Victoria station, and Pimlico station. Her place is on a busy street, so not very secluded at all, and I believe she shares the place with another girl. Her photos are an accurate reflection of her in person, and she has a wonderful personality, excellent English, and made me feel relaxed immediately. She greeted me in an elegant red dress, which she looked awesome in.

I opted for the nuru + FS, but we started with a shower together where we explored each other body's a little, and DFKed. In fact, the DFKing was pretty much continuous throughout the 90 minute session! The nuru started with me on my front, and Emma used her entire body to massage me, while breathing into my neck and ears.

On the flip the fun really started! Body massage on my front very soon led into full blown DFK while our hands wandered everywhere. Played with her pussy inserting 1 then 2 then 3 and finally 4 fingers in. She was writhing in delight (hopefully not faking it) while I was doing this while kissing her (sensitive) neck, before finally going down on her, and she tasted great.

Her turn to return the oral favour, followed by cowgril where I blew my load almost immediately. We cuddled and chatted for last 15 minutes about all sorts before heading back to the shower.

Will definitely return to see the beautiful and charming Emma (though without the nuru element- though it was nice, the gel goes cold quickly, and makes your body very sticky once it dries).
London / Emma cute
« by StevenS on October 08, 2014, 07:10:26 PM »
Spent another great lunchtime with Emma. Went for nuru massage plus DFK and oral both ways. I chose this rather than the extra cash for full sex simply because protected sex just feels a bit lame after a firm grip and nuru gel on your old fella.

Anyhow, shared a shower with plenty of kissing and stroking with a bit of OWO as I was dried after, onto the bed and then Emma straddled me and ran the slippery gel over her tits and over me.

What followed was an hour of full body slide massage, 69, getting me to the brink and slowing until finally she made me cum.

Emma really is as fit as the photos suggest. Good English too.

Linked here but preferred booking is through butterfly touch agency.

https://www.adultwork.com/1838675 or https://www.adultwork.com/Emma+cute
After having experienced a punt abroad which gave me the best B2B massage I've had (+FS) at serious VFM earlier this year, I've been keen to find something similar in London.
Bearing that in mind and following on from https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=28992.msg409175#msg409175 I decided to TOFT with https://www.adultwork.com/2364368 or https://www.adultwork.com/NAUGHTY+MASSAGIST

With that bit of backstory off my chest, let's begin the review. First and foremost, the location is the flat on Goswell Rd which most of you who regularly punt near Barbican should know.

I should also mention that the one and only time I've punted here before, it was bad (https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=17640.msg274077#msg274077) so I approached the whole thing with trepidation and was ready to walk at the drop of a hat. In the end, I decided to chance £60 for 30 mins on the basis that I was able to reconfirm the services requested would be provided (it wasn't her behind the phone) and if it turned out bad again, I would be able to write this group off for good without hesitation.

Comms - 10/10 (Obligatory positive really. Replies were prompt and faultless but since I've had a bad experience in this place, there's this notion of being lured in with false promises ... especially now that I realise there's a receptionist involved)
Attitude - 10/10 (Friendly, eager to please, and all services were delivered enthusiastically. Even offered to find me a bigger towel when I complained about the size of the ones in the bathroom)
Massage - 8/10 (While the massage itself was good in its own right & she did this ball cupping thing that I liked, I was honestly expecting more since she advertised as a specialist. Predictably, she didn't do B2B after all)
Kissing - 9/10 (Deep, plenty of tongue, and didn't taste of smoke. I'm only withholding the final point as it wasn't the greatest DFK I've experienced)
OWO - 8/10 (Erotic, but just slightly too much hands for my liking. Not much eye contact as well)
Sex - 9/10 (Great ... plenty of passion in mish coupled with DFK, neck-kissing, and ear-licking. Again, final point only withheld because 1 position was done)

Appearance - 7/10 (Girl in the pics and honest about being size 12 but has a belly & bulk that can't be seen clearly in her free gallery which is certainly flattering. Imo she's likely early thirties as well but I find her face relatively attractive despite the flaws, hence the score. Also, had a small piercing in her right brow when I saw her today)

Punctuality - 6/10 (Was buzzed in 10 mins late and there was this fat bloke coming out of the common entrance as I entered so I immediately assumed the worst. Had to wait an extra 5 mins at the door to boot while I heard someone in the shower)
Hygiene - 5/10 (I thought her pussy was a bit salty. Since I assumed the worst prior, I assumed the worst again. The thing is, the rest of her body was fine and I've had pussies that tasted similar initially but turned out alright in the end)

Aggregate score: 8.0

Objectively, I can tell she was a good'un hence why I've marked her as positive. However, factoring in my bad experience with the WG previously associated with this group, I'm not sure I would've taken the plunge if I'd known the location in Barbican beforehand. As a matter of fact, I still dislike certain ways in which they operate ... so much so, that I'm not even sure if I'd return again despite my positive experience today. In closing, my advice to those who would punt with WGs at this Goswell Rd flat would be; make sure you reconfirm the services you require in person, and always risk what you deem affordable if you ever TOFT with one of them.

P.S. Before anyone asks, I didn't try anal.
P.P.S. I'm still on the lookout for a WG who offers B2B + FS ... basically, an Emma Cute (https://www.adultwork.com/1838675) but at half the cost. Drop me a note if you think you've found one.
Edit: P.P.P.S. Received an AW FB that says "Always a pleasure to see this lovely gent" despite my first time meeting the girl in question ... fuck these disconnected receptionists.  :angry:
London / Emma - Butterfly Touch
« by filatino_jay on November 18, 2013, 11:12:50 PM »

also goes as Emma cute on aw ( https://www.adultwork.com/1838675 or https://www.adultwork.com/Emma+cute)

Great location, easy to find and immaculately clean. Good shower facilities but a bit too small for assisted showers unfortunately.

Jaw droppingly beautiful, personality to match too. Excellent English and great conversationalist. Her profile measurements are accurate and her photos doesn't even begin to show how gorgeous she is in the flesh.

I arrived on time and Emma let me into her cosy apartment. She was dressed in a tight little dress that left me a bit speechless. Emma offered me a drink and we sat down for a bit to talk. We settled the paperwork and I went briefly to the bathroom to wash my hands and freshen up.
As I got back Emma initiated the main event with some passionate kissing. We slowly undressed each other and made our way to the bed. More kissing and fondling leading into OWO and RO. Emma is really responsive and knows how to please a man. We had protected sex in various positions and I finished with more OWO and an explosive CIM, then I had an oily sensual massage for the remaining time. Absolutely incredible and a truely unforgettable experience. Thank You Emma.
London / Emma Cute, Kensington, London
« by bobdavid on September 04, 2013, 02:01:56 PM »

I booked Emma for an outcall through Butterfly Touch as I wanted to (finally) try Nuru Massage... but sadly wasn't able to through no fault of her own :-(


- Emma has a fantastic body;
- Excellent kisser (deep, French, wet);
- Amazing body to body, oily (not Nuru) massage;
- Great BBBJ (no CIM) and ball play;
- Very agile with loads of energy;
- Was willing to try something new - strapon on me...


- This wasn't Emma's fault but, although the agency said that this would be fine, the Nuru sheet Emma brought wasn't big enough for the bed... without the sheet, Nuru massage just wasn't possible (lesson: go for incall Nuru in future).

Overall, I had an amazing time. I will definitely see Emma again - but next time I think I'll go for incall.
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