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Scotland / Gabriella - Glasgow
« by Greenfield on December 15, 2016, 10:28:21 PM »
Gabriella first came to my attention through UKE and given some of the discussions on there I'm not too sure if writing any review now is the best thing, but heyho. Looked up her AW profile and liked what I read, came across as kinky, funny and had good reviews. Meet was 4 days ago.

Comms: Done by text and initially good, with G advising of available slots for my given day. Advised that I would check my calendar and get back to her, which I did 2 days later (1 day before meet) putting a booking through AW as requested; could see G had read but got no confirmation. Radio silence, despite phone call and text. On the day just about to give up when I got a text that we are on. From that point comms were good again. But still not accepted booking through AW, hence review here not AW.
Cost: £100 for 45 minutes

Venue: Nice apartment Hydro/Govan area. At least 2 bedrooms to use.

Appearance: Slim, very pretty girl, 30 about right. Dressed as requested as a slutty secretary (leather outfit, black holdups, thigh high leather boots and nice lipstick).

Service: She asked what I would like and how fast to take it. I'm a bit vanilla, so started with that, OWO, DFK, cowgirl, then got more adventurish and moved to the other room that had the bondage gear and big mirror - G likes to put on a show - all the normal positions, with doggy the favourite - ball licking, used little vibrator and finished with CIM. I then tried spanking which G was enthusiastic about (a first for me). Attentive, kinky, dirty talking girl - loved it. Showered and had a nice chat afterwards.

Would I see again - yes, worth the trip through from Edinburgh, but G is retiring and I don't expect to get the chance again, but glad I took it when I could.

Like the Glasgow patter, so if anyone has recommendations, I'm happy to hear.
Scotland / G_A_B_R_I_E_L_L_A Glasgow
« by JS1988 on November 21, 2016, 12:00:20 AM »

Price: £80
Duration 1/2 hour

Met the last remaining superstar that is Gabriella last weekend, and have to say she more than lived up to my expectations. I cannot believe that it has taken me this long to meet her. Despite some difficulties in communication, she has definitely earned the superstar status that has been afforded to her.

Communication 7/10: I was originally planning to see her on Sunday (which she knew about) however due to a friend cancelling on me I thought Saturday would be a better day to meet as I would not have to sneak around so much. I must have called her several times, to inquire about her availability on Saturday, however her phone always went straight to voicemail or rung out. I also text her a few times asking about her availability but got nothing. She eventually got back to me about seven hours later with a rather confusing text.

Even on the day of the booking her communication wasn't great. She took ages to confirm my booking, even though I messaged her early, and just as long providing me with her address.

FYI, I also messaged her a few times on UKE and her reply times were none the better.

Location 9/10: City Center hotel, nice enough, discrete entrance with easy access to elevators, parking would most likely be difficult during a weekday. Room was clean enough, but she did have a lot of bits and bobs lying around in the room making it look a little clattered. Not really appealing if you are a punter.

Appearance 9/10: I opted for Gabriella's classic sex kitten look and was blown away when she opened the door. She is quite tall, with long dark hair, very slim, perfect ass for her shape, and small breasts with lovely nipples. The dress she was wearing looked fantastic on her and I couldn't wait to rip it off her.

Facially, I found her very attractive. I would describe her as having a classic beauty to her. She has tiny lips, and very high cheek bones. She looks almost oriental, she laughed when I told her she looked Japanese.

For all you guys who don't like girls with tattoos, Gabriella does have a small (rather unnecessary and unattractive) tattoo on her naval area.

Service 9/10: After getting in her room and having a bit of chit chat, we started started with FK which eventually lead to some OWO with Gabby on her knees. Gabby requested that I lie down so she could access my balls. Realising that she still had her clothes on, I started to remove them only to be met with a gorgeous body which I kissed all over.

Back on the bed for some kissing, and on with the johnny for some sex. Gabby has such a filthy mouth on her for such a proper looking lady, and you can tell she enjoys good old fashioned rough sex. I started on top and stayed there, moving her tiny frame into different positions and fucking her as hard as I could. After pounding her for a while, I made her cum quite hard upon which she gave me one of the most passionate kisses I have ever had. I wasn't too far behind her and I came in the bag much to Gabriella's delight.     

After getting cleaned up we lay on the bed kissing, with Gabby still eager and giving all the dirty chat she could. Being a one pop in a half hour guy, and just being generally exhausted, I was unable to get myself going for a second round.

Personality wise I found Gabby to be very charming. She is intelligent, is able to converse on a wide range of topics, enjoys a good slagging, and does not clock watch. We enjoyed each others company so much I must have stayed a good 10 minutes over my booking time, she never once tried to rush me out.

Overall 9/10

VFM: £80 for a half hour, yes and would definitely recommend despite the poor comms. She is that good that I am already planning a return visit in December but for an hour this time. As you are all probably aware, she plans on retiring in January next year so it is pretty much now or never for all you guys who have not seen her yet.

FYI, she recently put her half hour rate up to £100.
Scotland / G_A_B_R_I_E_L_L_A - Aberdeen (Touring)
« by Abzfun1 on July 28, 2016, 09:32:36 AM »
I've been pondering this review for a while now, whether it should be positive or neutral. I should base it on my experience so neutral it is.

I met with G_A_B_R_I_E_L_L_A while she was on tour n Aberdeen, I liked the look of her profile as I like slim, fit women. Also there had been many positive reviews on here.

She had a cancellation so I managed to get an appointment a couple of hours after I phoned, she was in a city centre hotel that is popular with escorts.

I was a bit surprised when I arrived as she looked a fair bit older than her AW stated 29, that's not too much of a problem as I'm older than that, also I can't be the only one to think that she's had work done? Her cheekbones and lips, her lips seem solid. Almost feline like?

I wasn't after anything kinky just probably a GFE with a little bit of filth.

The whole thing was a bit 'meh' and just couldn't get into it, well the first pop was ok but no DFK and her solid lips were a real put off. OWO was good but she then asked if I wanted to fuck her and I did, asked her to wank me a bit first but was not as I liked so on with the rubber. The sex was good but her 'dirty chat' was a bit crap, don't really need someone saying to me 'you're a dirty boy aren't you' and stuff like that.

After a short chat it was on to round 2, I just couldn't get going and maybe that was me but that's never happened before or since.

Ended up giving up, I've been with more persistent girls who will make sure they do everything they can to get it out of you.

Left feeling a bit shortchanged for my £140
Her age wasn't as specified as must have had a bloody hard paper round to be 29.
Lack of DFK and plastic lips mean I'll not return.

Scotland / Gabriella - Glasgow
« by DG on May 04, 2016, 07:43:07 AM »

Wasn't going to post a full review as there are plenty for Gaby already, but having mentioned my latest meet in another thread, comments have convinced me a new review is appropriate.

Comms: Having met Gaby several times now, all arrangements were made via text. I sounded her out a week ago and confirmed once she had posted her availability, which she now does on AW every Sunday. About an hour and a half before our meet, Gaby texted to let me know she was running about 10 mins late. This as no problem and I adjusted my travel accordingly.

Venue: Usual apartment south of the river is well covered in other reviews, although I believe G will be relocating very soon.

Appearance: As those who have met her know, Gaby is a stunningly attractive, with a hint of the exotic, looking girl with a super fit slim body. Pictures are 100% accurate. I hadn't given Gaby any clothing requests, but as I had asked for a massage to start with, more of later, she was wearing a short silky robe over a very sexy black and red bodice type thing with lacy attachment and suspenders with black stockings and heels.

Services: I have recently changed jobs, which makes the occasional evening meet a possibility now. As I had come from work, I had a shower before we sat down for a cup of tea and cakes and a catch up, and discussed what I would like from the meet. Having seen Gaby straight from work recently, I felt a bit of soothing relaxation to kick things off would be nice, hence the change of tack for me, going for a massage.

We went into the bedroom and she asked me to lay face down on the bed. I don't know if Gaby has received any formal training as a masseuse, but this wasn't your average WG oily rub and tug. She has the most amazingly light touch as she rubbed lotion into my back, across my shoulders and neck and later, up and down my legs. At no time did I wince because she had pressed too hard. Occasionally she would do something with her fingertips that felt like snow flakes landing on my skin. She also introduced some sensory play, for which she is famed, using a feather. Every now and then Gaby would explore more intimate areas between my legs, but not overtly sexual. The massage got me really relaxed and I turned over onto my back.

Thereafter Gaby proceeded with her usual sensitive, then energetic OWO. As most know she isn't the deepest but never fails to fully satisfy with use of the tongue, lips and lots of eye contact and the odd dirty talk about things to come. She does love my balls and I love her licking and sucking them;so she did, lots!! I then asked her to sit on my face. She did so facing me and I gorged into her very moist and tasty pussy with tongue and fingers until she climaxed. I then asked her to face the other way and we ended up in 69 which gave me the opportunity for a bit of rimming on her. G does not offer rimming, but gets pretty close in the right circumstances.

Time for the condom to go on. Started with cowgirl in front of the mirror. By this time G is naked and her gorgeous slim body and peachy ass riding me in he mirror as I twist her pert nipples and squeeze her gorgeous small boobs is a sight to behold. She then moved on to RCG so she could watch; this is equally arousing as I pumped her slow and long then hard and fast. I can't quite decide what my favourite position with Gaby is, but I know I love missionary with her legs wrapped around my neck and shoulders as I drive deep into her. Throughout there is plenty of FK, not tonsil tickling deep, but very sensual.

I fancied a messy ending so agreed I would cum over her boobs and body. As she has an insatiable appetite for spunk, she asked if I would lick it off her and put it in her mouth. Of course I agreed, but with these things I'm never quite sure if the urge is there once I've emptied myself. Anyway as I was now ready, I took the condom off and straddled her, wanking until I shot a massive hot load over her body. I was still highly charged at this point and had no hesitation in lapping up big loads of cum and dropping them into her mouth as we kissed.

This was one of those truly hot, sweaty and sticky sessions and the relaxing massage at the beginning makes it one of the very best meets I've had to date.

I had another shower at the end; absolutely essential in the circumstances; and as I was pressed for time, said my goodbyes and left a very happy and relaxed man.
Scotland / G_A_B_R_I_E_L_L_A - Glasgow
« by onetwentyfour on April 01, 2016, 02:34:47 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1870808 or https://www.adultwork.com/G%5FA%5FB%5FR%5FI%5FE%5FL%5FL%5FA


£130 for an hour.


Good communication, via email and text, all prompt replies.


Flat situated in city centre, down by the waterfront.  Nice, clean tidy flat. Good free parking available outside. Shower offered.


Description on AW correct, pics accurate - not photoshoped. Very pretty face, and cracking fit body.

Greeted at door wearing requested outfit, looking stunning. Nice lingerie set on underneath.


Everything I wanted on her likes list provided with no problems. Nice chat beforehand to ascertain what I was after. Fantastic GFE, DFK, OWO, great tie and tease play. Sex in various positions, finished inside.


Gorgeours girl
Fantastic DFK
Lovely personality
Great perky tits




Recommended, and will def return.
Scotland / Gabrielle Glasgow
« by auldie63 on March 30, 2016, 03:55:07 PM »
Just to satisfy the crew who think you must post a review every 10mins. Here goes.
Out of my medically induced hiatus last night and spent a very pleasant time with our Gabby.
There is more than enough on here about her, so don’t think my tuppenceworth will make any difference.
Suffice to say she gives the lie to the adage ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, every time I go to see her she does. I always considered her above my price bracket but after reading the reviews on here and some obliging geegees I decided to give myself a treat some time ago, and the fact that I now qualify for her regulars discount says it all. There are some on here obviously jealous of her ‘superstar’ status and to them I say the cream always rises to the top so live with it.
A word for you ageist twats who will obviously be happy to die b4 you get any life experience, to quote the movies ‘I was born game and I intend to go out that way’ so fuck your horrible and I make no apologies for not crawling off somewhere to wait to die. Get some in you arseholes. Or in your arsehole as I suspect some of you might prefer.
Back to the topic Gabs is great, I will be back and happy punting to most of you.
Scotland / Gabriella of Glasgow
« by chico1000 on March 05, 2016, 05:32:54 PM »
So I had a dream of doing something a little different with Gabriella, I dream't she was dressed in all her fetish gear and boots she tied me up on that St Andrew's Cross thing, blindfolded me did all that sensory stuff, wrote stuff with lipstick on my chest and then blew me with a wandering finger and then I exploded in her mouth and she swallowed the lot. 

So with this in mind I called her and arranged the booking, communications were excellent and directed to her usual flat.  She opened the door dressed in the fetish gear and boots.  She told me to make myself at home.  This is when things started to get a little weird.  I went to the bedroom and opened the door and there was Seeker jumping up and down shouting "G is going to get a good rattling"  I immediately closed the door and went to the bathroom and opened a cupboard looking for a towel and found TJ Hooker bound and gagged.  I said I thought you were banned and closed the fucking door quickly.  This was becoming weird so quickly went to the other bedroom and there was DG who was lying on the bed.  He turned to me and said "have you seen G's duo partner" I closed the door and went to the kitchen and there was Megan/Kate (Scottish Busty Tattoo) who was mixing a drink which smelled like diesel she turned and send "I'm just getting ready for the duo babes" https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=66226.msg844344;topicseen#msg844344
Fuck me I retreated to the living room to find G and there on the sofa was TAZZ sitting on top of some fluffy towels in fluffy bunny suit writing something on a computer.  He turned to me and said have you seen Maisie's tits.  This picture should do.

This was to weird so then I looked in the corner and there in the dog cage was Fanny F and Fagbreath eating shit. What a sight an old hag and the ultimate raincoat keyboard warrior complete with bi-focals. Well that was too much I bolted that fucking house of horrors.

Ok I made up the nightmare part I didn't meet anyone else on the punt apart from Gabriella. But the dream part actually happened up to the point she swallowed and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
Scotland / Gabriella - Glasgow
« by DG on February 16, 2016, 10:06:16 AM »

Just a short review of my latest visit with Gaby.

Met at her South of the river apartment. I hadn't specified anything in particular and when I arrived Gaby was wearing a very sexy red business suit and heels. The suit showed off her incredible figure as it hugged her curves. Started with Gaby's usual hospitality, the offer of a drink and a catch-up chat before discussing the meet. I've had some pretty adventurous meets with Gaby but on this occasion opted for something a bit more laid back. I told her I fancied an edging session. Now apparently this means different things to different people, so I confirmed it was orgasm control I was interested in.

We moved into the bedroom and as I started to undress, Gaby removed her suit to reveal sexy black bra, stockings and suspended, but no panties. She really does have an amazing body. So onto the bed and some very passionate and intimate DFK, which went on for a while before I slipped my hand between her legs, to discover she was very wet and I felt obliged to slip a finger or two inside. I then moved down and offered RO, which I'm sure was by much appreciated.

So onto the main event. I laid back and Gaby used a combination of OWO and hands to bring me to the edge time and time again. She even taught me a trick or two to control myself. There must be something about this technique, or experience as a whole, as I could feel myself throbbing and Gaby even commented on how hard I was. As she knows it's my favourite, Gaby gave my balls a lot of attention with her tongue and taking them both fully into her mouth, separately I might add, she is a little lady after all.

I was now ready for the condom and Gaby mounted me and a very energetic time followed. Watching her ride you in the mirror is a sight to behold. I then turned her onto her back and took full advantage of her flexibility; putting her legs over my shoulders and hers, spread eagled as wide as they could go, every now and then lifting her up by the hips to maximise penetration. This position always presents the opportunity for some more DFK, making the whole experience that little more intimate. I got to the point where my legs were starting to shake so it was time to think about finishing up.

Before satisfying myself I told Gaby I would like to see her cum, so she laid back with her favourite toy, and along with my fingers she came to a very satisfying and wet climax. I decided to feed Gaby's insatiable appetite for cum. So she got on her knees in front of me and I unloaded into her mouth. Seemed to take an age to empty myself, but as usual, not a drop was wasted.

After a quick cleanup we laid for a few minutes just chilling before we both went for a shower. Another cuppa and short chat and I was on my way. Unfortunately as soon as I got in the car, I got a text from Gaby asking if I had left her money. To my embarrassment I realised I hadn't, so I headed straight back to correct my error. I'm sure I'm not the first and won't be the last to do this, but she was totally cool about it, but I still felt like a shit.

All in all another amazing hour with Gaby. There is always a twist and something new to try. I know I'll be back.
Scotland / Gabriella - Glasgow
« by ordinary_man on February 12, 2016, 10:19:44 PM »
Half hour £80

My first post and my very first review.
Have tried to meet Gabriella for a while now but our times and schedule made it difficult for me to organise a decent time.
Called in the morning and great had a time for that afternoon that was suitable.
Made way to apartment south of river down broomielaw way, nice decent looking area plenty of parking and near rail links which is were I came from so I would say about a 10 min walk.
Entered apartment and for me it was a wow moment with the pictures that are on aw you get a idea of what Gabriella looks like but for me it was a lot better than I expected.
Firstly the body is absolutely stunning and probably the best I have seen.
Entered bedroom said our hellos and exchanged paper and in I went for a quick shower which is in a very neat part of the room those who have been will know and those who haven't will find out soon.
Came out and had a brief chat of what it was I was looking for.
Onto the bed and stright in dfk with caressing and explore each other, was then asked if I wanted oral with or without (no brainer) asked for without which got the reply good because I hate sucking rubber.
Had a brilliant blow job plenty of attention to balls and shaft, then onto using finger and oral on Gabriella, using my fingers she was saying it was fucking good and keep it there so i was getting well into it now.
On with condom and took her doggy looking into mirror which is a amazing sight to behold as this girl is stunning, have to admit it wasnt long before I came. Which I was fucking raging at myself as wanted to cim.
Helped getting cleaned up by G and then she turned round and said we still have a few mins left let's try for another and back down to oral she went, this time it was more sloppy more noisy and more spitting on me while talking dirty and offering snowballing (never done this)
Ended with me emptying my second load straight down her throat and she looks at me and swallows the lot.
Was amazed at this and myself for 2 pops so quick and had a wee appraisal from G herself that it was a decent load second as well which made me good.
Got cleaned up and had a bit more touching and kissing then went back in for a shower.
Getting dressed we had a decent chat about each other and life in general.then ended with a kiss at the door and a happy punter leaving. Punt was due to be half hour but was in for good 50 mins, tins was not mentioned at all l.
All in it was everything I hade imagined and a lot more as well.
Would I return yes, will I return yes and hopefully this will be soon as she is one hot lady and I would like to experiment more.
As this is my first review I have probably made a lot of spelling mistakes and a lot may not make sense bit hey there is going to people who will probably take the piss anyway, so if you please be gentle as I said I am new.

Happy punting
Scotland / G_A_B_R_I_E_L_L_A Glasgow..
« by moosehead69 on February 03, 2016, 07:18:57 PM »

1hour incall £130

I've actually met Gabriella twice over the last few weeks, I had actually tried to sort something out but the weather and illness put the kybosh on our plan meets. Gabby was always great with the communications and as has been said before she takes time to get to know what you want from the meet including outfit requests and whether role play was required... Personally not into role play and she was fine when I suggested a hour of good old fashioned shaggin...

On the morning of the meet G texted to check and confirm booking and both times was invited into flat st arranged time.. From the outset Gaby takes time to chat and get to know you (in her own time) before leading you to the bedroom for fun... One for the vanilla gfe another for her bdsm adventurous meets...

Gabby was always dressed in sexy lingere as requested and she is like he pictures with a sext sultry body..in the bedroom she can change from being a sweet lovely girl to a dirty fuck who wants you to squeeze her nipples tight and how much you wanna fuck her...

The position of the mirror allows you to see her sexy ass as she rides your cock  in cowgirl and she is good...constantly changing positions and making sure your happy this was one of the best and most natural meets for me... After coming inside her ( with protection) round two was more of the same before she sucked and swallowed the lot.... Not a drop was split...

Throughout the meets I felt totally relaxed and enjoyed the intellectual chats and general chit chat about life and never once felt rushed and both times it was me who instigated going before I over stayed my welcome ...

Yes she did a bit of tie and tease which was fun....never owned up but I was cheating and could see but what a sight it was as she has a slender sexy body and it's a pleasure to see and explore ...
In my opinion G is one of the better Scottish girls who repeatedly gives a great service and encourages exploration of any hidden fantasies you have ...
Scotland / Gabriella & Miss Sophie Thomas (Duo) - Glasgow
« by DG on December 22, 2015, 08:48:24 PM »

1 hour £200

I'd been planning a duo for a while but was let down by one half of another pair. I'd already met Gaby 1-2-1 and knew she did duos with Sophie, whom I met later. I chatted about it with Sophie and I started to get the feeling they would be a good option as they got on so well together. So a duo with Glasgow's very own UKMunting superstars was my choice  :lol:

Comms: Even though the girls know each other I made arrangements with them individually via text. Surprisingly details were confirmed within about an hour, the only outstanding issue being venue. After confirmation from both girls, all other comms were with Gaby, who let me know the night before our booking that due to unforeseen circumstances, Sophie couldn't make our original time, so we agreed to meet the following day.

Venue: Finally confirmed the day before meet as being Gaby's south of the river apartment, so no need to repeat review of facilities from other reviews.

Appearance: Again much talked about this 'pair of munters'. I hadn't requested any particular outfits but both girls were dressed in sexy lingerie, stockings and heels; they obviously remembered my preferences from previous meets. All joking aside, they both have great bodies; Gaby very slim, small and firm boobs; Sophie is a bit curvier with slightly fuller boobs. Her lingerie really showed her great figure off. And yes, they are both attractive girls.

Services: This was my first duo and we discussed how I would like it to go before we started. Now some details are a bit of a blur, due to the intensity of the action, so I won't even attempt to recount everything in a chronological order. But what I can recall is that we started off with both girls ravishing me, one of them engrossed in DFK whilst the other feasted on my cock. I didn't really need to direct traffic as the girls naturally switched positions and delivered their own unique take on things. Having discussed it earlier, I was contemplating a double pop, and after only a few minutes of raw eroticism, I was convinced I would manage it. So round one was on its way. Whatever happened to get me there, both girls were keen to taste what I had to offer. I shot an impressive load while face fucking Sophie, who snowballed it to Gaby. Dirty bitches managed to spill some on my leg, but Sophie was good enough to lick it clean  :dance: Not sure who got what but the rest was consumed.

To allow me some recovery time, Gaby and Sophie engaged in some girl on girl, a first for me and well worth the entrance fee  :D TBH I can't remember much of the detail as I was just chilling and enjoying the view. Although I was tempted into some more DFK and a suck of Sophie's gorgeous nipples as Gaby expertly gave Sophie oral.

Then on to round 2; this is really where things heated up. A load more cock sucking, ball licking, rimming, with both girls alternating, between that and DFK. I took the opportunity to 'help' the girls out by holding the back of their heads while going down on me. Sure Gaby won't mind me saying, but Sophie takes it the deepest. Then on with the 'bag'  :lol: :lol: (private joke). Really can't remember what order things happened, but suffice to say both girls rode me cowgirl whilst the other sat on my face allowing me to finger, lick and suck their pussies, both of which taste delicious  :yahoo: Throughout this phase I focussed on some activities each girl particularly enjoys; Sophie does like some deep anal play and Gaby loves her tits to be squeezed hard. Oh I forgot, throughout the meet, a small vibrator was introduced and spent a great deal of time around my balls and ass. Often I could here one of the girls asking 'who's finger is that?' Most of the time I didn't know if it was me or not  :cool:

After climaxing Sophie with some intense oral and deep fingering, and pounding Gaby hard from beneath, it was time. I asked both girls to get on their knees and I wanked myself to completion. Now here comes the circus act. I was expecting a bit of a spray over the girls' faces, but somehow as they had their lips around the end of my cock, they managed to consume every drop between them. I honestly couldn't say how well I did for a second pop, but Sophie did comment she got the most of it.

Summary: This was a truly memorable experience and has convinced me that an excursion into the world of duo fun every now and again will be very much on the cards for me. Having seen Gaby twice before, the dynamics of a duo brought out a different side to her personality and I have to say, her porcelain features were somewhat disheveled by the time it was all over. Sophie is a bit more gregarious and her personality is infectious. We laughed throughout the meet, often at ourselves, but generally because we were having a great time together. I know I will meet both girls individually again, but I'm certain a rematch duo is guaranteed as Sophie and I owe Gaby a spot roasting  :yahoo:

Scotland / G_A_B_R_I_E_L_L_A - Glasgow
« by hoopbhoy on December 09, 2015, 10:24:13 PM »
God I've had some good punts recently but tonight's with Gabby kept that run going with a great one. At this rate I'm probably due a broken leg for balance.

Looks every bit as good as her pictures. Slim, long legs, beautiful peachy bum, small but perfectly formed breasts, classically beautiful face and long silky black hair. Opened the door wearing silk dressing gown which she loosened to reveal black basque, suspenders, stockings and matching briefs. Elegant and completely hot.


What can I say about Gabby that hasn't been said on here many times. Simply one of the best service providers in the city. £130 for the hour, nice flat south of the River Clyde, decent parking, shower facilities were good and the room perfect for a good session.  Arrived and was invited to sit and discuss what I wanted from the date before being offered shower and a drink and taken into the bedroom to get ready. Gabby kept up a constant stream of chat that broke the ice and helped me feel relaxed.

We started with her tying me to the bed and blindfolding me before caressing me with a range of different textures and items. She indulged me in a little face sitting before suggesting a little role play where she played the part of a lass I'd wished I'd bedded in real life. Went through a nice we scenario with me tied to the bed that involved her making me eat her totally delicious tasting pussy before popping on a rubber and riding me, she untied me and had me grip her ass whilst she bounced up and down. I finished in her whilst in missionary, with lots of deep french kissing and a stream of dirty talk from Gabby. A great first pop.

Had a bit of a relax and chat and she decided it was time for round two. She introduced a wee vibrating toy to my ass whilst she gave the most delicious bj. Lots of ball licking, running her tongue around the shaft and great suction. It was fabulous.  On with the condom for a lovely doggy session, her ass is amazing to watch, before a nice spell of mutual masturbation. She then demanded I finish in her mouth whilst she knelt by the bed. Not long before she drained me like a water balloon meeting a pin. Another nice wee chat whilst I dressed and then took my leave. No clock watching involved at all, great value for money. 

She's brilliant, whether you just want a good GFE or want to explore some of your fantasies Gabby works to make it reality.
Scotland / Gabriella - Glasgow
« by DG on November 22, 2015, 11:32:49 PM »

1 hour £130

Gabriella had been on my HL for a while but for one reason or another I had never attempted to book her. I finally did a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately due to illness, Gaby had to cancel, so we arranged to meet another time.

Comms: I originally made contact via AW and original booking was made after exchanging a few emails and texts, confirming details. Subsequently arrangements were made via text for rebooking. Her manner in all comms was very friendly and chatty and I was getting a good feeling about her.

Venue: Smart modern apartment just south of river. Easy to get to with plenty of parking, but the layout of the complex meant Gaby had to come out to meet me. So my first sight of Gaby was in the car park, when she greeted me with a kiss.

Appearance: Although there are no face pics on her profile, it is clearly Gaby in the pics. She is quite tall, classically beautiful with an incredible slim and pert body. I had requested the Classic Sex Kitten look mentioned in her profile; she was wearing really sexy black lingerie, stockings and heels. She looked absolutely stunning.

Services: First of all I should say that I was amazed at how relaxed I felt in Gaby's company. If I'm honest I was slightly nervous about meeting her as I was thinking "this is not your average WG". Whereas she is not your average WG she is really friendly and made me feel welcome and relaxed from the first moment we met.

Following on from our pre-meet exchanges we started with some refreshments and a lovely unhurried chat, getting to know a bit about each other and how the meet would go. This is where it started to get interesting. Gaby asked me what I was looking for, but also had a few suggestions of her own. Having discussed a range of experiences and a tour of her 'facilities' I agreed to allow her to take the lead, which was a first for me.

So into the bedroom, I got undressed and lay on the bed where we enjoyed some amazing DFK and mutual caressing. Then Gaby tied my wrists to the bed with stockings and put a blindfold on me. Now this really was a first for me and I was slightly apprehensive. I needn't have been. We then engaged in some sensory play. I won't go into details as it will spoil the experience for those of you who chose to do this in the future, but suffice to say it was very sensual and enjoyable.

Whilst still blindfolded Gaby started OWO, including a lot of tongue on my balls and shaft. This was a different experience being blindfolded, but she is really good. All the while the eloquent and intellectual Gaby is teasing me with some incredibly provocative 'dirty talk. A combination of what I would like and what she would like me to do to her in graphic detail. Gaby introduced a toy at one point which heightened my pleasure. On with the condom and Gaby climbed on top. Again a really different experience as the visual aspects of sex are very important to me, but this felt amazing. Gaby was directing me to grab her ass and hips and pull her on to me. She took her bra off and I touched her amazing pert breasts for the first time and I was invited to squeeze her erect nipples. :yahoo:

She then took off the blindfold and I could see me pounding her in the mirror at the foot of the bed, and her boobs looked absolutely stunning, I couldn't help but to squeeze and suck them. I then offered RO to Gaby. I think she enjoyed this as much as I did. A combination of oral and fingering had her writhing with pleasure. Some more OWO followed before putting another condom on and I fucked her missionary with her legs over my shoulders and then spread wide apart. Again Gaby responded to a combination of hard pounding and slow thrusting, asking me to kiss her as we clinched. Gaby then demanded that she drank up all my spunk and directed me to straddle her with my cock in her mouth. All I can say is a load went in and not a single drop came out  :dance:

I took a shower as Gaby made a cup of tea and we chatted again until I felt I had really taken up enough of this incredible lady's time. In fact time was just not an issue at all, with the whole meet being really relaxed and unrushed.

Summary: Gaby is a stunningly beautiful girl with an incredible slim body. She made me feel so welcome and relaxed and whilst she is clearly a women of intellect, she is also very kinky and her dirty talk was far more provocative that is normally the case. An absolutely outstanding service provider who can cater for most needs. I will definitely return and may be tempted to try some of the more adventurous of Gaby's repertoire. Faultless experience with a flawless girl.   :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Scotland / Gabriella
« by S.X. MacHine on July 21, 2015, 02:11:13 PM »
Not that I venture to Weegieland often, but fancied a NURU massage which some of you guys have recommended, so I booked an hour with Gabriella. Now, having had a one to one and a threesome with her before, I knew what she was like. So, here goes-
Looks; very slim but beautifully proportioned woman. Not a pick of fat on her; lovely skin.
Grooming & lingerie; both excellent.
Personality;bright, friendly and chatty. Puts you at ease.
Services; as per profile. Likes rough handling of her tits. OWO, CIM no problem. Flexible as well, being a domme, masseuse or giving you a GFE.
Customer service;seriously! Goes the extra mile to give satisfaction and gives the impression of enthusiasm. Very professional.
Negatives; her facial appearance is not her strongest suit, but she's not ugly!
Don't know if I'd bother with a NURU massage again as it involves copious quantities of baby oil and a sticky black plastic sheet. It was soothing and relaxing rather than erotic. The erotic, though, came after with a very satisfactory CIM and Hitachi wand on cock combo. It seems to be a bit of a speciality with Gaby and one I'd recommend. Oh, and her other speciality is dirty talk, which I've not really encountered much. Unexpected as it was coming from the lips of a well groomed, well spoken lady, it was a bloody turn on. She is quite graphic; potty mouthed, even.
She's not a clock watcher, nor does she do back to back, apparently. Offers duos with the lovely Miss Sophie Thomas whom I've seen once. All in all, a satisfactory punt with a sex worker who is genuinely into it. But then I reckon those of you who have seen her will know that.
Scotland / Gabriella of Glasgow
« by chico1000 on March 29, 2015, 11:33:55 AM »
Was going to just add to Alex's recent review but as somebody recently said sometimes remarks get lost in the thread.  So apologies if this is Gabby overload.
Visited Gabby yesterday and was lucky enough to see her at short notice although I think forward planning may be in order.  I have previously done a duo, a gfe, a wee role play, a tie and tease, a massage so you can guess a bit of a regular. Yesterday was billed as a massage and extra but kind of developed into a full blown pse/gfe. Other reports about her attractiveness personality are all accurate. I'll leave the details of the meet alone on this occasion because you can practically do anything with her apart from anal. Every meet I have had with her she does with enthusiasm and everything practical to please you. Her in call flat is quite a palace of pleasure and pain. The bedroom where she does GFE has got some nice women touches and a big mirror on a wardrobe.  She has now in the second bedroom she has got a huge St. Andrew's Cross type cruxifix. I think she's turning that into a dungeon.
 I asked her to show me her new toys and equipment and she has got more toys than Hamleys and more chains, iron cages and spreader bars than a successful scrap metal merchant. Every conceivable perversion seems to be catered for. Personally don't get off on all that but by the same token fascinated by it. She's got a flexible day job but I think you may be on to plumbs if your looking for a miday or morning meet in the working week.  One minor criticism is she talks a lot probably needs something hard in her mouth to keep her amused.  I'll get a doing for that one.
Probably I am biased but must be one of the best overall service providers in Glasgow.
Scotland / G_A_B_R_I_E_L_L_A
« by Alexix on March 28, 2015, 11:49:58 AM »
G_A_B_R_I_E_L_L_A   https://www.adultwork.com/1870808

Firstly if you want  to meet Gabriella, then book in advance by sending her and email/text.
In the past I had tried several times to call her but always in vain, I honestly gave up.  Then I followed some advises given to me on this forum and I eventually had my time with this stunning girl some weeks ago.

Met her in Glasgow for an incall at her home. It is very nice and near the city center. Shower facilities and fresh towels available. Safe and discreet place with a near parking area.
Gabriella is even nicer than I thought. Beautiful face and stunning body. I felt very horny soon after she opened her door. 100% the girl in the photos. She is about 30 years old.
Very friendly, confident, polite and funny.
Sex in different positions, hand job, mutual masturbation, RO,  OWO and  CIM (this was the best part!   :yahoo:)

I would definitely meet her again  :thumbsup:
Scotland / G_A_B_R_I_E_L_L_A (Glasgow)
« by stuart_gla on February 28, 2015, 12:10:19 AM »

1 hour booking.  Nice and clean flat, close-ish to city centre.  Arrangements by AW email, txt's on the day, called before appointment.  Personality wise: educated and well spoken, friendly, good to be with, talks easliy about what your kinks are.  Put her phone away for our booking, good stuff.  Shower before and after, plenty of men's toiletries to choose from.  Soft fluffy, folded, towels available.  Bathroom was en-suite.  Nice bedroom, big mirrored wardrobe.

So, kinky foot fun for this booking.  She wore a sexy corset-style lingerie outfit throughout, with no pants on.  Gabriella is quite into the sex toys, and (without asking!) put a cock-ring vibrator thing on me (I don't know how else to describe it, a wee mini vibrator attached to an elastic band). Quite an interesting sensation with that buzzing away, as I admired her stockings, smooth legs, small/cute feet, and sucked on her toes (nice dark red/purple nail polish), mixed in with some OWO and ball tickling.  Enjoyed a sexy foot-job with lube.  Interestingly, to finish she used another (larger) vibrator on my cock.  She's straddled over me, while I'm lying on my back on the bed, and she is rubbing my cock between this buzzing vibe and her pussy.  Passionate snog just as I came.  First time to orgasm using sex toys, something new there.

Afterwards, Gabriella left me to my own devices to get showered and dried, coming back in when I was half-dressed, which is good.  I like that few mins of post-punt private time, to collect yourself a bit before leaving.  So, overall an excellent time, really pretty, positive from me.

Any negatives?  Missed my Starbucks or Costa Coffee immediatly afterwards, I had to walk ten/fifteen minutes for that back into town...     :lol:
Scotland / Gabriella of Glasgow
« by chico1000 on February 09, 2015, 09:19:25 PM »
I have reviewed Gabby a few months ago and have visited her on a few occasions. I have previously done a wee duo with her and another girl, a tie and tease type session and a wee role  play.  All were good.
 Others on here have also seen her and commented on her so forgive if I am a bit lazy on the communications, looks, location etc. All is good, pictures and reviews on both sites are accurate.  What has changed is she now offering a tantric/nuru massage and as am partial to a good erotic massage I could not resist and booked the one hour option.  As Gabby already had plenty of different skills I was a bit suspicious that she could deliver the massage part of the deal however she assured me she had been on a couple of expensive courses and was competent enough.
Anyway on to the punt, this fluffy towel business is getting well known as her text when I arrived was "gr8 c u soon just getting towels fluffy 4 u"  She must have been mixing me up with someone else, I wonder who that could be.
Anyway usual routine on entry. Gabby was wearing one of her outfits in the photo and had eye shadow on which made her look a little oriental or like a geisha.  Opted for the tantric massage she striped off got me on the bed face down started with a very sensual massage with oils.  Light touch but very good working the back legs and arms. She worked down towards the inner thighs with plenty of teasing on the twigs and berries.  She then started sliding up and down my back nibbling the ears and whispering filth into them this went on for a while with her swapping back and forth. On the flip a bit more of a massage then on to a few extras.
 In my case prostate massage, hand relief, owo, cim and swallow. A very very happy ending.  Gabby has not got the proper massage bed as yet however she is promising to get one soon.  I believe her as she has got a whole load of expensive toys and equipment for the more kinky punters so I don't believe she will shrink on proper equipment.  I didn't touch or finger her on this occasion but I don't think she would have an issue with touching. 
She wont  be able fix any sore backs, football or rugby muscular injuries. Its never going to be a massage like you get in a "Hammam" but I doubt anybody on here is really looking for that and services.  The touch is light,sensual and expertly given. I felt very relaxed. The extras were unbelievable.
Scotland / Gabriella of Gabriella and Honey Glasgow
« by pilgrim on December 13, 2014, 01:08:56 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1870808 or https://www.adultwork.com/GABRIELLA+%26+HONEY

I was intrigued by Chico1000's review of Gabriella which was all positive so I decided to contact Gabriella and see if I met the criteria for a one to one meeting as I had not previously met the duo. After a few prompt emails we agreed on a convenient time and the booking was agreed.  On the day Gabriella had asked me to confirm that everything was still on.

Gabriella's place is very clean and welcoming, its a safe area with good access, parking and close to major roads.  I was buzzed in and offered a hot drink and a towel as I was rather bedraggled due to the weather.  We then commenced with a bit of role play as previously arranged and Gabriella was dressed as requested. Gabriella has an extensive selection of specialist equipment which was visible.  I did not avail myself to these.

I discussed Gabriella's AW profile as I was presently surprised as to how much more toned her legs/thighs were to her recent pictures.  As she says the camera can be deceiving. She has a lovely figure with long dark hair, natural breasts with responsive nipples which she encourages you to play with.

A very positive punt with a lady who is prompt in replying and provides the services advertised with no qualms.  I am very glad that she does do selected one to one bookings.  She has her rules as to who she will see for her safety and I fully respect her decision on this. 
« by chico1000 on December 08, 2014, 01:52:18 PM »

There was a recent thread on this site asking who was the nicest looking wg in Glasgow.  I nominated GABRIELLA as I had seen her a few months ago as part of duo with Kate Sins.  That was a very good punt and it got me thinking I would quite like to try Gabriella on her own but I remembered she does not see guys on her own.   However I emailed her and it turns it out she will meet you if she has met you before.  Any we exchanged a couple of emails and a chat on the phone and got directions by text to a very nice flat south of the river.  She greeted me in stunning fetish gear with no panties on. Gabby is the dark haired girl in the photographs and I don't believe they have been photoshopped and are accurate. They also give you the kind of good quality gear she wears. She has a very attractive face and body wise is quite fit and toned.  She has pert breasts and I notice the nipples stick out a bit. Her pussy lips also stick out.  I would place her age late 20's early 30's.  She is a confident young lady but friendly with it.  Not shy in discussing fantasies in-fact actively encouraged it.
 I kind of opted for a very mild dom/tie and tease session followed by as many erotic sexual services as she could throw in for the hour at £130.  I won't go into too many details about the session but suffice it to say she was up for anything on her list.  She was exceptionally enthusiastic. Her oral style was a mixture of slow sensual with good eye contact and pse with plenty of spit. Good attention to the testicles and teasing and licking the shaft.  Throughout the whole hour she did absolute everything to provide the best service possible.  We ran on time wise and even when I called time on the session she offered to make me a cup of tea in the living room and we had a we chat. She is very easy to talk to.  There was a few other nice touches.  One of her many positives is the ability to direct first class action with her with her making suggestions (some of them very kinky).  I think Gabby could fulfill most red blooded male fantasies and a few others.  I am struggling to think of negatives for a balanced review and I suppose the main one is that at this time you can't see her on her own as a stranger.  You have to book a session with her and Honey or one of the other girls she works with first. The reason for that is I think she had a bad experience at one time.  Don't think that is too much of a hardship if you have the funds available. I think Gabby has a day job so maybe seeing her through the week during the day might be difficult.  I will visit Gabby again and probably try the duo with Honey.
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