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Scotland / Ready n' Raunchy Glasgow - fantastic!
« by Jellaby on February 03, 2017, 05:46:04 AM »

Saw Laura a week ago. What an amazing time!

One of the best experiences I've ever had with a girl...Laura's profile is accurate and only misleading because it really can't do justice to her personality, attitude, and genuine full-on raunchiness.  If someone wants to know what the girlfriend experience is, Laura is it - and then add some!

Comms at first all via AW because Laura is careful to make sure she is dealing with a serious and real person, but we arranged a time and after I followed up with AW booking, we had a quick phone chat.  On the day swapped texts in advance and this is always reassuring - no doubt for her too! - that you're not dealing with a time-waster!

Laura arrived a few mins early - such a change when many times I've had messages saying I'm running late etc!

No sooner was she in my room than we began with some lovely deep french kissing - and I do mean deep.  Full on face-snogging with tongues inter-twined - so passionate and horny.  Fell on the bed and continued for a long time, just breaking off to start undressing and then back in embrace.  Eventually Laura moved down my body and started wonderful oral.  Words are just not enough to describe this...full, deep, prolonged sucking, all the time looking at me.  I'm average-sized and Laura could take me all and does this amazing thing with her tongue - out of this world!

This lasted I don't know how long - and then later at different times through the evening - always with total commitment and never in a hurry to stop...Really superb.

At some point we fucked for the first time, Laura on top first and then into missionary.  I don't last long but what amazed me for the whole booking was how I stayed hard and was ready again so quickly - I put it down to Laura's loveliness and the attraction I felt.

I love to lick a lady's pussy and get so much if I succeed in making her cum and it was wonderful to be able to do this several times with Laura.  She is sensitive and sensual and came each time.

After that it was just one long, constant movement from kissing, oral, fucking, back to kissing, 69 and finishing a couple of times with spectacular CIM.  No understatement on her profile at all.

I couldn't believe just how full-on the whole time had been - non-stop from Laura and I'm sure it was down to her that I managed to keep up!

Only wish I lived in Glasgow and could see her more!
Scotland / Ready and Raunchy - Glasgow
« by geezer_breezer on November 15, 2016, 10:17:11 PM »
OK, first, before going any further. Let me tell you that Laura was fantastic. She gave great comms, directions and service. She was good-looking and loved receiving oral. i enjoyed seeing Laura cum from RO a few times. Sex was decent - she submitted to my shite attempts to dominate.

LAURA = POSITIVE (and very tall!)

Problem was everything else. These are going to seem like petty complaints but, in the end, they were mood-killing for me. For the first time in my punting history I could feel myself losing my erection about halfway into the meeting.

I met Laura in her hotel for a 1-hour incall. Hotel reception was large, anonymous and easily navigable. The room was also nice. But here is what killed the mood:

1. A Fire Alarm happened. It was only a test but it's hard to enjoy a blowjob when a siren's going off solidly for 2 minutes.

2. A visitor came to the door. Events were interrupted again. It was only a maid but she wanted in to clean the room and wasn't complying with Laura's insistence that everything was fine.

3. Soundtrack. This is the only thing that Laura had any control over. The telly was tuned to Heart. I didn't notice it at first but I kid you not - every time I was pleasuring Laura she had music to listen to. Every time i was getting sucked or teased it was adverts or the news. As soon as I'd zoned into that then every change of position was spoiled by me wondering if.......yes, it's the bloody travel. So, as well as me telling you that Laura has a lovely body i can also say that Junction 15 of the M8 is backed up.

So, by the time 1 and 2 had happened then I didn't have the will to address 3. The mood had gone. My lesson learned: turn off the radio in future. We did eventually make it to Pop #1. She gleefully took it in her mouth and sucked hard to swallow the lot. That, at least, was a great sensation.

For those who enjoy a list, we did: Mild submissive stuff (following instructions and stuff), OWO, RO (x3), Sex,


Scotland / Ready n Raunchy - Glasgow
« by ordinary_man on September 25, 2016, 12:46:59 PM »

Incall at hotel close to the hydro and secc
£60 half hour meeting
Parking is nearby don't know price as took the train.

Spent a few weeks emailing Laura and managed to get a date that suited us both.
Forgot to say that this meet was a couple of weeks ago.

Hotel was decent well known chain
Easy to access and lift right at entrance so that calmed the nerves as this was first hotel visit.

Called when close to hotel and got the room number
Up to the door and she opened door while standing behind it.
Nothing to worry about as when you see her she is pretty looking a very good body with curves in the right areas.
Chatted away for a few minutes and offered a shower.
Then on dfk which is probably the best I have had from a working girl.
She then went down to my belt and started to undress me and right into owo which was amazing.
After a few minutes stopped so we could both strip off.
More dfk standing at the bed and slid a couple of fingers inside which was responded well to.
She then lay on the bed with head over the side and took me deep inside her throat, this felt and looked amazing.
Good 5 minutes on that and then both of us on to the bed and I went down on her, now this is something I like to do with any woman let alone on a punt.
Laura was clean and felt and tasted amazing and from the sounds and squirms she was making and doing seemed to be into it as much as me.
We swapped doing oral to each other a good 3 or 4 times before on with condom and took her missionary with legs over shoulders and deep.
To finish took condom off and Laura took me deep in her mouth till I came and swallowed the lot with a good suck at the end and then lucked the tip at the end which gives you that wee shiver.
Lay down on bed extremely happy and we chatted away then I was expecting me to get hard again but I did she then when back down on me and got me real hard she then started to suck and luck my balls while I wanted myself and within minutes I was ready to shoot again and again  she took me deep I her mouth and I came again. Amazing.

Had another chat and offered another shower which I took
Another chat while getting ready and a kiss on leaving.
In total was there for 40 minutes

All in all a great punt for £60 with a great girl, good personality made you feel at ease, great body and great oral.
Would definitely see again and hopefully soon.

Scotland / Ready and raunchy
« by steelman on September 17, 2016, 08:39:03 AM »
  Been trying to arrange a meet with Laura for a few weeks but our times never seemed to tie in. But finally got things together recently and it was worth the wait. The meet took place in a central hotel in Glasgow which appears popular with some girls as you can bypass reception to get to the lifts.  Laura was waiting behind the door dressed as requested and got down to the action the minute you cross the door step with some very serious DFK. Then it was onto the bed and the DFK carried on as we stripped each other. As laura worked her way down to give some excellent OWO. Got to say she suchs like a dyson. Then after turning her around into 69 she toold me to come in her mouth which she swallowed. After a quick break to catch our breath it was all go again and on with the bag for sex in various positions until I could wait no longer and emptied myself into the bag and it was time to leave with a smile on my face. Wondered if all the hype about her was true but got to say she was better in the flesh. Will certainly be trying  to arrange to meet Laura again as she is certainly excellent value for money.
Scotland / Ready n Raunchy/Glasgow
« by Clattypats on August 21, 2016, 07:42:54 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2022869 I know she has been well reviewed but here goes(30 mins/£60)
After about two weeks of emailing back and forward,finally got a booking arranged with Laura..noones fault we just couldn't get times/dates to match..Her comms were good throughout.
Phoned her on the morning of the punt,as she likes you to call at some point so she can speak to you in person.Got the city centre hotel she was in followed by the room number so headed up to the room.
Laura answered the door and when she appeared from behind it was standing there in her nice black underwear.Nice curvy(ish)figure,and pretty face to match.
Into the room and a nice bit of Dfk with me grabbing that nice arse of hers..we then got undressed and I lay on the bed as she proceeded to give me Owo,she has a really good technique and takes it quite deep,making all the right noises.
Condom on and onto missionary which was great.she had a cute/cheeky kind of smile on here face as I was thrusting away and some nice eye contact ,with they lovely blue eyes.Onto a bit of doggie after this with a wee bit of spanking.Was aiming to go back to missionary again but she then put her legs up on my shoulders as I knelt on the bed so I could take her that way instead.
Condom off and into a bit of 69..played a bit with her clit aswell and could feel her getting even wetter than she already was..Was almost ready to cum at this point so stood at the side of the bed as she knelt in front of me sucking my cock till I took over with my hand, and right as I was about to come she took my cock in her mouth as I came,then swallowed the lot.
Great booking,and have been back again since and will be again.Like has been said before she is part time at this,so is full of energy and enthusiasm.
Scotland / Ready n Raunchy ... Glasgow
« by moosehead69 on August 11, 2016, 01:19:54 PM »

Incall at central Glasgow hotel one hour £100

So after recent positive reviews decided to take the plunge and arrange a meeting... Email sent, reply , booking agreed wee chat on phone ... Great communication and flirty texts adding to excitement .

Profile doesn't give away much, which is fair enough for privacy but it adds to the excitement as the door is opened to be met by this gorgeous tall brunette in sexy undies stockings and heels. Made to feel at ease from start offered drink and shower but straight into some stimulating DFK with exploring hands.
Soon both on the bed an she started owo which was great. Nice deep and sloppy with plenty eye contact... Moving onto RO which she seemed to enjoy before on with condom her on top riding away like a trooper.... This went on for an age as I played with her responsive nipples before onto doggy....... What an ass not the most tonest girl some nice sexy curves and great in doggy before rnd 1 complete....
Wee chat then she instigated rnd 2 with some more oral then fingering her wet pussy before she jumped on top again before she pulled me over onto missionary which completed rnd2....
Normally this takes me a while but there was still only 45 minutes gone and could have gone for rnd 3 but I was shagged out wee chat kiss and cuddle before shower and I was on my way....

Great time spent with this down to earth friendly sexy girl .... Hope to see her again soon as she's one of the best around... IMHO...
Scotland / Ready-n-Raunchy Glasgow
« by auldie63 on August 09, 2016, 12:51:15 AM »
That’s a great name for her, Ready & Raunchy she sure is. Been trying to meet for about a week but something always didn’t mesh, but finally today things fit. But comms were all excellent.

          adultwork.com/2022869 or https://www.adultwork.com/Ready%2Dn%2DRaunchy

Got stuff going on at the moment so that meets have to be later in the evening but no problem for her. Usual half hour exploratory meet for first time with new WG. Hotel near Central Station and later at night so parking not too bad. Txt for room No. then straight in past reception no bother and up in lift. Every time, and it’s several now, that I have been in this hotel there is always some guest at the reception desk, often a queue and they have no time to look at who the hell is coming in as long as you look like you should be there and ain’t dressed like shit.
Knock on room door and it’s opened right away but she’s hiding behind it so a bit wary, but needn’t have worried, she’s behind the door cause she is wearing some of the scantiest delicates I’ve ever seen, as requested and doesn’t want any passerby to see her. My eyes must have been out like organ stops as she says ‘I take it you like this?’ , great body and very nice face, fucks sake things are stirring in the nether regions just thinking about this. I honestly could have just looked at her and cracked one off there and then but no chance, she’s on my face with some enthusiasm shoving her tongue down my throat and I’m feeling her all over and I ain’t even got my bloody jacket off. I pushed her down on the bed and started to get undressed which got plenty assistance, and as the boxers descended she’s on her knees for some of the best OWO in a wee while. Well it went on like that for the fastest half hour in history. She loves to kiss, suck and rub herself all over you and loves any RO, fingering her tight pussy etc. you want to do. Never got to shag her, at some point CIM just happened and I’m a one pop guy in hh these days. Clean up and lying for a snog and fumble for the time left.
Looks wise she is 9/10 for the body, great tits, arse and just body.
Think I read someone say she wasn’t too good looking’ this must be a twat who shags JLo or whoever on a regular basis, more likely his fist, she is lovely IMHO. Coupled with her very pleasant nature she could become a star around here.
Would I return? Wild fucking horses are not gonna stop me having ah hour with this cutie to hopefully go further.
Read someone compare her with Jasmine4hotfun and was there a couple of weeks ago and she is great, but purely on the body I have to give it to Laura. She really is vfm.
Scotland / Ready-n-Raunchy - Glasgow
« by perfect 10 on July 04, 2016, 05:30:56 PM »
Had a 1 hour meet with Laura today in a city centre hotel. She managed to check on early and text me as she knew an early afternoon slot was preferable.
As Rev Steven said, she's a pretty girl, age definitely accurate at 26 on AW. Was met with a welcome kiss and a bit of chat leading to some FK and some mutual feeling up.
Spent a bit of time lying on bed and I was getting so aroused I popped 🙃
Laura said I could have a clean up in bathroom but she doesn't worry about wipes and the like as she was soon giving some OWO to get me hard again. This girl certainly knows how to give oral and can take the full length no problem. Somewhere during this i gave her some oral which she seemed to enjoy.
I suggested we get the rubber on and she said I thought you'd never ask !
Asked for reverse cowgirl and she went at it with gusto. I wasn't really feeling it as much and changed to doggy but the exertions had taken their toll.
Some more DFK and a chat then with no sign of the second coming, I said I would jump in the shower. Laura offered to join me ( as discussed before visit) and we soaped each other down, which I really enjoyed.  Got hard again and she made a valiant attempt at wanking me off but it was a lost cause.
Great VFM at £100 for the hour.
Scotland / Ready-n-Raunchy Glasgow
« by Reverend_Steven on June 27, 2016, 02:28:24 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2022869 https://www.adultwork.com/Ready%2Dn%2DRaunchy

Met Laura in a city centre hotel a few weeks back for a half hour meet at £60.

Pre meet comms were excellent with services discussed and agreed upfront no problem. Text 5 mins before appt to get room number and up I went. Laura answered the door in a really nice lingerie set with sussies on. She has a great, fit body and was visually a treat. Facially she's pretty if not a stunner and her pics and profile description are accurate.

After a quick hello she planted some excellent FK on me, not a lot of tongue action but it was pleasant enough. Stripped, freshened up, got the paperwork done and lay on the bed to get things started.

Laura took off her bra to reveal a decent set of tits and stuck her nipple in my mouth whilst gently wanking me. Her nipples are quite responsive and I could get a feel that she was starting to get wet too. She then moved down to some very deep OWO. She has a great technique where she takes you all the way to the balls and squeezes her throat which gives a great sensation on the wee fella. Matching that with a lot of eye contact meant the oral was excellent. Perhaps my only criticism would be that there could have been a bit more spit but that would be being picky. She worked up the pace over 10 mins and was really getting me close so I told her to shove it right down her throat and hold it there whilst I came. She did and took my whole load straight down, slowly moving up and gently sucking to get every last drop even licking the bell end clean afterwards. All done with a smile, great stuff.

Rested for a while and chatted before her hands got me hard again for round two. She climbed on top and fucked me hard, really grinding my cock deep into her. She was moaning really loud which in a hotel added to the excitement for me and after some frantic riding from her I blew my load again into the back, well and truly fucked.

After mopping my brow we chatted again for 5 or 10 mins and the meet ran to about 45 mins in total which was great VFM. Recommended particularly for the OWO but the shag wasn't too shabby either!
Scotland / Laura , Glasgow
« by mavgoose on March 17, 2016, 03:16:44 PM »

Laura , aka Ready n Raunchy , £60h/h.

Ok, I've read through the previous comments and reviews on this girl. I had previously seen her at her flat in Motherwell, which is not normally where I work. Seen she was now in Glasgow and thought, time for a catch up. City centre hotel , I believe that will be her preferred choice from now. All good.

In the time since I visited her, Laura has lost a little weight and is a gorgeous young lady. Size 10/12. Tall, taller than me in her heels. Dressed in just a lovely bra and pants set. And killer heels.

She is definitely the girl next door type of beauty. No hair extensions or heavy make up. Simple pretty look.

Her previous reviews range from very negative to a mills and boon love story. I found her to be friendly , sexy , horny , pretty , enthusiastic and willing to please. !! No rush, asked at end if I wanted another shower, probably about 40 mins in total from in to out hotel.

Add into the mix she can talk to you about football and you've almost got the perfect woman.

Looks 7/10
Body 9/10
Services 10/10
Personality 10/10
VFM 10/10.

A nice surprise to see her in a much handier location.
Dangerous for my bank balance however, as I'll find her hard to resist. However, @£60 a visit, I'll perhaps not mind too much.
Scotland / Ready-n-Raunchy. Motherwell
« by Hawdit on August 10, 2015, 05:59:13 PM »

Took a few emails to establish a flow of contact, eventually arranged to meet, but overall no real problems with comms.

Got to the flat, after climbing a lot of stairs, definitely not one if you have a problem with stairs. I went in and the flat was quite grubby.  Wasnt overly impressed by the young lady either but in the half light and in her bra and pants not so bad as for me to walk.

She was very keen and eager to please and I did manage to do the business twice, but she had that orange glow in her face that I can't stand. 

She looks in her mid to late thirties, and really not very pretty. Her tits are saggy and stretched, like most of her body, she gave good service but I couldn't enjoy it, bedding was dirty, walls had mysterious substances on them and carpet is slightly sticky.

I love giving reverse oral, but I could not go anywhere near it, it looked like the pork scratching you get that hasn't been shaved!!! Around her pussy was shaved but there were big long hairs poking out from under her flaps, really bad.  I am not the smallest of chaps and can usually feel my wee guy in even the most stretched pussy, but it was the proverbial sausage up a close.  After my punt with shelovexo last week this was always going to be a bit of a downer but really this lass pleasant in her approach, good customer service skills but environment was horrible and girl a little rough and overused.
Scotland / Ready-n-Raunchy - Motherwell
« by mr small on April 14, 2015, 06:25:29 PM »
www.adultwork.com/2022869 or https://www.adultwork.com/Ready%2Dn%2DRaunchy

Exchanged a few e-mails to arrange a meet and had to e-mail my no. for RNR to call me so comms ok, but could be better

Flat is 5 min walk or 2 min drive from Motherwell centre.

Met at door by RnR in very sexy looking undies,   :crazy:

Would describe her as very girl next door look facially, looks pretty and sexy when she smiles, with a very nice curvy (NOT FAT  :rolleyes: ) figure.  :kissgirl:

very good owo , looked to enjoy my attempts at RO  :P ,

worked through a variety of positions with some enthusiasm but she really looked to be enjoying herself in cowgirl  :dance:

Summary - a very nice local girl who seems to enjoy what she does, quite a few tats but nothing ott for anyone interested.

Scotland / Ready-n-Raunchy
« by bangwanin on November 13, 2014, 05:02:19 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2022869 or https://www.adultwork.com/Ready%2Dn%2DRaunchy

I know there are a few reviews on UKP already about this young lady but here's mine...have been to visit with her several times and enjoyed every moment, we had some naughty roleplay where I was the stern headmaster and she was sent to me for a good spanking which she took no problem..I noticed after the spank her pussy was dribbling wet..she enjoys playing the sub role and does just about everything she is told to do..great blow job and a nice hard doggie shag to round the visit off...

The flat has been commented on several times...its a bit sparce in places, could do with a major clean through out, but then again I was not there to do her hoovering...
Scotland / Ready-n-Raunchy - Motherwell
« by supermoon on September 01, 2014, 08:55:34 PM »

Location:      Motherwell, ML1 just off the M74
Directions:   Excellent, landmark on the right and off-street parking at the Medical Practice.     Building access control quick and easy.
Time:      60 minutes
Fee:              £ 120
Comms:          Excellent, text and verbal, postal code into GPS and arrival on time.
Venue:   Agree with “The Fitter” 100 percent, bedroom could be more tidy and organised, I was not there for MoD inspection just my short arm inspection which exceeded all expectations.
Service requested: GFE and stress relief   
Service delivered:   Awesome GFE and excellent stress relief, not a single drop left.
Arrival:                  RnR opened the door dressed in bra and panty, she is beautiful and attractive and certainly in her mid-twenties. Her AW profile is accurate. There is no way you can keep your hands off this woman, went through to the bedroom paid the fee on arrival and then went into carnal mode.
Foreplay:   RnR really does enjoy her profession and we kissed passionately whilst hugging, squeezing, feeling, touching and fingering. Her bra is easy to remove and those nipples were just the right fit to suck, lick and nibble. We spent some time getting to know each other and she is very responsive to delicate and caring touch. Her clitoris and vestibular bulbs are super sensitive to touch and it was not long before she had her first orgasm. Limp body and weak knees it was off with the dripping wet panties and on with the tongue-tip-test. Head between the legs whilst she gave me a head massage, was, I thought, a very nice touch. Some minutes later RnR took her hands off my head and joined the Flat-Earth Society as she held on to the sheets, deep breathing and tense muscles she squeezed my head between her legs and just held on whilst the waves of pure bliss washed over her. She relaxed a little and motioned me to change my body position so that she could demonstrate her “Heather Brooke” skills, which she did with great enthusiasm.
   Whilst I was enjoying her well developed skills in multi-tasking I was keeping her clitoris and vestibular glands fully engorged. In what appeared to be a seamless movement RnR produced a condom from under the pillows and placed this very expertly where it should be. Not the “look Ma no hands” but it was OK.
Main act:   RnR then rolled over onto me and without penetration moved slowly up and down rubbing her throbbing loins and thighs in places that excited both of us, as the tension mounted in both of us I could feel the ever closer mound of pubic bone and engorged vestibular as her clitoris moved up and down my shaft, relax, relax relax, breathe, breathe, breathe were all I could think of as our bodies became one as the moist warmth of her vagina engulfed my fully erect penis. Slowly but surely she lowered her body fully onto me, pubic bone on pubic bone and lent forward to fully embrace me, breast on breast, faces together we again enjoyed some passionate kissing.   Jockey, cowgirl and rodeo were positions most enjoyed and with A-spot, G-spot, clitoris and V-gland stimulation it was mind-blowing to have a joint climax where I was left with not a drop of energy or anything else left within me.
After glow:        Fatigued, but well relieved we lay and cuddled and chatted for awhile before reality hit home, 30 minutes to my next appointment and a 20 minute drive down the M74 did not allow for a second round.  Walking up the road to my car I was just able to put one foot in front of the other, arriving at the car I pushed the remote button and approached the car to enter the left (passenger) door, another reality check, remember you are in Glasgow not in Europe.
Conclusion:   Great visit, well worth having your brains scrambled. Please add 30 minutes slack time to your day as a second round certainly was on offer, never disappoint a lady is a Golden Rule! As 700 plus have read this review there must be “God’s gift to woman, or Penis of Steel, or Fast and Furious, or Rough and Ready, or Rocket in my Pocket or even a Pussy Pounder” who could take up the challenge and make a visit and then submit a review.   

Scotland / Ready n Raunchy Motherwell
« by the fitter on May 17, 2014, 06:01:10 AM »
Have posted about this girl,but here is a review. The reason I am giving a Neutral is the condition of the flat,from the outside the flat is in a modern building in quite a good area,the inside is terrible, the bed was clean but the flat was dirty. The service from the girl is good and lives up to her profile, OWO. CIM.Swallow, And she receives spanking well. Her body is as she says a 10,and a nice ten at that with natural well proportioned breasts,bum,and thighs,even with the flat in the condition it is in I would go back.
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