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Scotland / Nice Andrea, Glasgow
« by Poopster on April 21, 2017, 05:54:40 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2386948 or https://www.adultwork.com/NiceAndrea

I've had some shitey punts but this one is up there with the worst.

Can't even be arsed going into the nitty gritty, but if you want a shite shag in a fucking dump from a ropey old boot with a pot belly, Nice Andrea is your girl.

OWO wasn't bad but she just wanted to get the rubber on, climb on top and shut her eyes.  After a minute or so I felt the wee lad giving up the ghost so I put my hands on her waist and pumped her up and down like fuck so I could get my clothes on and get the hell out of there.  Zero connection and total lack of effort in creating a sensual atmosphere. Stank of smoke too.

Will not be back in a million years.
Scotland / NiceAndrea Glasgow
« by Bigger69 on August 13, 2016, 02:57:41 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2386948 or https://www.adultwork.com/NiceAndrea


Initial comms by text were fine. Dont think she speaks much English.

Post code sent asked to text when I arrive to get door number.

Arrived in the street which is right next to a school in the east end of the city, but obviously out with term time, so no issues now, but could be  a bit dodgy depending on the time of day of your punt.

At the agreed time, I text to get the door number. Waited 10 minutes, no reply.

Tried calling, no answer.

Eventually 20 minutes after the agreed booking time, she text me the buzzer number.

Go up to the tenement flat, press the buzzer to get in. No answer.

Press it a few more times while hanging about like a spare prick for 5 minutes.

Door eventually buzzes open, traipse up the stairs, knock on the door. Yep, you guessed it no answer.

Left standing only for a couple of minutes this time, for the door to be opened by another Punter leaving.

I managed to beat him down the stairs.

Here's the thing. I don't kid myself on that WG's only see one punter a day or anything like that. But when they are scheduled so closely together, that just gives me the Boak.

She was obviously going to see me without even having a proper shower or fuck all. Nah sorry that sort of service is not for me.

Can see why she only charges £50 for hh including anal.

Biggest laugh is about 20 minutes after I pulled out the street she text me "You come Now"?

Not with you ya manky hoor.

Cant comment on appearance, service etc as I never actually saw her.
Scotland / Nice Andrea
« by Burnside on April 22, 2016, 10:35:49 PM »
I saw Nice Andrea today, and left unhappy. :(www.adultwork.com/2386948 or https://www.adultwork.com/NiceAndrea
15 minutes £30.00
I had contacted Andrea by text, and a time with address was agreed.

I got to the east end then text her when i arrived, and didn't get a reply, after about 15 minutes of waiting i was in 2 minds to either text again or head back.
As this was about to happen i saw i guy (no doubt another punter) leave a close. I then sent her another text, and she replied via text that she hadn't heard the first, and to give her a few minutes, then she text back with the door and buzzer number.
The door wasn't secure, and her flat was top floor in a run down tenement building. :unknown:

When i got in Andrea was not bad looking, was well turned out with short hair.
I was pointed in to the room of the bedroom, but asked to use the bathroom first.
When i got back i handed Andrea 30 notes, and she left the room with the money for me to get undressed with no English spoken.

I then got on to the bed, and there was some wet patches as i got on it. :scare:
I got comfortable to a area that wasn't wet, then Andrea entered the room, at this point i thought she was getting a toy out, no this was a timer that i could hear ticking.  :crazy:

Andrea then took her clothes off, and for her age she did look very good, but put lube up her fanny so not much chance of reverse oral, and got on top of me with some very tame kissing, and stunk of a ashtray, no doubt having a quick Cigarette whilst keeping me waiting instead getting herself fresh for me. :(
She kissed my body down to my manhood, then got some baby wipes out to clean him up whilst i was hard, which went soft again, and needed some okay o.w.o. although a lot of use with her hands that got me hard again.

There have been suggestions on here that Andrea might go bareback, and the way she put the condom on i wouldn't put it past her, as it was almost like she had never put one on before, she was quite rough which proved to be quite soar doing this.  :scare:
On to the intercourse, and she got on top of me, and as soon as i put my man in her she shut her eyes. :mad:
She rode me a bit on top then i get a word of English :yahoo: doggy, and the thought of not seeing her face with her eyes closed was ideal to switch positions.
The sex in this position was very good, and i did shoot my load in the jacket up her, although the buzzer for the flat went 3 times, which was very off putting.
Andrea then cleaned me up with baby wipes, and the timer went she smiled at me, and i got dressed.
Although the intercourse was good there were far to many off putting things that happened for me wanting to see her again, and the lack of English spoken was one, and she probably didn't want a 15 minute booking, and wanted me to cum, and go. :(

In my previous reviews i have written a few positives, and negatives, I'm not doing it this time, as there were far to many negatives in this punt.

In future i will stick to at least half hour bookings, and will see people that i can speak to in English before booking them.
No score out of 10 either just a thumbs down from me. :thumbsdown:

Scotland / nice andrea glasgow
« by southside93 on March 12, 2016, 12:19:09 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2386948 or https://www.adultwork.com/NiceAndrea

Its an old one but as i only joined today i thought i would post it as it is my only punt in the uk to date.

I am not sure exactly of the date but i think it was about 18 months ago

Ive always really been into the thought of being with an older woman so i had a look on adult work and Andrea was one of the first to catch my eye

The green light was on on her profile and after a few quick texts i found myself outside the close and then making my way up the big staircases

Andrea looks exactly like her profile pictures and i would definetly reccomend to anyone that is into the more mature woman

As soon as she opened the door i was directed to the room where the fee was quickly sorted, £50 for 30 mins, well worth it. After she returned to the room from putting her money away she asked me to get undressed and at this point started to get naked herself, i dont know if its just because ive always had a fantasy for older woman but Andreas body was perfect for her age and that really started to get me going

she started off with some great owo, which had me raring to go, she then hopped on top and gave me everything she had which was absolutely amazing i then turned her over and started giving it to her doggy and really pounding away so it didnt take long before i shot my load in the condom

Overall it was a very good no rush service the only problem is a lack of communication as she speaks very little english but if you make sure and sort everything over the phone by text before you visit then im sure youl not be dissapointed

I will definetly be going back :thumbsup:
Scotland / nice andrea
« by bigbell on October 18, 2015, 02:47:53 PM »
www.adultwork.com/2386948 or https://www.adultwork.com/NiceAndrea - Get QR Code

was working in east end of glasgow,and tried a couple of others but were unavailable so gave the nice andrea a txt, replied she was available for a short notice meet,text back looking for owo,cim and maybe some watersports, she replies yes too all my requests

get at flat, and she txt me the buzzer number, ffs 3 flights up,but trying to get in the close was just as bad,overgrown bushes on either side
means you have to brush yer way through

gets into flat, bit messy but looked clean gave over the paperwork,and she left the room, and when she came back she stripped off, smaller tits than in the photos, but was ok, she cant speak much english, so it was straight onto owo, was good, and she didnt mind me slipping a few fingers into her wet pussy, time for the rubber, bit doggy,reverse then off with the bag for some cim, really good,came quickly but she continued to gently sucking,sure she swallowed, never went for the water works
she has a obsession of fixing her wig
would i go back, maybe not, but worth the money, and she does what i asked for

Scotland / Horny Evik and nice Andrea two girl blowjob
« by Lovesamummy on June 20, 2015, 04:59:31 PM »


So I was in the mood for a quickie blow job the other day,  not too many about that give a good service.  But I noticed the old stalwart,  Evik of the Czech Republic was back in town.  Sadly no longer down my neck of the woods.  She's in a flat in the East end now.  And then I noticed it's the same flat that Samantha and Andrea use (two elderly Czechs I've banged silly a few times)  so I figured I know the way there at least.... Hahaha
So I texted Evik and made enquired if The other ladies were also available (Samantha sadly out of the country,  she's a fantastic fuck,  see previous review)  but Andrea was.
So I enquired if they ever work as a pair...  And they do.  So,  I just opted for a quick two headed blow job,  both these ladies are fantastic at this most intricate of talents.  Arrangements made, £60 for 20 minutes was what we agreed.

So,  I arrive,  they both greet me which was nice.  I stood there as they stripped me off,  muttering to each other in Czech (not one word of English between them)  and they went to work.  Both mouths sliding up and down either side of my cock,  taking turns on the head....  And them swapping balls for cock as they went back and forth.  For anyone who knows,  there is not much in life more enjoyable than one girl on your dick and the other slobbering on your balls.  They took direction really well as ever,  they giggled a bit which was nice,  very good technique,  very wet and sloppy.  Towards the end I lay down on the bed as one slathered my perineum and the other gobbled my dick like she hadn't had a bite in months.  Very enthusiastic.  Then the grand finale.  I'd agreed in advance that a facial was happening and they kneeled in front of me expectantly....  I pushed their faces together as I wanted and they sat making eye contact,  eyes and mouths wide with smiles painted on.  I exploded Danny d style all over them,  hosing one and then the other back and forth in till they both had a respectable collection  of my semen on their chins,  cheeks,  mouth,  eyes and hair!  It was stupendous.

I know you guys tease my taste in old hours,  but there are some guys on here who know what these ladies can do.  Evik in particular is a gifted dick suckered,  the best I've ever had after only that gorgeous fat Polish girl that used to be in Partick.  A thoroughly good time had by me (the paying customer,  I don't know or care if they liked it) but it was fab.  I'll be back! 
Scotland / Nice andrea
« by Smegma on April 12, 2015, 12:25:25 PM »

Bargain punt 50 quid for 30 mins, however it does hit home a bit that you get what you pay for.
Text only communications which must be with the pimp as she speaks zero English.
The flat is a fucking disaster and located in glasgows East end.

She's wearing a wig in the pictures because when I got there she had very short hair which was almost lesbian like. Supposed to be early 50s however I'd say that's pushing it.

Anyway it's quite clear due to the pricing strategy she has a high turnover of clients.

When I got there I undressed and jumped onto the bed and immediately got back up as I felt a damp patch on the bed which I presume was the previous incumbents spunk.

Anyway after moving myself to a dry area on the bed we went about it.
Does deep OWO which was great and deep throat kissing which I wasn't keen on as I was paranoid about the previous incumbents spunk. She does CIM.

She finished me off by enthusiastically going on top although it was very much like throwing a sausage up a close.

Decent enough budget punt although I doubt I'll be back.
Scotland / Nice Andrea Glasgow
« by Lovesamummy on May 20, 2014, 05:55:06 PM »
OK, so I've not posted in a while, but the thread I started a wee while back should fill you in on what I'm all about.


So I had a serious horn the other day, I really wanted to fuck some over 50 lady.  So I had a browse, nothing much going short notice and I saw this profile:-


It was the same flat I have seen Nina and Samantha (awesome over 50 babe)  Not a terribly nice flat, but she was only 30 for a 15 min sesh, figured it was worth a squirt.  Now before getting there I checked to see if I could give her a facial (this can be a fairly big reach in a 15 min) but she said ok.  Now she's czech, and was using google translate I think so there could have been crossed wires.....

Anyway I get there, she lets me in promptly.  Now Im not gonna give scores out of 10 because its pointless, this is highly subjective, its not like Im reviewing the new Halo for fuck sake.  But she's not much to look at.  Better than her pics.  tall, slim and friendly I guess.  Oh yeah, english...? NOT A WORD!
Not sure why I capped that, It takes the pressure off.  I just go with it and see what I can get away with.  So shes nothing special to look at, but for a 52 year old, nice figure, smooth skin and great arse.  I would tell you about her pussy but I never went near it because......

When I saw her walk over to the tabe to lube herself up, I could see her stick a blob in her snatch and then another up her ass. Hmmmm, Im thinking.  I know what Im doing in about 6 minutes.

I sit on the bed naked and she gives me a decent uncovered blowjob.  good rhythm, good ball work. decent.

[Oh yeah, if yo like the DFK, you are in for a treat, she is gung ho.  Maybe a bit too much for me, I mean, buy a guy a drink first! hahaha]

Anyway, decent blowjob and then I stand up, bend her over (no protest, she is nice and malleable, likes me taking control)  I have a wee rub of her anus and then on with the condom and I just ease it in there.  I have to say, very pleasantly tight considering it belongs to a 52 year old woman who sells it for a living.  I gave it to her nice and gently for a few minutes and then worked up to the point I really thought she would maybe ask me to calm it, but no, I am like a pig in shit (literally!) and having an absolute blast. a couple minutes later, I suddenly could feel my spunk bomb about to go off so i pulled out (no shit on the condom, nice bonus - maybe she doesn't eat) and I got her on her knees and started chugging whilst she slobbered all over my balls.  Several seconds later, she took a beautiful cumshot to her face, mouth open, but I got bonus points for her glasses and even a sploosh over her hair.

There was no chatting after, but the atmosphere was pleasant enough.  Also, I hadn't been in this room before and it was a bit nicer, but not much.

Still for £30, anal and facial, dirty hoar 52 years old taking it from a young man!  Its my fantasy.  Not the best looking, but brilliant value and puts a bit of effort in without saying a word you might understand!

No score, just a thumbs up!

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