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Sassy Tina 

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Scotland / Nigerian, Queen's Park, Glasgow
« by Nnbobof on November 24, 2016, 01:25:15 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3752802 or https://www.adultwork.com/Kinky+Mya29 -
[Link added by admin]

Her name is/was "Kinky Mya29" and also Sarah? The AW link has to be well over 300 digits long, so I'll not bother pasting it!

Being new to this online punting lark it should be reminded to those bothering with my comments to note that I've always stuck with low hanging fruit, mostly for sanctity, such as Soho walk-ups, Amsterdam(obviously), and the occasional pop by a sauna/parlour(mostly in Manchester).

Given the weird policies in Glasgow it could be unkind to have awarded this one a neutral. However, OWO and CIM were advertised as "enjoyes" on AW. Maybe I didn't pay her enough "to enjoy", but let me be the first to state "my end(providing it is not red raw from anything Amperican Pie) is perfectly pink, not too bulbous, so much so that it will never be touched by a surgeon(7.5 inches is fine for me, and I'm happily male). If my back was double jointed I'd be down there regular as clockwork; hence, to be frank, I think this one is a lesbian.

I bartered £40 for half hr at first, it then took a while for me to stiffen as it was fkn Baltic today and her initially cold reception made me at unease. I declined offers of baby oil, massage oil, and such like, as when it comes to ebony puntang my number one prioty is deepthroat without condom. Price then went up to £60. Not knowing if she might have been on the run for holding up an off-licence in Lagos £60 was all I had with me. It got me a few rounds of OWO, no CIM, but a promise of full OWO/CIM/deepthroat, for an hour, for £120, and I can cum as many times as I am capable, for next time.

Maybe that's the best you'll ever get from a reasonably attractive black lassie up here, and maybe I should have fucked her(she was angling for it), but if I'm going to treat myself to deepthroated ebony delights for an hour(at £120 for the hour) there are pently of places in the world where the quality and quality of service will be amazing!
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