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Scotland / Dundee Glam Natasha69
« by Gus69 on November 23, 2016, 02:29:06 AM »

Cold Monday night and had the horn. About 21.30 hrs. Thought about either super sexy Samantha or glam Natasha 69. Wanted to play safe with an AW profile .Natasha noted as being Romanian but has masses of AW feedback so presumed okay.  Managed to speak with Sam who sounded nice but fully booked. Called Natasha and got through straight away.

I would say her English was good and no problems communicating at all . Saw where her location was listed as being so wasn't far away when I called , only 5-10 minutes away .Pointed out I had an AW profile and offered to put booking req through the site. Given street and once there called again and given number to go to and then directions . Top floor flat but quite discrete .

Natasha opened door before I got to it and was waiting a see through black robe with black bra and pants . Small flat and she showed me to the bedroom which was lit with a few candles. Surprised to see a selection of cans of fizzy juice available for the thirsty punter.

Natasha's profile shows OWO simply not available and GFE only with an hour or more appointment . Simply asked for a functional 15 min quicky which was £40 instead of normal £50.

I found Natasha very chatty and friendly and also quite relaxed . I had seen her profile on AW over the years but had never visited due to no OWO on offer. Had always thought her previous profile pics made her look older than the stated 27 but face to face don't doubt this is her correct age. Profile pictures definitely her even without relying on the tattoos . Guess about 5'7" , 5'8" in height without footwear .  I would say she was size 10 to 12 and busty . Both sat on bed for a few minutes chat and then I undressed as did she . Lay on bed and Natasha started to play with my cock as well as rubbing her breasts over me . Hard soon enough and then condom out. She asked me to put it on simply because she was wary with her long fingernails .

Few minutes of OW which was good and led to Natasha going on top for a few mins . She maintained eye contact and no issue with me playing with her breasts and sucking her nipples. She made the right noises without being over the top. I asked to change to doggy and thrust away for a few minutes until the condom got filled . Noticed she had very firm thighs while I was holding them and pounding away.

Cleaned up with the old wet wipes and chatted away as I got dressed . Noticed my £40 was still sitting on the chest of drawers so guess Natasha felt relaxed enough . Certainly no rush at all despite being a 15 min quicky .

Natasha asked if I would leave feedback and said she would do likewise . Quick hug and peck on the cheek , check through the peephole to confirm close was empty then on my way.

Certainly can't fault the visit at all . I have tended to go for 30 / 45 / 60 mins appointments and GFE but recently had a few 15 min flyers . Normally prefer slightly shorter , more petite girls but sometimes find that's the type that lie there uninterested .  Overall a very comfortable and relaxed punt with a nice friendly girl .

Was surprised that by the time I got home, Natasha had left me AW feedback. Get the impression that's because she's worked for a while and is shortly stopping to return home ,she's very relaxed about everything .
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