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Scotland / Lucy Willow - Edinburgh
« by well_ung on October 03, 2016, 11:49:16 AM »
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sometimes you just bite the bullet and take one for the team
and that what this one was, however I wished I didn't.

pictures are her, however these have certainly been airbrushed, to remover blemishes on her face.

only positive is she has a cracking pair of tits and a nice slim body

age - 36 prob right
slim size 8
big boobs
blonde hair


shit blow job owo
making silly fake groans
flat was a mess, very small bedsit
dimly lit
felt rushed
no offer of drink or shower
waste of £90 hh

would I recommend or return  :scare: hell no

think she needs to lower her price and up her game if she wants any business
Scotland / Lucy Willow edinburgh
« by Fifeboy65 on September 17, 2016, 01:15:42 PM »

Was feeling a bit horny this morning and looking for a punt in Edinburgh so sent a text to Lucy who confirmed she was working, she told me she offered and a full range of services including anal and we then agreed a time to meet. She gave me a post code and asked me to call 15 mins before hand to confirm I was on my way. Just as I was parking I get a text asking if I was on my way, I replied 2 mins later saying where I was parked and then also tried to call but phone just going straight to voicemail. Sent other texts and tried calling again but no response. So she seems a complete time waster to me. There is not much choice in the British and available today in Edinburgh (don't like the saunas) so looks like it might be off home for wank!
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